Sunday, October 23, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Sunday, October 23, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 23, 1846, London, Middlesex 17+6. Sq�p i *9 � ��m Crv-v, I<k Ypftfrtay failed tiro! ?be &oad to $e W-.ttward. the meft* Tw*kqs i Wcft-f inoeiaRd, Mar (haU ^d LaBcaflurtf Vtfaofti Thompfoft, fori Jamaica-j Yottn'g WiBfam, �e#i <b* A&rW; InMry, Inches,, Carolina j bat ajger W$i IW1 back,; and a) AJ?qh�rJ�^, )uj* cam* d$yn if�ra gpit^�ad the' Happy Grieve* ftMaifcen. Wind N�fth. ftir/M, Oft it. Ytfterday foiled for the Downs, iii Majefty** Ship*Cambridge, &e?heft*<, end Pmcafs: Royal btorefhip, wjtb all the Coalers far the Downs, un-' tier their Corwoy; \ The Virginia. Merchant, Locket, from Virginia, is r-; vad at Dumfreis. Gem, Off. p. Tfce'CJenoefe ftaftnts murder all the! ^uHrian {kraggtcnfjiey can metCLWitVio |fie Afputuains, | %kich occa&toedhtiM General^"of |He^tter\p i�q^ir*fhe| Wtomiag O^^jp^bi^' qraer&\aVe beeiJ accord-1 fegiy given for,11^%^ to' lay.dq^^^jf ^rj|^ but tt% I for th^ai*f^afiimaidft tb$t tke^ hazard"^ Galljes, whic^ P^Vp^f^ ^thtSt Iftari pb^|. As Silver h ac^tmHy ^titjiij|�0 Cot^aize, we j hlkferiouQyof tato&agdjat^utof m ^UrCbes. i^�t^ dance of Peegte have quittedi�ek: KoirWii, and repairedt tio the Mo�nitwsln Toedps net being able to fatisfy the im Aefolatiea thena. i Srri^id here two _____bputS} and rnake '.ftfifta' the Vjreotl&. ve�rivrdj confiftin^ jef next ^eek �9 oppofeapy, Vipjentff Days ago, to afleuiiw the Room for ttttfit ri^ricb �xeeo %efio% ajad To-dayilmseWnie* � tt8�i*iiJy i4^s^*no�e*a�i �w iooc> Henfe. TUytee are^najyuDiijcr 1 iaof5 N 0 O N. fn a declaration, which his truffia^jif^efty jias iqa.&fr4 rent Spirits, that ha^Aytowajed. ip ff1��*0|�I^p8f' tenceot the King, It is impoffi- "�id^tiUlhe if^hishi oeSt. (i'edrge had ih^femng # who received their\ ^it% jttpJK T^^^1^ hie to^preis-What t'Be'M.W^SP, r^nifehd, and #�WMfJ!! got i�o our fj^S.&WkM Wl�|r5 between th is Lam $m ftfttf # jW^f^a rite bee�m<2o�&enl jBil&** -^ce^r Count de lowers haw*lfo h^dfev&alCbnfcr^es wtth^rhofe of We S?flet, -0.9. 4. Welter Oorfifl^^�<^l^-JJ- n 6i�. fpmH hew. �HfeW%S^(�:Ww^4^lB�W ^sd tfee pom 5 of Vienna ^ br^ljt 04 A^cpHnt flf |k Paffap wpe&ed-(QC 4p Jm^iiil^imjf th.59^ r4heiPf^al,^rrfeiifer�|. The Troops" of Tjjft�n.y, feavs bpw long isan- ?IPP?! ffc Erjfr �4 *�f$#S$ b^ftfi �pw? tP have joined the Auftrians, continue ftill there, yrUbftHt �by Notice of Motion or Caruonmenti ..The Propofitiom given in by the KrngHsf Polaad to the Qe#e*aipyft, regard. Aawnggthct Thinga* the Augmentation of the Army, and the free Exercife of Religion} in order to invite Foreign M^nttfaflureni ia..scaa& and fettle in t]ieKingdom, Uti tne^ Difputes among the Npncios^ with refpeitto a Formality-which they Call their Legitima-ppn, h^vjf rnthertnidefeated theie Parpofes.' ' "\7 " : Advice* frttm ^B^abcmopfc, by the Way ttf Veni^-, rottrtier.,<tfaat the Piagtid rates fq terribly in the firf| pf t fk-ijeaio/ as fAimy qf upward* 0/ 40^)00 Men; arui itot another tody of Troppfe were ordered to follow tb^rii immer,:i-1" * this Day the Panther and Advice Mensf .var^avtfhjthe * foliowvag-Ships, �k. Mary, Neptur*, �^-Intent, < Jane, Diamotti; -ISoy*Uy, feveriyi 'J*n and Henry, � is in fight loor Yefleis, which I am told is the Otter * S!o$� of fffki a�d jfcre? T/anfports, .which feiled/ome ' 9iuatj tor Qubtin.' We are informed^^thai &e above-raentKm'd Men of War and Tra^r^. ^v(ittg% Gaard^.Welch Fuzilieri, 4cc. on-board, are okered#roraftyrj�bdih to <fie Dow&. Vefterday the C 1 tf>oidWry^ ...�-, Mb This Womning feveral Sets oif Htittosi fa out forth* B^arJ, $pa^ ip ordpr to bnnf op her {feyal Highnels the XHPH^R hu ^oiil^Hf gbiielB rJfe Dlfti Wil) fet obt to xnetfcaftd eo^do^bw t^TbWn. ; * " &�>&m jLofel Mr ferpn Keynoids, theHW. Mr. Juftke Filter; and the HQJ. WW ^on OiiveiV. ' - , ^ � <? ' - John Hamilton, the Rebel GbverhrJr bf the Ciftte of Garlirlr, withdrew ho Plea if ^ot-GoOtyi and pleaded George Aberwthy; ab Ofecer m Gleri&ickVes Reg4-me�, Ji^4 Gornhriffiiqf of theStbrerSt Ca"rljlej7wiis; afttr a Trial of near fife: Hours, fouod Guilty bf �igh-Treafoh. Thfr jury begg'd iheFivonrof theCbort to'rettfsiiBeqd him to h^Mnjcft/a Wercy; it appeared, he hktfBeeo^ne ei M feilifsoF thef?owp of Bainff ieverarre^ l|i was, in foine Kefpeft?; ferticeable to theGovertrmehtVla I this RebeUibn, Wd was foked From im Hblft bf ^len-bscket �ndh� Party. : . ^ * 1 The Court adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Nfiifc o?Ckt1t. ' ,. ' '* , Sir Jphp Bcfwarth, Chamberlain 6? the (%|)f Lori-den, and Receiver General of the Land Tat for the faro Cit^i� j having drawn LrKfor that'PoY-pofejyJe. William Mumy� AndiewYouB; Willam Dicken* fon, Walter Mather. WiJiiaaHaU, John Ddhater, Johh xonnfto'n; JohnScottj Charles Shedon^ John Kennedy, Wif-4$dan, Alexander Dayidibn; Duncah Macpherfon; jp.tftgn, Angus Matklnt^ Ptter Mackiniofli,James acpherfoh, AlSirajridtr Cattinach, John RobertfenjDi .Campbell; Dteal^anidieUrJohn Madeod,A{(ixinderA puitcanJMunro, Angus Grant, Alexander CaW. igu^ Macleod, Chades=Morgan, Jofca Stewart* DanieV Cs J^nMac^onald.Hc^r MicgilUs, Aleiano^rG'ood5-Jnjl, Hubert Jpbjj.Caineron; Alexander CarapbelL bgus Macdonald, Donald Macdonald, Thomas Ogdehl Mafy KJsrtnedy, ffebei Hamiltbit, �tiz. Grant, MarArex S^p/on, Eliz. Rob, life. Mac&rlin, Jeaii Mackoo% ifabel Chambers, Agnes Maccartney; alias Anhis Cathqu^ Jofeph Hinchley, AUari Macdougal, Wl:J. Robejtfoo, Ap? gj^acdon^d; johnthbmpfon; John Ca-mpfeH, Johnlvlttr-Tay, Daniel Maekoy, WiUiarh Bell, John Grant, Alex. Cameron, John Smith; Daniel Matginiftj Daniel MacgUUsf icjcormack; Tjbomas R06; JohiiSte^rtilGeo 6rge KTrhrr.tRPe^Neffon, Ateaiawler Marnocn; avjd Joiner. Alexafl^fer Gr^nt, Walliaj�*Sh�ip; George x^ols, James Leqkie. Atldfew EdwarfcU. Adsm^titt/i land. 10 T.�efday Mp?�^. t^te'Jtidge? pafj'd Sentence of I Death on $9 of the Re0�,s at Ye'k; at)d ta jth� Evrfrtfeg " on ixm^rewhich ^e^U that either were /pood G*ilty or pleaded Guilty j and only-Sh of Ae whole tharwete* triedyttst acquitted. def SHlfSteken t Mart _ '^jla^n^j^tp Topjatcai^ ADVERTiSEMlLNTSaft taken m tor this Papec, ^Lwd's Crffbi.House, in Lomibard-Street,

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