General Advertiser, November 17, 1746 : Front Page

Publication: General Advertiser November 17, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 17, 1846, London, Middlesex Nu-a�-b. 3743;'' M O N DAY, November 17, Deal, November 15. RRIVED lad Night his Maje- \ fly's Sloop Shark, with one of the Dover Privateers, from a; Cruize, and a Merchant Ship,. Name not known|; and remain wtng Paper ftgned by Admiral Mayne, Admiral] Rvng, and the feveral Companders luhoft Names are fubfcriSei thereto, hatb been fent bytbem to the Rigbt\ Honourable- Sir John Willes,; Knight, Lord Cbiefjuftice of- his Majejy Court of Common Pleas. AS nothing is more becoming a Gentleman, than to, acknowledge himfelf to be in the-Wrong, as foon-as he Is fenfible that, he is to, and to be rejady to make Satisfaction to any Perfon he has injured ; We therefore, whofe Names are underwritten, being throughly convine'd, That we were entirely miftaken in the Opinion we had; , ^ri of his Lpr^-for the Indignity S: tegPi Ja. Rientorte, ^fkoma't FranklanJf Cba. Colby, J. Hamilton, Sheldrake Laton, Jof.

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Publication: General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: November 17, 1746