Saturday, August 20, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, August 20, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 20, 1846, London, Middlesex The General AdVertifer. Nu Vfr.E D N E S D A Y, August 20, 1746. iW 1 -"I xrttf ZWy> l8. tKRIVED the Granada Bomb from a Cruize and refaiain v*ith the Hazard Sloop, and Panther j 'with the Indaftry; Khowler; the Tring-Gally, Dorfaford ; Mary; " Mercer 1 Bridget, Power a'nd-Pretty Polly, Robins-, for Oporto ; Barracuta, Bum, for Jamaica; New Haiapfeire, Birr, for Plymouth ; and - Charming Betfey, White, for Dublin. Wind S.W. Gravefend, Aig. 19. Pafs'd by the'Maryland, � from Maryland. Portfmoutb, Aug. 18. This Morning (ailed frottt Spit-head the Rofe Man pf War, with all the Trade for the Eaftward. Came to Spifhead the' NaUafurt, Hampton-Court, and Prince Frederick, from Cruizing/on the Coaift of Ireland. Sailed out of the Harboar the Captain and Portland for Spithead. The of War is' come in to be dock'd. - The Byam./-Bulkley ; and Poftillion, Combs, from London; and Radford, (late Smith) from'Exeter, arearrived at Antigua. The Concord, Young, from Carolina, at the Orkneys. The Anent, Savery, from New-York j at Amfterdam. The Enterprize, Walker, from Boitonj> at Gibraltar. The Nancy, Talman, from Virginia, at Briftol. The Jofina, Slicker, from Lifbon, off Dover. The Montrofe. Gregory, from London ; and Adventure, Palmer, from Briftol, at Cork. Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. Madrid, Aug. 1. If the new King wins the Love and Admiration of his People, it muft be confefs'd that his Majdty has no gjeater Cares than thofe of giving them Marks of his paternal Affection. What above all renders him the Idol of his Subject is the manner wherein hedif-, pofes of vacant Employments, which he gives to Spaniards only, and to Spaniards of known Merit and Probity. In a Word, the Reign of Foreigners feems to be quite over. We talk no more of the Operations of the French in FHnders than if France was a Part of lerra lit-tognita, and had no Connection with this Monarchy. Or-' oers are faid to be difpatched to the Duke de Hueicar, who was fent into Italy lomeTime before the Death of the late King to make a^Diverfion in the King of Sardinia's Dominions, that he mould return immediately to Court, and refume his Poll of- Captain of the Guards. There is even a Talk of the fpeedy Return of the Infant Don Philip : Bat this feems to be founded only upon his Majefty's Inclination to put an End to the War in Italy, and rellore the good Underftanding that formerly fubfifted with the King of Sardinia. A% in all Appearance, the prefent Reign will not be lefs pacific than the former was warlike, it is given out, that his Majefty will have no more Dif-pates with the Powers of Europe j and that, with a View to the Profperity of his People, he will caufe all the Com-plaiutsof foreign Nations to be examined and terminated, beginning with tnofe of the States-General. Gbamberrfi Aug. 9. After all the Reflections that have heen made upon the Counter-Orders fent to the Spaniards when they were upon the Point of marching to join the Frftich, it is now faid openly, that his Catholic Majefty,: feeing how much the Finances of the Kingdom were ex-taufted, has not only ordered the Difeontinuance of the Remittances for Italy, but alfo feems very much difpofed to put an End to that War. Some go fo far as to fay, that he '�it a Letter to Count Gages for the King of Sardinia, - which that General forwarded to his Majefty by a Trumpet. Zxtratt cf a Letter from an Officer of DiflinElion, written upon the Ft f Li of Battle, at Rotta, Aug. 1 1. ' The Almighty granted us Yefterday a tre'fli Victory over the Army of the three Crowns, which had paffed 'thePo near where the Tidone falls into that River.with a ' Dtfign to retire hy the Way of Tortoha: We made ' i $09 Prifqners, among which are 5t Officers } and 8 \ Colours, 3 Standards, and'9 Pieces of Cannon have" ^ been fince brought to the general Quarters; not to men-*t Aon, what we ftill expect to find among the Bu&es. The I Lois of the^Enemy in Kill'd and Wounded is very confi-' derabie ; but we cannot yet determine it. Ours confifts t 37� Killed, 1�74 W�unded, and-264. Loffor Stray'd. t The brave Baron Bernclau, Lieutenant-Field-Marftial and Colonel of a Regiment of Foot, is in-the Number of ( jhe firft, and alone makes our greateft Lofe. He was , !Lut4) Years of Age, and coftfeqoently voting'hv the fune he had'lived j but very old if we reckorrup hi Exploits. The Generals Pallavieinij Serbelloni and Vogthern are among the Wounded. ' The Beginning or the Battle was very fuccefsful ; but the Enemy afterwards feemed tb' get the-Advantage of our Right, which was juft upoh the Point of turning' when the Left Wing marched to its Support, and ena-. bled it to make a' frefh Stand; The Enemy were re-pulfed, and, in Spite of all their Efforts, obliged to a-;<"bandoh the Field of Battle, retiring upbn their Right in {* the Way to StradeTIa. ; * We have this Day fung Te Deum upon the Field of * Battle, and at the fame Time received News of the �' Surrender of Placentia.' j * P.S. We are now going in Purfuit of the Enemy.' ' Vienn&t Aug. 16. The Marquis de Caftiglione, Major-Geheral, arrived this Day at Noon from the Army in i Italy, preceded by 12 Poftillions and 2,foundling their Horns, with the great and agreeable News, that <the Army of the three Crowns; after having made all pof-^fiWe!Effortsto maintain itfelf upon the Po, was on the 9th '"Inftant forced to abandon, not only all the'Pbfts it had on fthe Left of that River, but to feek for Safety in entirely levaeuating Lombardy, without during to enter again into f Placentia ; that being attacked 'on* the 10th in their Re-. * treat, by the Marquis de Botta, the Enemy had been |obliged to fight, and, at laft, to abandon the Field of (Battle, leaving behind them their Kill'd, Wounded, a great jmany Prifoners-, and Part of their light Cannon ; that the [next Day the Garrifon, which had been left in Placentia, vopen'd the Gates to her Majefty's victorious Troops, and" ;deliver'd up to them, befides the Magazines and Provifions, which at a vaft Expence had been collected in the State of ; Venice, the numerous Train of Artillery with which the i Infant Don Philip .was to have form'd himfelf a Kingdom cinTtaly, updn the Spoils of the Hdufeof Auftria ; In fine,-that of the numereus and mighty Army which the Spaniards :in the July of laft Year, reckoned at 140,000 Mehj and �which fince that Time has received 25 or 30,000 Recruits, fthe Generals do hdt lead back 20,000 into the States of Ge-nca, all the reft being no more. Nafnwt, Attg; 20. The two Armies eontinue to obferve �each other. Oars has been in March ever fince twd in the iMorntng, regulating all its Motions* by thofe of the Enemy, jwho feems to intend getting up to the Maefe, in order to intercept the Provifions and heavy Artillery* which Prince iCharles expects from Holland. It is not known where will be hht general Quartets." Ctar Rear Guard Yefterday yery imuch harafs'd that of the Eriemy, comrhanded by M. Low-endahl, which has had the worn of if durirtg the whole March, and yet without bfing many Men, as* it always retreated in Time. If we had been as well informed Yefter-day^ as we are To-day^ Time, the Field Train which the Auftrians were expecting i^j-frdm the Rhine, conlifting of 14 three Pounders, and fix �B&ubitzes, and efcorted by above 1000 Recruits, has ^ thrown itfelf by forced Marches into Maeftricht. <a Whitehall, Auguft 19. The King has been pleafed to ^ grant unto the Right Hon. John Baron tlobart, the Dig- u nity of an Earl of the Kingdom of Great-Britain; by the *"* Name, Stile arid Title of Earl of Buckinghamfhire. {^J The rhas been pleafed to granf unto the Right Hon. < William Lord Fitzwilliam, Baron of Milton, the Digni- Q -ties ef a Vifcount and Earl of the Kingdom of Great- "  .Britain, by the Name, Stile and Title of VifcounkMilton, ;in the County of Northamptdn, and Earl Fitzwilliam of iNorborough in the faid County. LONDON. By Letters from Milan we hear, that the King of Sardinia had demanded of thaj City 10,000 Meafmes of Com' for the Subfiftehce of his Army, which had pretty much' embarraC'd the Government, as the Enemy had before carried off every tiring in that Country. M. de Chavannes, his Sardinian Majefty's Minifter to Jthe States-General, when he deliver'd to them the Account jof the late Victory in Italy, complain'd of the falfe Re-bortSj which had been fo affectedly fpread, of his Matter's -Inclination to make a feparate Treaty with the Houfe of jBourbon, declaring that thofe who fpread fuch Reports inuft be very wicked People. t Some private Letters from Holland bring an Account, khat the French, under the Command of Count Lowendahi Jiave been diflodg'd from Huy. And ; Other Letters mention, that the French Army have quitted their Intrenchments in Flanders, with an Intent to march back towards France: But both thefe Accounts ivant Confirmation. I We hear the Right Hon. the Earl of Sandwich arrived jit the Hague the 25th Inftant, N.S. ; They write-from Rhode Iflandj that the General Affem* ' bly have voted to raife 300 Men foi* the intended Expedition, to give Encouragement to all Volunteers; and to fend the Colony Sloop, with 100 Men, to attend the Service. ." They write front Ltfbon; that a Ship was arrived there jn 60 Days from Pernanjbuca, and brings Advice, that the Fleet failed from thence four Days before 3 fo^tfcaF their Arrival in the Tagus was daily expected. ! The laft Letters from Portfmouth mention, that the \vto Fleets under Admiral Leftock; and Admiral Anfony are ftill at Spithead. Late laft Monday Night; a farther Reprieve carte to the New Goal, from the Duke of Newcaltle's Office, for the followingv Rebels of the Maneheller Regiment, viz. John Sannderfon, Thomas Furnival,- James Gadd, William Bettrah, Alexander Abemethy, Chiiftopher Taylor, James Wilder; and Charles Deacon. ; This Day the former Reprieve for three Weeks terminated. That now granted is for the fame Time. .X. Yefterday Morning the Dead Warrant came from the Sheriff of Surrey's Office to the New Goal, for the Execution of the four following' Scots Rebel* {who were all Officers in the young Pretender's Army) on Friday next at Kennington-Common, viz. Alexander M'Grouther, �)enald M'Danald, James Nicholfon, and Walter Ogilvie. They will be drawn to the Place of Execution on two Sledges, guarded by a Party of the Guards, and will be executed in the fame manner that the Manchefter Rebels 5 cs w were. AD V ERTISEM EN TS are taken in tor this Paper, ar Lloyd's Coffee-House, in jLombard-Scrret, Cape Breton for Ever.

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