Sunday, July 24, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Sunday, July 24, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 24, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Numb. 3664 THURSDAY, July 24, 1746. 1 Deal, July 22. jHE Ships mention'd in my laft remain ftill in the Downs. Wind S.W. Plymouth, July 20. Came in the Swift Tender, and the Mahone, and Exeter Men of War from a Cruize. Co-uies, July z\. Came in the Hopewell, Haddock, for Lisbon ; and the iarah,> Benfon, for Cork, tnth from London. Po'tfmoutb, July 22. Yefterday came to Spithead the Falkland Man of War, and the Scipio Firelhip from a Cruize ; and the He&or Man of War, to be dock'd. The Green Caftle, Emerton ; Williamfon, Woodward ; and Queen of Hungary, Steel, from London, are arrived at Montferrat. The Imley, Ci'ump, from London, at Antigua. The CunlifFe, Johnfon ; and Anne and Mary, Faulkner, from Lancalter, atdi:to. The Betty and Martha, Woodhoufe ; Affiftance, Ch m-ley ; and the Ruby, Beibrown, from Lancafter, at Bar-bardoes. The Bracelet, Woodhoufe, fiom Antigua, at Dublin. Pnmia, July 8. By Advices from the Frontiers of Genoa, we learn, that a Detachment of 500 Foot and 50 Horie fromTortona, having attacked 50 Piedmonteze Peasants at Caftel-nuovo, upon the Scrinia, the ia ter killed them a Lieutenant-Colonel and 20 Men, firing upon them an Hour and an Half from the H. ufe.. into which they had retired : B^t, being at laft over-powered by Numbers, they were obliged to furrender, w;th Liberty, however, to return home unmolefted. The Genueie a*fo attacked near Novi, a Poft guarded by Militia ; but were repuifed with the Lofs of a La,tain, and 20 Soldien, who were taken Priloners, befides feveral th�;t were killer <-.nd wounded. A Detar' ,n;nt of the King of Sardinia's Troops have pillaged a Village belonging to theGenoefe, upon its refuting to pay Contribution. Genoa, July 5. Several French and Spanim Officers, who were made Prifoners in the fatal Adion of the 16th paft, and relcafed on their Parole, confirm the moft diiauvauta-gious Partkular= that have been reported of that Day's Affair. The Military Cneft of the Spaniards, that was at Tortona, has b^en removed hither, and Bills of Exchange are remitted hence to Venice, the Value of which is lent from thence to the Infant's Army. According to our Advices from Corfica, the Fortifications of Baftia are carrying on with all Diligence. Mian, July 1 \. Upon Advice that a Party of the Enemy had appeared in the Neighborhood of Caffano, our Commandant has fent thither Artillery and Military Stores; and likewife to Trezzo, in order to put thole Places in a Condition to defend themfelves. Tranckfort, July 24. The Imperial CommifTaries have not yet been able to agree with the States of the Circle of the Upper Rhine, concerning the Quarters and Mainte-, nance of the Troops that pafs thro1 their Country, which |j they elteem to be Royal, and not ] mperial Troops. Some U Days ago a Quantity of Money was fent from Strafburgh towards the Mofclle, for the Payment of the Troops on ^ that Side : But thofe who cfcsrted it, coniifting of 150 0 Men, formed a Defign to defert with this Prize, which they did, after having killed their Officers. They were ^ Toon purfued, and, we hear, that two of them have been ,^ taken in the Neighbourhood of Mentz. 1 he French |V_ Troops that were polled upon the Saar, are upon the March for the Low Countries. Louvain, July 24. The Garrifon of Charleroy, which ^ has been attacked ever fince the 19th Inftant, continues to make a brave Defence, and,*' it is believed, will hold out J fome Days longer. The French then talk of befieging Namur. When St. Ghillain furtender'd, the fmall Garrifon that had defended it, was conducted into France, after that of Mons. Marjlricbt, Ju!y 26. The Army of the Allies is not far from this Place. We hear, that a Detachment of French f roops is filing off thro' the Territory of Liege, between Hainault and Namur, in order to form the Siege of the latter, which will very probjbly occafion a general Aftion. However that be, we talk much here of a Convention between the Courts of Vienna, London and the Hague, by which thofe Powers bind themfelves to an indiftoluble Union of their Forces in the Common Caufe. LONDON. It is obferved of the late King of Spain, that, except his Grandfither Lewis XIV. King of France, he lived longer than any Prince of the Houfe of Bourbon had done, and rhac his Keign was longer than that of any former King of Spain. 1 he Dutch are at War in India with a Prince of Madura, whofe Son has been wounded in a Battle between him and the Troops of the Republic. The Governor General of Batavia, Baron Imhoff, has publifhed a long Ma-nifefto againft this Prince, declaring-him a Rebel. Several Gentlemen of the Law are gone from Milan to Parma, by Order of the Court of Vienna, to make out the Procefs againft Count Biancani, who was taken in the Office of Proveditor-General to the Spanifh Army. The Prince of Orange has declared publickly, that the Princefs Royal, his Confort, is again with Child, and they write from Leuwarden, that they expert her Highnefs to lie in at that City. Letters from the Hague fay, that the French are not at prefent entrench'd, but that they have drawn the Garrifone out of all the Places round them in order to ftrengthen their Army. The Allies have alfo been reinforced by 300c Men from a certain Garrifon, which is not mention'd, but may be fuppofed to be either Maeflricht or Namur. According to fome Letters from the North, a great Number of Ruffian Troops are filing off towards the Frontiers of Courland. The King of Naples, in order to keep quiet the Nobility and Gentry, has been obliged to renew all the Penfions that were fupprefs'd in 1742, on Accouat of the Expences of the War. Extra8 of a Letter from Falmouth, July 19. ' Yelterday arrived, under Convoy of the Dorfetfhire, ' and Argyle Men of War, the Barbadoes Fadtor, from * S^uth Carolina; the Pefbroke, Morning Star, Hibernia, * Willet, Molineux, Fanny, Owen Gaily, Rowland, and ' the Martha, from St. Kitts; the Rofe, New-England Gaily, Succefs, Queen of Hungary, Chance, Neptune, Succels, and the Biddy, from Antigua ; the Jolly Bat-chelor, Royal Captive, Three Brothers, Lovely-Lafs, Mary, Budgeri, Monafyllable, and the St. John, from Barbadoes; Nancy, from Euftatia; Aaron, from Ne-' vis ; Dove, from Monferrat; the Bonne-Fortune, from ' Cork ; with feveral others, whofe Names are not yet 4 known.' The Robinhood, Littlejohn, from Barbadoes, was fpoke with in the Gut of Gibraltar on the 18th of June, all well on board. The Jane, Mofs; and Induftry, Millerfon, from Lancafter, are both taken by the French, and carried into Martinico. The Charming Molly, Gladman, from London to Montferrat, is alfo taken and carried into Martinico. The Sea Nymph, Whiteiide, from Leverpool far Africa, is put into Lifbon, having loft her Rudder. Yefterday arrived a Mail from Lifbon; by which we hear, that a Portugueze Indiaman was arrived in the Ta-gus, the Commander of which fays; that three French China Ships had departed from tie Port which the above Ship came from, wi;h ihe utmoft Precipitation, being under the greateft Apprehenfions of Commodore Barnet, who they were inform'd were in quell of them. By private Letters in the above Mail we are informed, that the Engliih Factory at Lifbon .have made a Subfcrip-tion of 600 Moidores, the whole Of which is to be expended in Rejoicings, on Account of the Defeat of the Rebels, by his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland. ' Laft Night there arrived two Mails from Ireland, by which we have an Account of the Death of his Grace the Archbifhop of Ardmagh, Primate of that Kingdom. ExtraEl of a Letter from Dublin, July 18. ' Mr. Patrick Smith and his Numerous Family are arrived here, in their Way from Belfalt to Waterford, and with them upwards of ico Manufacturers, all Protef-tants, encouraged by the Right Honourable the Linnen-Board, in order to carry on the Coarfe Linnens in that County, particularly Ofnabrugs; which Scheme of Mr. Smith's deferves the greateft Encouragement, as it has an evident Tendency to increafe the Numoer of his Ma-jefty's loyal Subjects in that Part of the Country, and muft divert many of the Proteftants from going from the Northern Part of the Kingdom to America.' Yefterday Wilford, Efq; Clerk of the Certifi- cates in the Cuftom-houfe, was married at Richmond, to Mifs Rachael Norfa, .Daughter to Mr. Norfa, Steward to the Right Hon. the Earl of Orfjrd, a beautiful young Lady, witha-very confiderable Fortune. 3^ 7 he Hon. the Houfe of Commons have aujourned to this Day Se'nnight. The Right Hon. the Lord ComwalSis, Chief Conftable' of the Tower, has received Orders to carry up the three Rebel Lords to Weftmintier, on Monday next at 9 o'Cloclc in the Morning, in order to take their Trials. The Clerk of the Crown has received Orders to iffue (?\ out a new Writ for Electing a new Member of Parliament ,� for the Borough of Fowey, in the County of Cornwall, in the Room of William Wardour, Efq; d^ceas'd. Yefterday the Right Hon. (he Lord Mayor went up the fad River in the City Barge, accompanied by the Court of ^ Aldermen, and held a Court of Confervacy of the River ' Thames at Putney ; after which a very elegant Entertain- ^ ment was provided for a great Number of Perfons of Dif- _ tindion of both Sexes. The Report in fome of the Papers of the Right Hon the Earl of Loudon's being arrived proves a Miftake. �jj Yefterday the Body of one of the Scotch Rebel Officers, the New Goal on Monday laft) was buried in the Church-  yard of St. George's Southwark. We are affared, that the^Rebels who received Sentence on Tuefday laft, are to be executed on Wednefday next ; and that a Party of the Horie Grenadiers, and a Detachment of the Foot Guards are to attend the faid Execution. A few Days fince was married Mr. Edward Ferrers, an eminent Attorney, to Mifs Bromfield of Covent-Garden, a beautiful young Lady with a handfome Fortune. Bath, July 14. Laft Monday Mr. Thurfby Robinfon was elected an Alderman of this City, in the Room of Alderman Matravers, lately deceafed. Friday laft the Men rais'd and cloath'd by Ralph Allen, Efq; of Prior-Park, near this City, (during the Time of the Rebellion) march'd into Town by Beat of Drum, and were drawn up in our Market-place, where they went thro* their Exercife to the general Satisfaction. They afterwards inarch'd to Mr. Allen's, to partake of an Entertainment which was provide*! for them : At the fame Time, he difcharged them from the Service, and thank'd them for their Readinefs in taking up Arms in Defence of their King and Country, and hoped, that, if the Nation fhould ever again be expofed tofuch Danger, they would readily engag� in fo good a Caufe. They returned a gnat many Thanks for all the Favours they had received, and allured him, that they would, upon the firit Occafion, take up Arms again, if required. Price of Com at Glouceftcr. Wheat from* 3 s. iod. to 5 s. Ba'rley 2 s. to 2 s. 4 d. NEWCASTLE, July 79. Extra ft of a Letter fr;m an Officer in Lord Mark Kerr's Dragoons, dated Frazerburgb, in the Shire 0/ Aberdeen, Jul, 5. ' We ft.iy here to guard the Coaft, that none of the * Rebels may get off. There is an Embargo on all Ships ' and Veftels. The Fifhing Boats canno: go off without < our commanding Officer's feeing who is on board. All ' Ships that come into the Harbour are ordered to be un-' rigged, that they may not make Sail on any Pretence 1 whatever. There is no Manner of Doubt but the Pre-1 tender will be taken ; for he caanot poffibly get off, the ' Northern Iflands being furrounded by Engliih Men of ' War and other VefTels. We hear that the Duke of ' Cumberland is expe&ed at Edinburgh in a few Days, and * the Lords of Seffion are to meet his Roy.I Highnefs. ' Since the Battle of Culloden our chief Employmeut has 4 been to burn the Papift and Epifcopal Meetmg-houfes; ' we hive alio drove off the Rebels Horfes and Cattle by 1 Hundreds. The Rebels are ftill coming in, and hyin^ ' down their Arms: 500 came into Invernefs full arm'd, � within this Week. They are fo broken now, that there ' are not 100 of them in one Body any where.' SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, July 15. There are no certain Accounts when his yal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland will fee out from Fort-Auguftus. Lord Lovat is exptdted To-morrow at Stirling, with Skelton's and Wolff 's Regiments, and on .-.aturday at this Place, uiider an Ef'cwrte of Lord Mark Ken's Dragoons, to whom he will be delivered over at Stirling by tne Foot Regiments. The Old Buffs are on their March for Perth, where they are to receive their new Cloathing. On Monday laft, the Royal Scots marched from Perth to Dunde=. On TuefJay Afternoon marched thro' this City, a Company of at. Ueorge's Dragoons, on Foot, for Dunbar. 58 O' W ADV ERTISEMEN TS are caken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffse-House, in Lombard-Street. Cape Breton for Ever.

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