Friday, September 23, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, September 23, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 23, 1846, London, Middlesex Numb. 3^14. L by^fe Q&$&*� S�e?tw*n,r from j. Leghorn ; theCoaccrt/'LimJoia,�' ifroitf ftfl3$>; ferhabethJ l^glgJ.'"^*.' 'Amtfqrdam j John f ^Rft^'pi -.froift, (Amfterdam ;f ^ve� E&./VfiaUace, from Prize-1, lind i Gallaflfe, Betfey> Mewditlh, trcta� Sooth Carolina j the Mary and 1 Alice, Three Brothers,� Wirriara and Elizabeth; ShepKerdefvand Subqi^pbn,.all' from Newcaftle., forfhe Weftwirdv. and ^rCnj^io'. wjtfc1 thje' WealeSIbop of War, Tbe Jofeph and John, Dill* from' Barbadoes % andMhelj Barbados* Packet, from London arejamv'-d at Garoiinar The Seaflower,. Curry, from ,Bo�on> at Whj tefyave*. The Gale, --,' from Virgyiia^ at WbHehaxan. The Peggy, TavafPr, from Antigua* at Dublin-r The George Ga%, i*c�ietie*> from Guernsey; at Vir- C ginia.. TheBetfeyyMeredith,- fronVSoflth Cafdina, off 13jw$r. L Q, N D,i O N. ErfrdS of d Letter from Locbrian, Sept. 10. rYefterday there was a Ship from Bofton,. bqund to  Whitehaven; pur in here, had^ Weeks Parage,; Wb^n.  (heleftfiollph, thefcwere 15 or zo>poo Men in Readl-j;  nefstp.^epm on .board the Trardpsrts for Qoebetk; The� ' People there were beginning-to thirik the French Fl�et ' i^Alh^^6ow�thtr Cdurfirthto to Canada." The Nancy,. Harjju, fronvCork to Montferra/, men-; to haye, bien> taken, is arrived at Jamaica. Yefleiday.fe�era>.of the Foreign MmTftefs,actorrr)�nred died at her Lodgings at Knightibridge^ � the 68th ycar of her Age, Mrs. Stok6> a Widow LaJyi of vwy good Fortune in Staffbrdlhirr. Utt Irtday Morning died Mr. Edward Turpin, a To-^an}[} 'n St. John-Scree^ well known and very much eem d by all the Sporting Gentlemen of Great Britain. a Letter from Chefter, dated Sept. 20, Wednefday three Irxfh Fellows, appearing like; 4 "ay-maker, were ftized nt Parkgate, for the Robb"er)f , ~miT>i"ed at the. Houie. of .the ,Tall-bar mrar Saltree iri . """'"igdonlhiw; upon the .Information of one who'had , ^Hrt himfelf to be "of the Party. Bat (at be fays) pentmg of hirproinift, pretended to be very ill of an l|ae-fit, juft as^KeiFVillaiiy^W #<�lhg< .^ftftcici lec&M?. v&IAfcP)* ^itrrio� ffeh thernc m now, but h 5t at laft/ bsiagi overpfiwered,-. they were: immediately pinioned, ahd:; upon feardhing;them,. there was found' a plain Silm Watdr,' and alto a fl,ud^ed one ,\ and a large Silver; Sjpoany.nndjeigtt Tea-fpoans^ the Number iind the Mark* upon them, exaftiy.agteeiag with the Adver-tifcment. -They feund in Money twb.Guinea^, and a%�ut fifty Shillings:, in Silver. The^ were all brought to Cbefterttboot Four o'Clock that Afee'rnoon, and carried before James Croxon, Efq; one of his.Majefty's Jafticfis tjf thb'Peape for the County ^.wSere, upon a flrtfher Search, .was found'the Sum of Fiire Pounds more, in the Knees of a'Pair �f _B�eeches\ - They would! not coofefc any thing hxiwse'ver the^ Evidence being very pofitive, and all Circumftarjces agreeing^ they;wereabout-Nine o'Clock that Night'committed to our Caftle1, and loaded with Irons. The Evidence is alfakept in Cuilody." Tarpssnth, �ept., 15. Laft Night, ..between Ten and Eleven o'Clock, a young Woman was cruelly an Alehoufe in this Town. She was violently bruifed on her Breafts and. Neck, and .thrown cut .of-a Garret Window into the; Street, fo that/^. ^4;i)nipediately. Two of. Sir Robert.Rich's Dragoow,;qu^tered in this,Town,, are fent to Goal on, Sufprcipn ; put, it is believed that the Murder was committed by two jSa^sbejOTging^to the Hazard; Man (of JWar,; which iaHe^]^ |3arwich this Morning.� The Cofrjner's Inquefi, aftexfgending fix Hours in taking' Exafninations, brought in their Ver$tt, iVilful Murder-by? Perfifil ^tiawn. Ah ExpTefr h font toA Captirh Grant, of the Hazard, for the two Men. - YarmouthSept. r&. The fatter End of laft Week one-of our Boats imploy'd ill the Herrini^FiftfeVy was taken by a fmall'Frehth PriValetTi a^z^fttom'd for One ^uridred? Pounds: Cfpt. Saul ef this Town, Whofc Ship was ktely} tfi fold.'1 A ftvt ^^h^fc&eti we'n\t bft ?t 6$0&Sj$ S^a) inriwy from 51. to 5 1. 12 s� but^ie Gew^-.Runlof �hc riFair;:fold from 5 1. 10 s. to 4. l. >g..c Tharfdayour Merchants received the difrgteeable Nrw^ of the North Capej Wa^tfonj. from. Corkr for" Jamaica\ .with five other Ship*,* being taken by a French Prrvateer of great Force offCork.jTwt-as there is no Confirmation of it as yef, we hope this Accoirnt may not prove' true; S C O T L A " N D. Greenock, Sfpt.j 3/ Arrived the Mary of Waterford,- in "Ballalt; and the Advice of (rvirie, Thpnifon4 with Cow-elides, Linen, &c. both from Dub.^fn; the Diligence, Howie, from Fflrt-Williairi," in BvJkilt; the Race-riorfes Recs, with Me^l and Oats; the Rachel,. Brouft, with sJJaik; and the Union, Sinclair, with Bale. Goods, all 'from England -  r-f P t3irk;- returhed thither, fromthe York A^jzes oh_... ^.'linigh^-^'Oa* Tuefd^y �119 Rebels were arrik they pfewieaY Nptgurfty, except Captain Robert Baylor, l^r/Ejrrp^at'Wrjter; and Cobnel iBnek- Mr.tBobtTe'is chief MaWSgeT fof t&e Crbwjr-aifd'is affifted'by foti> other CobhctL-� ... Abbut^diJ excerlpa^o'rj' WrrTflcfles are attending'', there ; on'e-pf. tn�a \vas the Day^before thr Date taken inljo Cu-ftodyV'and-was next'Day to bV indrcled for-treasonable ExpVeffidns in'Oflober lait - 1 hat Day one HayV-a fcarx-cafhire,RKbeji, was convicted 'in^ left than half an Hoar.- The next Trial was Rober? Henderfon,' Writerin Loch-Tnabent it lalled from eleven o'Clock till palf five. Afternoon, when, after the whol.e Evidences were.e^ hisBfcHafif, and 4iis Lawyers everted theW^�-es tpthe ut-mof},'* he was found guilty in lefe than two Minutes* The 1 jtlUhe- Court fatbefore feven, and were proceeding, on the Trials of the Engliftv Rebels; .they ^re ;uft now f\ .bufy.ion that- of Mr, Capouche,.a Clerg>tnan near Man- ^ chefter, who left a gooii Benefice and followed the Rebels'; he was.made.Bi'fhbp of Carlifle by' the young Pretender. ' Tis believed, Charles Dpuglas, who takes the Title of Lord"TklOfddngton, will b� feut-tb London, and tried as a Peer. Laurence Mercer "of^Aldie has been allowed to tetraft his Plea of not Guilty, and, being brought to the.Bar, pleaded guilty, and begged to be recommended to his Maielty's Mercy. Sunday and Yeflerday, a Qpniiderable Cor-ps draughted 'f om St. George and Hamilton's Dragoons landed at JLeith, Dfl tbpfe. of the former are to .prQceed to England to join their ^ Regiment, while thofe of the latter arc to return to Fife where.theirs, is cantoned. This Forenoon his.Excellency the Erfrlof Albemarle fet out fyr Sterling, toTjeprcfent ac "a Court-martial which is to be held there. To-nibrrpw the Trial of the four Thieves, comrrionly called Egyptian^ comes pn before the'StoerifiV of this City. Several Ships are jutt "now coming up the Firth, fuppb-fed tabe;'the London 1'rade. Fro* Inverary we are advifed, that Gen. Carrip&eT i; m a few Days >to rlet but for GTafgdw, and from thence for London; arid that ht> Son the Lolonef was"gdne"toJFort-'Augtiftus to joiii Lord Louddo, We axe told -thaft. C\pfc Craufiwd-bf ^ tl� CSmbra-Bbat* has rakenr and brought into Purt-Gfifg6w, a Smuggling Vefiel with upwards of 300 CaJks of Rum arid Brandy, befidcs(Tea... ;.� . Laft Week diecj at fnverary, Angus Campbell of Aik- nift>; Kftjs' Ycfeftfay Michael Vezzazi,' ftiled Mafler of the HouTe-hold to the Prefender, was let at Liberty upon Parole from his Confinement m the City Prifon% We hear that the Man who, was confined at Fort A*i-guflue, on Sufpicion of killing Culcurn, has fuund Means to efcape-. The 'Mailer of Lpvat flill continues in that Place. SaturdayJattj about Eleven o'Clpck, the Trade.frqm Lejth fet/ail for.Londonj upde.r Convoy of the Greyhound and Furnace Men of War, and in the Evening the Remainder, uodet the Protection of the Bridgwater, Scarborough, &c, were to follow. Tnat Day, in the Af.ernoon,fix covered Wrggons, which eamt by the Way .of Scerljng trom Perth, can/e to Town, efci&rted by a Detach meat of the Companies bejonging/to the Train of Artillery, a/hf were lodgcu in the Caftie. We hear thatjhe .Corpfeof Capt^jrt GeprgcMunro of Culcairti, which was_carried by Water from Fort Augaftus p3 wijhin five Miles of Inverneft, whence they were tranf-por'ted byt two ConiEai>'e5 �^ Soldiers Jo Invernefs, ^.t which Place a Boat was ready to convey tjiem toKiltearn, were on Tuefday la4 interred Jn a Manner fuitable to.the jRa^ik of onp;whofe_diftm^ to: his un- ^"i^ fortunate Fate, rendered him univerf.liy lamented ; .there was the; molt .�nurnerpus Company' that has been cbfeived ^�A*iong ftimcp thefe-.Pirt,......# AsJ Daqgrld M}Lafen, Drover, was on his Road, to Car-iifleto^aJc^hisTriali he gav^ .his H�rie to one of the Guard, till he'fhould retire a. little at Eatrick Btac-Head, pn the, Road fp Moif^t.. where laying iwaddled him&if in his Vlaid,-be FpV^dpwn. with fuch Rapdiiy; tba^f he efcapecf the Purfuit bojth. of .the Beliefs fent after hirh^ and fhe Men. whp;end^�v^Red,ip fejze hiiri. . La,ft Thurfday the Raters, by the lj^e. heavjiRinns, rofe higher';than has; been.obfe/ved ftneev the Year xyn^- i'hc Corns >yer,e earrsai p.^F the loiv Grounds* Mill-�Dani-bykes were broke :down,- and very confidernbie-Damage done in inanx Piacrs,-Ctyde? fweH'iLla highiat Glafgow, that;the at the Br.dgj-Ga'e>P�rt, -atytifhac wnole*Strcecs were laid, uodcr Watwj�-iiieyc�ilPctipie'ihave bit ^cU-jL1*^ W the Wat n of.Dstlkeith and^ Letth, &c and^e^tCp^l j^nd-.C^olf. &cV^ o p P AD V E RTISE M E N TS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee Hovse, in Lombard-Scrct. J Cape-Britain for Ever:

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