Monday, July 11, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, July 11, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 11, 1846, London, Middlesex Numb. 365$. FRIDAY, JtJLv ii, 1746. EIVIAIN m,t^e Downs frs Mi" �jetty's' Ship. \fukanv with the two Ships. T^rE.aft-Injlia >r *nd4ll. !.,tne Qfa'twvd-to'und'. jCa^.dpwjj ^the.Ferretl French, ifor J^nadcj; W'EhVabetfV rlavard, for DuV ^ Un. WihdS^W. ' } Grave/end-, J-uh 9. Pa&'d 'ty Capt. Tyrre], is the AUTbra, bound from Cadiz to the^ayanhah ; and that Captain Tyrtel was offered i0o^oi)� Pieces of Eight fbr her Rari-fbm, fo thatflw is. Iftce to prove a valuable Prize. The fame Letters raenaon; that the Devonfhire, and anether Man of Wax of 59 Guns, were to fail for Europe the latter End of May, with futh^ips under their Convoy as mould be ready., There is Advke, that the Sheemcfs Privateer has taken and fent into1 Briftol the; Joliiffe of,Pool, from Carolina, laden with Skins, Sugar^ &c. which ihe re-took in Latitude 44. . . There isalfo an Accbunr, that a Privateer of St. &nts, , has taken off Martiaico, tw<J French Sloops, kden with Cocoa, Indigo, Wine and Rum, and carried them into Moritferrat. The Swallow Packet from the Wejr-Tndie?,. is arrived at Dartmouth� with the Mail ftom the fame Place. She; came out of Jamaica the 26th of May, and brings Advice, that the Convoy with the Merchant Ships was not! �to fail till the aoth of June, that -fevera! Ships arrived, from the Northern Colonies) might'have an Opportunity; to return either thither,"or to England, under tueirCon-; voy. � ( Yefterday aU the. Colours that were fet up in Weftmin-  fier;Hall, in the Year 1704, taken'by the late' Duke of] Marlborough at the Battle of Blenheim, were taken down. ! As were alk) all the Canopies over the Shops in the faid ' Hall, Galleries being to be creeled quite round. - The Nobility are to have a certain Number of Tickets according to their Degrees.} which will be delivered out every Day by his Grace the Duke of Ancafter, Lord Great Chamberlain of England. During the Tjme of the Trials the Hall Gates will be fhut, 'and none permitted to go in but fuch as have Tickets. The Court of Requeft Doors will alfo be fhut, to pre vent the Populace from annoying the Lords as they walk in Proceffion thro' the faid Court, and the Lord Chancellor's Room, into the Hall; where, during the faid Tryais they fit in theif Robes. The Yeomen of the Guard are to be placed-at the Front Gate of Weftminfter-Hall. And a Guard of Soldiers is to be placed from, Weftmtnfter-Bridge, to conduct the Lords to and from the Water-fide. They are to be car-� ried from the Tower by Water, in the Tower Barge. His Grace the Duke of Marlborough is going to reftde at Marlborough Houfe, and all the Rtfefts of the late Mr. JoKn Spencer, deceafed, are ordered to be removed. We hear, that the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor has taken under hi? Care the only Son of the la-e Hon. John Spencer, Efq; a fine Youth of about ten Years of Age. On Mjnday laft the Lady of Charles Gwre, Efq; Knight of the Shire {or Hcrtf�rd&ire, was faiely delivered of a Daughter, at his Houfe in Ormond-ikreet. On Monday laft .died ait his, Seat in Lincoln/hire, Sir Henry Nelthorpe,�Bart. a Gentleman greatly efteem'd by all that knew him. , { Yefterday one Newgenr, taken in. the Rebellion, and who has been ever fmce in Cuftbdy.ofa. Meffwger, was committed to the New Goal in Southwark, by a Warrant from his Grace-the Duke of N^wcafile. Th� fame Morning died in the New Goal -- Stewart, one of the Rebej Prtfbners,' lately brought from Scotland.. On Wednefdajr Nigfrt as Mr. Ward of H%hgate was returning home ftdfca London^ hi was ftopt by three Fel-; fews arm'd, jaff beyond Iflington, wherrobt'of ham of ibout 40 s. and got off with their Booty. ........lnefda^lhe;BHfldlMan of War, a fine 50 Gun Shipwjul^ojgich^ia^iaolw Thertwere prefeht his Grace the Duke of Bedford, .the Lords Sandwich, Bar-.rington, .&ltimore,tcc.: .aftec which feveral-of the Noblemen went to dine with Lord Baltimore, at his 3eat neat Erith. . , ;V ' V � ��; � � - A few Days fmce the Retf.. Mr/ Archerj Reftor of Lud-gate and of |?ihchley inJWIid<Hefc^ and^ one cf the^Pre-bends of St, Paul's, Sec. was married to the Daughter of the late Mr, Carter, an eminent BookfeHer i� Cornhill. "Yefterday Mr. Adamfon, an eminent.Linnenidraper in Cheapud^ was .married at Sr. Alhalldw's", London-Wall, to MifV Wefley,. Daughterof the late Sir Robert Wefley, Knt. with a Fortune of 12^000 1. ^ .. Wednelday laft Daniel Fovvkes, the Chairman, that was faken up on Sufpicion.'df robbing near Kentifh Tov^yi, was examined before luftice De Veil; and difcharged.- This poor Man muft. have lain m Goal till September next, had ir, not been for a noble Lord and Lady who appeared td juftify his Innocence. Sir Edward Cok^ defcribes haw a Peer is to be tried, in Cafe of Treafon, &c. before the Lord High-Steward of England, as follows, HE muft. be indicted before Commiffioners of Qier and Ttrmi�trt or in the King's-Bencb, if the Treafon l- or Mifprifion, Felony, or Mifprifion of Felony, be committed in that County where the /Gig's-Beneh fit; wheri he is indicted, then the King, by hii Commiffion under the Great Seal of ~Engl^di conftkutes forae Peer of the Realm tp be, bqc <vict; Steward of,who is Jodge in this Cafe. The Commiffion recites the Judgment generally as 'tis found, and Power given to the Lord Steward to receive the .Indictment &c. and to proceed featndum Legem ei ConfuttuAinem Attgliee. A,Commandment isaMb given by the fame to the Peers of the Realm tobe Attendant and Obedieat unto hinn a9alfo to the Lieutenant of the Tower, to bring the Prifoner before his Lordfhip: Th^n a Certiorari is awarded out of Chancery, to remove . the Indictment itfelf before the Lord Steward ; which may 1 either bear date the fame Day of the Steward's Commiffion, or any D*y after. The Lord Steward directs his Precept under his Seal tq the Commifficmers, to rertify the Indict* mant fuch a Day and Plaer. He alfo makes two dther Precepts, one to the Conftable or Lieutenant of the T f,he Clerk of; the Croww delivers to' him his Commiffion, who re-delivers it.  After three O TVs by a Serjeant at Arms, and Commandment given in the Name of the Lord High-Steward of England to keep Silence^ the .Commifrlon is read ; then the Ulher delivers to trie Steward a white Rpd, who re^deh'vera.rne,fame, which he holds before $e Loud jligh-Stewanl. It was deliver'd.. upon the;. -lik� Pccafion, to the Earl of SArew/iwj, by Garter.Kikg, at idr/Hs.- Q Ytf being again made, Commandment' h given in the Name of tie HigK-Steward to all )uftices and Commiffioner* to certify all Indictments and Records ; which- being deliver'd.jnto Court, the CleYk of the Crown reads the Return, and the.Serjeant at Arms! is commanded, to return his Precept,with the Barnes of the Earls and Barons by him fummoned, and Xht Return,>of that is alfo-read ; thtn are,the Peers fummoned to1 anfwer to their Names,' which ^re-recorded. When-;t;heyaave taken their Places, aod thePrifoner fet to the Bar,'; then the Lord High-Stewaijdr declares unts t them the Caufe of their Affcmbly, and. rperfuades tire fo^nfwer.without Feavtn'uiTng-'nimv thathefljall* be heard with Patience, and that Juftke'fhall be done to him. ------- -  A DY ERTISE M EN TS are taken 10 for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffse-House, in Lombard-Street.

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