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Publication: General Advertiser July 16, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 16, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. WEDNESDAY, July 16, 1746. u > W Deah July 14. AME down and failed the Princ William, Groute, for Lever-poel { and Friendfhip, Moran, for Madeira. Alfo came down the Farmer, Strangeways; and Greyhound, Godrid, for Gui-ney ; and remain with the Oat-ward-bound, as in my laft. Wind N.E. Grave/end, July 14. Pafs'd by Sarah and Margaret, Tweedy, from Campvere ; the Lawrence, Johnfon, from Norway ; and Two Brothers, Montua, from Stettin. - Ratisbon, Jul/ 20. On the 27th of laft Month the Am-baflador of Mentz, Director of the Diet, read in the Af-fembly of the Electoral College, a Memorial, drawn up as an Anfwer to that which was prefented by the College of Princes in the Month of February paft, concerning a perpetual Capitulation. It contains in Subftanee, ' That the � Electoral College does not forget that his Imperial Ma-�jefty remonftrated to the Empire, by a CommifTorial De-� cree dated the 8th ef October laft, that in the Treaty of � Weftphalia, and to his Capitulation, it would be very *** � advantagious for the Repofe and Glory of the Empire to . * refume the Affair of the perpetual Capitulation, and en-' deavouring to terminate it in a friendly Manner; and � that as the College of Princes had declared their Readi-� nefs to concur in it, without fuffering a Stop to be there-� by put to the other Affairs that are upon the Tapis, the  Electoral College was alfo equally ready to labour in this  important Work, that it may, at laft, be brought to a the 6th Day of Auguff, at the Eagle and Child,- at Cockermouth^ in the faM GOupt'y. N;B. All Dividends of'Barrkruptt; worth "the Notice of the Publifj ytill be eonftaMy hiftrtedlri this Pafifr. AD V ERTISE M E N TS are taken in tor this Paper, at Lloyd's CoFFEt-Hotrs*, in Lombard-Stretft. Cape Breton for Ever, ;

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Publication: General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 16, 1746