Thursday, December 15, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Thursday, December 15, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 15, 1846, London, Middlesex K V M b. 57S7. M O N D,TA Y, Dm/, December 13. IA ME down the Exeter, Hunt, for, Exon; and remain with the Men* of War, and Outward-bound, as in my laft. Arrived this Morning his Majefty's Ship the Sur^ pnzeT Cspf. Wetrt? f-wrt-has brought into the "Downs the La' Luerte, a French Privateer be-< longing to Dieppe, of fix, Carriage, fix Swivel Guns, and 5* Men, which flie took off Dungenefs. Arrived alfo the Jenny, Davidfon, from St. Kitts. Wind Weft. The Morning Star, Teague ; Stubbington, Mauger} and Copenhagen, Everden, from London, arc arrived at Newfoundland. The Rainbow, Owen, from Briftol, on the Coaft of Africa. The Love, Hale ; and Unity,-, from Virginia, at Whitehaven. The Rupert, Parker, from ditto at Pelefother, for Whitehaven. LONDON. r Florence, Nov. 21. All the Letters from Rome bring Advice, that Cardinal Aquaviva was at the Point of Death : He was, in the Beginning of laft Week, taken fq ill with the Gout in the Stomach, that there was n<* Hopes of his Recovery. On the 18th, in the Morning^ he re* ceiv'd all the Sacraments of the Church, and in the After* noon the Pope went to fee him, and gave him his Benedic* tion in Arlicula Mortis, and at the Departure of the Let* terson the 19th, itwasfaid, he was expiring. OnTharq. day laft Notice was given, by the Council of the RegencyL to the French Minitter refiding here, that in Obedience tQ the Emperor's Orders, the Tufcan Minifters could not have any Correrjjondencc who him for the future. i Bern, Dec. 3. Don Philip and the Duke of Modeni were e*pe�ted at Chamberry on Tuefday laft; and Winter^ Quarters were already affigned in different Parts of Savoy for the Remains of the Spanifi Army, which coafiftva? fotne say, r Convoy ; Captain Hardwick parted with � the Duke of Marlborough the i8th paft off the Wcftern * I Hands, and all well. Captain Sharp fays, that two Da)js * before he fail'd from St. Kitts, uttxt was an Account * come there that two Privateers belonging to Col. King � of Anrigua had made themfclves Matters of the Ifland of � St. Bartholomew, belonging totheFrench, and Drought ' of 150 Negrpes: And that Capt. Dennis of MineheaoV * in a Rhoie-tfiand Privateer, had feftt into Si. Kitts, � while, he was there, four or five French Privateers be-*- longing to Martinico ; and that as he was coming away * it Was reported that he had taken the noted' Captain � Polftftge of Martiriico, in aPriteteerof 306 MEen, wlfb ' has done a great dsyl of Mifchief in thole Parts. � � ��-� Captain Sharp faw laft Suodjay, tp Leagues Weft |f-� Cape Clear, Lat. 50. 30. thrte Ships, which he thin|s * were bound for this Channel, one of them had, 16ft h|r 4 Main-Topmaft.-J-The Baracuta of London patf \ty � St. Kitts the 7th of November/fcT Jamaica; Th^Swa- * low Packet, Blewet, failed for Jamaica the^th'of Nov. * The Bridget, Norton ; and. the Carle of Gainfborougji, 4 Carey, Called from St. Kitts a Month before the Brom- * field. The Caefar, Connory ; and Jenny; Davifon,wak * to fail a few Days after for London. The Seahorte,; Johnfon,.frpmjBri^ol itmrBER 15, /. 1 ^46. is^arrwed at St. KitV; an3 lW ct Road \ bjitean hear no PW&c�&^, about h*r North <&pe; Capt. Wajtibd;'belonging to this PlaCeJ bounds to Jamaiqa, is taken by a Sloop, and a fnml J^t-;^'t^^^6\Qa^mo^;^it Ihe lies un der a.�a|teiy, ^attiA�. ^i^f^ibrWjWt tp convoy, h to Martinico. The ^cipio^ Rces, is arrived fit�n Jaf niaica-,-S�d*!s joft"come .be brings an Account thai the Diirfley, PatmaD, one'of the'Jamaica Fleet, iwho afj ter partinglwiTh the Men �f War. ftood {be North* ward* was taken by a large 'Privateer, who had ,Jlfota Hen a Sbop, op board of which were put fome Englifl Prifoneifsi wW fobdoed the French; and got Pofleffion 0 the 9(bop, w[hb met Captain Rees, and told him 6t thei' ,Djftjrefs ji arid^ieshas brought home" the Captain and tw0 orhfrs belonging to Capt. Pitman. . ' P�i The Warner is juft come up. and brought News of the Arrival of the Queen Mary, from Jamaica ; an<i theDufefeof MarlboroUgh, frorrtSt. Kitts: So that we do now only want the Seymour Frigat.' . " ~E^&nf-eiUtUrfrtM who waiting at a Farm-heufe, about three Miles fremPortrmduth. Upon which the Grocer re-rufing to !ena'itheMoney,'ne looked over die Goods again, and took out two Medals (as they were found to be afterwards) pretending they were Three Pound Twelve ^SniHrhg Pieces, Vhicn he forgot were 'there. The Grocer lent him Fobf Guines and a Half on the Handkerchief, which the Dudder again fealed up > bdt towards the Evening, telling fome of hit Acquaintance of the Affair, it was thougftt ttf be a Cheat j therefoijjc the Bundle was opened, and nothingfouod in it bat fome Pieces .of old ?�rtrw and other -TWnga of no^Value, carefully folded tip in the Form of the firft Parcel, and in one of, the tame Handkerchiefs. Upon which he was fearched, and taken on Tuefday going into ah eminent Mercer's, no Doubt on the fame Affair, having the Handkerchief with the fame Goods found upoaJuHy. likewtfe two RufBed Holland Shirts, which he tookTrom an Inn on Portfinouth Point, where he lay all Night. He was carried over to Portfimouth, and by the VYorftip-ful" Mayor committed tp the White-houfej the Gentleman he cheated being determined to profecute him with the titmoft Severity. ^ ' Two Perfon8 befides have been taken in by thefe Neft of Villains j one was a poor Man who had a Family : He lent him Five Guineas on a fuppofed Gold Watch, with a Promife to redeem' it in a few Days ; but not coming accordingly, the Watch was carried to a Watchmaker, and proved to be only Brafs without any-Infide Work. The other Person had a (mall Gold Ball (as it was pretended) faid to be brought from France on the late Expedition t the Man afle'd Five Guineas on it, but the Pertiin he applied to being unwilling to lend more than One Guinea and a Half on it, the Dudder accepted of it, and on Examination it proved to be only gilt with Gold. There were ieven of'them in tlefe Parts, who pra&ifed thefe Tricks; and when,, one had made his Market, he fet oujt for another Place : They had mOft of them Horfes, and appeared in different Shapes ^ibme pretending to be Smugglers, others Farmers, or decayed Tradefeien. All except the above Bell is got off. ' Admiral Steuart, on the Prince George's coming into the Harbour, ftufted his Flag to the :Royal George. � The Hornet Sloop of War, is arrived from a Cruize. and the Hornet Sloop is failed * The Briftol Man of War is failed*ut of the Harbour td"Spkhead. � Ships' at Spithead, Royal George, St. George, Prin-' cefs Royal, Sandwich, Peitthrtip?, ~ Dover, Kingfton, Sunaerland, Folkftone, Ruby, Saphire, Fox, and Advice Men ef Wax, Mortar Bomb, Otter Sloop, and Vulcan Firefliip. In the Harbour, Duke, Chichefter, Devonshire, Colchefter, Ri'ppon, York, Captain, Ha-ftings, Faulkland, Litchfield, Prince George, and S&i-" perfrMenof-War. W.nd S.W: > The.Mail #$hip mention'd to be run afhore on Sottth Sea Beach, is got off again, and Yefterday came into the Harbour.* --U- , . . I- "!"- f*'^*,,Htll� if . cording to f^djOurruncnt, al) the W^tncfies in Cuilody or the Mcffengers.bemgordered toauend. Lord ;Lovat is ingoqd, bodily Health in the Tower, asd ,feems to be in more Danger f50mthe' Axe than any.Illnefs now attending him. . � t: Commpc|qre Sjjiith, Commanjde^ jn Chief of }his..Ma-jefty'a Ships on the CoaJl of Scotland, is appointed Commander in Chief 'of hi�. Majefty-'s Ships at Jamaica he is expeded .in Town in a, few D>|ysjfrom Scoriarfl, a�dwilr�* fet out immediately to embark at Ppr^rnoucfv/oMamaica. They write from Edinburgh pC^e 8th Inltant^that all the Trade from London, under '.Convoy of a Marvof War, were fafe arrived at Leith : but tjiac three Veffels of the fame Convoy bound fWtrrer Northward were taken off Sr. Abb's Head by a French Privateer, the fame >Day the Trade g6t to Leith. � >,.-,. His Majefty's Ship the JCingfton, one of Admiral Town* fends Squadron that was Separated from him in their Paf-fage in bad Weather, arrived fafe atSfithead onSaturday laft- On Saturday Night laft about Nine o' Clock dy'd in an Advanc'd Age, of the Gout in his Head, Admiral Lef-tock, at his Houfe in Abingten-BuHdings, near Old-Palace-yard, Weftminfter. , . . . As alio a Prefefltation to enable ^ofeph Dickenfpn^ Clerk, M.A. to hold the Vicarage of St. Maryv in tpik Town of Stafford and Diocefe. of fe�cfl*dd'<'and (^sW ventry. *&mtBt&'i&&"*'*:' . ^"'r As did likewife a Commiffion appointing W.lliam Pejr/yk Efq; to be Lord Lieutenaot of the County of Radnprwr We hear, that the Gentleman who was chofe of Aldgate-Ward, in the Room of Mp. Hey ward, Jha^e*--clin'd toking upo^ him the faid Ofike. , ; A few Dayafincc dy'd the Lady,oif tRfe Right Lord Leigh, athis Lordfliip^s Seat in Worcederf1 Laft Night the Corpfe of the Ladyjjdj, Capt. Selwyn, was interrM in great Funeral, lemnity, by the Remains of her late Hufbir! 15 Foot deep, in St. Margaret's Church�ya fter. ^ Thur( a Widow Lady of Seven hundred Pounds 11M Has lerrfBP IW muR Pail lU Charira1>te�w^f ^ Vefterday Morning a Fellow was detected cuttit^g^Hol^ in the Widow^Shutter at Mrs; Godfrey's, in Norr�rfireer, near the Hay-market; he was carry'd to the Rouhd-houfe> and will be examin'd this Day. r Laft Saturday Nnmber 6^913 was drawn a Prize of1 of 1000I. 35,645 and 45,1x5, eool. and 7,437* 45,33^ and 28.654 Prizes of 100I. each.' ^ 0k Whether it be in order to make Parallels, Or m[ ^rlat other Purpofe, we cannot tell: But ther�?^;ft>rne Perfons wfto-have lately were-f�ut for to Stockholm, ^0 declare themielvesmoreexpr^y upon in They went thither accordihgly'/ butpatkajf erctiYing that he could not juftify What was writ, and that he Was likely to be- charg'd witifc Sedicioov he -retirediprivateijbiWii hout flaying for the Exettttibn of the SenttBce^by whiehriie and his TWovFrienMs-wWe6ndfemMto}Dei^ , bntthe tbirdi calfc'd ^qhljppenbachj >wa%ab(flJv'oy becauf� he.i�adnQt;app�a^;thfl^lwyejD^^i^^ and was afterwards a A4ajotrGenetai,in) ^�vS^in^i^vice -,-m '� "'i*'' --------- - A D V E RTISE MEN TS are taken in for this Paper, >* Lloyd's Coffse-Housb, in Lombard-Street.

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