Thursday, September 8, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Thursday, September 8, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 8, 1846, London, Middlesex Numb. 370, 3." i u Oh i3. IVEJD .hif-.Majefty's Stoop; Swa$/^nC4 Cruize, �ame j down/thy j&een of H^fiiry,; Flemiflg/fpr^oftoni Cr^rrrjfag Fann^ ^a'chamarra., for ' Nl� \ " &ira �\aM*$maio vftoK Bis -Mi* jeftyY'SJeop; Difpatch; fkgpr, I theirjpraii, 'for Opprtd| \Mer-' j cu^^rjroyc, - for PJfiladel-. ..... phia &:'F^hdfhip. J^re^rJfcrj Carolina ; ViituaUing TraVf^fV 'D4b. for Porttopurh j and the Coa^rs.^'t'he Wcftww4k 'Find N.W.v The Bajtimpjey �Tr---'> ftonufef^fCa, arrive^ at; .ftol, in five W^bp a#d four Daj^:. ,' . / , , ;, The Carteret, _Sj.evenfoa, frtim London and C6r|j,'at Jamaica.    . , t , f The Milfofd, M.^Jpjn^ Merctyy,Matthews; ^4 Seymour, Lewi*, ifrqm Briftol, afjdjitto. n . ! The Lpadpn^jejgrjaBt,, Re^o,l|s,> ^apnaiTus, J|ob.n|an \ and Dolphin, Pie^pclc, from ^ondori, at'Jamaica. i The William, jglaadeny, frorn^ London, ar Jamaica..' I The Fox, Hay, from London, at Jamaica. The F?iendmtp,"lveyy from -Madeira, at Virgtflta-.- j The Durflef ,iPitfnSD, who&al'd with the laft Fiegt fo| Briftol, was payback. � j � t Munich, Augift 29. The-firft^pj^oti of the BnVar&rj Corps began tomoye from Don^v&t'tqwaroythe Aether* Jaflds%wo.Pays agov '' '' : 'Btrjfri, Aug: 39, The Ruffian Mjnlfter.Baron ICayferlih ,ipho was-formeFly. at the Court .pf^DfeTden, and ilnce;< |he,Dietbf ^e^many, is nanied'tp refute at this Cdurt, is .the room of ^CountCzernichew. .''"..  f Vieonay .vii^guji.^x, N.S. Therejs. now cohfirrrjed^ Ad*. j vice of.M.ddla;Mifta's Arrival, aqd^oJ" his having taken " the Command of the'Spatfim Army at Vo^hera'; rronp whenceTfeThlrchedThe nexrDay; -vvrch the grcatett-Pfect-pkation, to Ga^i, hnd the Bptghmo,' -leaving -a /majl ^Gstfrifon. gwed^pp'�"5>r^fa^U �o bej'.'tbatvM.' BottS fhall; with the'-Audwn; jlji|a*�try,: nurfue ^JErVerhy fiVft.'to Gavi, a --Place.cJm.:d�^ai^s>.AriiJiI*ry^a)n4i3f^ which ever Way they turn ; whiVli the X.irtg>of. Satrdmia, with "bis own*'TTobp?,:takfesI,t$e Roiite bf Acqai-,-by the Valley of '<�: Borniida^ in-order, p e'nt'dfF tbi?fr THetreat into France.' ' ThrEm'perbr retuWed a^dne to his Inflate of Hollkfh,-tlie  Day-before-'Yeftefidiiy, in.i order to.pafs a Fortnight therei � W-haotlihg. : ti^mbourg,Sept. z,. N.S. ^Captain Bladwell, in his-:Ma-: jefty's Sh;ip jt^e^Mercury, is Safely arrived in this River, with fix-Sail-ander his Convoy for1- ifambourg, after having leen into'the; Weftr twof Ships fdr^Bremeri/ and throe in^'-theTexel. ' ThVrteW' Fr'eAcK .Rafter - at: the' Gourl cfx Drtfden, J^<.de5. rrived\^here,'the ^zd bf,J]ak f the long fubfiiting D^F-' ferences between ; the Families of Czajtbryflci andPb)iia-' tQwfki on one Side, ;and that of :T*rlow on the other, was-toh figtr'd-a^Opoie-the toth-of4ali-M-onth. *7* Ut^e, Sept. 2, N.S. Count- d'Jngelheim is elec\ed ffi-/  &op of .Wutfabourg. ^ Liege, Sept. 6,'' N. S. The French .Jiave^ pp^ed ,Cer>Rnels in our Stfeorbs.  ^"Laffi I^to fhea *vsre A^evq ^spbo pf .3 the French, heai-tiiiy, the'�eft-Jiav*ng rtfjoined; ttejAlrny.; ^ We have riotaj yet any Acoount^hat thitjPter^h'liave; in-5 5 v�fted-Nafliu,r. ''' . CQ Camp at Wigimont, Sept. 6; N. S. We arrived in this 1 CampM: Nigitf.; The.Frencl\ rpd ^Q.pQoj^Iejiqm this Side the Meafe^ which the 'Pay.,before.y�fterday, lat owr � Approach, repaired, that. River, with, ,theVmoft Precipita-tion. Our Cowmunication is noiy..df^ne^'V^^,%1iB^ric6t,' from vhich we.^are djtlant five'{t^eAgaea,j'.if er^N. S.' ' ' ' 7 We halted one Day at Ohet, after we k&fi p^^ed the Meufe without t>�' jieaft MoieffatjipriJiotii the Freddr. We . 'have contjnaed oiir' Marct tb^iafds 'Mkfcftrichti?W�di, I confideririg trie Urotig PefjIes'oveti;h^uhta:iflbusCo^ f and three Eivers'tb pafs, we haVfe^hi^ti efieftfed'^i* I Succefs, and areaV^refenf wftmn-a^od Day'sMaicn^ff .theabovc^efajdoped Town, "' ' ' Sept. i. Count Lowendahl paJQ^d the Meufe at Hoy, [ but repafled ra cHf advancing towards hlm> Count itlerfi \ twith theRefcrye covered iha.Right J*larik, and (^eneial1. falfi with hj Command covered the Left. ' ." i 5^/. 2V The. Afiny made a very long and difi^cult; March ; we pafied the Oiite at Combien le Poiit,' and in-\ camped wkb our Left to the Rivet, afid our Right as iar^as Harzee. ,1 . ' Sept. 3. The vArmy halted. Gptmt Merfi with the Corps de Referve and'Trips with the irregulars, were detached l indulgence j- being brought thatihe French had paffed jto theNumber of ^ ;f 500b Men over the Meufe at Liege, and polted them-felvcs behind the Weze. Sefi. 4:! The; Army marched and paffed the Emblent^ I the Right at Louv|gne, and the Left at Spremont. Count \ Merfi reported, tnat the Ff^adK Were repaffing over the |;Br'idge at Lie^e, kiid bfegg'd Leave of Prince Charles to 'attack them {"Bur as. the'Gtofs bf the Army had not then ^paffed the Wefei, aho* got clear df the Defiles, it was -Ihbughf advifeapte for'Merfi to-defiflr. _ Sept. 5. The Afiriy marched ;and paffed the Weze a1 Treppnt, though a very bad Defile of two Miles long, the Right ot GhejArmy at Melin, and the Left at Herve. Count Palfy's Corps covers the"Right Flank, and General MenfiTs the Lef\. Qur Commuriicatiori with'Maeftricht, is now open, where Magazines.for'.Bread, &c. are provided,in fujfficjerit "Quantities. ^ 5///. 6. .^e^haU-here To-day and To:morrow on Ac-. count qf flur Baggage, which 3thp feeavy Rains that fell fince Yfclkrday.'.afld worie Roads, have prevented joining us fo foon as we expelled. Ckir next.Fjncampment wilJ bt on the Piayis .of A^aeltricht, if we do jnot repafs the Meufe.attLfege, wttiphfome imagine may poflibly be ef-feiSled. .Mftsfl^li^A^.>s e^carqjiea his Right at Warem, : aad- Tj&gfes j. which locks asif heinteddtdoe .aifpute i^dPsffjge.of theMfiafe with ui. - I Hague, Sept. 6, N.S. Theic are Letters from the Confe-Jcmte Army of the'^d, which give an Account of tfiei> having paffed the Ourte fat Ham, after a very long Marci-of near 24 Hours. Thej' are now encamped at Mye anr riari:z, and the Communication witli Msciincht is open.; lb that there is not at prcfent nny Danger of their beipg ji Want of Subiiltcnee, gnat fVuantities of a!) kmcfPro-vifioas having been of iare brought to that Place. Hague, Sept. o, N.S. The Grtffer Gilles, whonrriv'd here laft Night from Breda, was tliis Morning unanimoufl) named by the States of Holland to the Pofl of their Pen fionary. By Letters from dor ' Army of th� 7th Inftnnt, we learn^ that it was advanced upon its'Return to Mae-ftricht. as far as HerVe, about hatf Way between Vervier" and Lleie : That the Detachments which the French had on tirTEafterri Sidif of the Meufe had repaffed that River, J and joined their main Army, which had made a Motion by .Warem towards Tongres, with a View, according to fome Advices, .'of paiCrig the Meufe, ff they found Time, a little above' Mae(tt.icht, i'n.order io difpute our taking Poft ^adtfr tha;'Fortreii.j It is mentibned in Letters from Paris of the 5th Inftant, that the Spaniards'iri Italy, were feparated from the French andXienbefe, and were preparing to return to Spain. Maeftrkbt, Sept. 7, 'N.S. "the Allied Army was encamped Vefterday .between Herve and Vaadermont, covered by rhe Rivers Weze and Bervine, fo that ottr Communication With it is rtbw open'again. General Trip* had paked the Meufe to reconnoitred he Enemy. The Allies 'ire expec^d�To-rriorrbw in  diir Neighbourhood. ^4ar(|iai Saxe's"Quarters wire Yeftprday at Tongres. Wttjfeis,' Sepl4 i.' N.~S\' A French Courier, w ho paffed through this'PJaCe on Tharday laft, in his Way to Paris Ifrom the'Army,, f^portSi thatNamur in inverted, arid that no Perfon is permitted to go put bf, or enter into;thft -Place. '; ' Rotterdam, Se$t. 9. The laft Letters fram the Army_ were of the Vtli; the Head-C^uarters were at Herve, the Right Wing at Sour-Megne le Moifts, and the Left at, Crevecau'r, waiting, for the Baggage,' whieh was ftopt," or, ^t learf, retarded bj? the overflo^y< he'^ Mlipt .were going to, throw a Bridge oyer tl#M�ft. "' "' ' Ll.Q -IS a n>. * To his moH Excellent Majefty George the Second, King of r.o. I / -G5reat-��iik-:*c. i; Wlo$ Qratiotts Sapereign, WJE you>, Wajefty's moft dutiful and loyal SubjetSs, the Pallors of the Churches', in t^Province of the JMaifachufett'^ Bay in New England,;&eg Leave ' to take .thisfiTitOpponunity to exprels^ttur"utnjflil 'Deviation of  the unnatural, wicked, and traitewpstgeb>nidn,' fais?d in Great-Britain, and^ahetted'by thegVand,Sbppcrtersof the .Papal Intereft, agairul your ^tajefty's .Royal Perfon and [ Crown, in'Favour of an abjur'd- Pretender," trained - up m * the. Bigotry "and Tyranny of the Rbjjii'lh Principles "and Pra�li<?es, utterly Deffruftrve to all thue Keligiort and Liberty ; and to'affure your Majefty, that as in the Days of your Royal Father, fo in theprefent Day we know not a. fingle Man belonging to any of our Aflemblies, but what is firmly attached" to your Royal Perfon and Illullrious Houfe.--At the'fame Time we congratulate your Majefty upon the Succefsof your Arms, �nderthe Conduct of his Royal Higbnefs the Duk* againfrthtr infatuated Men, whom Heavfen indeed has lighleoufly made a Scourge to the Britifli Na'tlon's, while yet, they are but the vile and contemptible Topis of France sum Spain. And in the Name of our Lord Jefus Chriir, we make � our fervent Prayer to the Supreme Raler of the World, that ail the Enemies to your%Iajtefty, and thePrPteftant Succeflion in your Royal Hbdfe\ ma^be ck*a<hed with perpetual Shame* We befe:'ie&vi'atfo- JoyfbHy w�ongrat�laie your Majefty upon the wonderful tJuccdk-Cod. ha? given to your Amriribarr: FbrCefe, * irr,�he Reddftieii of that important Key of iNorKh MaificSj Cape Breton, to ybur Majefty'^ Government ; vhiifh we can't-, but hope and ttuit in God, mall'neve^be-wrefi^d ootof ^ybusr, Royal.Handsi Wechearfully rely on your MajeuVs Royal Gopdnefs, und'et;.God, AHi to'protecjt' ui nod-.dW Cjiurches, in the Potfeffiqnof our invaluable JRights'^and tnatour Province, which have Ho ifignalizM their To/alry, fhall always find Favour in the-Syws of^ottr^*acw^;^i^fHH�i,l<�w1r ccn-tiantly prefeat our hearty Prayers ^o Almighty God, for the long Profpejity of your'iV^ajeffy's Rejgn, and the Continuance of your Crown is your Rpyai Family, throughout all Generations. Signed in the N.ime, and by the Appointment o^tiie faid Pdlrors, jostPU Sew all, NJeralor. We liear, that the Court TreaVer at Pete fhurgh has .nade large Remittances to Dantzick ; but for what Pur-oCc is not known. Private I etters from Spain mention, that upon the Day chat Ferdinand VI. King of Spain, was folerhnly proclaim'd the outward' Expreffions of Joy were not only very great, but it was cbl'erved that fucli fincere Pleafiire. and Saciri-faftion were never before feen at Madrid on any publick Occafion'.' ' ... Letters from Aleppo, dated June- rrrention the Arrival theie of a very g rear Caravan from Bagdadt ; and that anoher was expe^ed from Batfora : They add, that the Affairs of the Pocfe continue tojgrow worfe in the Ealt ; and that two Pjivatcers werearriyeo/at Scanderoon, which had picked npby the way thtee-LevRant Ships, homeward-bound to Marfeijles. Some'Dutch Captains, lately arrived at Amfterdam from Curaffo, met with three Englifti ^fei:of War between the Azores and the Banks of Newfoundland,' having a Spanifh Prize in their Company. ' . . . 1-5  Jt was reported at Leghorn, when the laft Advices came from thence,'that feven-'Engttffi -M*n of Waralnd two Bomb.Ketches,..are to pay another Vifit to Baffia, the Oapi. ril of Cbrficai front whetic^the Inbabitehts; have feht for  immediate'Succour,-. wJi'iW the^Mafters, rbe'Genoefe  are crying out for Affiftance, to- preferVe ibeirown Capital. Oni Saturday laft the twa.Battalions of the Foot Guards that.ate gqmg.ab^ad, wetedrawn "up on ^e-Parade in .St. Jam^'iP.ark, and tad ?he�v K.napfijsks, &c. dejiiier'd to them,. and;a_ Week's Pay adyang'd /tpeach Man,  ,< Tthe Treafury, to Wtf�ii&1ly.:lt&9^-&ffl^l9*.iMkLe' - Jutok^latO-arj^mm^jit, Msrchsnt. injeateaton^ree^ji beautiful young Lady* wuha Joriune.of .jo,oofil. o  Pi T3 CD 1 w i-'  f-t- p o A D V E RTISE M ENTS are taken in for this �apex/at I^lo y d*s ^qf fee- House j in Lombard-Street, Cape-BAtaittYtfr Ever,

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