Tuesday, November 1, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Tuesday, November 1, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 1, 1846, London, Middlesex -ft? b $ A T 17, R D A. T, November.!, 1746. ArLED this Forchooii his Majf-fty/s Ship the Lys, wUh all the Outward-bound Ships ft. the Weutyard. Remain his Maje-fty's Ships BYiftot, at>� Litcb-fieM, attLflftfefe OatA^'d-bOund Ships. Wind N. g. blows hard. Portfitomtk, Oft. 30. . This Merningyfaile'd oat of the- Har-. Jour all the CoafterS, &e. to join the Tilbury at Spithead, who is to convoy th*m to Plymouth, OS. 29. Came in the Hatfpy Return, Jadketj, for Newhaven; and Succefs, BafTeti from Gufrnzey, for f k(bing, with Wine, Came down from Spithead the Levant Gaily, Knyper, from Arafterdam,. for Marfeilles. The Scipio, Tcbir>,- from Nevis-, is arrived At Portsmouth" , The Betty and Marths, Woodhoufe, from Barbadoes, at Lancafter. The Aldborough, Hill, from Virginia, atLeverpool. The Anne, Holland, from Leverpool, at Aati^ia; The Fortune, Woodbum, from PeteilbuYgh, at Lanca)- tier.  The Peggy and Jenny, Long, from Antigua, off Hat-ding?. The Prince Charles, Cooker; and William andlfrfary, Humford, were well on Sunday off Scilly ; and fapposM to be off Beachy, WhenCapt. Long made Ha{liflgs� YtflerdVy sawed the Mail from Holland. XltjrJburgk^QtiL 16. By the Lifta which-theColonel* cf theieyeral Regiments have ferit tQ G�urfcaccording to jfeAual Cu(!orn, if'appears that the Regular' Troops cT ilus ErtipiK, without intfaifotg-the Militia orMaflnes, amount lo 145,000 f�feh.~ / � Tram the Jeur&tl if thi King if Sarduud'* Atotf*  � * This Dayc i 8. wJU he memorable for the entire '.^xpijfion fhe^Bderoyout of Italy, who retreat from � iff Parts vaim6� me Vam, and laft Night abandoned San L BB&>, Son, and that his Lordfhip *HI -be" faipiifbned daring fctfe,- for fumgthmg hcHhasferd. When the Bngtifitem-, batq.uedat Quiberon, the^lef^ bej^nd.�b.e^ all tne Qonsi they took' from the Ardent, becaufe they were Iron, and I nailed up. � \ Taw, Nov. 4. Trie I3aupTiTn*s Marriage will be de-'� clar defter, (he Sfchricetfbr tft DahplunSfs on rV t |th Inll. | Tyljere. is ajfo aTaiktfaatfhfyotmg Pretender will- marxy a * .PtiRcefs 01 Kfl&ena* and" $bat the Palacj/pf, Lnxppbjifgh will be' iffloftejl.tti^jfe M- Saxe is exj>e^l'ed here daily. There i� af Reporf^htfpef'd of an ajrgroaching Accommodation between.-(fa&Qqu/ts1 of Madrid and .Yje^ina, Lpn-ion, and Turin, and that the Prince -of Piedmont will marry thcPr'mfce* Maria-Antoniet'a. put m it Dieppe in NormaKt^^ were vigo-roti^replrrrM;  Sbine' AidvfCes fay, thataiiother Ship belonging to the Duke d'Anville's Squadron was' arrived at Brett. Aftlwis-r^ Livres. Hqg\u, tiw. Z. The"Princes of Wardeck and Bixfcken-feldt were in Confcreoice Yelterday with the Prefident of; theFr High Mjgiitinei&s, andmany other Lords of the Go-virmutril.. TBevGrjind Pfenfiooary is indt yet jet /rjof fori asliai'b^eii^!*, i�s pepart^e bwn^defefM Tpiee * Bays:lonjeK hitfx Cherbatow, litefy thrkuffen Mhrir f 8m ^bim ttifcMsr. this $sy.. ,*t^niprroW or | tbv.ripict I>ay: he wffl,fet,oat lor AmiterdanH in ordee to They wrj of an ,kaj*rebability 1 an f|itf of allr*1 ^fllir-iirthe irrrtfiflfl V   � Turin, oaak. Wtf %Hr, tUiM^hZm W Efemf (Katti>e Auftrian fio^�intended.to b&inThe Kngivftvtrj atriro.atoNJce a'y� 8gw : .The^aste*/ Vilbfrangha,-. and. to at Montalban. Ventjmiglia ftUl . Wr.04.2i. T|fiV^fe^ei^oeii�B*Wft�iase> �ifeilas �or�H..mdhfc ^ejjhbcQTti^odo^ GieBoWe, - D�/^B, 05. jo. Thr Coart � rtcpefted fo mmJn tne^ feonerffom Warfaw/ asreo Orders were given forfending thither, a freih Vg&tffy'oi Pro^JgowA^ The Porcelain, Man�faaory^i^m>nvis ma very.flou^ihing Conditiori. AUtheAdvice/firqp^the Dyet-]gnre room taJvope, that it wWbj; conunueJthej?ro|)!pr,Tiinei .ajnd tfr diffolvedanef-feftuatly, as'hatR been the Cafe of former Dyeta-/^���r�Qffj j�f. .The. i^e�nderV- BJdeft  Son,-, wiiofis Createdhtn aiPrinoyrf ^Pthh ^j^e4.bnSttn&y{tlajSit ton*. -IfctBcimfiro�e^:tii�'d�erSiRgih�� gives hmv? air< Apartment- wher'^t'8�.i �f�iM ot� �V*M�d�F,:--Jurft grantedrhimthe SfflaM^rementi^fec^ �5|�K�:\Pe5fion?9f 400,000 Uvrestahis JwtHei.'Herirx.r The King is faid ta^iaxe- left the Judgment- of.-Liyd, Moetcin^-and -aU-the other�ogli(h' U�at�rc or"may "be arreftecl.'to the Eld*eftr 4 This Morn . ^-fiawmstytiter ^W^Valentiiie, from , . ______,____firyr, thar-none oftJje-T�Bnf- ' por^n^ Vtffe^ ^t�tw'p'ndtf the Cd^oy of the ' FoxManofW^wereaCrivedatthat Ifland; and that B^�Wch was taken afcont 200 < Leagues Bait &*? Kew-^Tand, by'\ba iBfrft Sque-'idfcmi^\$herH r&ajfc Wsfte tiken the'Fleet was owkmg � the beft of th^k^y^me for -France : That fevera] of .tike.l^aj IoA �fld Jtfci a^Vthiyfayg fe^'rf/the'Shfps 'wW' tafcenH�y < theFrenohS- ?am|^fiWSpee^i$flbV pf War, < twfttf�fetf^ TralfpWunter 1ierJ C6^^ %n f mouth; the Tropj^that w^re-on- boandnhem are' quar- ^' Lonif*; ^ajIeV S'aliflwiryr Foqf-Daya Gnce they-toek a SpaHifli-Advice i%t^p^ Fravier j and the Sarah and ^Elizabethi, |Sae^e�;>bothj from-Aft(tigua for Londprn^weif taken,by> '^the JP?�jch-Mea Of ^WaA thatrfcli^p^with, o^r Weft^ndia .Fjeet; -.Bltf. wer^^atel^ds -tfo tb� |L9n^0ft ajjd(5asland ^rwateers^ v^^enwhe Elizabeth tq, pfyraouth, and the Sarah and Elizabeth to KinTale. t .Tfiere were on boiid Capt.5acfc�� the Horii Ricnard ,LtKat;;la�ttt�iant GQVeroot �f the Mand of'.Antlgmi, an"dh�. Daughter, whbvare -both carried Prisoners into i� th* WeH-India Flefltj- havingjeftis'd to ftrike io^a French Man;of War, ihe&'d a-Broadfldfi ^taher, and funk-her - . T-he adatgaretta, Broyenj froai Si Eoftatia, for Amficr-dam, was -drove aihpa# en ehe 23d alt, near Seliea in Sufliex; isuii. its.believed* will be got off -a�ain.' We have certain Advice that the Swift Privftteer, Capt. Gex>rgeHudfoo,^which was lailWeek-drqvafrom herAa-c^Orsi) ibd ^aVfe^r^d wou^d be lolt, beirrg^gtt off"again with very little Dania^e, #ii riotf rentiing with all Expedi. tion, and will proceed to^Sea^again in a veryiew Da>'s. : Wdhave Advice from^Guerrriey, trfa,t'theCcrrnDerIar)d Privateer,' Capt: John K^tu^,-- of 5.X Carriage Guns, and 5&Men, had taken in heJ 'Cr"u|te; dr\d bronghc into thatlflahd, the Magdelame, Dupeignon, 250 Tons Burthen, bound from St.Malaes'to Martinico, laden with Btcf, sPork, Wine in Calk-, and Wftie in Cafts, Clotls and -a Quantity of Copf'er Kcttks, for boiling. Sugfer in Mar-tifiico, and other Gfdods? totire aiiKHrrk 0/3000 1. The-Adventure- Privateer has taken, and carried into Guernzey a Sloop of about 70 Toui Burthen laden wich We hear that ibme of the Orficer) who were m the late .Expedition ia Britahrry,, will pe tried for Miftehaviow In the nrft Attack of P6rH*Orient. . OrrThutfday Night" Mr. Chandler, one of bit Nfaje-fty's Meffengers fee out with' fome Difpatches for Edla- :. W* hear that hrs MajefVy aid th*' Rdjfal Faffiilf,' rtf-atom fiom- Kenrmgton to Sr> Jimtb's, 'on Wednefddy - >cn 'ffe^^tto^W^i^Soti. the Lord Chancd-dbrv the^hrfctellorof rhe Exchequer, feveral of his Ma-jefiyU moi Hon. Privy Council, &c. "win toeet in the �Exchequer Chamber, atiWetlmtnlrer, in order to Nomi- ttreehfuhig Year. ^lffedd*h 4e^pmd^ ^nofwich- WLWgi^H,'' �to'Wmte^ot-' fatee" iii fier Guns and proceed on het^tag* iw^hfi'^Kft-Indies. - ;��"*; . 's-- * ' I T^nfootftiJ who iatfel^;*#it* Kimire, an elderly Man-pretty J*^drftfsM? with1 a Hand^rehief, in which were three Holland Shits, and in hirPoeket'was Ten Shillings, arid the Copy of a Will, jn which w^i.given to One Perfon �199.} ,191:. andWiln^Aar tj^, .There werralfo a Pen-kaS^ana a Razor tt^l^r^cfeet* wrapt up in a Rag. It jivas.thought he. was-A.Leiceuerihire.inan, and his Name garret. He had a W^o/ia^ k> his Throa^ .which is fup-pbfed'to.l)e done, bra,S��mp that fauep.'^jjp the Banks of^Jtepitch. * #�s�fe�tfof�i |�Jbable, th^t.ie^ wag endea-smfaSt hi climb^ng to,|%Xop^of.the,. Bank^ tha^ka Footer, an3^ the Stump" abovemention'd.' , .' Laft.Wtek died -tbe Latfy-' of'Eaward/BtekirfSn,MU^t 4 ^Writmeton-hall mJLane8ffrir� and SifteiHci Sir EdWd Bkwnt,: of.Shropffiire', Bii?;; aflUdy*grea'tl/r;lamtT^ed by all that knew tfier. - -"" - '.:'" �'� �tter3ay;Morhihg'ar'*^fHr' ''b/ofce.: outratFVfifetter's 'fa fi�HiA^ey,J Coleman-ftreet,' whfcft'burntVeryyiotendyfbV fen*4 tim#, and confhmed:the3eia"H-oal&;- but'-ty the I A^ula&i'bf the Firemttf it Was "prevented1 f|onr^eadirrg f any'forthef.  . , > i . Yefterday the Cbort.ffrfrat^^i-MarvaVet'iirW^Wthe Trial of the Rebel Prifoners^when rife5 Right Hon. the Lord Chief Juftice Lee, tiie Hon. Mr.TJu5�� ;Wr)ght, I and the Hon. Mr. Barorf Reynolds were?on the Beht^i, ^ James RattrayofSan|ulHan iq the SfiJre of Perth, and ^tBe^irf-Law to' Sir-JaSheS^lSinlocn, H�WaS yU^lvf^orRa^fafy^irf ttii? Rebef^rfef^ v^W%atf exftnlfirti �b/^iw^P�e : ar.d^wned:thaf he had; bee%6lle^Mqitths ,itt therHigWiisd Army. . The .Trial (aftej Y�yen iwq'rs, bet th�re &ing*fomej Contradi^otrs hetwaea/the Eyidenee |eo therGrown afid rtbe^Bfiio&eVs^Wit. ne.^^th^ur^iwh^idre^ forabcutjThi5e�QnwtBfcs ofak How, andsbrogghfriift^jeieil�!B/did-. NotcGuiilgrsL^hei the Court adjourn'd till this Ivloroing^ Nine o'Clock. A D V E RT IS F. M E N TS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Cqffee-House, in Lombard-Street.

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