Friday, August 26, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, August 26, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 26, 1846, London, Middlesex The r r. 1 ^- V-.W-V* Numb. #1, f^O Ships Under Jher Convoy, viL the .^{a#jM*nJW'*4r Smyrna a^-Scanderoon i Levant, aBB^J*, nyrna! j Homtiitngcrafr ?�pud, <or ;*�r$aa and yenicr/IHe�-iietta,GeIy i Ppn Qarjpa, ^rwod t and^QideoiviFeer*, Mad- . their, �o#$; in - t$e i ^s#^bjted.)fcj UifcJfeicl^jpAB1 Whf hn jty&ujft foimoch pif�fc�sbpr$- * cJuttor for ^^....J? tfo/e^randi&*$ EinfwQrth,B*ftf&5y,,aiWcr DubJin.' juft np#cMnj?doi^ theHedw and Winchelfe8-M�h:rf W�r,f�t iiifiybflr';^d are all at an Anchor in the Road. Wind South.'':: ^ ! The tfancy, Bridge ; Tygcr, iHarrifon $ andtheEatoj, $ym, frojtn Jainaica, are ar�Ved atXeverpotof/' / Tht Willo^by, ^rbett tod' U� Charming Betty, Bold, for Lcverpool, were" left off iheifle of Ma*. The' Tift YeHerday arjiyqd the.Mail from Holland. AdeKesTtom Italy, jthere ^,a$ peen a frefb Aftxon once th it . at Rottofreddo^ m wjvch C(J�nrde Gage?, heing himftlf' \u bavfouadiaefti^ with 7O0Qihafart'left^to^gajathe\R 4d~ |W of Genoa, in which.he is Durf,hed <by G*heraf,^da�i; Wi^i; K 4<�o Hor{{!'  Wle' Sr^ � our tetten froin I^Iy, wounds they r�&ivea on rhe joth Inft. aRdthere^wasano-{ tberA^oa^ j&eTjfth, iii which Oount Gages and *3,cqo PJaimtf$~j$i:- 0;-The Spaniards left behind ,them here 9--Pieces^ Battering CamSonj"32 MoVtari,^vertil other Piecei of^f^l^r^o^l^dey Bamb*� joo.odo' ^.oosSaqlfj ^f;Cptn. i^ef^de*.j^ffr Thty^%p tp g^inihtfiMou^ ^.�f the^ 0/ Genqai. ^Qauf t Gages ;ha^b#� sdeftliliiw Italy nave btcutWaiiv'd'.'ii^tnc fc orvi in Italy"'With retp&Tfo -f '�" alrwrfy:ajyjivit:d a*. .<fe� Wa�e� yw*�w th VPaj^e *3j4;J^fta^:,fiM\ed^ftw ^pitheadtite *yn|J' to j^ar^!b;Hr4^f,^o�ba^o^ � Tbe Wind coraiog fjr^ Sjff#^y� ancborW inaGowts � B-Oadl^d| theaji^ve^^hip^ , ; i ' v" �M^prni^^ jhe.wfepkJpJetti ' under iae Command of AdmiraTLeltock; andL^Eifoe^ * **�?!r Sbifcs.' v f � Yefterday It was currently reported, thatan-fi*jj arrived; &om ^Finfliing, twtb %n'^ccoant thardL, � been an Aftion between the a^lHes-and the FreaciQt wbiy wasveryAyiSpd^.^andthattbefo�iterbad recovWiftay,., and had gaio'dfisme other ^bfaoota^s; wbicfc b^iteje.l Vclicrdt^ great Numbers nf .Nobility lnd.GentVy �iretel at Rea�bgBoni..,t� oheie ??b%pI^Bes4llto ^eeJ^y|l. H|ibnefa^�a5fyrfrH*ff�lc r^-^/v.r^' �nr, �ofifl^o�& �f< H�ael,�iiaru&t Jtottt fiu^tfh. %kh r;| very gr&ncl Reiimie; tbey are to -dine ttiA^r Aoy�J ^adferi ^ndi�tbati�Mht)�t Readin*. v.�s um--i^ft -'Ni^t Richard i&bert, Efq; Metn^ ^iPari ^fieatifordaidlQW in SnTopfikire,)and fi belift^CheAjiry, Jay- myiikngJsKmflj b^iiat^ived n � Duel o& Mowday taft. " \ wifj&crb' TagJft^fB?'1'an^ Ahufa fiflmmiflied in tot k witbjn the Cjtyj&nd Liberty pf ^nC� is*aaa�di TKafkwo fi ftall be appointed for the faidCrtf an'cT Jf|SidTrf�obHcfc-e�ce; whidris taiic^fthe Lan4^-\^e� Q^ce; ja|^ f?F* �f ^'pT^ry T Time being; ^cJi ^ -pfll^;.Wft p9M^^%af�:fobe fi^b^brf twooi M*fti<?5 TO^Ily, ac^i^dj^to tbe beA ,c4^. did a rat deaUJ N^a^ $^of$e ?4'^, ^�ic^y Warw^^ a J^an, ^d,Wo^ gos'd^ yery ....._v. ^iflfiwsy \^i^V^4mitw�tla\JSbw^ifc*J��wrw ^vcBi ^^e^^^, *�umh &mog&tety&i' Na^t2, js^^by^tbecValtuipSiosii^ *ndiJkt Biijaieefj oX .Rriftol}: b� flksi^ ryehatartV�di*mI�ie -M^r pfJier,I^ysbecame oWrtnCoWiWny witbfo&d oC$bip�,iftwlfiri GwWi 9f tlBnfeJl&n ^W^tt�|jlfcat Tbe lI#ftB*Mi�r.ainc^. th�i,HQW?dtCi�te;btgi�i 'to ^ rag*# fe^MConnWiRdjIfiRnt <o JMofeg; for i�k;m4'tnS^ ^Taltby waVM^St w�^ SuS* <^t^Bof^Qffici^4l^BeiOnf iJr. 1 1 W/ ^ Siii^i Liberty W Mm&n, mJim* 1 fa.� ' tUrtfo* togivt Notice^ fiat nvtaftvtf fHfiH *r Nathaniel' Miftftjfc^l**^ 1? j^Hiel^^inen. 72* ; \ Commaii o^ kbe.Pbft-inAfter Genu*!, 4 i 7Tj^f#^lugi A^nvo? th^Non. TO Eolnfe*, .who waio)j<: cjaief ^��^i^a* *l, 1 ?���JCErR&IUiS been a gooVJ dea^I Vrote fi J t^rf^pfe �sa fiehivfo'ttT m arid, Wd^mOtttf �*er ^!l�ce, i gre^t 6).aw -of^fie B&ffeHibrj____ mocgft 10 befofljj t? them, { know no MeW tna^^fl^raaihl^^ know tDl^mWrnvy bii& ooth ^ati^ AY ,wjh^ we all nment fo happily efta-thur B^ha.vAoarrbe the ^r WWMtt^e the . vee/t IS E M E N t S are ukcn in for this Piper, at Lloyd's CtiitiriHN He

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