Monday, November 21, 1746

General Advertiser

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, November 21, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 21, 1846, London, Middlesex the Geoetal AdvertiTef. FRIDAY, November 21, 1746. D^/, Novemktr- iZ. RRIVED laft-Night his Mafci fly's Snip Fox, frpm Prortfmouth. Came dowaNoble Anne, Finch, for Virginia j and John Gaily, CragTeyfar New-Englaiyd;-aftd remain with his Majeffy's Ship Centaur^ Shark Sloop, and all the Outward-bowid Ship arid Coaftert.  Wind S.W. The Samaritaft, Garret, from Peterfburgh, is arrived at LeoftofF. . Warms, AW. 19. The Troops, which are returning from the Low Countries into Alface, have received Orders upon their Arrival in the three Bifhjprick*, to turn off by the Right towards Franche Compte and the Lower Burgundy, and from thence to Lyons. The Battalions of the .Regiment of Alface, who were arrived in the Neighbourhood of Laodauy have begun their March_back again. Treves, Nov. irx Thcf liiecrofr our Sovereign� who has not been here for feveral Years paft, arrived fame Dftys ago from Cobfemz/ The Damage which was. done jto the Electoral Palace in 1733, when the French made their Campaign in the Empire, was fo j^reatj that it determined his rnoft Serene Highnefs to take; up his Lodging in the Abfey of St. Maximin. In all Probability he will Hay here fomeTime longer, on Account of the hafty Motions-af the French towards Provence,- which mak� it probasbly that nothing will be- attempted in our Neighbourhood for theprefenr. ... DufeUerp, No>v.<iz. TheEleflorof Cologne, who was j] prefent at all the Divtrfions of the Court on trie 19th Inft. the Feftival of St. Elizabeth, whofe.N.ame the Eleftrefs-Paiatine bears, is gone back to Bonne, in order to celebrate the Feftival of St. Clementj which is his own Name-Day. We are affured here, that a certain Power oppofea the Invasion of Provence by the Inrperialiftsj and tnat hisProtpf-tation on that Subject will probably fee-attended- with Cob* fequervces, in cafe that Invafion -takes Place. ' The definitive Treaty of Alliance and Friendmip, concluded between^ the Court^ef Vienna and Mnfiteh, and figned. the 1 ith of July UftL fe made Public, and coriSftr of Nine Articles^ which contain in Subftance, ' That the ' Emprefs-Qjieen having Regard to the Treaty of ^dbfidy, � which the Erlec)crr has cOBcl&ted with thr Maritime ' Powers, and to the Corps of Bavarian Troops which, he ' is to furnifh them; acquits bis Ele&oral Highnefs of 4 300,000 Florihsj out 01 the 400,000 which the Court 4 of Vienna had advanced to him ; that the remaining ' 100,000 fhould be paid out of the Subfidies ffom Great- * Britain, at the Rate of 25,000 -per Annum four fuccef- * five Years: That the Pretentions which the two Courts * might have on one another,as well thofe proceeding from * the Arrearages of Contributions; Taxes, &c. as thofe ' refpettingjhe Demand made by the Court of Bavaria ' upon the Treafwy of the Emprefs-Queen, tin Account of � the Paffage ofher Troops thrq' the Electoral Dominions, �(hould be null 'and void : That the Elector engages to s ' fopport with, his Suffrages, at the Dyet of the Empire; ' the Intentions of the Emperor, in Conformity to the fe ' cond Decree of Commiffion regarding the Pdblick Secu ' my, and the "Maintenance of the Syftem of the Gef-' tnannick Body.' The fame Treaty confirms the Renun tiation of his Electoral Highnefs to all Engagements with the Enemies 6f"the Emprefs-Queen, conformable to what tad been ftipulated on that Head, in the Treaty of Fujf-fen; and the Eteclor jromifes by it to furnilh his Contingent, in Confequence of the Refolution taken in the tiyet of the Empire the 17th of December laft. LONDON. _ Several Hanoverian Officers, who were taken Prifoners wthelate Action, have had their Liberty given them upon their Parole of Honour; and are returned home; where �ey talk much of the great Applaufe beltow'd on them hy we Marflul, for the brave Redftance they made on that Occafion. Letters from Hanover alfo fay, that they have not there I Jfclj63^ Notion of any good Efiefts from the Affembly at *reda, notwithftanding the wonderful Things expected i�om it in fame other Countries. TheEmperor has fent Orders to Florence, for raifio&a Regiment of Marines, confifling of 558 Men, to be erii-ploy'd on board the G allies and ArmeJ Barks belonging to Archdutchy.. Several private Letters from Paris inform us, that the general Di&burTe at Veifaflles: Aims, upoh the Refehtment the Grand-Mtmarch fhews arthe Infol-< (as 'tis termed) of the Engjifb,' By their Invafion of his Dominions: Arid tftat life MS porrrively declared, he wifl' invade Britain thie Writer,let the Confequence be what it will.As the Eyes of its Inhabitants are (from the French Intentions by the-late Rebellion) now- qtwe-open^ they mttft laugh at fuch Threads;: fis it is not.doubted^heywill be properly preparU.IoJr.the J^eceptjon of thefe J^V-^Dke&ors of the Unvverfc.... Yefterday the- Honourable thr Haufe of Commons waited on"^is lyja^efty with an Addrejjp of Thanks, for his Speech from tfis Throne on Tuetday-.lafl, to which his M-ajelly wasi|xl#afed to make a moft gracious Anfwer. . We Jfeatt-Jthat feveral Alterations will be made this Seffions of Parliament, in th� Aft for the better regulating tfie'Adm&raremerrt of Coals within thf City of Weftmin-fter, and, Parts-adjacent. ^his 'Day.Mr.' Ratcliff, nJpw.conRned in the.T,ower, Frothet to t|e,iate EaxI of Pjerweotwater, will be brought t* the Court of King's-Bench, in. order  to receive Sentence according to. his former Judgment, Ls being con-demn'd for the Rebellion in the ^eat 1715. Setretarjr Murray, Sir John Douglafs, and Dr. Barry, who are now confm'd in the Tower, have received Notice" to prepare themfelves for' their, rc/pe&ive Trials^ on the 1 jth of December next, at St. IV^rgaret's-Wft! Francis FaheyEfojj lately 8|Jpo^naJi one of the Lords Commiffibners ofTrade and Plantation, and whofe Place is vacant in Parliament for the Borough of Petertfield in the County of Hants, fet out Yefierday Morning for the aforefaid Bbrough, hi order to be re^chofen, This Day.the Wheels, will be brought from trie Lottery-Office to GuHdhaM, under-a-Gward; of-Soldiers ; and at g o'Clock on Monday Morning next the Dzawing will begin. - , v__11 The latter End of laft Week, w^s married at St' AViq's, Soho, Mr. Brett, an eminent Linnen-Draper, in Newgate-Street; to Mrs. Lawton, ReticY of Johh Lawwn/Efq; late one pf the Vn<kr-teller5 of the.ExcJvequcr^ A,Fortijge of 001. per Annum.  Yefterday Mr John Bradley, 4 very eminent IH!91W| In Covem-Garden, wM married to Mlfs Blagtave^Sifter to John Blagrave, ^^^NjJRpb^irf^aTttaAentJfp^ ing in Eerk&ire} a very agreeable Lady, with 60001. Fortune.* Yefterday there was Advice, that the Martha, Rains, bound from Londo"n to Madeira, is taken by the French, and carried into Breft. The,feme Day there was an Account, that'the Eagle Privateer has fenrt into Dover, the Providence, Deddrrck, from Frederickftadt, laden with Provifions and Naval Stores, and fuppos'd to be bound to fome of the Ports of France. On Sunday Morning a Man well drefs'd was found drown'd in a Ditch near the Halfway Hqufe to Deptford ; and is not yet own?d. On Monday laft diedj at his Houfe in Swallow-ftreet, Mr. Beddinj a Surgeon of good Praftice, ahd efteem'd by his Acquaintance. On Wednefday laft one Mr. Mar^"o, faidto bean Officer of Marines, was drown'd near the Hermitage Stairs, by falling out of a Boat.. Laft Week the Rev. Dr. Baker, was indu&ed into the !' Vifcarage of UpchiirCh near "Siflingbourn, void lay the I Refignation of the Rev. Mr. Peers, and to. which he was j prefented by the Warded and Fellows of AlfSouls College : in Oxford. �  '  " ) On Saturday Night was brought to Maidilone aboutgoo 1 Weight of Tea; feiz'd by a Party of Hawfey's Dragoons and a Cuftom-houfe Officer at Hothfield Heathv Laft Thurfday was committed to Maidftone Qojd^Xho-mas Nickin, William Henfcaw,. Henry Rorfon, and John Hanna, on the Oath of Jud. Abraham, with flopping him on the King's Highway, an<l felonioufly taking from \ him Two Shillings and Six-pence, and two Pair of white Metal Buckles, and putting nim in Feat of his Life. ; Commited alfo on the Oath df William Hedger^ for difcharging feveral Muik^ts loaded with Bullets at'tMfa^ i William Hedger, to the great Danger of his Life. ^Eille- , wife for malicioufly; unlawfully- tad Wittihgty; fcodting-'I and killing one black Mare, the Property pi Ahdfew Day, of Strood, Yeoman. Yefterday John Poulter and Elizabeth ^Bradbary, alias j Pouiter, were committed by Thomas Burdu^ Efq; at<rhis-Houfe in Bow-ftreet, Covent-Garden, the. firft to Newgate, and the o*hef to-New-Prifofl, for. fefonloiifly receiving fevetal DiaWond Rings, thef Proper r^^ William Dat-rymple, Efq j knowing them tpbe;itblen bytitatnoiwiqus Fellow Matthew Henderson, w-ho Tome tjm&ago iHutder'd his Miftrefs, Wife of the above Gentlernan1; for which he was coTivifled ifi.iApril tljft, \vas e3<ecutedr and now hangs in Chains on Edgware ^oad far that OfteMce-. "frlw./f^rne pay, Dary^ SwHi^ati and SMfannah Carter. WCre CMUHiitted 68 TotfeillKSields IkiieWell, by thefaTft<? Gentleman^ as lobfe, idk?,5?Sftjrdef \j Performs, Aey bern^ found: together about 12 b'^ffcek Kt Nlgrit oii Wednefday laft, in tnePariuS of St. Pa^-.Covent-GVdeDy. in.Oii? guife, the Man in Womaa'a -jCioachs, and the Woman in Man's Cloaths; and liteewife fo* affl'aulrnTg and beating tWW-atchtaaB-iftthe Execution- of h4s Duty. "~K few bays �ago7 all'!eiWnenf Taker was^coavifted by the fame "Gentleman, for fe]ling and ex-pofing to Sale a Qjartern Loaf to a poor iS^n" who had feveral Children, which Loaf wanted 5 Ou�t*^'afl<fiahalf of its' due Weight, for which the Offender foifetted an*'paid -tys. 6 <fT a /^it^a�l: the trade uviT den iheir' Convoy, bound for jr1ynldat^^rU�i'* Hastings Man of War is come inWit^e D^k.-^^hw Morning the; Convoy mention'4 formerly, witfi aid the, hornewa^d-bouhd'Weft'-India SWps/&c/unmoor,dianJ are preparing to fail fo? {he Downs.,' -.ii *Exira�lQfa LttttY from GofpttJ Wow. 17. ~rilto7.  The femfe Bav iailer 6ut the KSjand Turk Hsnsssgr. . __________  Wan of War, o� bo^ri-whieh th* Metybelonging to- the � Dorfetihire, Dolphin and ToAay, are. this Day to be paid tHeir Wages. \ ' * Yefterday came inw the Harbotit his Majefty's Ship' ' the York.--Laft Night arrived at Sprthead, his Maje-' fty's Sloo'p rfie Otter, from Plymquth.' . Difcafes and, Cafuakies this Week. Difeafes. Age4 48. Confumption 107. Convulftoti 128. Dfopfy 30. Fever V7. Small Pox 48. Teeth 24. Casualties. Drowned^i. ^Exceffive Drinking 1. Murdered 1. Overlaid 1. Chriften-d ^Mafes 160. Female* 154. 'Jn all 3^4. Buried Males i8i. Females 27X, In all c54.. \T JJeTIWS a irrihFBumEQiFWeek. t. � ; 'i '-;- . �' �--,- ' ArCOTTpN and LAMB^RT'a Office axain&- the Royal-Exchange, CoriiSsl^ State-Ldttery T-icfcets, Annni-ties for Lives, Wavy and Vidhiallmg Bills, and all other Government Securities, are bought and fold, and Chances fold; and Tickets and Chaaces divided into Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths j Tickets regifter'd; and during the Time of Drawing examin'd, and daily infur'd frqnij.Blanks ; and all other Builnefe, either'as Brokers, or relating to the Lottery, traofa&ed with the utmoft Care and Fidelity. Ready Money for Blanks and Prizes. CHARLES CORBETT, Bookfeller, who has kept'a correct �o^terv-Office in his own Shop, Addifon's-Head, facing St. Dunftan's Ciiurch in Fleet Sreet, feveral Years I>aft, fells whole Tickets", as well as Shares of Tickets and Chances, at the very loweft Price, viz. . ' ..../. s. d. A Chance of gaining 625 o o to gain 1250 2500. 5000 tAnd A who^e Chance ftijl chtjaper, by whTch the 7 ' Q " Fortunate may gain J ' He regifters Tickets for Six-pence a t^iimber, and fends . an immediate Account of their Succefs, either in Town or Country; wfiich(as Experience has cdhvinced) may with Certainty be depended on, As he keeps two Clerks (though but One Office) to takedown the Numbers in rjjft^aU^aod careTuHy eolm^tSaST W^fas own Hand, into his Numerical Book, which has teen always found -Corre.ct.~-- He piys his Si?ar�sdirec�y.,.asfoon as the Prizes'are drawn, without any Deduction for Prdm'pt-'Payrneht, and examines nis own Shares and Chances the whole Time of Drawing gratis:;', ;,'.,�' J ' _i_ Stock rz^ I hajj|;. Jridja Ditto 1x6.,. ieuth Sea ho' PrioeTiRtto OlS Annuities 99 a, V 7 8ths. Ditto Netv 90 1 4th a 9. Four per Cent. Bank Annuities 9$ t 4th. Three per Cent. Annuities-8+5 Sthsa 3 Aths, Million Bank 104. Equivalent no Prjce. Royal AUiiratice 78. London* Affwance ro 7 8ths; Enghftt Copper 5 1. Seven �er Cent*. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five p�r Cerrt.' Ditto ho Price. Bank Circulation 2 1. 2 s. 6 d. Pr. India Bonds 2 1. a 1 1. 19 s. Pr. Three Snd-d half Salt 174^ no- Price. Three and-a half pet-Cent. Exchequer Orders- no ^rice. ThirerperCent. ditto no Price. Lottery Titkets ti'1. 17 s, 6 d. Life Annuities 12 i 4th W 3 8ths Years Purchafe. /. s. //� A Sixteenth (or ^ 7 o An Eighth 0140 4 Fourth. 1 8 6 An Half % \ 5 o '�1 0 o ADTERTlSEMtNTSate taken in for this Piper, �' Lt * b*j Corfet-Hot'si, in Lombard-Street

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