Friday, June 17, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, June 17, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 17, 1846, London, Middlesex TUESDAY, June 17, 1746. Deal, June 15. 1 HE Galloper Tauter remains ftfty in the Downs. WindN.N.E. GraveJenJ,'Jjne i$. Ptfs'd f, .by Elizabeth and Vary, Adam- foh, from Gjtenl^nd1; and the r Anna Sophia, Turner, fromNpr-way. - 1 Paft, June 14. Sailed Wefton's Adventurei>and;the W;ills, to wait .., . Convoyifor.vl*OTdon. Came in Erne, Lee, fromDoVer; William;andfj^xonfts, Lander; Thomas and liGzabet-h Blake; and, Endeavour, Hehning, from London; and William: and Mary, Untborn* from Kewcaftle. The Jane of this Port is � arrived at Port Rufh in Ireland. " Southampton, June\^. Arrived Union, from London fir Guernsey; Try ton, from ditto foV." Jerajy; the tneras. Oak, Elizabeth, New Recovery," Cdntent, "Blefling, Gbbc| Intent, ana* True Ifpve,from Newcaftle. Sa$ed: Bleffcfcg, Wheeler, for Dublin; the Elizabeth? .Union; and Try am fcr Jerzey ; Succefi. and Providen*:c,1 for dHto j and the Goernzey Lilly, for Gutrnzey:' 'Windto.EV The Diamond, GoatJy, from London, is arrived at Leghorn. ' The Anne Gally^ Smith, from Jamaica j and - Clark, from Barbadoes, at GlaTgbW. Yefterday arrived the MaiL from Holland ifafjur May 31. Public Prayers have been-ordered in all the Churches here,' on Accbonfof a flight Earth^aaKe'^^ere on Monday,f|ight' As we are extremely careful, in $e prefent ConjiiaQure, to keep away all Straagro;. two fuch were Seized this Mbming in the Inner Court of the Palace, notwitnft^irfg' thet'bid fcood poftrr.------ Ttorptcei June 4. The firft- Battalion of Guard^ will lnarchTb-indirtow for the Camp^thatlias" been marked but .near Pifa,:*ndvthftoUter Troops defigned for thai Camp .wiU,inftantly.fclloWi -All the Militia of duYCouritryTu*? alfpaffemblingiinordertobejencamfeti. 1 ; 1 Cukgno^ JMne 7. Inftead - of retting,4, as. had been ex-: fedied, the Spaniards are forfjfyi^tnerafelves here with * jgoo4 Entrenchmewsi furnifhed with Pafljfkdes and Artillery; Theyihaveajfq cut and barrkado'd the Roads that kaitoPizzighitoneinfcvetalPlacfei.'. General Roth is faTd' t^havebeM^reinfor�ed4)y 4 Battalions and-5 Companies t)f? GreradijSp, jatid jie ihdar, that! -tH feiperialiiffs, for the \ Conyeniency of Coinmunication, Jja^e laid jianother Bridge over the To at. Spirjadefco, wjicli ari^ foraying fbongly. The Sparuardstl^^rehere anwe, {hat their Army under Placeatia,.kieie^n^.frfrii. T^ie/tpTime^and that it? s&ally cbnfifts ofnear 30,006, JMen. Thpy add, that Count' Gaj^batft fent geod ^eftcfcinenta to Caftel St. <�k)vamrfi, "Jh"order, to bridle the, "I^cur^ons made by the Auftrian Hofiar*;&rf*'cne4 Valfcy of Ti8one? MilatiiJ[uj*% Tho* the ^panilh Detachment which advanced near this City, is retired^ we/fhaU obit be eafy as; long as we knSw^hemies are m the Lodefari, and in-all' Probability the Great Chancellor's family will nbt return': till there is'nothing more id t^'W^JStAg^^UA nia ha^a�tea1Iy�throWn threfe Bridges, over �ie iBpnnid^^e are in Hopes.theJDpErations which-his-Ma|efty is going-tof begin, will, change the Face of Affairs on this Side: And? *e are afTBred^that, aRe/olutipn^ha's^^h will ad-vance, � by the Wa^ of' Vogleia and Payja, in order to^jput f Count Gages between, two Is ires. ; Tn�tne mean �Jftme,- there | are frequeht^mrmifliics between the D^^tachnients which-the Spnwrds hive aiohg rtePo/tS.pTeferve kheirCom-^ inuMcation with Vogfcnr and T^Ut^Jai' the "Imperial Hoffars- who dairjr'crdfs the'T^BJay^d'mike Ihrbaa's on xhatSide. ' r. ....v Acbrding to die laft Advices^, Count Gages is making fcveral Motions with, his Army* as tmwh as^ the Grbarjd �will permit, to induf? the Irnperialifts to change their' Po-fitum; who rerhairi firm' however, depending on the'Measures taken with die "Court of Turin, and who cannot fail, ]�"h a little-Patience, of making-thentfelves Mafters of Kacentia, and a-great Part of the Spaniards-Artillery and *�ggage. There (aid to have been< a1 fmart AflSon on Me-3oth pad before Placentia, when the Auftrians aftiially entered rjie Spanilh Intpenchment* in feveral Places; but were repulfed with fome Loft, afcer haymg done tonfidc-"fcweDamage. . - � . r.,--i where is to be the;General Ren4ezyous of thp Troops de-figneid for the Dutchy of Louvain. i .,' Lowvain, June 6. Colonel Pranchini* who commands the Auiirian Pahdours in the Room of Baron Trenck, had Yefterday an Affair with the Marquis d'Armentiere, near the Village of PellenberghT'whitHer Jie had"advanced with 7 or ffoo Pandours and Croats. The FrenchGenekl at-tack'd hirfi Virithiio Picguets, 4 Companies of Grenadiers, I y .200 Graffins, and 400 Horfe,apd obliged him after alop-1 ftinate Engagement, to retire to Dieft, haying lpft^tcr ' Men killed, and'25 ?rifoners. The'Marquis d Atrmentiere had 10 Men killed, and 15 wounded. r 1 l.,,: ..-j L o D 0 N ( The Marquis de Pufieux, who, lately arrived at the Hagtte froi^iParis^ upon -his receaying" a(Lep:er'from his Court, is-fet out nppn>. his Way Ifamt but!, whtther to return again is yetdncertain/ ThcMarquisdeGilles, the SpanHhAn^afi^^hasairo begun to take iiis Letve of thePerfons-of DHtinQidn at thtfHague.- Bythefame Let-i t^^tharb^g.tfibft Pdrti re .faid' t^'.be ac-s ,tually entrencW.., -. v  Some Letter* by the Dutch Mail fay, that the. Reinforcements from Germany were vriAinti�ree'cays Mar$i of the Allied Army, v- ' /J Yefterday began the Trial of AdmiraJ, Matthews on board the Prince of Orange at Deptford j bnt*>sihis -afkrng foroe^Cltteftions theCourt adjoarned^&rf Die. yefterday his-;Grhce the Dvlqe df .MontagueVLHorfe paffed in Review before hi? Majeiiy/ whofaw^ them from :the Terrace at K�nfington. i ; .� , Yefterday his Serene Highnefi the Prince of Heffeweht to the Tower, ahd'faw^e'^r^ller'y, &c. and aftervva*4s -embarkedfar Holland. : .'�. 1,: . Letur fnm -P�t/}*euth June 15. 1 Yefterday failed from St. Hetens2th6 "Exeter M�n of i *-MUr>i P9oJ'^Moftar Bomb: Th�J -, wer-earnved-atGarwiiy.^^Ahd thaf they TeFSK E^^^P^^^^ajnin,. oiv.Ute nxth.paft, off the Banksbf ^e^otyidlarid.: > '"" r/>� Ciapt,Stepi uafH^uiBS ibtbU bs, ^ bo-mmoiteSrnet| wif fa�led from.Baayja^ wit^-his Squadron ; t'b whVtilace ; Thai, the Wincheifea P/rivafeex wa&,amVed at jatawafc intheStrJt'i^ bM^^f^ been.ieett ,----, , ----Croz,"'b, of the cwZm>$ bSj* il'H vfei 're-tafori- ; v *I ,v�i ^ J -Wft*c ^t"^ nejr^te^b' ^?pl!^ : one"of^-ito^of �geu&^q% f.^T ^. YetfeV4a>:#Riih;t andfWo 'v-arpcnicr�, luaocniy icn^apwn^, at S,ne .b^n, li'ar1 vern in St.teY'Chur^yM Accident the Mailer Bri>eklayer (Mr. Warren^&f l^amej-ftreet} had both his Legs broke, one of his Men was kill'd on the \Sppt,: and ttur- other'his hjs gft&t&ac* tur'd, fb that it isthbught :he-eannoY�eebV^r>;- oe^vthe'%�Sb Carpenters fav^dthemldves byiles^ing^titd dw Gallery.' i - Yefterday- WiHiam,!Si)Ook, ^�dwi�M>Ifa>>Jto#, an^^l' ward Bolton, were committed to Clerke&tfSll-'Briaewefl, -by-Sir^Thomas Tfe Vef^ifbV.<airaoltirIg?'%^^Yn^^ \.Highway o� Kinsley �Ooin^npJanie^^^b%<S^^ i -Sku'B, a^ is defpaired f^^ndbreak^g^hisl-WifeJs4a#; S^h^r-ale 'alt three committed for t�K&#ExaMihatio*^ AD V ERT1SEM EN TS are taken in for this Paper, atLiovD-'s Coffie-Hov^, in Lombard-ScreeC

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