Thursday, June 30, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Thursday, June 30, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 30, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Numb. 3642. MONDAY, June 30, 1746. Deal, June 27. RRIVED Yefterday after Poft the Kouli-Kan Privateer, Capt. Barker, from Gibraltar; and remain with- his Majefty's Sloop Hawk,and,Oatward-boundhipS, with the George, Emmett, for Newfoundland. Wind S.byW. The Concord, Young, from Ireland, is arrived at Carolina Since our laft arrived a Mail from Holland. Petersburgb, June 11, The Emprefs will repair this Evening, with all the Imperial Family, to Peterfhoff, in order to fpend five or fix Weeks there. Count de Beftu-cheff, the Great Chamberlain, has had a Prefent from the Emprefs of an Eftate within a League of this City, which �as lately pofleffed by Count Ofterman. This Gift was made on the Anniverfary of his Birth-day. Baron de Mardefeldt's Memorial, to invite the Emprefs to accede to the Treaty of Drefden, has appeared in public. Ratisbon, June 27. They write from Munich, that the new Treaty, figned between that Court and that of Vienna on the 17th pad, containing a Renewal of the Treaty of Fueflen, with the additional Articles among others, � That the two Courts agree to affift each other mutually, �in Cafe either of them is attacked ; and that in fuch f Circumftances the Emprefs fhall furnifh 12,000 Men, and * the Elector qf Bavaria 6000, all at the Expence of her � Imperial Majefty.' The Convention between the Court � of Munich and the Maritime Powers is not yet figned. Turin, June 18. The Garrifon of Tortona is compofed of 9 Battalions, 2 Spanifb, 5 Swifs, and 2 of the Regiment of Milan. There is a Report, that the Troops af-fembling in the Grand Dutchy of Tufcany are to enter the State of Genoa, and that the Emperor will declare War againft the State of Genoa. It is added, that this Expedition will be fiipported by the Englifh Fleet. Madrid, June 14. There is cot a Week paffes in which considerable Slims are not fent to the Infant Don Philip's Army, and the Militia are continually fending off in order, to embark from Catalonia for Genoa. Above 10,000 Men: including Recruits and Regular Forces, have been fent to Italy ftnce March laft, M. Noailles had his Audience of leave of their Majefties on the 7th paft at Aranjuez, fince which this Lord has proceeded in bis Return to France, talcing the Efcurial and St. ildefonfo by. the Way. His Negotiations feem to have given entire Satisfaction to their Majefties. frmthe Camp before Monst Junei%. Yefterday we got Poffeffion of the Fort of the Mill in the Wood, and the Garrifon* confifting of 50 Men, were made Prifoners of War. As the Batteries which were Paifed againft the Fort at the Gatepf Neriiij andthofe which were upon an Eminence between the Gates of Bruffels and Havre did not freduce theniefigned Effect, they were changed the Day efore Yeftef&y, and have been,fince fifed from with great Succefs. A Ifcndred &$r$aji Hufiars, who iffued oui of the City that Day iet:fiKtt>fome Houfes in the Suburb of Nemi, but -were made Prifoners. Yefterday we got Poffeffion of the outward Piflifades between the Trjouille and the Ditches, wltHiKe'LSfs of only 5 or 6 Men. The Marquis de la Fane this Day attacked the Fort before the Gate of Bertamont, with 6 Companies of Grenadiers, and mace hirhfelf Matter of it, after a vigorous Defence, The Prince of Heffe Philipfthal and Lieutenaht-G'eneral Count deNava, who command in the Place, have offered to furrender it, provided the Garrifon tad free Leave to march out with all' trie Military Honours: B�t the Prince of Conti gave them for Anfwer, That they" muff hope'for to other Capitulation than the City of Bruffels had.-The Garrifon have-fince abandoned moft of the Out-works, in order to draw together within the Town; fo that we ex-peft the Ne#s of a Surrender very fpon. Stockholm, June 13, 0.6*. His Swedjfh Majefty has been very much in4ifpp^ed thefe three Days, paft with a fevere Attack of the'Gravel. The Swedim French Officers at Gottenbourgh have, been told, that as many as are willing to repair to France at their own Expence, fhall be employ a in the Station and Rank they at firft engaged to fcrve in ^ but fuch as'w<aild not, were at Liberty'.to return home, or jgo where they pleafed. Vienna, June 25, Jv\6\ Since the Arrival of Count Al-than with the hafty Account of the Bajtfe of Placentia, we have not received any Advices from Prince Lichtenftein. The Right Wing of"the 'Enemy was repnlfed threa Times, *nd was not routed -but by the timely fajling In of the Auftrian Cavalry under the Command of General Luchefi j whereas the Left Wing of the Enemy had repulfed the Auftrians three Times before they met with the lame Fate. Prince Lichtenftein has obtained great Reputation. He was every where in the Aclion, and himfelf, tho' much indifpofed, ordered all the Difpofirions which were to be made. Before Count Althan fet out from the Army, he fawM. de Gage's Adjutant, who had been to the Auftrian Camp to demand an Armftice for burying of the Dead, and learn'd from him, that feveral of the Enemy's Gene' ral Officers were kiH'd and wounded. M. Chevert and M. Mirepoix were faid to be dangeroufly wounded. Camp at Terhyde, Juiy 5', N.S. The Heffian Battalions arrived in Camp Yefterday, and they appear to be in good Order; their Cloathing and Recruits will join them ioon. Hague, July 2. We hear that the Emprefs Queen of Hungary has nominated M. Bathiani to fucceed Count Caunitz, in the Poft of Minifter-Plenipotentiary for the Government of the Auftrian Netherlands. Hague, July 5, N.S. It is faid here, that the 20,000 Auftrians are to begin to pafs the Rhine, as this Day, at Keyferfwith, and 'tis fuppofed M. Bathiani may foon make a Motion towards his Left, to fecure their Paffage over the Meufe at Venlo, and their Junction with the Allied Army. That of France continues, according to our Advices, quiet, in its old Poft; and the Siege of Mons does not feem pufhed on with any great Ardotjr. M. Vander Heim, the Penfionary of Holland, finds his Health fo much impaired by the Fatigues of his Poft, that he has demanded, and obtained Leave of his Matters to make a Tour for fix Weeks to Spa, and propofes to fet out To-morrow Se'nnight. The States of Holland have appointed M. Secretary Buys to manage in the mean Time, their Affairs in the Generality, and M.'SGravemoer, as firft Noble, will perform the Functions of Penfionary in their Affembly. By our Advices from Paris, of the (ft Inftant, N.S. the French loft 4000 Men in the late Engagement near Placentia. The Chevalier Brbglio, Colonel of the Regiment of Poitou, was killed, as were feveral other Colonels, and the Marquis de Mirepoix was dangeroufly wounded. The French Court was in great Confirmation, and Orders had been fent to all the Troops in Franche Comte to march forwith towards Italy. The fame Letters .mention, that Poft Chaifes .had been ordered to be ready upon the1 Roads for the Return of the French King te the Army in the Netherlands, which it was fuppofed would take Place immediately after the Dauphi-nefs was brought to Bed; and that the Brett Squadron put to Sea from,Rochelle the22d paft, N.S. The following is a Lift of the faid Squadron, as we have received it from thence* . Liji of the Squadron under the Duke tTAnville, Lieutenant-General of bis Majejlys Naval Forces, ivbich failedfrom Rochelle, the zzdof June, N.S. Ships. Northumberland, Le Trident, L'Ardent, Le Mars,, L'AIcide, Le Carillon, Le Diamant, Le Boree Le Tigre, Le Leopard, La Ronommee, La Megere, L'Argonaute, Captains. Guns. Duke d'Anville, 65 Vice Admiral M d'Eftournelle, Perier, 64 Colombe, 64 Crenay, 64 de Nbailles, 60 De Marquefac, 50 JDe Blenac, 5� Du Quefne, 66 De Serignee, 60 De 1'Allure, 60 Kyfan, 30 DeQueftain, 26 De Belifle Pepin, 8 - �- � 8 10 10 10 16 26 Men. 600 64 500 500 500 500 500 400 400 55� 500 400 270 270 100 100 70 79 70 140 200 La Parfaite, LaPerle, ir, �, Des Roches, La Palme, J1,,nan- De la Chaille, Le Petit Mercure, Tretroudat, LeMercure, Du Titty, Le Giroiis, Le Pr. d'Orange, Fougert, Another of 24 150 fiefides 20 other Frigates and Privateers from 10 to 24 _Guns, and feveral Tranfport Ships, having on board, The Regiment of Ponthieus, t Battalions making 135c ThefBattalion MJlitia of Saumur 600 The Battalion Militia of Fontenay le Comte 600 The Battalion of Marines 600 3150 The Land Forces are commanded by M. Ppmmerit, Brigadier General. The Dutch Ships which are at Rochfort Rochelle, and other Places, had been detained two Days after the Departure of the French Fleet, for Fear of their giving Intelligence to the Englifh. ' Rotterdam, July 5, N.S. The Van-guard of the Auftrian Reinforcement from the Rhine, confifting of all the'ic Light Horfe, is arrived at Roermonde. Berlin, June 28, N.S. The King arrived at Charlot-tenbourgh from Potzdam on the 26th Inftant, and came to Town the fame Evening, accompanied by his Brothers, Margrave Charles, the Duke of tiolftein, Prince Leopold of Deffau, Count Rodewils, M. Rudenfhiold the Swedifh, Minifter, and feveral Generals. The King fupped at the Queen-Mother's, and afterwards returned to Charlotten* bourgh, whither the Queen-Mother returned Yefterday Noon. Great Diverfions, as Concerts, Plays, Mafque-rades, and a Firework, are to be there, as alfo at Orien-berg and Reinfberg, during four Days in each Place. His Majefty, it is faid, is to goto Silefia towards the latter End of Auguft. LONDON. In the Difpofition of the late Battle near Placentia, the Marquis de Mirepoix commanded the Right of the Allies, compofed of French; the Duke of Modena and General Count Gages, the Centre j and General d* Arambum and M. de Wirtz the Left Wing. The R;ght was pcfted at Orfolengo, the Centre of St. Lazaro, and the latter extended to a Rivulet between the Nura and the Trebia. The Regiments of Nadafti, Bernclau and two others, were ruined on the Side of the Auftrians. We hear that three Expreffes arrived Yefterday at Ken-fington. We hear, that the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor will be appointed Lord High Steward, during the Tryals of George Earl of Cromartie, William Earl of Kilmarnock, and Arthur Lord Balmeririo. On Saturday laft fevtral Perfons belonging to the Board of Works, mprk'd out the Places in Weltminfter-Hall, for building of Scaffolding, and Conveniencies for the Houfe of Peers at the Trials of the faid Lords. On Saturday the 34 Rebel Prifoners in the New Goal Southw&rk, who all ftand indi&ed, had Copies of their Indi&ments delivered them by the Agent for the Crown. Holker, Betts and Morfe, who efcaped from Newgate and New Prifon, are alfo indidled; and we hear a Procla-tion will fpeedily be puWifh'd, with a large Reward, for apprehending them. A Guard of 30 Soldiers from the Tower mounts Guard every Day at 10 in the Morning in the N�w Goal, and do Duty till they are relieved the next Morning. They hav.e their Bayonets fix'd, and ftand Centry at the Doors of the Rooms where the Rebels are lodg'd. On Friday laft the Keeper of the New Goal, in examining a Bundle that was brought in to one of the Rebels, dif-cover'd a Spring ;Saw ; on which he gave Orders'^tfiat every thing hereafter brought in fhould be fearch'd in the ftricleft manner. On Saturday laft feveral Smiths were employed in putting double Iron Bar.s to all the Windows of the J\ew Goal, for the better fecuring the Rebel Prifoners, the Number confin'd there being 74, and every one of them Officers. The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Juftice Lee, has appointed Me. Owen to be Cryer of jthe Court of Oyer and Terminer at St. MargaretVHill; and Mr. Comyns, his Lordfhip's Tipftaff, attends the Grand Inqueft. . There are now in Town upwards of 50 Witneffes againft the Rebels; and feveral others are bringing up to Town from the North. Extras of a Letter from Seaford, June 26. � On the 24th Inftant the Sakafh Sloop of War, Capt. � Pitman, being in Chace of a French VeffeJ, about fix � Leagues off Beachy-Head, about 4 or 5 o'Clock a vio-* lent Storm of Thunder, accompanied with a fudden � Guft of Wind, overfet the faid Sloop, and ftie went down, ' and I am told all the People perifh'd, except a few, who ' fav'd themfelves upon forae Oars lafh'd together, and < were taken up by a Dutchman, and put on Shoar. at ' Bourn near this Place. There were 75 drown'd.' We are informed that the Richardfon, Efton, bound from London ta4)ieppe, with Tobacco, is afhore in the Harbour of Dieppe, and great Part of the Cargoe damaged. Laft Friday Dr. Plumptre, Prefident of the Royal College offhyficians, London, prefented to his Majefty their New Pharmacopoeia Collegits Regalis, Medicarum Londi-ntnjis, and was very gracioufly received. On Saturday laft at the Quarter Seffrans forWeftminfter a very eminent Gardener was fined Five Pounds, for a Nufance, in ft aiding with his Pew Cart before the Door of the Horn Tavern. As was alfo one Mr. Parminterr for letting his Hogs run about the Street j and they both paid the Fines accordingly. On Friday laft died Mr. Richard Bofwell, one of the Landwaiters at the Port of London, for the Inland Duties on Coffee and Tea. ADV E RT1SE MEN TS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-Hqusi, in Lombard-Strfet.

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