Saturday, June 25, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, June 25, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 25, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Nu m b. 3%* WEDNESDAY, June 25, 1746. Veal, June 23. LL the Outward-bound remain in the Dowosj as in my hit. Wind S.W. The Prince Royal Packet, Wadham, from London, is arrived at Gibraltar. The John, Croftwaite^ from London, at Lifbon. The Lpndbn Fa&or, Teague, fitini Virginia^ off Dover. LONDON. Journal of the Imperial Army at St. Lazafo, fdr fome Dap before the late Battk, ddted June 15. � The Enemy, who had continued to cannonade our < Works all Day long on the 1 ith, did not fire a Piece on the 1 zth, but quietly foffered us towards-Evening, to put 8 heavy Pieces of Cannon in Battery. The fame Day General Rothe gave Notice, that the Enemy's Detachment, which had been in the Mllanefe, was retiring towards Placentia j and a Spanifh Lieutenant who had' de-fcrted, arrived at the General Quarters. The Enemy renewed their Cannonading and Bombardment on the 1 $th, feut without anySuceefs. 400 Recruits join'd us from Germany* and towards Evening we were alt under Arms, and advanced in Order of Bittle, wtli. Cannon, a thoufand Paces from the Front cjF tlfeQ&qp, in order to know the Ground which eyery Regiment was .to occupy in Cafe of an A&ion,* This Day wetoeard that Marfhal Miillebols was upoS' the March with his Army to join the Spaniards, and that he would be the fame Night at St. Giovanni, within a. good March-o� Piacentia. The Enemy, thinking, we had continued-all Night upon the Ground we had reconnoitred in the ijjyinihg; KepJ a con-tinual'Firetowards 'that Spot.; bh^dja no other Harm than accidentally killing one Horfe. On the 14th early they redoubled their Fire, playing-continually with 49 Pieces of heavy "Cannon, in order^ as_ the DEferters informed us, to rujh the Palace df'$t*'J�a%at$ ; but all then* Shot went either too high pr too. low. The fame Day the Prince: of Lichtenflein retnrr{edtO the Army^ and in the Evening- 32 large'PiecesofCannon,- and 12 Mortars, which we '-ha# Itf.'ftar^j^ 8e�ah'to play! A Confirmation arriyed.of the Margh ofvihe French, under M. Maillebois, and we Wiere aiTured, that the Enemy intended to attack us out of HandJ ' From, the London Gazette, ExtraSl ofaLitter /ram Recbelle, "%une ii, N.S. This Morning at Ten o'Cloek'the'Fleet tinder the Command of.M. le Due d'Anvflle'failed^ W the Wind changing, they were obliged to put back* and came to ah Anchor at Four o' AfterJiddn'; the Wind com-iflg favourably aga^,,itjs thought ihiy Will fad Tp-mpr-row Morning between Four'and FivefloClock.. During' tbeFleet^lying'&rt^efe two Months paff at the Ifland of Aic, they have had'= very high Winds* and particularly within thefe twelve-Days.' They have-taken all the Provides this Place affords ,j and if they cbntiriue fome Time lere, this. "<5ty .s�ilfbe:^reatjy dHWe&" 'V||fif& ^e Afternoon a Nobleman arilvejd here, precee^gftVya Ptfftil? lion, and followed by four Gentlemen. The Nobleman was maik'd, and was condu&ed immediately -to M.d*An* ville's Pinnace, in which were fome Officers, and the Conr-JnuTary of the Fleet;, and was carried onjlfqafd^heyDgke d'Anvi!le*s own Ship,/whicji hqlftedyr^^A^miralt's Flag, which is never difplay'd but for the PrincesvofcthfrBlooHj' or the High Admiral of France. '' " " n- hrlin, June 21," N.S. The King of.Eruffi&^will remove to Charlotte.mberg the 24-th itiftant; whither the Q^en-Mother-wi.llfepairlikewifeforfdrne^ys.-' Jlenna, June it, Count Alr^a^ehiWdd^his Capital at Two of tl�0o^^Air^?on.vp^e^^ ii Millions, with an Account of the Defeat of the French and Spaniards before Placentia. . . i Munjfb, June 23, N. S. i� is had joined the Spaniards in the ,ween the 14th. and 15th, with 10,000^ Meaiat H&centia, Difpoiirjons were made in the Enemy's Camp for attacking bur Right Wing by the: Spaniards; and the kftby the French. > the 15th, about Mnf'atNighj, tb,e Cannoa arid SmallArms began, to fire,' and> tb,e; Enemy xe-pulfrd our advanced Gnards upon the Left Wing, which omfi&ed chiefly of Huflars and Croats. Whereupon five %ments of Horfe, viz. thofe.of Lobkowitz, Berlicbuv genj Balayra, Coharij and Holli, were fent to their Support, together with feven Battalions and ten Companies of Grenadiers. The 16th, at Six in the Morning, the Huf-fars and Croats were xepalfed to our Flank j where the French, under the Command of Maillebois, attacked fu-riouily, but after the Cannonading and Firing of Small Arms had lafted without ceafing for four Hours, General Luchefi ordered eleven Squadrons to attack nine Battalions of the Enemy, which was executed Sword in Hand on full Gallop. They foon routed this Body of Infantry, altho1 it was formed into a Hollow Square, and thofi^ whto- ef-caped the Sword, were made Prifoners, infomuch that few Men out of the faid nine Battalions efcaped. After this Defeat, the Enemy retired, abandoned fixty Caffiries, which they had poffeffed the Night before, arid regained their eld Camp. At our' Right Wing, which was weaker than the Left, the Enemy made themfelves five Times Matters of our Redoubts and Batteries, from whence our Cannon had been removed; but, at laft, about Ten of the Clock, they alfo were obliged to retire toward their Camp. The Fire of the Cannon, as well as the Small Arms, and the Bravery of the Troops on both Sides are inexpreffible. According to my Information, we have taken from the Enemy eight Pieces of Brafs Cannon, fixty Colours, and 3000 Men, of whom the greateft Part are wounded. As to the killed, their Number is not yet certainly known, but there has been" a Ceffation of Arms Tp-day to bury them. It is faid, the French have loft coo Officers. The Lofs on our Side amounts to 3060 Men wounded and killed. Liege, Junez^ N.S. TheGarrifon of Mons makes avi-go-ous Defence. Copenhagen, June 25, N.S. The Baltick Traders from England, confifting of between 50 and 60 Sail, arrived in the Sound the 22d Inftant, N.S. under Convoy of the Flamborough, Capt. Porter, and of the Badger, Capt. Scott, who, it was believed, would wait fome Days at El-finoor, fince few of the Ships homeward-bound were then come down. On the 23d M. Puihkin, the new RuuW Minifter, arrived here with his Family, from Sweden. The Marquis derPuerto arid his Son are likewife expefted very foo�-j the former on his Way to "the Hague, and the latter is to refide here as Minifter from the Court of Spain. ' TlSii"Day7behw^'T^vVaB'dOhej''theKingofDenmark arrived at the Palace of Rofenberg ; and he ap-pear'd weak arid pretty much fatigued. The King now -drinks Affes Milk, which is thought to have a � good Effect upon him ; and has chofen to lodge at Rofenberg, for the Conveniency of talking in the Garden that lies round it. This Journey has been taken purely on Account of the Princefs*s Lying in. Brujfeh; June zj, N.S. Fifteen Thoufand Men have been detached from the Army before Mons, and are to encamp on the Side of Aloft, in order to cover the Way, from this Place to Ghent, and are to be at hand to join the Grand Army in Cafe of Need, which at prefent is in its old Potitioh near Antwerp, tho'' we have a Report here, that Preparations are making to attack the Allies in their Camp. All the General Office*s who were at Lou-vain fet out from thencV on Sunday laft for. the. Grand Army. On>Friday laft a terrible Firing of C*�non was heard from Mons, which lafted from Three in the Afternoon to Seven at Night, and then ceafed, from which we conclude, that the Batteries either of the Befiegers or 3e-fieged were difmounted: The following is a Litter from the Camp before Mons, datjed.tbf zotb Ittjlant, We have at prefent tut 3$ Pieces of Cannon from 16 to Z4 Pounders. Our Artillery is very long in cdming. The Royal Grenadiers are actually battering in Breach a Half Moon, which has beeri vdry vigqr^ufly defended for aBoV The King has been pleafed to grant unto Richard Arundel, Efqj the Office of Treafurer of his Majefty's Chamber, in the room of Sir John Hynde Cotton. ' The King has been pleafed co grant unto Arthur Young, Doctor of Laws, the Place and Dignity of a Canon or Prebendary of the Metropolitical Church of Canterbury,' void by the Refignation of Spencer Cowper, Clerk. Plymouth, J~une 18. This Day came in here Lieutenant Bray, of his Majefty's Ship the Duke, by whom we hear, that on the 1 o'th Inftant, O. S. The French Fleet was feea by a Swediih Ship off1 of Rochebonne j and that about the fame Time a Dutch Galliot faw the Englifti Fleet 30 Lea*, gues Weft from the River of Bourdaaux. Tho* there is nothing yet clearly known of Prince Can-tecuzeno's Conspiracy; fomuch tranfpires at Vienna, as to) occafion a Rumour, that he was to have fpirited up a Rei volt in Auftrian Walachia, in order to have got the Sovereignty of that Province for himfelf, under the Protection of the Turks. All the neceffary Difpofitions are made in the Allied Army fof putting it in Motion upon the firft Notice, either to advance toward the Enemy, or turn off a little to the Right, in order to .facilitate the Junftion of chelmperia-Efts coming from Germany. ; Duke Charles-Leopold of MechJeaburgh, who has been formahy Years! removed from the Government of his-Dutchy, on Account of Male Adiiainiftration, makes a great Stir again, by his Minifters, in the D^eeof Bacif-boh, and at the Court of Berlin, in order to get reilored to the-Poffeffid&Gf his hereditary Rights. _ AD V E RTISE M�N TS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street.

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