Saturday, August 6, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, August 6, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 6, 1846, London, Middlesex Hyu b. 3675. raw WEDNESDAY, August 6^ 1746. t Deal, Auguft 4- A ME dovmaad Med thro'.tha: .Prince Edward,. Gape Hajden, for Eaft-lndja. . Arrived thenar! ttadaBomb', from,a.Gruise s and: .reraaiowith tiie, Mary, Mercer,, for Oporto. . Wind=E>$,& .-4'. 1 The Jki&ntu^ Foaes, from London, u arrived at Cruise* Munieij Aag.x. We hear, that the 'bay of Election to" the Bifhoprick of Wnrtzburghi*fetdedtfolthe aoth of this Month, and that of Bamberg for the 3d of O&objrr. Yefterday it vyas rq�rted in Town, that the Abbot Prince; of Fulde wits dead. . Litgt, AugKjt. 15, N.f. We have Advices here from the. Armies is Brabant, that upon the 2d Inftant there haps pen'd a fipalj Skjrnufttnear Gemblours, to the Disadvantage of the French; that the Prince of Contl's Head. Quarter* .werftatSotobtsfy and M. Saxe's at Waliiaaear: Gembtours.; and that the two Armies were in Sight of each other upon the Qrneau.. Baguft. Jitg* 9, M.S. By our Advices of the 4th InflL from the Allied .Army, it was encamp about the Weftern Side of theOrneau, with its Right hear Oflein and its Left;, at Mafy, with a Corps behind it at Suarle, near Namar," whmTtheFrench under M. Saxe, ah^ffieTrEce of ConflT Corps, lay extended- on the other Side of that little Raver with their Head Quarters' at Somtjref. The laft LetteW from Lombardy bring* #dvice, that Gefcdrai Brown with -Detachment 6f 25,000- Men, had paflSS the ?o on1 thtf 34th ult. without Oppofitron at Parpa8^,abc^ Placets tie ; and add,  thatHvfolft the reft of, the Combined Army waspaffisg the Po; he was makingDifpoffilians forforcing the Paffege of the IiamVo, which the Enetty^ appeared^-fqlved to'dflpotc. h a N D 0 R Ctty of a LetHr frm Capt. Daiiid Litt/yda, of the $i$ * This fi*ves W acquaint you, that on the 19th InflagtJ * fell in with Cape ^SparteJ, off which Ipet witfi one of * his Majeft/'s Shite boqpd to Faro, but hadh�o 'fine to * write- Ih jnylPaBagefroth BarbadoesrtOTtbe faid flice, * I hadfeverai(Sfeilwi(he5 \yitji thr^e^, of Ktde (Cpnfe-' qaence". Apou* threei Week* bdR^^wall�l"fr( 'badots, a"SlQhp bbond to Gibraltar* %A th%Misioi � tQ be .taken %f lli^^-O^m of ii^ttii'; 'bii of her there happened tb be feme Mfbinin, who wanked ' tor make op ehefrlifisfertiuilB onthi Ruin of fomtf of ihis Encouragement to equip their two-Gaiiies arjd a Bar.oo* "Mong^if *�BeW M^MftdiMj an*, with, the '. Privateers- they Weai Mjazve& wlaC^i .have done, ail * the^ Damage*^ the ^it this; W^K jXoVg-rooktf*<Sr * rameatlaft'&taerr Cbaft; aboutn^e^urs after I left * an Iron Crow, aad.ift Spite of thj&FjrSi 1 difcliarg^ it ^ * at the Ba/coloijgft� n^cfe abaft her M�wd�aft, andca,f- * riedaway hen wnete Quarter and Poop*, with allthe hjla-' rines that were there, ..on which- the ie#.pjt jj*e Crew ran ' infio thp Bow to. keep her from fin&ngi. lyhereuppn I gpt ' nQun to bear on her from my Steetage, which djidhex a * gre# deal of Mifchie/, and the few left .alii? got out ' Qars and rpw'd off. Haying thus, demoESied the Barco- * i^ngei,. my PeopleJkapt continual ^�re qp 'the tw� Gallies, the ?eft took to ^eit Oart and left us. My baVe Men prQ-I . ppfed to follow, them With the Boats, and bring the Gal-�; Iy into Gibraltar, hut I was unwilling to. fecond fo rafli ' a Petign, after fo brave a Defence of-me and our Pro-' pe>tje$, theirConrage; under God being the Caufe of our 'i Yi^ory, Too.much.cannot be faid m their, Praife; all ' tP a Man behaved wonderfully, and, byaSort of Mi- * rasta, not, one flf us. are1 killed* but hardly one without * Wounds, and Mr. Trail my Mate, has' ia particular his ' l�g;bfoke� tho' oaD^feare jwd (ike to do well, as 1 hope a Day; they *: have done a. deal of Damage to my Rigging, and drove ' jmmy Stem.-The Gentlemen Icliiretsaw^obliged tour ' for deftr#ymgaNeitofRafcalj, who have done a deal of * Mifcbief timWay.' theEdftW?1 their Ado aerJJwheiejt ��U?calmraov/oeing able to ' workim^(SuipL^I haw^ my S*ila�up^byt this "lime ' they got SightW^i^tm^{a1HheiWay they poffi-f %-c9<U4w�h.(^vPar^s^er,^^, ^al4;!^Ileju*aiter , < Three?w�nPwkhioiGBiS-m�tofoi^5a�dJ^pJng4^^� ' my Wake�fv rog tae'wasithe * Barcolongo to lie right a-ftern, plyingfm* ho^witKher 6u�w^>iefe9s,f<ind iMwom^m with ,^w^A ' and^tWofiaai^OW fer�* (?ddf: *&<t*etifihft^H^Rre�swfejl'aSwe , waid'-mWame^li^bT AriasKflttrjarca.Guus.beihgrj ' longo having fil�Bced�tbefe ia thf 5tem/or a little while, ' by cutting our Br^ednngYartd1 Ta^Rl^P which mjde them j- 1-------rj�wlMn._Si. ExtraS of a Lelter-.fiptk^m board the ^xktktlo^pvf War; . Capt.Gvyrm, dated Kinf*k ?be%$iijf\jttfy. * We are MtcoW i& from z &W|^CfVi�e# and �h&e briwgflt in^^iiifale, 6^$*^%$ fafaa^ a ' French privateeroi?4 fix Poati^'jB^-t^Swiviels ^W^iac�pPaa^utwaTd-bou^^ Ship '^j^f^-mMSL Tons, zoWmu&eiS and 6 four ,dw-i^nff^Bc.Wen; we engag'd her from Ttn jck at W^till Twelve, iwauW^of�t.'ab�: � ftiahsfix Da%M H*syerv well, " " vonbpardker- iiceav'dwo fix _____^ , ne Arough the 'Center of duVfcfanVMaft'about y feet above the Deck^ one feot tfea)d ^ito:rneb^/'0Ks> Jpfflt^'MIa^ *bf one of odf Gttn^'one carriea iway our Spritfall-*� 'Yard-Armf;'M v^y:mUch x&c^f Mging and iSaQs, ' It's well tl&%miaW left thebeVk^ as;th'ey lay otca: * fion*d by aSt fifi^f Arms, which; gfveWtime to' Kee\ 'our Sloop t� Nail: Stkfets of '-J&uPtihx the ShoiT-h6Je? * tinder WferyWhS&.Sut;-0j�afr..^*W, wffibh. * very much furpriaefme, c6nn3fc�M^ the Pieces of ( moved by Mr. James Hodges^, that a Coimmistea be apnointed to attend, the .Right fton. be%or^ Kfeyori to wait on his Royal Highneis, the Duke bf CumbrUjnd, and Present Uje Freedom of this City ;in ... ^heNa^of^ewhQteGprp^ratioBi which was unanimoufly agreed, to; and. tkeifo^ftWjng J^th?aw?i were appointed fc> accorditfgly*. Sir John Barnard; S�f ^ooifjrllWatt, Sir^PanieJ t�mberc, Sk SamueIBeiu�9tj AMej-n^ Wwterbottom, Alderman AMop, Deputy Harrifon, m �*e^:S^n^ Mr- jafeesiHeyiWoodi Mr^Jan^HodgWi Mr. John R3^, Mr, Gharl� AfgHl, Mr. SlUWjeiRutter, Mr. QbtiftppherJFullagar, Mri William Wayter. to time of-6tir fnt lit � when I'hafl * f^erM^feWt^eJ C Icduld dot '.fee to make what.their Colours wift;'iheir Bbatlwain's ^m^i^m^m-'m^^m^ affer her^tn ioa'I standi Sov* ci: Deputy Child, Deputy Pycreft, Deputy Hunt, It was- alfo -ordered, that the Recotder; the Sheriffs, and the Chamberlain do attend the Lord Mayor, and the^i faid Committee. We hear that,an Addref? has jbeen ord^�i|cl to his Ma*" jetty, to detain and lecufe m Caftody Sir |oKh Douglafc> Knight of the Shire of Dumfries; he being eharg'd as 1is faid as being concern'd in the late unnatural Rebellion. Yefierday his Royal Highneis the Prinee of Wales;^wa�> i at the Houfe of Peers, to hear the Debates relating to the* I Difarming the Highlands, and for Retraining them from . wearing tne Highland Drefs. Yefterday the.Tryal of Admiral Matthews was finifti'd on the Examinatioj^of thi Crown E-vidences, tin board the? St. George, at Deptfobd^ after which the Court adjoorn'dr to Monday Sennight, and ordered that Admiral Matthews) prepare his Evidence at that time in Order to make his De-> i fence.. : h.:. . We hear bis Majefty will, go not Thoifday to the I Houfe of Peers, and pat an End to this Seflkm of Pa* Hct Royal Highncfs the Princefs of Hefle is *xpe�ted itf England in a few Days, to go with the Srineefs Caroline1 tft-Bath.  -�-~U-------.........- ...v^.-^- - r � On Monday Lo�l B-4* Sdn of the Earl of B<-. -, was Cakea4ip at HammerfMth by one of bii Majefty's MefSeogers. 1 We are informed that fome Meffangets are indiligeni Search after two Clerks o? a PubHck Office. � . Laft Week George Edgetofb, Efq; Son of Lord JEdg-i comby was ehefeh' Member of Parliament for Fowty -hi CornwaH. �*� ' . A few Days, ago an Exprefs arrived from Gape Breton jo twenty five Day^ and brought aa Atcount; chat fhey were int good HCsltlv and at that Time nine&hl of Mea of War ia the Harbour, and under no Appfehcalions1 frOa% rfieFrisnch. * ^* - ?�- Lord Cromartje, when he fpoke before the Bar of the Houfe of Lords, acknowledged" toe Hemoufnefs of .the Crime for which-he .was accufed ? and pretended not to altedge any Tiring to extenuate hisCuilt: fie faid his only (RefourcewashisM^efty'sClemency* aiuitepfed{his Bet hairiour before the breaking ovtt of fiielfcebellioBi would giv� their iLo^fhlipS'jc rav.d&Ju^ Rufti, theaghi *b�y had no fart *fi ^ia'Guilt. i�slittithefileat ^Qjoeocetof lnfimta(%s"be) '* * ' " '  age-of .itmoefent Natobe, fiippljpmy- 1^ and PeriwaSon^to iretomm^ndijne tl&S!fee%�>&iByi r'.�!ldea tjr^nfcfa� O-b^rS^s^ *'Jj^:JVJj(�3�i-0�ii3�d-ifak.*^tLt']�fliIi s Deubft Bioo^dt The Mary, Gouldfmith, from Lynn to; Rotterdam, Aad aBaiaw^ f�� Newcaftle, Thojnas Potts, Mafter, are both; earned mtoADunkirk. ' r''T -1 4r that the Rye Man of War,* with all pth^Ship^^et^fv'fiimvdr^ are ^riVci at Newfcftnd-J1 {and. r- t.'..'^ -. vA\ >* the powerfai* *^ Want of &&k toTiirMaje^strfeVcy j but Retime wt|oy;ik no vlonget ��; than Ideie^yfeit, loader tted i fi^-rniike a proper �-^ie of it, ntPkm^er t^-fliffl&iffiivto defaceand ' i#ipe oiFthe crimes Iha^icariflmhfld^^letthe Sorrow^ * of a Huftantfr the AngiiQr of ^T^tthert. tpeak the reft. of itiy Miftries.' *l6vconcladeid;^by Crying, 'That if ^ his Safety^ iaeofi�AeoTiwit^nSe:dal^^thePnb$e*s thit if'te>Wiffe,^nii Cfiliare*, hh fortune mqft be m-ie^elyeam-^dwddftbap^tRuiiyi^ is .< tiot to pa6#bm me, (lays h$1&wk&-im^nf ^K8, .�'�� ' Syddal's- Head-is arpdered 19 be tfet'to Manchefier, to be fixied oa lh%^Mafk^^�%/lMml^ .^^at^^wflfe^* (Wheft the Freter^ :c^4o � W*rtc^�n^ te.-- Iwe#d ijofft^ M^s^is!^^:M^p* W.t#tn%-&MP o�te^p>4ata%o^H^B#(e ^bea�pfc�i  r� m& M%fi|ayAN^htythe Wif^ of We-Bkodeli, com--Wpfllyk^ow^ byth? .Name oftl^N^t^^g^CoblaVr^eiu' *W6^^^^i�^r^J^ -fftlr^^^'tvi^^of^ ^StabaiWii^B^yAnsI daik'd hesv Pi iwtwiwi)i*j>'*'ijii�B' Ami' AD V E RTISE M EN TS are uken in tor this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffsx-Hovsi, in LombaTd-Street. Cape Breton for Ever.

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