Tuesday, August 2, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Tuesday, August 2, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 2, 1846, London, Middlesex S A 1* U R^AY, Av-dtj st '2, 1745. , AIL' D Ais Mo'fhinghis Magelly's "Sbi|s_the Lynn, Mamrjorough, , th* WinencHea, Amazen, Piute, f, a&4 Ferret Sloop, with the Gut-'' ward bound tp fhe Wcftward. ' Gravifeyid, July 31. Pafs'd -by Two Brothers, Nicholfon j Anhiand' Catherine, JacohfoR; Andrew; Glafs-Bottle, Boflbwj Salvador*, He^dh j and tnrcaSehria, Xohnfonv from Norway ;Jdhfia&d Betty, Stta^Sn3}/ and Free Endeavour, (SUderfleve; fromCarapvere f Star, Hamerfa?, from Gottcnbafgh ;~and the Madona, Pomerwitcb, From Talm^^Kh^i% Bailed the Exp^&iJdfl Packet, Clfes,; for Lifbo*!.i'WHerd, Btfilain, for SoufJi CarpTina. Wind s.w. >-j"/v,r^ � - Darttw&, julg ��. This Day came in the William and Alexander, Cenneir^frbm Flufhfng, for Guiney 1 and Great Princeis,-, from Norway. Wind S.W. , Pool, Jul} $o. Sailed the Catherine, Burton; Wey-mourh, Bafly j Succefs^ Dale; Two-Brothers, Weldon ; and TownTend,' Burfbrd, to wait Convoy* at Spithead j and Elizabeth, Hooper, for Newfoundland. Crow, J8f?y!>. CarBeTO^ arAiiclror^fteftofir Man of War, ami {ailed fince to Spithead ;aifo came in the Lilly, Mourant, from Southampton, for Guernsey* and is iince failed. - ...... . ..... The Friendfhip, Aclcin ; Jenny, DuriUpp ; and Boyde, Magee,. from. Virginia,, are arrived. ,at G'aigow. The Bejty, Lotfe, frpra North Carolina, at Leverpopl. The Cla*Jf,/rg^ - Ttojyjsiabe^,. Howard,, from London, tat Dublin. The Dragon*. Th^faits,from Jamaica, at New York.' TJ^Squfegygs^^ 4nd the Globe, Rees^fro^ Jamaica, <at Philadelphia. The Recovery, Greenaway, from PhiladelpHia at Bar-hadoes. ., ' The Endeavour, Rollpek, at St. Kitts. li. O ..U D 0 N. Yefterday .(he Lord High" Steward w^nt toffee Heufe of Peers in grand Proceffidn, and after being feated, and the Peers in^their Robes, Proclamation was made for Science, and ibr&rtn^n^^;fHfone^8-to the'-Rar, which was done accoidmgfyv with tfce Ax carried before them. j The 1^ Bahneririo w�� afked by the-Lord High Steward,^! hi6 Council fhoufld be heard4n Arreft of!Judg-, ment, wo*re�#ty ed their |nt�rceffi6rJ to" his'Maje^y Jgr .K ^Jercy.'v'" ;  * ''"'*'"'.' '' -'�' ThenPreclarjaation was made again fbj Sil.ence ; tod the Lord &gh Steward pronounced th* following Judg-ment, . - 14 . .* ThatYou^WiHiamEatlTdf'Katftarnock, George Earl f of Croraaillie, dJdfXh^^*)i;^ii�e>ihb,ktt{u^n to. ' the ftftwM (heX&rSh>J&mSW*l�si79?.came;; ' tfom.thenceyou mu&hedxawn to the Place.p�.E*ecu-' tion ; when you come there youmuft be hanged by the: ' Neck, ttff not tifl yoti �fead, &s yoii/ifettft be cu(  dowa alive, then ydur- Bbwels inuft be taken, out,, and 1 >burot.before' your Faces ; then , your Heads muft be fe-� ver'd from yoor Bodies, and each of ypiv Bbd|es diyided.  into 'fW^Quartere. j and thefe muft be .at .^e mng\ � Dirpofei. ; And God AlmigWy be Merciful to jjcfttr  Soul. . T. . 1 - . '' : ' Which done the Prtforiers were'tafesn Fronj'theBar1., -[ Then the Serjeant at Arms crying,. O Tex,^ laid, ' Oar Sovereign Lord the King ft^y. Charges and ' Commands all Manner of Perfons io keep- Silence upori ' Pain o� Imprifonment.' After which the Lord HiglrSteward flood up uncovered, and declaring there w�is. nothing, more to be done by Ver-Uie of the pe^^Commiffio^, broke the S#ff,. and pfo-nounced ir diffolvred; and then leaving the Chair came down to the Woolpacks, and afked if it Jhanks were ordered to be given to the-Lord High Steward for hisSpeech made by him on the Convi&ion of the Lords, 9a the Bill of Indictment foand^gainft thenvof High Treafon, and that the Lord High Ghaccelior do caufe the-faid Speech to be forthwith Printed sod Pub-liihed. . Wehearjtbat a Warrant^is iflued. to order Counfellor Morgan's Head to be put up on Tempte-bar; and the others^bedif^ojB'dff, as we formerly: saention'd. - Yefterday be&g the pirft of Auguit, the Acceffiori of the prefent Royal^JFamily to the Throne of thefe Realms, the fame was obftrved throughout the Cities of London ajud Weftminfief, fby^l,Lowers of L1 bbt%x. . $ ,T1b? k^^^^M'^^^m-Xr^t and"*Ban^-was Rerwed ifer," by fix yp^gW4tennen, and was won by JphjB-Whit#, of'HmBjBrl|)rd-Stai�.  There is Advice, that the Catherine and Sufannah, French, from bportOi is arrived at New York; which Ship had been ta^ by,a^panife Privateer, j but Was retaken by his Majefiy's Ship the Pearl, Ca.pt. Boy'ce, who putOipt. Frenches Nlate^nd fome Men oh board, to enable her to proceed on-the Voyage. Yefterday died, at his Uoufe near Soho, Mr. Sutton, a very confiderable Corn Factor. On Sunday laft two young Lads going in a Boat to catch Griggs near Bfentfofd, the Boat fprung a Leak and funk, by whichAccident they were-both drown'd; one of them was the Son of Mr&. Poole, who had the Honour of being a Narfe in the Royal Family. Yefterday John Harrifon was committed t� the Gate-honfe, tySirThomas^eyeil^^for felpnioufly and privately taking out of the Shop of Mr. William TaylbTj four Coach Glafles, foond uponhimr - , York, fitly 13. On Wednefday lahS about the Hour of Teh at Night, His Royal Highnefe the Duke of Cumberland enter1! this City, where he was received with that -Duty and Afieclion which become every Subjed of this Kingdom. He was pleafed to accept a Collation provided for hinA>y the Lord Mayor and AMermenj and the Freedom of the City prefented to Him in a Gofld Box. His *dyal Htghnefs came fome Hours fooaer than He was expected, but^ in his Return, every' Demonftration of Joy u^as 4#&ke& whic;h^e Time wouldiadmjt of \ The City was illuminated from one End to the other, arid the Cen-caurfe and Acclamations of the People, fach as cannot be remembered on any other Ocofion j and, what recommended by extraordinary a Triumph, there (was not,the leaft Inftance of any Mifchief, �r fo much as "aa ftomtit co%imitteii� His Royal HighneTs.was reeeived, at^Mr, Precentor's Houfe/ by the. Archbiihapj accompanied by the Dean and the Gentlemen in Refidencc ; 1 the/foilo**mg ^eechivas pVoftoutieedJby theArchbiflMmon the Qccafian, to which His Royal Highnefs was pleated to make a gracious Ajafwer. - ; " ..... PSrmit me, Sir, "in the Name * oT my Brethren, the Ctefgy of ahis Diocefe^ndu Province, (the King's^veV j faithful Subjects), tp te^ly- "tip j$cr Royal Highhefe^tbeir j exeeeduvg.Joy at;ycur,;Hapj)y and\ Viftorious Rewrp put, of the. North. | want Words to exprt& the Fulnefc of oijr J -grateful Hearr&<flja^jb Occa%�? and therefore I fhaji not attempt it.. �. ...Yflir.Conduct', Royal Sir, has been.glo-ridi�, and Jthtftite Wttgywfe . rin^f a4m�e* ,anda,^>ye, ^n4v<ef#ei,'yJ4t "as' thd Soft adf'Aeir Royal ;M4fr/#?d M Brother 0 to bet i&vedjPrince,; hut ,^^mm^^^ ft theJaM Inftrument of Heaven to fave and protect and rMe' the-Hononr of the 1H#m*+rr~GprP1!l a* 7�* ^�e b^gdn] Great Sh", in the Paths of Virtue and true Glory, and may the good Providence of God always go along wjth youy direct all ycrur Cottofel*, cover you* Head in Jthe Day of Battle, and, as <you fight the Caufe of Truth ^d Liberpy, give onlnterru^ted Soecd's to all.your Cntier- 1 The Lord Majg&r an^ AMefmen wweptacidufly fe-ceived, and the fallowing Speech was made by Mr. Re^ corder. f Hp*1 H E- City of YoffcAegt Leave to congratulate ybt* 1 JL Hig^neO oh yomr Mt AVrival here, fecure ftorn thofe DaogefJ, whichj. for tie Sake of your Country only!,; you expofed yporfclf to t and toweptefs their Senfeaf thft Henobtaone4d*em%y feeing -admitted into the Prefence of itheir irBmediate DeliVerpt fiom-all thofeETyj^which Po-' Bfeffirig*to-us, whfeh, onde* his Ma|^Vtno^Nn(^ctbn9L. Gbveiwaient, we hav* in �v^y Circumftaaoe of Life the Mi Enjoyment of, ' <v" ; / " This City, had they h�d a moretkntly Notice of the Honour your Royal Highnefi now ^dee them, would have attempted to have received your Highnefs in a Mannec more agreeable to what they intended, but, at prefent, can only, at a fmall Teftimony of their Daty to his Majeft^. and his Family, and as a 6nall Acknowledgment of^M& thty owe perfonaily to your Royal Highnefs, bomf&tii Acceptance of this Biw, aridfo permit them to inrofyouf! Name as a Member:of this City, an Honour our j^iceltora have m no Tim^severe^oail'd, and whichonr-TOfteri^. / mufi ever with Gr�titado and Duty remetnbeV, fo long as his Majefty's Family matt continue upon the Throne of thefe Kingdoms, md your Royal HigrroefVs glorious and heroic Acts ftall be remembeired, which We molt fincerelj^ wife may be as long as Time itfelffhall endure. Ther Right Hon;the Lord Irwin, and � great Nnmber? of Gentlemen of the Country, came to-Town to pay the*^ Duty to his Royal Higlnef^ who'after a Stay of betwixc two and three Hdurs fet Forward in 8 Coach for Ferry* bridge.- SHIPS 'taken jremftbt Freiich and Spaniards* \ French Pjrivateei A French Rrivatee,^of much funejior Fprce^, taken by a .Pri*a(;eer. C^pt. Hame^ �fthj ae ^ cislriedjin- to Providence. - / . .3;. m.-. =* a 9fMm^^^Gim�tMmk^mF* taken bp thcGefege Privateer, Capt; Jones, caiiiea b>^o New lEnglahd. i; i . I3 I O v *

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