Tuesday, July 12, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Tuesday, July 12, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 12, 1846, London, Middlesex Thef General Advertifer. N tr ai �. 3654. SATURDAY, July 12, 1746. Deal, July 10. , RRIVED Y�fterday his Majefty1* Ship the Surprize, wkh H' 'Sai1 of Coafters, from Portfmonth. Came down Dba "Carlos, Friendfl V for Lifbon. Remwn his Maje-fty's ShipsVulcao arwtJSurpriac 5 Bombay-Caftle, and Portfield, for Eaft-Indjaj and Ahgek Muldrop, with the Outward-bound, as in my laft. Wind S.W. Grave/end, July 19. Pafs'd by Three .Brothers, Ro-binfon, from Guernzey j Three Sifters, Appleby, from Middleburgh ; and Mamhead, Chapel, from Leghorn. Pool, July 9. Saii'd the Succefs, Wa,tb^ for London. Came in the Swift, Shields, from a Cruize, Southampton, July 9. Arrived thfcJoTm and Mary, Witt; Mary, Grout ; and Judith, Brbkcy fjapia Guern-zey. WindS.W. '.. .. Portjmouth, July xo. Yefterday came to Spithead his Majefty's Ship theTQiils; from the Downs. The Men of War remain as in ihy laft.  The Betty, Lanr, from Barbadoes. to t-ondori, after being at Sea four Months is put into Capo Breton. The Newcaftle, Barter ; and Tryton^ Hornby, from New-England, art arrived at Antigua. The Dublin-Prize, Rajfkin, from Philadelphia, at Dublin. ' '  The Benjamin,  Stringer, from New-England, at Nevis. The Mary, Donavan, from Exeter, at Belfaft. L ON D Q N. While we wait for mote, important News from abroad* we imagine our Readers will not be difpleafed to fee the Tranflations of two fhort Letters that hare lately appeared JH^e Foreign P"nts. 'The firft -is-from the Kifjg cf, opaifcto the States-General, upon the recalling of the Marquis de St. Gilles, and expreffes the entire good Under-ftatrding between his Catholic Majefty and their High-Mightineffes. ' High and Might) Lords, our Dear and Good Friends, * We have refolved to call home te our Court the Mar- * quis de St. Gilles, our Ambaffador to you, in order to\. ' beftow on him Marks of the Approbation he has merited' * of us by his good, Conduct. It is with this View that * we have defUned him for fome Employment, wherein hei * may exercife.hi Talents to the great Advantage*of. our * Service. The laft' Orders we fend him is to reiterate to, * your High-Mightinefles, at his Departure, Affuranccs of the true Efteem we preferve towards you, and of the' 1 iincerc Defire. ^herewith we wifh to fee that perfeft: * Harmony contihaei which reigns between the two Na-f' ' tions, and to which his Zeal has always contributed ' being thoroughly _perfuaded, that this Circumftance has: ' rendered his long Fimbaffy agreeable to you. ! ' We pray God to have, High and Mighty Lords, our ' Qood and Great Friends, in his holy Keeping. Aranjuez, Sign'd, Hay io, 1746. PHILIP. The other is from Cardinal Tencin to the Clergy of his Diocefe of Lyons; and is an excellent Specimen of that Holy-Cant, with which that proud and bloody Prieft endeavours to palliate his own and his Matter's deftru&ive Schemes. ' The numerous Conquefts which have already dlftin-' guifhed the Beginning of this Campaign, do fo much ' the more call for your Thankfg'ivihgs, my moft dear ' Brethren, as the King owes them almoft all to the Ter-' rw of his Arms.. . The- more.glorious are they to the ' Monarch ; and the more agreeable, as they were pur-' chafed at fo fmall an Expence of the Blood and Tears of ' his Subje&s. But v?hen fhall we, alas! fee Days of 'Tranquillity fucceed thefe Days of Glory? May our ' Vows halten their" Approach ! May our Succeffe�, at laft, ' infpire all Hearts with thofe pacific Sentiments, which ' thofe Succeffes do but the more augment in the Heart of ' his Majeity. Let us not doubt but the Source of fo ma-' ny Proiperities is the King's invariable Love of Peace, ' find Peace herfelf would be the Crown of the Crown of ' taem all: She would be the moft precious Recompence ' of the Coaqueror's Moderation. . Letters from Peterfbargh fay, that the Troops aJTembled ll-e conquered Provinces of the Ruffian Empire amount to 82,000 Men, that no Orders have been yet iffued from *^ Chancery of War concerning their Deftination. The feet is alfo ready for failing, and confifts of 19 Men of War and Frigates at Creaftadt, and 12 at Revel, beudes Gallics. Count de Keyferling, Minifter from the Ruffian Court to the Dyet of Ratisbon, has received Orders to demand, the Acknowledgement of his Miftrefs's Imperial Title in^ all the Colleges of the German Stated The Prince and Princefs of Orange, with the young Princefs their Daughter, are gone to Utrecht, in order to� be prefent at the great Fair of that City. Thirty-two Pontoons, With the other Materials neceflary for throwing of Bridges over Rivers, are arrived in the Tufcan Camp at Pifa ; "which makes it coBJeftured, that the Troops affembly are fuddenly to go upon fome Enter-Drize, for which the final Orders are however expelled from the Court of Vienna. According to fome Advices from Paris, by the Way of 'Holland, the Breft Squadron were feen in the Latitude of the Wands of Scilly, fleering feemingly for the Weft of ffeknd ; and the French now pretend to be pofitive, that this-Squadron-will not go beyond the Limits of'Europe. j Yefterday in the Evening his Majefly went from his Pa-^ (lace at Kenfington, being efcorted by a Party of the Horfe Guards, and accompanied by his Grace the Duke of Rich-' "mond, -and feveral other Pcrfons of Diftinclion, to Wind-for; and this Day dines at Richmond, and returns in the [/Evening to Kenfington. Both Houfes of Parliament have adjourned to Tuefday next". ' Yefterday an Exprefs arrived from his Majefty's Minifter at the Hague j and alfo with Difpatches from Gene* ral Legonier. It was Yefterday,very generally affirm'd, that the Pre-['tender was taken about ten Days ago, on a little Ifland near the Ifle of Skye.-And yet there are many, who affert that there Is an Account of his being got fafe to Paris. Extra 3 of a Letter from Edinburgh, July ;. * We hear from Perth, that fome of the Rebel Officers .� were lately fent in Prifoners there by the Lor&Glenor-chy; and thatmaiiy. of the Common People of that Country have dejiver'd up their Arms to his Lordfhip, v "arid fubmitted themfelves to his Majefty's Mercy.' ExtraS of a Litter from Plymouth, July 8. *The Ships afidved he/g, which were Paft of Admiral Martin's Squadron, are the Yarmouth, Portland, Captain, Augufta, Princefs. Louifa, Defiance, Saiifbury, and ' Ruby : The 90 Gun Ships are goncjo Spithead. "i. < The Remainder pf the Fleet are gorie'for Ireland, to * Victual, under the1 Command of Commodore Bofcawen. * -The above Shijps'have'* brought iij only a Smuggling- * Veffel; having burnt two other Veffels they had taken.' ExtraS of a. Litter from Dublin, July 5. �" * On Wednefday laft the Dublin Privateer, Capt. Eaton, arrived in this: Harbour, after a Cruize of Eight Months, * and brought in with her a Spanifh Prize, taken oft*- the ' Canaries, called the Noftra Senidra del Borguna, burthen ' about 400 Tons, 20 Carriage Guns, and 86 Men j fhe c was bound from the Havannah to Old Spain, under Con-' voy of a Fifty Gun Ship, from which fhe was feparated in a Storm. Her Lading confifts of 230 Hogfheads pf Sugar, Cechmeal, Indigo, SnafF, Hides, Silver, fome �� Gold-Duft, &c:-This Day five Chefts and two Bags, * containing about ^0,000 Dollars, were brought afhore, ' and carried to Alderman Dawfon's Bankand jhey ex-� pectto find a great deal more, but are not certain, for -'-all the Papers belonging to the Ship were thrown over-' board when fhe furrender'd.-*--She had-on board fome * Paffengers of piftin&ion, among them Don Francifco ' Avarea Valdes, Governor and Captain General of the ' Province of Guatimala in New Spain, Prefident of the ' Royal Audience, Knight of the Order of St. Jame3, &c. * who is brought on Shoar. The faid Ship made little or 1 no Refinance, but ftruck on the firft Broadfide.' Yefterday Thomas Trevor, Efq; took the Oaths, and his Seat in the H<sufe of Commons, as Member for the Borough of Woodflock, in the Room of the Hon. John Spencer, Efq; - Yefterday there was a Field Day of the Third Regiment of Foot Guards, in Hyde-Park, before feveral of the Commanding-Officers, and as they were draw/i up and firing in Platoons* one of the Soldiers waslhot with a Brace of Balls, one of which went juft under the Right Breaft, and the other ner.r the Collar Bone. He was afterwards carried to St. George's Hofpital, but his Life was defp^air'd of. After the Accident happened, they were immediately commanded not to fire any more.- 'Tts not impoffible that it might be aimed at fome other Perfin. By the Death of the Lady Howard, her Jointure reverts to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk. Yefterday 56 Deferters march'd off the Parade in St. . James's Park under a ftiong Guard of Soldiers, which . were draughted off for Portsmouth, iri order to embark for .Cape.Breton, in General Frampton's Regiment.-They are all ftout young Fellows. Yefterday came Advice that the Friendfhip, Maitland, bound from Barbadoes to London, is taken by the French, and. carried into Porto-Rico. . Yefterday the Rev. Dr. Taylor was inftall'd one of the Prebends of Weftminfter-Abby, in the room of Dr. Bro-derick, who has refign'd. . On Thurfday M died, in King-ftreer, Golden-fquare, Mr. Thomas Crifp, a considerable Builder. 1 . Laft Night the Corpfe of the late Marquis of Tullibar-dine, was privately interred in the Chapel of the Tower of London. * Laft Night arrived a Dutch Mail, the Particulars of which will be inferred in our next. A Letter from an Officer in Colonel Houghton's Regiment id the Highlands. . Dear Jack, ^ June 18, 1746. .* My laft was from Nairn { fince which, nothing very , ' remarkable has happened in our Part of the World, un- * lefs it is that of marching and countermarching, of which * our Regiment in particular has had enough : The Duke *� being defirous we fhould join him at Invernefs, we ' remained here till the 23d, when the Duke with the * whole Army (except four Regiments left at Invernefs, ' under the Command of General Blakeney) march'd in � two Days to Fort Auguftus, at which Place we cn-' camped again. We were ordered to march and re- * lieve Part of General Guife's Regiment at Fort ' William, which Place had fuffered much by a Siege � of feventeen Days by the Rebels, under the Command ' of Brigadier Stapleton, who was afterwards wounded * at the Battle of Culloden, and is fince dead. The BaT- * racks and Works of Fort William are greatly damaged, * but the Duke has been there and ordered them to be * repaired : Ihad not been here above four D.iys before I * was-ordered to march with a Party of our Men to relieve * the Garrifon of this Place ; which from Fort William js ' a hundred Englifli Miles more- North, and dire&ly ' through the very Heart of the Rebels Country ; I mar-' ched it in four Days, it raining exceffively hard the * whole Time, climbing Rocky Mountains opon all-fours, I ' wading through at leaft forty rapid Rivers, fome up to ' * our Middle, and nothing to cover us but the bare Hea- vens at Night } added to this, I was fired at feveral ' Times by imall Bodies of the Rebels from the Rocks, * where it was morally impoflible for me to get at them-: � Upon the third Day I was marching in a Valley, with ' two high Mountains on each Side, and a Party of thefe ' Brutes, that were reconnoitring the Country, came thun-' dering down the Hill till within Gun-fhot, fwearing in ' their Language (as my Guide informed me) that they * would cut us all to Pieces ; my SpoDtbon being a diftin- * guifhing Mark for them, every Ball was levelled at me, � the firft turned round theSjiear cf my Spontoon. and * the fame Ball grazed under the Belly of one of myHorfes, * which be was upon; the fecond Shot came between me ' and one of my Recruits, and the third fell about half a � Yard fhot of me j I flood thus feven Shot (and thank ' God efcaped them all) expecling they would advance ' upon me, but they dill maintained their Ground, and as I ' found it impoflible to get at them, I marched on arid ' they left me ; one Man in their Situation was better thin * a thoufand with me, and 1 might as well have pretended. ' to climb up the Outfide of Weftminfter Abbey as to get ' at thofe Villains. ' The third Day after our Arrival at his Place, one * Barefdel, who had been a Colonel with the Rebels, came ' here with fifty-two of his Men, and delivered up their ' Arms; and Numbers are daily brought in to the Duk^e ' at Fort Auguftus, and to our Regiment at Fort William. * I really look upon the Highlands to be as much conquered ' now as it is poflible for them to be, as there is no fuch ' Thing in Nature effsctually to difarni thefe Savages in ' their inacceffible Mountains. They talk of traofportiflg ' them, but I cannot tell where to find a worfe Country to ' fend them too ; I am fure the greateft Punifharent that ' could be infti&ed upon me in this World, would be \o ' make me fpend the Remainder of my Life, here for-cer-' tainly the wife Creator cf all Things never intended it fr ' any Human Creature to live in, uniefs for thefe Cannibals * that inhabit it. My Chief Diet is Oat-B/ead and T .ilk; < as for Wine, or Punch, I have long fmce loft tL_ Fla-4 vour of, and have no one ftrong Liquor to fupporr Na- * tuce with, not even W hifky,which is the common Drink 4 of the Country, and that at belt but a bad Spirit. The * young Pretender lauded in my Neighbourhood, and it is A D,V E RT IS E M IL N T S are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffie-House, In Lombard-Scrtet.

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