Sunday, October 9, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Sunday, October 9, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 9, 1846, London, Middlesex f H U fe'S'D AY, ��S'cioBkR:^, -174^ ~7i,V li nrii .JVell* from: �aroU " Ca'lte'&awfr Tf dferday 'IrKer PtelfcSi" M'Spv;s: SSid - foe G t$a% ;s Chlf lotta,' Fift lier; for FTgura ; ' artoT^auo^u&s, Bfackai&e, for L3ton hnd rei main, with his'Majefty^Ship* the Fojlkupift^l Fox, Ferret* and Scorpion, vjtn the. t>yc Borne* ward-bound r$m|rs #^;�eg1itfrtl.:; Cathie \Jdwn and (a^t'd thro* the Mimfk^ad-, White, for Ntrtvfbundland; Wind, W.byN. � a;-; .:tx } Grave/end, 0�; 7. �PafsX by;jthe Enocfcite; ComTar; from Swe&en i and i%e Ebc oefcer, jpedikjn, from Nor- P<?a� O&j^ othand Thomas a f< orii Liverpool; at) Roiif, Wills, from London, are arrived at Virginia. , .... . . j �* ThiWnc^/Hdnter.trSm B6ft on, at Yarmodeh.:  The Evjrtoa, .-r^i-from Virginia, ac LeverfjboV The Sarah', Wilkinfon, from at Stockholm; mndsoffetEn^; :^wc;being^� Jewtyilitia^e \ rYoVince, 'mbn'o^'tteih'havfng;Bcco'(^l^M')b%^^4 | Squ^ron of Chevalier d� Qanttan,?, and Por^'Lo^'sJufelf ha /.. iz. Great Al&gakines are e{feb!i^ing in � this Dtttchv, _tha Ffc^rlrqfe; and to Jiim�gna, and this | Pay,arrived 1 jeo fre^ Croats.' We fopn expeft $000 \ mere; befi^es z Regitaerits of German Foot, and 2 of, Horfe.... s"  ' �' . ,.. ri " IhrfoiSepK z{. The King" ^ai ie'ceive^I it TprtonawiTh treat Demonftrations ^>f joy, and the Caftle (urrender'd s �to Loi'apo a^^feepsa^ at thTtlpftdidi it) Battali^a^o'f g hkWn Troops, arid ri fat jerillifei.; '<TOs,!&*Lafe i Kinei/ltfaYHvfeafOnfeg^l; fti orfe t� fetlb^ ^idwnc'd 1 Troopi; wnith^air^;�eBtiffi|%: ;We�ear,tlwK 1 the Marosis Sde-Boitfa has been, fecajlerf^. that the Com* nand: M'flife' Iriipl^ial'Arittiy Vii 'B&ii given to Count BroWnZ' *..t. d'f tKe City open all Nijht. Th%y ^jtf �ent 6oqo, Men WQjfhe Esftenf !f(iv%W> burVe -hitf&'hopei of ibme UtSe ReTef. The Reporfcnisgetel-ili 'rtiat'the iioH>itrJlC^hs' will ma| d bnly k*iow thar the Citadel of Savqna is be-fieged py the, P^edmoni.ei� i that the Engliih. with .'t& Sardinia^ Gilies,. are at Vido, and that the French and ^apjarjis haye pa^ed the. \'ar. . Wehear/rom Najple*, that great Care is taken to f�n> nifi witi ^.rtillery all the, Fiaccs jipon the Coaft that are Kiojl jelpoied^ in order to guard agiinft. any Sarprize. �i^KtXebec�s are arrived therewith, 1300 Men, and ffiorear* (aid to_ be ajcrived at Orktclio, which will tanme-diately conte iirtheV. H >s J,?veo out, that they are Part of a Body tff Troops^, which .the KuijJiof Spain is fending w i�is 0rothep But iocredalooi Pe�ions fay; thVy are only tWr own People from Loinlwdy, who emb�k'd at Genoa. ^fmprjam^Qs, 1 a,. We have received repeated Advices worn Paris, that afer fonae Attempts made iu fiveral Places on (heCoalt of Ijrerigne, /Jdmu^lLtjliock had jit.laft �todej1� Quinter-Corentin (fome Lettari fay Quinper-Bay) ^eqefat Sinclair, wivh 9009 Men ; thattucfeFtoops im-tnediately advanced toward Pert i-ouis bv Port rprktit, end 'nat having riten Poficffion of^ tue taner, they aiftroyM ithc Magaziua of t<Ve inJui CouVpjfny, aud barn'd four limps tH* were ready to fiifr, aYcer having taken &. which tonfcrms all '|>is, and adds, thar the Ehigljih ��ire aftaaliy there, that weyh�dkir�tinai<y Villages, avfeiaVet, &c. that the Con "waadon was mexpreffiole in a3 BVetagnc, as Uiepurrci ^Maiitirtes,- foch As Hennebooir, Vanncs, Rochc-B-ra-W, <^iinpart &c. we/e" in1 j^nger of falling into the , It is oW jfctic'feagtifii ia^'e aaclfa ijejach-ment to l^or'Iaiii^ '.thy *^arV of Jpldet ,was ,to gp/tq iBrejt; and that tlifc'. 41arm,' j^^ven.-^ara* all thV/fK>1 vince, "i>'ord�*r fo* alSeb^e cviery.'Si&n.a'ble 'tp bear Anns*  Ti.ere, /s nO.TTews.of. the^t>u^s d'AnyMk's Squjwironi but it h. ktibwn, tMtthe CTaeVelxor^ .Confess i^asootha ' :6tn.'of jai>y�n tie JLititu'de of P(Ktd-Kico/and that,.tjpc^ his Departure from Martinico, ^2 i^hips pound for Marp-nico had been already taken by the Engliih, or were fepa-t rated from their Convoy. ; ; Hagut, Oh. 13. Accprcfine to Letters from Vannes in| Bretagne, dated the ajh-Inftfnt.; 8.t�r gboa Englffli; ha^ ying made a Defcent upon the Coattof thai Province, hid been hefieging and bombarding Port Louis ever fince the joth ult..... - ; Hague, 03. 14. This Morning Tydiog'sare come by jE^prels, that a warrn Action happened orv the nth between the Left Wing of the Alfte* and about 40,0000! the French^ ip which our Peoples were obfiged togiVei Way to Numbers, and.retire �nder the Carinon of JriziU tricht. The.'A&ion lalied from NoOa till three in tiie Af4 jernoon.. , The newly-Arrived -Bavarian Troops furrered much, and our Forces have crofs'd the Maefe. it Was the French that made the Attack. LONDON. Thp ^retenifer has qeclar'd to bis,Friend$ at Rome, that his efdeff,Jjon w^s retir'd^eut of ^co^land, and that his. 'youngeK S6h was coming back from France. .We;afe^df^pm the Hague; that,the CqUnciLof State,! "fp/prdeVv to awm^te t^^Subjeits df the &gpublick to fend; rfovifibnsjto t^e Al^^4 Army^ had.xe�ewe(i the Exemption from, all the,common Duties,.^hicyh *a� gr^n ed them, wlten the IfaidArhiy was in the Barony of Breda. ...... The French attgek/d ^leir^eat-Gua j4x and planted Can"noo Upon feveral Eminences; but the AUies gained their Point; the Dutch fignaliied therflfelytt very mwh, and th*/Artillery of the French is faidio be'-th^Ofcly Thing that laved! them/from an entire, Defeat, Tlffc Lofs i% reputed be I pretty equal �n both Sides { JwtUi*L>utch are.Cnce a*t Sc. | Giles^ near the Suburbs jU Chant STiips which had been teen going into Marcinico, fome Months ago, were chiefly bound to Sc. Domingo, for which PJactSthey failed ; : but foori-after receiving an Accoant, -that Cone Englifla Men of -War were cf ui^feng off,Caj)e Fr*ncpis^ in pjjfc." to intercept ,them,, theyi.'ai-tcrM theif Ceurfej in QiJet U� swoi<l/hoTe Men of War: .-^This appears this ixxxt 'probable, from the gehefat Opirfiott, th^t.'r^.T?^'^n/jtdb fiiort, (jnce the Meet's D^piftjcife fjfbm Otd F'raniiB, for ia Account to arrive of their being- fecn fteafjai^ica. . The iwall ,Men oT SV�L and. Slpope that arc either building or jepairfqg iRhi^ ilajtliy'^ Y�M;d.s, ,nre bVdefeo! to be fitted fat the Ww^irSi tjne ut<nm Expeifition. " WieTWar iroin W^bu'rn in tUtpmd&Vre, that on Monday laft Capt.,FWmin wa* marrrca to Mifs Sally. Green, of the iiatfe Place, a beautiful -fcjAf of polite Education, agrefabJe DilpdiuQa, awl 3000L Fortune. , . T^vo C^iittnodious PiiTa jes �ip riow made in Weflmih-fter-HaX to the Court of Chancery tfftVKmgs^c y:}aft4 IVfaaJdf-War of 20Guns was laurich^'d ,fr ock aat\jRbib>vt-itiii the Command of ^hichis given to-. Capt. Join Fergufon. .who commanded the Furnace Comb", daring the Time of the Rebellion, on the C,oa#f of .Sfitotland.-He was ordered to attend the Admiralty on Tuefday; where he found his Cdmrniflion made out for $he above' S.njp, whjch was delivejedto him ; and ,when.he was going to,return his Thanks, Tie wss told, ijhcy.were due to his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, wfio.had, particularly r*commeoded birh, for his vigilant and gallant Behaviour on all Occafiorw. , A: few Days; fince, died at fiisSeat in W"a'rwick.(hire, the jr|on. Edward Digby; Eiq; Knight of the Shfre for the County of. War�tick. . Vefterday began the Quarter Seffions', for the. City arl feyeral Lawsuits, which will as pve are inform'd, be heard next; Term, by: Reafon of which their Trade is oblirufted by the;late AS. for the preventing Frauds camn^itcd.ia the.Ad.jrieaiuremi:Atof Qoals, by Perfohs hot properly attending Jhe ifeid . Wharfs, upon which Trials the Aft will be e^hua'd,, . Xe^t|*dg|ft Aforning died in. an advane'd Age, at his r|oMfc ir�.PedlarVStrect. Oxford-CHapel, William Baulett, Efejj a.Gcdtlcman who was pcffeiVd of a very large Eltate ia th� County of Berks. lylr, Morris, a Comedian from the Theatre Royal in 0ublini. much, etfeem'd there for his Performance, arriv*d in Town 3 fe�� Days Dnce j arid we hear; will foon make his Appearance at one t>{ the Theatres. Lalt W.eek died at his Houfe at WorqjBeri Mr. Robert Fags, late an eminent Diftiller; whofe facetious Conver-fatioin,: (and honeil Behaviour in Trade, julllygain'd him theEfl?eih of his Acquaintance. , Qn Monday Evenirlg a Gentleman was robb'dby two Fellows arm'd at Holloway-Mouht, one pf whom held a Piftoi ih one and a fhdrt Truncheon in the other^ whilft his FeDow-Rogue took every thing out of the Gentleman's Pocke;s,.,and tiien both made off. .Ofee.Hignt laft Week a Gentleman was attack'd iri Smithfield by two Villains, with whom he flruggled for a liftle while, (having ibi. and a Gold Witch about him) bu.t was thrown downJ and they were going to rifle him, when a young Fellow, Servant at a Colour-Shop, came by, andfee'i!>ganOppoitunity, fnatch'd a Truncheon from one of the Fellows arid ft-.uck him, on which they both raa off without their Booty.--'--V.e bave frequent Accounts of Robberies' being, committed in different Parts pf .the .Town ; and ae the Sea'fon is how'come on which Jnoft favours their .Villanies, it is hp^'d the Magiftrates will give Directions' to the Conftabies, Scc.^ to be vigilant in detecting thefe moll pernicious Enemies } by frequently fearching the Houfes taat harbour them. COUNTRY-NEWS, ^9Uu �.. thi Inlpe^tion and_E�a-wh^QB;of t^e;aforcfai4 C^enrjemaq perfonally, notwitri-llandmg; jom?moil auiacious {cho' fruitlefs) Attempts were mi^e to defeat tl.,. ,... - � _ . - We hear from Ponfy-Pool, JVlottm^th^iire, thata* 6^ William Samuej, tof the. fatfc of .Blainagwent, w4 rrtufnjng Hax^s from; Ppnjy-Pool Fajr? in the teropeftuous W^tproi'the. ?9th. p*tt; f|e.-unfortunAteiy roii's'd the Suite ot ^ Ri>fef he was to. paCs fiver, and was drowa'J. His Body \yai take.a. up jhe jneqct Day-fix Miles from the Place where the Accident.hapjwa'd. , prkt of C>ri Si Glmt+jlt't, '� Wheat f?6m 4*.-4 s. id i. Barley 1 s. 6 a. td i t.. 10d. Bea^s'iV j^.<^ AD V EKT1SLMEN TS arctaken in tor chii l*apcr, at Lloyd'sCoffee-House, tn Lonibard-Screet.

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