Thursday, August 11, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Thursday, August 11, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 11, 1846, London, Middlesex The General A4vmifer. Nt7M B. 3679; MOW D A YJ XvGtsT-i,' ,. ..v , ..� Ill ! I J 111,. .Hwi U --'�i�J- . LAME down ^^orjyk^ �ap$ain and ijes^uffif .wtth.Jthf �a$ther Ana'd yc^felj. and tjbe Qiitw(ardf Hound Ships as in my, lali. Wind Weft". '� Or-AveftnJy, jgg. 9, Pajk'd by the Aurar^ Pta^cethm^a, from Maryland. Since our hft arrived the Mail from Holland. Madrid, Jufy 2.5. Their Catholic Majefties are in perfect Health at Buen Reriro, as are alfo the Queen Dowager and the Reft of the Royal Family. Great IWigenceTslire ajttmentj wherein every Body may have Liberty $> <jpt tjidr G�m4 vlaiats and 'Reorientations againft the. Mfgj&ttf, wjtfplj Ko-body is to look into but him^f. We already begin, to tafte the Advantages the Public f xpe$ from this new* Reign, efpecJally in the ReoH^^ff �ae D�ty on Spi? rituous Liquors. DcrJrecit, Aug. 13. We are bufy here in embarking With allpoffible Expedition, a coralderaWe Tfain of bjeav^ Artillery, compofed of battering Pieces of Kfortais; but for what Purpofe is not known. It is {aid, however, to be Jot the Ufe of the All yd Army, haying been required by the Generals to enable them to form certain Enterprizes. The Troops of forae of our Garrifons are in Motion ; bu$ whether to join, the Allied Array, or to ife. put into othei Fortrefles, is not yet jiublifted. etachment, bur that in other Reipeftsj the two Armies keep their former Station. -And by private? Letters from tWCdneral Quarters, we learn, that after fe-Veiil Marches and Counxnnarchjes, made by the faid Detachment, in order to conceal it's true Uefigpfyoqi the Allies, it is thought to have taken the Ro$d to Huy, in the lllboprick of Liege, and that it's Dcilination is to dutpff. the Convoys whhh fliould come to,the Anny upon the Maefe. Pttcrfiurgbf Jfulj 5. On the 3d Inftaqt her Imperial Majefty, acompaniej^ by the. Great Dyke and Puchefs, with tome of the principal Ladies and ,J3njcers of the Court, fetoujtfor Revel ; this Journey was notified to the: Ambaffadors and ForeignMinifters on the zd Inftant, but,] as in all Probability the Emprefs will not be long abfent,j none of the Arnbagaders or Foreign Miniilers wfireaikedl to accompany J^sr /ijajeity. StoMoIfty July az. The Day be/ere Yf$er<ky crrived here Baron j&oflff, ftew Ruffian Minifter to this Court, hat as Coujot QylJe^nbuigb is in the Country-^or'the Reco-, very of his HeaJtJj, #(^�t T�fl� atiJlpckfthal, at-;; tending on the Prince Saccelbr, as Grand ^faitre of the* Hou&old, the faid Minkfer has net yet fcad ipi Audienjcef of his Sweaifh j�||je^r. Cp'oflyt F^fte^tni. jhe Pruffianf Minifter at thjs Cpyfv k i�ep<M�^41* %Q*Q tbjj of Peterf-^ ^"Jfgh, where he is to rtlidje in the Room of M. de Marde-| feldt.  � � - * V'uhna, Aug. 7. This "Day a Courier arrived with Let-; tersof the"firft Inftant from M. de BoTta and M, de Riche-wurt, by which it sppear'd, that upon General Brown'sj havjagbeen detached crois the Po to (endewoar to drive33 Bpemy outc/ the Milanefe, M. deGa^esiad held Jfoi tPod-aConntepanGe, that the Auftridn Geaeral had deftredi to know of the &j/ig^of ^ariinia, whether jt wasajdvifcablel or nqt to attack the �cejny .with a Force very near equal| �nlyj whereupan h'n �o�jhnian. Maje^jn^ir-ch'^ �n the i Nigfctbetweerithe 34ftp^andtbcjjfe$$&r*f at theffead? pf his ovra Troftpf, ^C'xm jamed by fp'Jte$*v& Bat-1 ^liops, three RegvBi�ifsqf Hu^a^rand^boat looo Irregulars, under the Command of General "Brown, ia order ^ attack General ,Gig?s, {& that ffceiyboje piedmonteze| (Affljy. w�h the Auttnan'Troops abjvenventicroed/'is'atj er-Pfeni-&ench f prefeht on this Side of the Po, commanded by the J�iflg ifll terfejai Habile ^t. de Bfltta, to reinJEooce.tbfi semaimng^ ralW ov^r tfeeipft Part of .the Troops thatbGenepal -Sloth had left at Pijaygbitone anACremona, not doubting, as:he wfife?.. bftt tft^iveingly a gQ�d Account ftilLof .tne Spaniards, if by bei^g forced �$o Placentia^ they either attack him, or attempt to eacapeby the Parmefan. Camp at Viler, Augul 6, N.S. The French- having j formed a Befign tocarrT-off-aPoft which we have-at-St, Andre,!thatf urpofeLmadea Detachment the Day before Ycfterday foom dieir Anny, confifting of Jnofi of .thfik HWufinjandGraffina, fiippprted by a Body of-Foot and Dragoons with Casjnon, the Whole amounting to 7000 jyltap ; the Generals fiaxonia and Trips, who haq Notice thereof, came up; with them upon a little Plain seat Perwe^fs, and attacked item. . The Fjaichrjtfuffaraapq iwfgulars in Front .w^inurtediateiy difperied or cutta Pieces, and their Ccrfbnel, Senze, ^ie Lieutenant Colonej .J^ajor, and feverftlinferior Officers taken Prisoners. fH Dragoons kept their Ground (for fome Time* but were a( i$ obliged t u $|his p^c'aijpn w* vate Men Prlfoners. Moil of the Officers are w&UQdBdj Yeftesday ie�ratiDe^acJi��ents our Array took Pod ieffion �f tie Woefl rfftSflft 9�i mu^d f S^of io<5 French I^fe'betj^t^t Woiid fy$$p\p$. Flank near Boffiers, and are ereoling Batteries there. Our Artiilery,- HoHe? and^Baggage �e arrived. Cam} at Vihrf Our te^t and the RighJ is a very bad and difficult Piece-$f^^jSsauad, irapnaicabl| for the moft Xbrt,- between us. The Enemy have blown up the Bridge-at le Mafy, broke the Bridges aboj^e an buy, ieavipg jthp CaiUe of Qitin in;ou| 'Rear. Camp at Vihr, Augvfi 8, N.S. Yefterday the .^nemy remove'd 2 c00 Paces^frackwards, paflfed tbe Swnbfe with a cohfiderable Cor^$, and apflar'd at St. Gwar^ Paris, Aifgufi 8. The liing bastcflnfer�d the Archbiihoit prick of Paris upon M. Seaumont^ Arc*W�b,6p jof Vient he. Fivejp the j^ornijig, #a mg^ltpwin^dr* IHaefs, his Danilh Majefty Chriftian the Vltbj G^gaiifid this Life, at Hirfcholm, in the ^tb Year of his Age, and in the$ Si^teeath oif his Reign. The /ame Day nis Sncc^fforTre-deiick^eVth, w�r->rocbSne4 in t�ie'-of�^�|- ^^imer� and reaidy ffie>p fue^.evj^ejBf Tokens ,of an extraordinary Ca-^ic�y, and ofair^rJLoyal ^ifppfitioij, �s j4G^ railp pie I ^reatcft Hopes and %PW,^..!f7'%|Mtt !*� the^Lofs of oat late^lanff, who, for his rfunianity, Gene-ro|ity, ^nd extpnfiye, Goodnefs, cer^unjy de/erveid tp be ranked among theiieftofPrinces. Amjlerddm, Mgujt \z. We have juft received. the iffelvs of the DeaA #f the K^ng of Denmark^ ybich jiap pen*]d oij |he 6thln%ijt, S Jmfi(ih M )|Jt-talioji Qi^af tfasfaiffe. ft b&fr -.wijhjja^bjs j&ay\or two, . b^e^Lrepjarted here, ^atithe �take of Mo4ena and the tn-fd%t Jkp. Phflip wteri,both retired to Venice. L c pi D O JjT. Letters from Milan-fay, that-the Spaniards, jn order to preferve their fridge atPlacentia, froip the Fire-boats pre-par'd to deftroy it, have barr'd the River acrofs by a -*rtrge of-fiarks, which are held together by great Chains. The A'ccountsironi (Paris fay, that nothing ^janfpira of .ibeDifpUpfaes which the Cpu/t r^eivesj/rpm th^J^afin the Netherlands r Bujt 'tKe Pu^ic khojy in .general, that 'i r�he K�encb iiave bad the worft of it in tw,o or three Skjr- Pri)ite Lewis of Bruhfwick has been obliged to a^t ^he Aliied Army, on Account of p. Wwtrijjt he ijeceiiserl.^ift Year at the Battle of f ontenoyi winth isr ndy/ openjed Las^eConvoys of Provifionsa^e fentdaily frpmgrfiffils -to�be^Arciy-ttndCT CountSakej 9nd,tt^e lyiatgni^d'A^topn-Jtieres, is pofted at Loa'vain.with. jocwsrMfebj in qr$er to prote^l them from the i| ofers. The Archbimop of V4enne fir^ e^ajfed.h^n^frV accepting cheSee of Bans ; but thelShg, '*rir faid, obfii d ^ hj^ to conform to hfe'Ndminattt^. Letters from Paristak�Notifceof ioh^e Advi eSd;Infent,N^ . bis J>6fcenfioh torfte Pirbljtc fnh^ ^Sentence w^BouBt M to w^fonodnced the feme Day, But Vbat it A� hot been ffladeptibbc. ---- ^ co^ntWaffijnaeiand- Seeretaty Guiles are .veigr" a^dupns at Verfaflles, but J^boy^ in, the Secret of their %sp-ciatiofts but Garfftial TF^ncm a�4 M*^^ea^ wVo c^i-ier w�b them daily; Qn Saforaay ^ X^r. W*b$en one.''flkjjCij MgMfs the Cboijrdf Vienna.  On Tburfday laft returned'to t. Celeb's Road- Admiral Leftoc%; jvigi the tvftofe F(tft onaerliSiGbniiBand. The Princefi> in coming roun^^ie^ IS&ll End of the Ifle* wight ran agroundi aft4 ^ f^'W ?wo Hours* and damaged her Rodde^, ^hich;^ujuV.Be ,' Hfrhoyd iFig^f ^e Printefetqif Ojwge, i�fo %s advanced in hfer Pregnane^ that Nurfes, "^ndT ftthex Attendants, are going firer ajgajnil ber Ljiag-jn, \ To-morrow^ ifi|ie Wind P�?ni^ ^e, Cbaxlotta. Yacht will fail to bring over the Princds o�jbjfe^ ornf wi learn^ thatAere fiasbeen a Mifunderftariding'bftween the Auftrian Generals, &c. which was the Occafion tbfrfi had been no Adioa fince the Battle of Placentiaj but everything being adjufted, they were preparing to attack � Scaffolding in Weftm�nfter-hallj for the more conyeniejit 1^ going to the Courts of Chancery, Kdng4s Bench, and Com-. ^ mon^PIew in. Term Time. ' " - We h?ar, that the Diftemper is grtt amdtig the Cows Main, mx rj^e Counfies of Leicefter, Warwick. !M If Qrth-anpp|qp j and tha* a Fafnw at ll&Wi a Village ne#r ^pr^ampton^ b^)ng bad four /ll b/>ut jferee W^ks* and rjhret! about a Week, bad pied the following Expe^ Tungit, yiz. he tied Ropes afrou* ttjeir tiop\$t a&d farrsd them into the Rwer, wh*jje he jmade tbj?m (wim 5JI tfoy wer^^moftipentj wbiph Mptbodbad ba&piiy f?ccee4ed. they hmi a? we� W&f1 % dXPf' Pp^tHWMornjngdied pf an ApppleOjc Fit, the Jign. Janies BmdefteJl^ Ejfq; at his Apartments intjamp-tbn Court j he was .very (C^earful but 'jthp Day berpre, ajjd in a bettef Sute of Health iel^ad beJEn ip fof 4?m� time paft. He was Uncle to the'prefent Earl of Cardigan i was one of the Liorfs Commiffigntrs of Trade and Planta-.tiopi, and Merabefpf Par|ian\eDit for Cbicfeeftsr. PnSa^rcbV 4i�d in Chailes-ftieet, Weftminiler, Mr. Perkins,' a noted Paftry Co^k- 'Qa Saturday MvnjPfriU! ,Mr.J^ABqgwr,-.��8�-nent$op4d ergijant in ti^-Bv'^gb .^Squthwark ,} a 4a-^tjgus^ a^ej^bleCo^^mon, and muSh e&eem'd by t'i (to Friday laftdie^ ^Ir. Tfejojaas Jo�e^# Pa^�ff,�tfh, .l�T'ifa^iM.fiW&t *&� the^Wfk- Side, ^UAfewir:}?., . W 3 A D V E RT1SE M E N TS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffse-House, in Lombard-Street. Cape Breton for Ever.

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