Saturday, November 12, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, November 12, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 12, 1846, London, Middlesex i "...... h h ftfl T746. ....... J^&'kff-'Night his Maje- ;fhi�etey,,ctigg, fan�bo-rWe&-Indies 1 -me ^ftwtni rig ^iftrey, ^awferd.; ^d^% tSfe^-. 8MB, farjto\ig)& 1 -getfeyVMe-- redjth, far J|outfajCa$olina ;*he .........Ha'Jhr, BUI, /or Virginia,; Pre- fton, .Hatyiim.for ^>rip�o ; $oftan#to- The Charming .Ritls, PoAgate, fecan jRiga, at Dublin. The Lyon, *Lyon ; &ttl*,i$fow� spurkte Danger is over, too marry PerforMtajejant&j Rebellion, aj*d .their jAftf: to the guilty -Softeners, * But that we rrray never rity, as, within a Year itwjH tie ^jcgf^Ti&Fqu^^ Re&5tmen;t a^ainR dbe Gi^ilt of athy$� iP*pe�y, in Compaflion war Part �f whom are Papifts. �fell into fuch a State of Secu-gavefnch Hopes ef Siccus, . tp&vm fpjneJittlejyiftQupal Paffage or P^pe)fjH&# gives a Pi$ure.of their former Be-hM�ur. IjfaejfbJiMHing a*e two flaartPieffis of fihis Nature; and a Sketch of French Infclence after great jftjdwHv-tages. 4. Specimen, of Vopjh Mattery, and artbrbcr of fyp# Cruelty*. Sx$n\ Awth^tk R<5CQsds of the Reign of &ing 7 James, Favour t>f thf Ejtrl of^TyfCQiuzQ j Javnd among QIN^C^ith^ pl^sw'd the Ala^i^rty Providence, by jj placing your^a^efty in the Throne of your Anceftors, tbgiv* joh "both AtitKority an ^thel?fc4pffl�^jfo>r? you/ Mifc&y's fisfe�or, thpt oar Prayers can i&te&o ftcctii to70m, bat by t.MtdiMar* And fince, df alt Gdtt&s, the Bar! oif Tyrcc�nel did firll efpoufej and chiefly maintain, rhefe twenty-five" Years paftV tii* Cwfe �f your j>ot�- opprefsM Roman Catholic Clergy, igamftoor frug�y a�d pqw^r/yl A ^agficim, we da�e sheejfully, and with Affyrance, Qv^n pir J^oyajfcy,, jind ^fl^� ypor Ma^efty's Lo-tereft j we paj^ejt ^tr ^nmhte Sftit to yo�r Majqfo^ th^^ will bjp Jpfee y^wt yr Hai?^� in ^9f/ ?Pwer, 4oc> e^ualthe iqi^hty Ahafnerus. 4rj4 Jhe yTjtiie ai\d feauty qF your <^Ueen, i� v true a Parajletio b� r*d & B&u', wipe inS ?n Qijlih & *kit, Uti^. (lot Aar. ijtvtepWM Wfit* thi Rfpttfiti it, and- fin* we>>%Yc9>t*t�b6i-M Li&-ttnattt. �' ' ttthftr au^^/PcniteJittrattiiGoiMteffioii, itve y�t?hunib!y cr�y< yoi?r^M^^b*rq�(iaion3tgaiail ailffodh, t^rr-may confift with your Royal "Wifdtim and Pfeatfiire,;. to rihiflh �ew^/rillTHumiJiiy fubnai^ fimthe^ft of tbe-feid Gsris^f 3T<yreoBael in -hioh ^Authojiey ihere, aSTOay fecere Mwn�thfe?Bjtett:ifeiBf oar. jjuiifiaftv to the Honbvrwf God, iBBt-^srfingiMp ear Pmy�sauaLSaoriia�ifo�^ic "Eontinui-ttonrf your iMajefty'a baganiipr�fpea�3 Reign over us. four Majiffty'j, .Moji ThUJful and CaLndXiuttfelV QrJpr, f der, Aall fuffer Death, -or foeh other PantftrmrnT, as a Cmrt*Martial fhall thirik fit. ^French Ming's Declaration, pullijhed at his Camp aT Arnheim in 1672^ iovbligetht Dutch, nvfjtim he then thought tuhtify in his P&ider, to fierrevdtr their Country it him. R&fpbiijbed tu a Warning of txifmt they nay 4xfe3t if the Arms pf Lewis XV. Jhoutd ever penetrate egaea fi far &to4htir Country. t* "T1S Mijefty cpnfideri'ng'how it lias pleas'd God to I JL blcfe his juji DefhaSy and profper his Undertakings, fanoe his. Arrival In the Acmy j audit beinghk-Jntention to f>eat the People over wham he &&*xttndhu fcaorits, with the higheft Clemency : fo the intent therefore that they may deferwe "his ghgi^ Gppfhe(s, h'� Wajefty has c^ui'd to be dedar'4, aog does $y tpefe JP^efents .declare, TJut all xhe InhaBtaata^" the Citiee of i|f olland, who fhall vokxtarih fobmit 19 h^iji? re��ve^he Troeps he fhajl fend for their Secaruy an4 Peien?e, -^iil be treated ,as favourably as tney'can defire; antflhatllie maintained in all th�k Priyile^s.a�d, Imisaai4i�s> and. have Liberjy of Con* fcience, and We free Exi>cife4f tbeir Religion. Ob tj&s cbnaairy* tlty-itf �fca*e�tef C^aliry atrd Condi-tkuv *ho (hail /trfljfe �^�W�piy With thefe Offers, and fhall refiif. his.M^*%'� JR��e�� *Ul*r by tfee kai^afion of th�*D^> <?r bthexwifc, ftall be p��ifi*J � ppppfe ttfi Majefty1* DeGgns� and *hen t^S Jcfelhaji flfegfii^g^ pn feWs, his Maj�{r^f wiU : ntt giv*M�j'.^*ar^tr Wthf j�hftbit�urts of fuch Qities, but f W'RileKing fame*, after bit Aadizationtif England, \ was initmnvnihgto top&iJiBx/ifm Ire/and. fhitPitdi i giwttivt&wrvfli^AldMjf-iifc that lOcrrer i tuillj ufid -while Kng fumes v:as Majitr ef'But/Jtir. g^0^r'fimiheir<3q^bdipJunaet,4, �wJtbert Hodies bttwt. Given at ^'CttB^iJtpsrt.riaatiegn, dhu z/ph-iif Sign'd iL O 0 I S. .'And underacath. It Ihbufd be o8ferv"d, that *e^ri^iing,� Mq'-ive ^ this anjnft War, in which rhe&aite&jfep^j^ have been totally fwallow'd up, was ;f hje^y. it involou* Charge thaf'they h'ad.den^awed -thfrj^Lws'"fo^augbtii* towards him. proyidbnce {mdefid, %y the Affiitance of their Sluices arid Dyikes., anfl ihe Villour of die yt,ung Prince of. Oran^pl prtferVed i^mii^vs(esxo.&^^cs--. But a l&e Miracle may.notarttfthcT TliiWinJwpptc yi:tl�Hr FaVoof, if they eontinoe too i^mgiWfqjpdify-try then-u-.* moft Efforts to oppdfe the "Growth of this SWer. YeftenSay feveral Town fxom their r| their Attttdante Yefterday a ExtraS of a Lttttrfrxm hrijhl, iiaa. 9. ' This Cay faded-(he ChefterfeU M^nof Wajj, Jswin^ underJierClonvoy abuut 20 S�il of ^fcips bdond�o -d^c-xe�t Ports. The Warper is j.aft come ty, Bnil hcrrngs Advice, that the iioraer 51oqp issu6ttaeiifco�n Mrbz-does* b��t;Iaft from Couk ; where fhe AiJoB^and Expedition, are arrived irorn Batbadoes^ ;apd chax imtnv .Shipsare in the ChanneJ.--it isSundjsy Nsght, and late ; fd that I can ordy.gjve you xa imperfect rtccounv but4iope to jgive a bsuer in ttry oerf.'. By Letters frora Code we have Advice,'.that on the iSlH paft, the Yj&rk/Man of War arrived at Cork, with three Tran'fports/Jisving Troops on bds'rd from "Qurberon. On the 29th arrived lour other Tran.ports. Onthe 30th arrived the Superbe, "Ratty, and Saphire, with 13 Sailjdf Tranfports, And Ori the 3 iff they had Advice, that five other Tran-, fpdrts had put into Kinfafe j fo that alf the Troops are fafely landed, that were� on that Expaiiuon. There is no Accountjet of the Arrivals at d�e 5everri nor Woolwich Men of War at any lF the !Ports of Great-Britain orTreUnd. Yefterday there was Adin'ce, thjtt the panther Arte'd VenTcl is loli near New-haven ; bat the. Crew were ail fav'd. Members of Parliament arrived ill ive Coyatry Seat's, in order to givb ^^ewfwnji Seifett*. paf^d the Gtcu Ssal unto Thomos Paulin,.Mier^int, andWilliam Arnold," Fifhmongrr, of the Office of pj-tncipal JUnnd GoalMeeter, for the City and Liberty of Weftmiflferj and Parts adjacent, to aft jointly or feparately, duting hfs Majefty1* Piealure, On Friday Night h&. Drtiry Ouley, 1E% of Red-LUtt Street, Holborn, in gorngto pay a Vifit -bgt three Doer� from his-own Hyut. �a$,attack'd by' three Street Robbers; who knock'd him down4 and cut him in the Head with * Hanger ; but on his crying our, his Stvauts canoe ko his Affiltanoe, on which the Viliairrs ran off. without getting any thing but his Watch-Chain. One of them iaapp'd a PilVol atnis Footman's Face, but'it miis'd fire. Laft Night about 5 o'Clockj a Coach with Sin Horfei was robb'd in Figg-lane by two HiglrtviyaQea, who afterwards rocie thro' Haropjfcad. Laft Night arrived a Mail from Holland. From the London Gazette. Hague, AW 15, N.S. W-e hear from Cadiz, that feveral Settees had been hired there by theltitendapt, to<arry to the Mediterranean coo fcHeai tfertiswere draughted oat of the Troops of four-BattafiiAns, and tlfey fa* from com-pleat; awd- that the f*me Vtfffds werfr<o caH at Ceuta, in AeirWay, to take on board hkiwife another Draught from thit Garrifen. By A-dvfcerfrettrr GirtW^fti*, all the Troops there are marched for Catalonia,, and^he Inha-bsrarrtrmoufitea GoaM; and did fiiity in their room. M. NaVirrpj who* vvar C�BfVmatt^r in Vntef of the Spania Scraadrem^it Carriiagehs,.h^l been<lifgriG*J. anafac�*eede4 by M. tJ'Awei!, a fiehc*nawi,- who jm the Rear-AdnKi-ral under him. Letters from JMiteiA' mfebtfeh, %lMiUt was tej^eed-th�t a Resolution ftei been taken ^-the tdurt co feJofbrce their Army in fely^by-erdering- tUeTteOps th,at were in the Principality of Ca.tajotifai to mJrrCh 1*^ ther, afrdJtftat iSme BSrralfotts Wfre'tb *e drawn -etffrom ftlajorca- ahS 6MWPfcceV forthe-iaT^ Puffb&. * WBifeiktf, Nov. rt. This bty-l*M*je#jv�p RoyjU Higrmtf^rhe J^kt, a*d^Kelt�^of tteSBSyrf-^ay, carif froiri Kerrnngtoti -t^-St.- Jimes*?, fb1 rjelidt ifeeWdufW^ the Winter. ,  ''. . . hr#E4*ihherlawt - M$. ii Hh'-HO^fber ing come this Mornifig^:<k'*i�clV tfS&$X^1fitL b^'k^^Trra^aay ^tfiefr^r-r�<M�^ ;* ; AV V ERJISF M li N TS are wkc:; m tor this Paper, ��' Corrb 1 House, * Lombarrd-StW

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