Saturday, September 24, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, September 24, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 24, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifo, W S P N E $ D A T, September 24, 1746. AMEdowh Yx&etfey Afternoon, aod feiled the Mary, Mackenzie*; and Young William, Tew, from Antigua. Remain his Ma-je�y,s Sloop, the Sha/kV W^ind Weft." * ' 1 The Elizabeth. Glegg, from fceverpool, "is Vt^eed in the "Dawns. The Mercury, Matthews, from Jama^jj^ a* BrrSot. I G ND OK- From the. totvkiR Q*5ftttc. Lqfarnt, $ Gomraodore Townfhend; with his Britannick Majefty's. Squadron, U ctuifing to the Westward, and in Sight o& Genoa. The Terrible Bomb, Po-liilJion Shebeck, and two arm'd feluccas, are cniifing bttweejj this, Port and Porto Spetia, aad have ftruck fucn a Panick into the Coafting Veflels, thai they are, naofj; of them hvl upty <"he Walls. Laf* Week the Terribk later-ctpted two Veflels going from Genoa, to Naples. Three Days ago arrived two of his. Sardinian Majefty's Gallies from a Cruize, and are. preparing to fail again in two or three Dip] ' Ye^rday arrive,d his Britannick Majefty's SliipLeoftofe \xip levenVeffefe taken by her in Company with, the Gallics, in and near the. Channel of Eiom,-tino. Uortnct, Sift, 6. Application having been made to the Regency here for Leave'&r the Neapolitan Cavalry to pafs through'Tufcany on their Retnrn to Naples^ that Demand has been'referrA'to Vienna for the Emperor's Orders thereupon; and in the mean while, it having been bb-ftrved that fome of the Oncers with their Baggage had euter'd into the. State, the Marquis da Chatelet, who'com-mands the Tufcan Troops/at Pifa, obliged them to return baft." tp the Confines, arid has, fent two. Companies of Grenadiers, and aBetft; 30a Men, to present any. oiher from palling. . Vtnict, Sept. 9, N�$\ Yefterday a Coorier arrived here from the Proveditor at Veronaj with, Adv*icej tkit the 4�toiins. were in' r^oJ^iTton of. the. City, fif. $enoa; *he Keyshaving been delivered to General Brown bjir, the, "De^ pm&Jew. from. the.S�i�c.uuacei Wm.aathp^ihljQ^s^ Thai he, had demanded, very^largeGontrJbutions, arid other I GoriiUons, which thlry Temonltrated againftas too JTevere, * �id prayed that the Eaeecotion of theni might be fufpehd-td, till fach time a& the Will of her Imperial Majefty ttould be known,,; for which Purpofe, they dfefired Leave torrid, a Minj^er to Vienna to throw themfeives at her Majefty'ji Feet', and endeavour to obtain a Mitigation of |l^.?Qndif)pQs.dPW!^ed,of them. Her Imperial Majefty claiming the Rigit of Succe^ the Dutchy of Guaflalla, 'has. fent a take Pdffcflion of it in her Name, upon the Death of the late Duke. tyikklk Sty, 2ij The.King^has. been;pleafed toappoint. JasiestPortcr, Big; td be hjs.Majefty^.Ambaffadyr, to refide at thtCejur^'f the Grand Sig'por. Wbiitfoi^ Srpfr'zg.. The.King,has, been pleafed toappoint Henry GrpeWufo ^Tqj to beCaptajn General and faapor.iaChiefVb/.His^aj%\IfcmdjOf Barbadoes. Extraa ofjt LetterfrymBriJIol, d*ittlStft.z\. 'This.Day arrived; here.the Mercury, Matthews-; from ' ]�maica, whe came-'North-about, and left Jamaica the 'J*-of July, She brings an Accaunr.of the Arrival of: ''( Capt. Harrrian iivthi Packet the Day before. Arid -that. I�the 30th of July failed, far London the King George, I Capt. Pringle, whom he carae up with, but haying lolt, ' her ForeTopfnalt, aruf. received other. Damage, put.1 . (T&again to Jamaica. The Milford. andal'l the Ships, , u.niJer her Coh'v6y tha!'"hai not been feparated, were ar-' Iiyed at Jamaica/ "" , HkMajeftjr does npt,come. to. St. James's, as^ has bee*! I Hon the Thank.fg^vuog.Day, hue will haye "Divine" 1 *""ce tus Chapel' at fenfington. j-jT4^ ^ays Couni.Czernachpw. Ambaffador Extraor-J*7 �rom t'hje.Emprefc.ot-Rufiia, have his firft Au-rfT� hi' MafeUy,! Sk.ClemrM.Courei; �� Mafter temonJes, being.lent fonfrom O^ordJCbire on that* n10.1^"'11 the ktter.Epd.of next.Month. IW yher Gr^e ri,e Dutcliefs.of..Nprforb.came^o. Wtt ^ tab Grace's Hcnife in St. JaWs Stjuatf, This Day 31 Days SubCftence will, b i^Tued. ou.t ^ tfre Pay-Office, Whitehall, to his Majefty's Guar4s, Gamfon* and Land Forces in 6?eat Britaio, from the 34th of Sep-temb^r to, the a^h, gfO^tober. At the lame time will be iiTued out 61 Days Stoppages to the Forces at Minorca, and Gibraltar. The B$gkt H�Bi the L�rd& Qomiaiffionea of the. T*ea-have been pleafed to appoint Mr.Paulin of Taviftoc^-ftreei, Covent-Garden, and Mr. Adderley in the Strand, to be the Principal Coal-Meeters for the City and Liberty of WeftminJUr; and Places adjacent, prfyent frauds ia the ^daeafureinetu of Cc�|l% p^iriuapt to. ^ late A^ of Paj|-ti^ment, which t;a^es Place the 29th, {nifcant. And Yefteid^ry thex b^gsm to, appoint Labouring Coadr Mestexs^ for die faid Crty and Liberty of We^miufter, to attend at the, fai^ Wiuglfc. The Hon. Richard^, EJq; M�raber of ParHa-rrwfflt fox KBa^^rottsh,. Tseafur$F Ojf his, Majefty's, Ch%mr ber% rrasapppbued. ^cnola^ P^wletr^ E% to be Deputy Treafuretof the Qhambers, is the room of Edward Bri,- On Thnrf4ay la^ Thorny Korton, E% Member of Parliament fof Bury, in, Sii|^U baker, was: coming frqm C^oydon-Fair in a Waggon, b^ fed out, and the Wheel wernt ov�r him, andkiU^h^mon, (heSpot. , ExfjrjtQ.^ q Letter, from Gftjfarf^ Sept. ft.. * On Erid4^�il^.o�t MaJefty'sShip the Prince Frederick. * The'fatne Day arrived there from a Crujze, but h$ firwnLifl^ h� Maje^ftyXShis th^G/andTurk, Ca^t. Jn^inlan ^W.^t ^.has^beenfailed.from hence ppwerdjof eleven Months, and met with, bof three Prizes,, one; of which. Was fold Abtoad, and the,M*a received-Twa.Guineas each for tbejr Shares^ andtheothers are not-of any very cp^fid^rabjle, V^lqe;. ' Yefterday alt N6oh his M^jefry'j Ship Centuripn, having-received a thorough repair fince her Voyage round the World) and is reckehed by.aU Judges to be as good aswheit�d9i buir^ was pui into Comrhiffion in the Harbour, and ys foonav n^se^ i�.;to.join Admiral Aftfbh, he^thndifig to hoT^ his-Flag onboard her. 'w-yMt&k'- wft �piw^�ri^^5 ^., ofi *his Town, ft Geerierrran univerfahy efleiimed, and his. Lofe lafcgentejd^yrilftatfcsand�EJKbgv^�-b�-'People, butmore par^cularly the Poor, to whorti he was always ready to adrninifttr his Advice and � Meditirteif ffrati^ l'p that his Beath r4jalr4y dcefmed aJj,o(s tttthis Tqwn,^ A&the Gorficans. are again in Arnis, and the prefen^ I)if-trefe of their Matters the GenoefeJ g^ives them greater Hope^than eypr.o^atle^, c.h.a^;e Spyjsrggnty ofr thtyrJfland, w& imagiaejthe.fpjlpwingi Defcrip^iep will not b^uruccep^ble.tacwrRjeaders, A Description.of CO RSJQjt, HE Iflandrof? Corftcajies^in that Part of the Med^er-rarif�n,w.hiQh is fomainie^^I^.the J^gu/jar^^pd fpn^rtimes.the Tufcan,Sea, it is aWut ninety Miles^tO the Southwardpf thepoa^pf Genoa, ejgJhty Weft^w3ipf the Coa^roilTfufcany� and;neaj,iea d%tjiUy Nortftw^rd^p/ Sardinia ; between the fprty^W^'an4l^forty-third Degrees of North Latitode ropriing thra*' it jtrf^by the. City 6f.Ca]fi: Inji^^h, frprj^North,tp,4ouHi, iti^a^oarth^tyl^Uips, a|(d>^Q' .thirfe^.m,Bire|^f^;^�tofMWi* wJfcreUMs.,fcwi* which is near theMiddle4for feieing-o/'anobloag-Figtiie, the BndtW rrJuc^r nsrrfower. The Ro^to and. r^untains| wrocfr aimrJjtfuTroutidit, make it diffictllt of-Acfcefs o'rthe CoafV; andnh* itrlaftd' PamaMb are pretty maa^talntiaj: tb^re.are.^ne tya>o,sin$erj^#fed, which make an agree able .Diyerfity* The Soil m general is not over good, on Account�c� th�.|> ) Uneveaneis^f t^e.Fa$e pf. tfie X^ntry: Yet:fojn4ohlh**|* . VaiUesy^Id,large <^rrtir,icJsoft Corn, ajpd.thVMwntaMMj ^^ty^offWia^ Qilajdjfrqits, The,;Wine,'^ijarj 5 w,a| jn^reat^p^^ioj� -wit^ fh$ anc^enit R�jhan4. duces alio Figs, Rainns and Hofley ; the wo.fuffttiodj�,_ . ^reatly, eo^d,; b^ttj^ja^ur.-ffin^few andjby.many,, * t^ug^t, u^whole&^^e. Here, a#e. fijirne. Iron, M^jiaes; t a$dj ^qt^Wo^ AUojni withj-aif^S^Pits. ^-treealff^r^ jiiij Atoadaace, .a^a^the.T^e calle^Ta^uSfWho^ttii-. p^o^rVtt^i^mu^/ed^by.tJte Bees, w^fh^tteifcV"-, ,to b th^Rja^n-.tilM ^u-H^aey- is Ji-taft^ T^C- thiii ^nd^bV^watW Courfe.of the latter is .but Qiorj; before,, tbey, fa^inno^he Sea, they cann'ot^b*.ver/larj^e. Thel^dsWhithoorde: Neither Cor&ca ^r ^r#i% k �Hejgfaed hj^ltl^, ^o' tit* �^ffoth^n.'th^tCf. A. .. . M W Anjmajs, tteC.QrUca^ to Pknjy 0^ Cat* jhe g�A c%d the MuA# is ificyw .to Uui-lfland au4 Sardinia. |t. has Rorw like, &.,RMn8 ^aurf a Sbwaiike.� 1 he N^i^ hasea)s^y^h*4 ^e.CJ^a^cJejt tfa w rough, ftuJbpA Pf�gk, T^aje;�a*^Y b^ve^ moU of them itnlearr^d, aM ^toW^j T^fl to QueAty mere than ^^i#�ww| i � 9f theie yxwpg Mes, ^ is, faid; was. called Cyinos4 *a&& he. Nwicpi Cyr.n�s, hf 5� c.4les^ were by the* Father*^ Sea, which thiew the* on thi^Coatt. On^oif the Soo>9f i Cvamns. and /rum  -. which it freo/ieotly occurs, in the old Gyeefc Writers fim the Name of Cyrnqs, fay^everal learned; Modern, Wrke^ P4 was more probably derived, from., the Punifc Ktr e $ea. And fojttee, ^ Name of Corfica, 'tis thought, it might come from Qv$i one of the two Nations of molt Note io the, nfiigbbo.ucing K* Iiland, of Sardinia. Bui Conjectures.of chi$ Jtiatiuec ara ^ uiiia^y very uncertain. . Some Geog,rapJjers djvitie tjnr^ca into four- Patfs, i biDk thegeqerai Divifion is. into twoo.nly: The. Northern Part, next tp Genoa, called, for tha�Re&Jpn Citerior or Ciiinon-. tana,;, and the Southern.Par^cajifid Ulterior.or 1'raoimpn-tanf, The Ljangqage qf bpthi* a.q>jro|Wb Italian^ wiix% CpnfiderBble Mixture of Ft^nchand.S^aiw/h, In Str^bo's Time., there wa% her* fpji/<^5do�bJfcCj* ties-here, two of them Ronvap CoJonicAi toe nfltiglanie^ by, Miariu^,. called M^n* i She ojhfirby U.SyUja^ in,the Town of. Aipiak wh;cjvwas a- r]ia,Cflof,(fome^ti<iOityc^ ip his DayV The 5. Sa^oj�a�, 6..Cqrfl^ 7. AJena, 8. Afipja, 9. Mariana* i^^mt, iu |feniT faccio, and 12. Porto-Vecchio. Of fi>me of thefe we have the ^hnrimj De63ipeion�. --~� � * - Baftif, the;Capital, is fituafed.Qn a of the Sea, at the North-Eaft part of the Ifland. It has a pretty good Harbour, defended by a Caftle, and as- the beat o� the Viferoy^ feat hither, from Genoa j alfp1 of"a Bjfiidj*, Siiff-ragan.of Genoa, andcalled Biftop of Aleria. CaJvi itands on a Bay of the fime Name, on ther!^>rtlii' Weft- Part of the. Ifland; defended by a Caftlfc oh a iteisp Rock> forty Miles Sduth-Weft.of'Baft^a. Cprte inland Town, atiotftthe Middle of thelftarrf^ fprty Miles to the Southward'of Baftia.: It has a ftioog Ca-ftte fitu�rte- on an- inaccefiihle Rock. AjaSpO'ftaads on a Bay-oft he fame Name; on the South'-Welt P^rt of- the Ifland itisa-pretty-larg�Town, with � good H&rbotir, defended: hya Caflkj and-^tboSeat of "a Biihop, Suji*agan-to-Bifai. Bonif&tcio. ftands-on- the South Point of the Ifland) on the Strait' wHich.divide^ it* from Sardinia, 11> has a good Harbour, and^itojerablbTtadei. w4tieh-ra�ke* it*efte*m'd^T?)�B^in fa*Ifkndi thq' Bafttabe ealkd} the. C^a- . ^ piial. The ancient Nao%e�. of� it' was Pdrius> Syraoal*- Po^Veichioc (lands new-tile. Sf�, b� thcSootb>Eaft ^ psartrO^theilQano^ abywtfmeee Milee to the:Northward rg' ofrBqi^peio, JT^isdafgr, s�d has a^tolerabJeH^rbosajr, p. i btf, of* op Atfrqwryy, being; built*- upofk, a decayed Havew, P ItfU. n^aoife^/rotB, gopd A^uhor^ that: fotfc th* Grc-dans and Tyrians, or Phienicians, had antiently f. oj:��g M.thxs iAand^oi' Qtofc* CalH^ho?^ the, G*e&Poet. x caJfesit;PibaSniciaa Cyr^tces > ainatDJo4o?Bsi SHcyiassaffirme, 1 th^tthejC�th�ftin^w and:Tyrrhe^(wWe l^^Mi^ke fofTyr'a^)" drove th*Pi�eenfes out ot tins 1^ 1 lHjMk Whether th*JPJiofenfcs^ a Peopl? from Phostsua [iQreese* h*focMt*iW^*fciB>o^ it* ouoniyva Q)lo�y % ink f Partof' it; is^noitdenpoftrabSe from this Ajstfaw. V If?w�$�t however* egttre^y cenqoewd!>y - -% venie,d'by one;Pr*te$ oply.j baj a^btwittWiniadi t*vo]di- T3 -2C iriiTir'i A DV � RTISE M E N l! S are takftn in tor this Paper, at Lloyd's C�ffbe-HpusB, m Lombard-Screet, Cape-Britain for Ever,

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