Friday, August 12, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, August 12, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 12, 1846, London, Middlesex t The Genera! Advertifer. Numb. 367^.' T U E S D A Y, AtTG-u st 12, 174& --,, . i IJVi R" '" .'. 'I " Lf. 0a N D O R > Count Preyfcogy and othe� Bavarian Miiiftera'k the French. Intere% *re:$e�ired from Court finceith*pOonelu-; D^/, Augufl io. AME down the Levant, Peddle* for Turky� and remain with the Panther ArnTd-VeiTel j Norfolk,? Captain Hancock, for Eaft In.; dia $ Induftry, Knowler Tring,-Dornford ; Mary, Mercer; Tand! Pretty Polly, Robms^orjOiojib;! Boulter, Allen, for iifbo^^ajd; Succefs, Thompfon, ror&prgiai 7. Arrived the Eagle Packet, from.  the -Commander of which died in the Talmouth, Aug. the Weft-Indies ; Pafiage. ... ------- Plymouth, Aug. 8. Came in the Flamborough Man of -War, with feveral Veffels" under her Convoy for Virginia ; the Man of War is to clean: here i alfo arrived the William, from London, for Virginia; and Elizabeth, and Viper, of Hull, from Riga. Wtymmh, Aug. 9. Yelterday arrived his MajeftyY Sloop Jamaica, with the Martha, Mackaefs with Oporto Wine. The Jamaica is fince failed. Pool, Aug. 9. The Amelia, Walker ; and Mermaid, James, of London, are arrived at Lonifboargh. Daver, Aug. to. Arrived the European, Wright, from South Carolina, in feven Weeks. Came in the Dolphin, Gray, for Weymouth j and Pretty Polly, Robins, for Oporto. The Fortune, Curling, from South Carolina, Is arrived' at Scarborough. The George, Thombs, from ditto, in the River. The Britannia, Fones, mentioned to be arrived at Bo-fion, was not arrived there the 26th of June. Stockholm, July 26. The Body Guards, which have for fome Days encamped near this City, broke up. on Saturday laft, and have taken Poffeffion of their old Quarters. The Day before Yefterday, being the Anniverfary of the Birth of the Princefe-Royal, Confortof the Prince Succef-ibr, their Royal Highnefles were treated by his Majefty at Carlfberg : But thcCourt was not numerous on that Occa-fion, moftof the Nobility being at their Country. Seats, Where, they can .with more Eaft prepare their Batteries^ againft the approaching, Dyet, efpecaally with segamto' ifte Election of a Maflhal. CoW^ufevus Gylkmberf ,J who has been appointed Governor of the Province oft Helfingfors, arrived there the 1 ft Inftant. The Officers, ttho had entred into die Service of France, in order to pafs bver into Scotland, are returned to their feveral Homes, the Winds having been contrary to them all the Winter, and when the Winds became favourable, the Ncwsrfrom t Scotland not being fo any longer. . r . Warfai)*, July 28. in order to adjuft the Differences, f which unhappily divide the -two Houfes of Fario and Po Biatofid, federal Lords of the ftrft Families in this Xing- jj dotnare gcingito affembleat Opo)a, a Seat of the Palatine of Sendomir, where that Lord and Count Poniatrlki are" to ( be prefeat in Perfbn. The Primate of ihe Kingdomand } the Bilhop of Cracow are indefatigable to bring about this ji Reconciliation, and the King has fignified what great Satis- jj faftionit "wouidgive him to fee it accoin-piiQied. .11 According to the laft Advices from the Frontiers of Li- {[ voma, the kmprefs'of Ruffia is arrived at Reve), and, it is j; thought, wjh proceed from thence to Riga. General Lafcy having font his Field JJquipagss to the Army ; iHs from thence conjectured, that her Imperial Majefty intends | to A view it. $rejlau> Aug. 6. We have received Advice, that the being arrived the Day befote .V'eitcrday in perfect Health at Neifs, -frs Majefty.hav.gvvenithe J?4ace.of .Commandant of Breftui, to Majpr-vGenetal de Creyycen, Cft-lonel of a Regiment of Fofilcers. ,i, . i -. ^""ttfirtjL Aug. 11. Prince .Clement ar-rived from Munich at Manhcim, with .the. .Prihcefs ~Kuv ptofon, in order to fpend.fc&wi Time at the Pabtihe ^oart. The Advices -from- W�t|a' i^Hpi* tvjry, %im Negociatiohs goJr^t)nwith tbe^Qhrt^'Sa^ny/ \ ; Pfis, Aug. Madame $e 4^p^nefs,. havingjb^eh ay a�d--fche �^It^t^^i^ttwis'i^t ? ^�oved to the.Abbey of St^jDiennis. /T.tie^Gci^nt^i^db | of Mirepo�j:,.r;rft Almonet ^Ub^ecsastf Pfincefs,, ac-companied.byi fonr other, fiiib^ps, :pe^nned th^sC^emo-of ira/fiag'�he. -Body, which hsvihg beerrp'aced on a Funtrai'Car; the Convoy proceeded with^greai S^leaR-.-liity. . . ,.  Aug. 9. .A few.Days ago the Rev. Mr. MolKns was preftnted to, the Prebeudaryihip of the College  is the Rev. Mr. Jones, to chinc into the Netherlands- --^^ .> t ' tetflxrs ftomj Vknoa mention the Pafiage of i 500 French mi SpahifitPwnera by that City, which ate going to h f^t^Wtk^ti Dajittbe into th&remoteft Partsw HUng4ary.j A great many more axe toon, expected, whichwilLaU continue the fame Courfc* ' ^ The Mewfc' .^W^^lOT^^I^9^*^ that as "ffib perutts 10 her F^jotto fj^l^^mg^n fffffe*' Neutrality, fee al Meeting-hoates< in Scotland; withont duly qualifying t^en^ve*aa�niing: tp Law} and to puniftr r erf ops for refotting to airy Meet-, ing-houfes ^vhepe iuch unqualified Paftors or M^nifters flhall -ofheiate.' /^-ripT,.. . . v A Bill for further Punimmeftt Of Perfcms gcring Arawd,* or Difgoifed, in defiance of the Laws of Cuftoms or Excite ; and for indemnifying Offenders agajrift thofc Laws, upon the Terms in this Att meoticin'd + and f�r the Relief of Officers of the Cuftoms, in Informations upon'Setzures. A Bill to-allow the Porcbafe, fornis Majefty's Ufe, of Naval Stores brought into this Kingdom on board neutral. Ships, by any of his Majefty's Ships, and to allow *fuch Stores to be landed and entred dunng the Continuance of the prefent Wars with France and Spaui, or either of them. , A Bill .more effectually to^prevent the Frauds and Abufes committed in the Admeafureroent of Coals within the City and Liberty of Weftmmfter. The^Eagte arnf Faulcoh Ships of War, with their Prize j the St. John Baptift, from JKinfale j and the Maidftone fj Man of War^ from a Cruize^ areaniired at Plymouth. The Young Theodore, Decker, from London toi&nb* A few Days ago Mr. Maud, a Surgeon in the'Kavy, warmarrietHo* Wifs Webley, a fine young Lady with 30601. Fortune. Qn .Thur/day^ died; in RtoTel^ftreet, Bj[opmft)ary, Mr. Cqojsran, a Mifon of .confidsrable $i�nefs, .ano^d^ Fortune^ . m , Oa Fnd,ay raft, dkd Mifs Herbert, .Daughter of po^i�el Hixbsrt i sCyoung Lady; greatly la^jfted by. ajt-W�* knew her. e . . Waterman. ;\i it. The Beginning of this Week a Recruiting Serjeant was made to pay 20 s. for Prophane Curling and Sweiring; apfd ordered to fit io the Stocks feveral Hour. Examples of this, ^.iod are abnoft daily making by the worthy Moderates of this City. > J&rwicb, Augu^q. On Tttefday laft Mr. JoftmaLaf-wdod, was Elefted by the Court o> Guardians one of the City Surgeons;- in,the room of Mj?. Amyas, deceafed. SCOTLAND. td&lrurglf) Akguft 4.. 'The Advices from die North continue Accounts of the Succefs of the Parties feht in queft of the Rebels. The Regiments of Sempil, Pitlteney and Woolf are enj-barked aboard theThmfports in the Road of Leith, and will fail for Holland dlreflfly. f t -; On Saturday upwards or 1 ob Rebel Prisoners came here from the North, efcorttd by a detachment oF Fleming''s Regiment. That Day^-MacDdnald of Kinglburgh was brought . m Prifbner- by the Duke of Kingfton's Light Horfe, charg'd with having affifted the yoang Pretender to make his Escape from the Ifle of Sky. Capt. Lorimer� Mailer of a Veffel belonging pa Salt Coats, is arrived from Bergen in Norway ; he had a Paf-fage of eight Days to Newcaftle j he fays his Veflel wis loaded with Tobacco, and taken by two French Privateers who craize between Bergen and the Orkneys, that they have taken already 2; Sail of BritUh Ships, tome of which they have ranfomcd, and that by an Account of the Ran-foni-Moncy which he faw, it amounted to i 3601. Sterling. Twb I)ays before be left Bcrgen> the 13 Rebels confined there mide their Efcape- He fays further, that, the Day be ^ame off, a French Cutter arrived there, with about 30 Rebels on board, fome of whom tame athore, and were Thurfday kft the Lords of Seffioti nominated Mr. Tho-im J^M*Mgp& <jwW of Biftnburgh; and others t* '*mi^'W!Qfew$ Potior of Dean of Guild, until* MaginVacyuttftoad^ this City. Edinburgh* Jbguji The TranfportJ with the Trobfes lately embarked, failed this Morning from the Read of Leith, for Williariifladt. On Wednefciay laft the Regiment of Old Buffs arriv'd at Glafgpw, between which Town and that Corps there is fo good Understanding, that Lieut. Gen. Howard and all the other Officers, before they rharched fruin thence for their Station at Carlifle, were prefented with their feveral Freedoms.  An Embargo is laid on all the Shipping on the Weft. Coaft. And aU the Avenues leading to Glafgpw are ttriftly ^ guarded; by an Order from the Lord Jultice Clerk, to ^ detecVluch Rebels as may Hope to ffiejter themfeives there (jj as Strangers. ^ - On Friday theHigh Court of Jufticiary tefumed the Tri- ^ als of Francis Aoderfonj Andrew Fithie, and Barbara S . Couts, for the Murder of John Ci anach near GlamiS: The Proof aga"mft4hettwb former was very dear, and the Jury g"� returned thef* Verdift finding both Guilty: Barbara Couts *-t is jitiqujteei. Jsaacis AniJejripn is fouenccd to be hang!d M in Chains; on the 10th of September, BetiV�tt Lath and ^ Edinburgh; and Fithit; is to ujidergo the fame Pnniilirae^t Q dn the 11 tb of -that Month at .Forfar, which is near the  . Pk\Ce,wlairejt|�e M^urdxr was admitted. Laft Friday the Right Hon. Efuncan Forbes; Efq^; Lord ^iefident the Sefiion, fit. txut for London: As did alfo on Saturday his ^x^e|lency Sir Ev^^ ^a^ener. We'hear 17 Ri^nents are;to be left in this Country, .and AauonM as-f^Iowwiz. ^^^egime&ts in the North tjnder General ^l^keney, iwOvon ^sjsa^ Coaft undejGe-neral ^fto^/.ihree at Perth n^^r^oaeral Hujke, three at Stirling udder General Bland,,one ai Edinbargh, an4 one at Glafgow: YeuWniMt'ij-orivate Perfons; taken upon Sufpicion, after Fjcairunation )ail Week into their Cafe, were liberate' ^#the^|jr^|ffl|i' * ^i^h-Water this Day -at Londou-Bridge at 49 Mmutes after S.  � �' r. A D V E RTISE MENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Li-orb's Coffbe-Hovse, in 'Lombard-Street, Cape Breton for Ever.

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