General Advertiser, December 18, 1746 : Front Page

Publication: General Advertiser December 18, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 18, 1846, London, Middlesex V M b, 379^. THURSDAY, December 18, 1746. Dealy December 16. LME down his Majefty's Ship the Dragon, and ThreeBrothers, JefFerfon, for Montferrat-, and remain with the Centaur, Tartar, and Porcupine ; and Swift , Privateer; the Rochefter, Hut-chifon ; and Duke of Cumberland, Hook, for Oporto ; King of Portugal, Hughes, for Lisbon ; William, Street ; Gibraltar Packet, Wright ; Hannah, Kilpatrick ; Owen Gaily, Wood ; Patuxent Merchant, JoHy ; Endeavour, William-fon; and New England Gaily, Anftell, for Gibraltar; Scroop, Rafberry ; Rowland, Kidelon ; and St. George, Woodrope, for St.Kitts; Eerry, B:lcher ; William and Anne, Praton, for Virginia ; Longford, Oliver ;. Duke of Doifet, Cromarty, for Antigua ; Willet, Griffith, for the Weft-Indies; Prince Edward, Dawfon, for Leghorn ; Britannia, Major, for Mahone ; Diamond, Ellis, for Bar-badoes; Neptune, Morton, fcr Montferrat; Maryland, Dunham, for New-York; Speedwell, Calleton ; and Maryland Merchant, Gorman, for Maryland ; Little George, Connell j Kitty, Brownhill; and Colloden, Bere, for Cork; Fortune, Moody, for Ireland ; William and John, Perry ; Chefter, Cookfon; and Crawford, Harrifon, for Leverpool bitrary fo'u.'g^) did, Uj UiL Ad Hit Uf Hie CW1S bjilutdal and 'Tempo?aC and divers principal Perfons of the Commons, cufe Letters to be written to the Lords Spiritual arid Temporal, being Protcftants, and other Letters to the feveral Counties, Cities, Univerfiries, Boroughs and Cinque-Ports, for the chufing of fuch Perfons to reprefent them, as were, of right to be fent to Parliament, to meet and fit at Wtjlmit^-fter upon the Z2d of January, 16S8, in order to fuch an Eftablifhment, as that their Religion, Laws 3nd Liberties might not agaia be in Danger of being, fubverted, upon, which Letters, Ejections have been accordingly made. And therefore the faid Lords Spiritual and Temporaj, and Commons, purfaant to their refpeclive letters an/i Elections, being now affembled in a Full and Free Repre,-ftntatirot of this Nation, taking into theif jnofl fences Confideration the beft means for obtaining the Ends afore-faid, do in the firft Place (as their AnceftorN in like Cafes have ufually done) for the vindicat ng and aTCrting the Ancient Rights and Liberties, declare, A D V E RTXS & M liN TS are taken in lor this Paper, ?* Lloyd's Coffbb-House, hi Lombard-Street ,1 u Q A. ;

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Publication: General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: December 18, 1746