Sunday, June 5, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Sunday, June 5, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 5, 1846, London, Middlesex - J, THUkS t> A Y, Juki 1746, peal> June 3. 1 AME down, the Exeter Weftdn, for Eaft India; Mary Gaily, DarracjDt,s ind the Buchanan, Crawford, for Cape. Breton* ftfendfhip, lifle,i for Philadelphia j ana remain with, the Starke Mto of Wat, and the. Ferret Stoop, and all the Outward-* bound. WindS.S.W. ! Grow/end, J*** $. Pafs'd by the Pilot Boat, Robin-; fon; Lapwing, Chace; and the Swift, Stevens, from; Holland. ' c The Litde Fofter, Draper, from Jamaica, is arrived at t LeVerpool. Mrttrp, If one h. There were found in die Ci ridel off this Plate* 8tt Pieces of Cahrioni and a large iQjjahiirjr .of| Provifions and Ammunition : But the Place is ft* entirely t rained, dial no B&dy. wonders it made no longer Defence.! The King left his Quarter* at Bouchont the Day before| Yefterday, and being^arrived attheGafepf Jprj, Count dej Clermont, a Prince of the Bbyxd^ preYer^aVthe Magif- J trates to Hirri in a Body, whO^elivered' up the fceys of die | Ciry. The Kjog went ffrit to the Citadel,, and- aft�rha-' vhtgbeen cprnblitteHted. i>y" trie Bi&dk iUhe HeadjBf' his Chatter, fi# afcftVd af & MMj$:up j his Lodging? at the Abbey .of St. Michael . Bit Entry j Was made with a Magnificence not to* be expreffifd,.' Tfije j Sheets he faffed thro'were^eoflrated withal v2ff Qiaht&Jy} of rich Ornaments, and crouded with Peft&e. Hi is to} fet oat ht fatrf Days cm his Return' fo'TerlaiJlesy in order to be pjrefent when the Dauphineis is deli/sred. According to Advices from tl)e Cdafts of Ffenders, two \ �naH jVje^^,arf.C(pc utat Q&iinimA ifewpric* Wfcdchj report that Mrl \*v*elch7an Jri& Merchant wip Jftquit f >fant5k,-and who two Yeaj-s ago wokqjfcln blm to Hrryl over the Pretender's. S.o)j intoScothVnd,- aVfiv'e^ aV LdcK- u ber the 5th of MRi^ntl with" two large Sfcps, from | which' Ee Jfad JandetT 7*0 Cneffs o? Arms, 1.50 Barrels of I Powder, other Military Provifions5, and a "very oonlidera-b!e~Sum'of Money. " Bru0th^JfMt to. The King- havinff tohfldered; that the Fortifications of Nieupprt were ny fucn a" Condition as tV make itnecei&r^dth�todenlori&;tnem, ot bie af great Rxpencein their Reparation; :hisWaje%reforv!etl uporf'the former, in Confequehcg' of w^fch*' &e; nectary' Oi'dSA have been fent ;to proceeduonthis pe^r^litir^without!jjf: Tay" j and; ft is' faid", t�e for^ca^ons'pfthc Citadel of Antwerp wJU undergo fee fame" Senleac^. ExtraS of.' aJLetter. fidm.pMii:, June 3. * It is.not o&ly in fiebilf 9fl^'^M'' r ghmrtd* il^ff h'rt' Dcknl&d * without the leaft Delay.' The Ruffism* Miiafe*, M: de" ^tepHoef,1 tietiik arVWe<l kt the Porte, die And to giYeAf^ rirythat'^e iffiiiAefeafe Difj^tttoto^aWstWBmpms-Queen of Hungary, Orders haW been f*fet- W tfie Ctoi-maadant of all Places that4ktj&r>uf^^ of fSwAujusy � axiyfof her The-^^fiadte,bH^g*P&ket; .,- ^ yllaMPJ^fyrtig frod* Lifbon. is re-^ea by t*Ls R�fe tojtfTO^WfiigS into Guernzey. The SufanRahPjrttytafeen^foTn^ time ago by.the.Ad-veirforeiP�^>eVoF Guefnicy; is'-arrived' there fibril"Fal-mooth. . Cajft.,StoiMboafe of *he: Bl�(tf�d?"iivaJ!eef 'his? taken rttJientiirtto* Btiftbf>a* t&*Wck'&vivt>f*ia- s AiW- r'�;n>^- uioMujuu ui <ui r laces mat uoruer v that Princefs, to take the u^c&4'( Neighbourhood, andrflQtto'g^e'Si andfentiinto* Btiftbt,-a- r^ehtif'Privattef,5called' �a;Moi. ^^'J^P�Nf BaJ^Sfef-.ot WcfOirfiage^uas1, The^ia,vWprmsj T'rue'Fne^ftip: PeachVBfdaen, with^o;otheT^ *MvN&eft�e ^btlchown; Yesterday bisM^iefty went, to the Houfe of Peers, with ^6b&1eite"a on the T^rpne,.iud Ihe Commons Being, fent for, the Royal Aflent was given to the following' Bills, vfz. An-Act to ^Ahn.bWtiiSBp' bwjan^a^thriS ........ , bervice? doBj^by his Royal Higbnela lahit Country ,4 An Acl for calling any QfpecUd Pertonror Perioris, whofe Eflatei or Principal Refieeoce are m Scotland,, to. apppar at Edinburgh, 6r wfiere elle it Hull be jud^'d expedient, tofind Bail for their good Behaviour. .  Aii-Acl; fdl the nioireeifeclual ^curin^ the fiuties how payable on �*^� � �  Xifii wit �e% b%%a at their iirff fettin* okfefe fdrntmed with' orie cdrhpleit Set of Sail! made ^BrM^i.l Clbti. . An Aft to\.attaint Alexander^Earl cf XeHie,, Williams Wc^jnt <)t Straihallan, ^^J^^^t* ^ aiytrs others diej-ei�inefltio^4,^nigbtT 4^|npt fui'render them&ivesLto one of his Nfaieftys, Ju-.fticel of the Peace, ^nor b^oVe. . An Ait to cotftiiuieWo Acts of r^mment, one for en-couragjng jtheGrOwA of Coffee in hi�; Majefty's Plantations in America ; and the other for the better fecuring a^d $6c6iiraglng,the Trade of His Majefty's Sugar Colo* niesj iri America,. An A& for the better fcegilatibn cSfEleftiqns of ^em-1 beirtd fa^tbnff&?e^om ktg&j^.fyDefease of bjs 6fejeify>iP^orl.-.�nd;.(50vej�mfflt, *w>a fqr thePrefervatroa-oftho, Publick Peace of this Kingdom,] daKni-tKe time of thefreftnt ^tJnratur^l Re%'eHibn ' * r\ - An Aft morteffeftually to pieteent Profane ,Cu*fingciwUf Swearings......  - - - ..... > - An 4# for th^ betterJSncour^gejneiit of the Tfadt'df _ NJg W C A JLX L �*JM�jr-*if .... On Monday Jaft three. Officers, ,a Serjeant, and �7 Men, 6f the Old 6uffs', 108.'Me^bfiloiigin^' to different Regi* menu in the 'North.', and two of the YorkihtfeBjuesj m$>ft. of whom were jdt nere fickVand are now recovencd, were embarked at Shields for Scotland, to Join their refpeftiye Regiments.,  .: "  ; On Monday, when his Serene*Highnefs Prince Frederic of Hefle-Caffel .arrived in this TpW^ from,Scptlahdj on his Way.for London, he -was -received with all,due rylarks of Honour and fefteem', by Beils rirtgin&_ jpifcharge^ of GunS, -and loud Acclimations from the: TPpulace.-^ JThe Manjuis of Giranby's'-Regiment alfopaid him proper Honours, as he p^oTed the Streets to his.-Quarters, where the Right Worihipful the Mayor, the Recorder, Aldernjeh, and other Gentlemen waited upon him, and paid him their eompjitneots. x vpf*1} They wihrfiyn; Wferpeth,. thafjJ'fftHe Arrival, of the Prbiceiof Heite, the. Islagiftratesi Gentry, and Clergy of thatPJace, waited t>u 4�is Highnefsi who-very kindly received their Compliniei\ts of Congratulation made by tne Chief Magifttiate} and \hat a general Satrfaftion appeared am6ng all Ranks, whicb'NvasteftifyM-by ringing of Bells, drinking *>f many worthy Healths, Bonfiresi iec. >On Wednefd^iy laft the Rfiojajnder^^pf"^he.Durxrh; Fprcrs who were })fft, fi�kj .jvej^on]e/ed tq.j*?ve. tb� Tbwn at anJ^out's.Wanoing, and go aown to Shields to embark imnediately fox Holland. � - \ - > Thurfday earate^ to this To*n for Londonj on Parole, the* PretenderVeook,-~n{hq fays, that the Pretender's Horfe was wounded in the Thigb>by a CanWn-Ball at CulJoden Battle, and hisJLqueoy kSled toji tbe; Syot; that he (the Cook.) was bufy dreu^gj^e.; Pretend^r> ^Dinner ; in the Tinfe of Aftioq ' and-' that as foon as the Newj .ca'nje to Cflloden-houfe frohv the vpretehder, tbatr ail wa^loft^he rrjounted; and ar|ah$c�d to get to Invcrnefs, but was taken by^a Party of our Men. im to levpfajf Private Bills, Aw Hou'le ^J^^T^^uwi^&i with the Prince of Wales at Carlctjoa-hqiqfe, u s j\ .. ^ . ., ^,.v. ' The RighfcHan. the7 Houfeof Peers have adjourned to Monday Qext' Th7e^Iv^a^atJ^p^f^^ ral, Lejlock, debsttt Tuei'day laft, and of Adinl- pn the F^vidence da M.onda.)E.and i Five on Ttwtfiay iw tha-Evenlng, (the Court, confining, of Sixteen Members? m Admiral Mtfiriey Prelioeni;- Admiral Upg^ari^ jjpnrjeea, ouvtr Me^nbjrji). ,tbe, Djeputy, Jv^gfi�Myoj�t% vwf'im SenisHce,, by whiplLit; appeared: theCoiirt wc*e',Gf .Opinion, That the InforraatioO.tfcCJ^fge^as. founded'Ufs�,(was not true ; airi/ttaLtha j^ldefa^ Charge. * And, the wh�u\ andievety Fait ot the i'tpjvlbn the-TrialbTAa'm IjyiSe'nnig tews: wjbep they - * are under ..La^:^ue^ay^tMsi^R^dhe five Year old Plate, of 501. was-wonby Leonard Hartley, Etb^i ^Cheihdt Horfe, Star. ^Th�e was zxc^ta^J^t. :> ^w^Stakes were wen by 'Mr."Hunt's ChefnUt-Horfe; ^/^j.r 'There were nine Horf^i ftarted. , � � L ,  .   , ?On" We^eway for fix Year- old pfjp. J. ,fii|e' Harfes ftarted j which1' was won by Mr- ^e^sytf's JBay. M�"�� %q/FBtltf: Stakes pir.M�tti,j1feiik Horfe, Ci*�t- ror. \ � � - ' ." - a OttThjn^wfthe;Giw-and-'Fake glawbf 501. was won by Mr.'jeawtofi Bay Ivfare,' Jeneita. S' C O' T L A U D. EJir�p�&t AfcivagV On Monday laft a Letter came, by Exprefsfrom his Royal Highnefsi the Duke of ^Jumber* land, to t^e.^Rjgh^Jforiithe. Earl.oC Leven^ direftcd to his Ms jyiajej^y's High Comrniffioner,, to^_tbe 'Genera! Affembly.Vhe^i^. as,wevarerinformed, his Royal H^hnafs is pleafed, to exprels a very ^reat^Regard for the Churdi-of^Sc^oiland^and all her Members^ ^Men irivio* lably,attachn"to* Kis lSlajeu^ s .Perfdrt /n^'Government, and particularly fcealous^ for fappteffirig^ to" the atmoft of their Power,.the prefent wicked ai6iitural,Cjind unprovok'd Rebellion.-'Tis p%.that theAfiembryi was diffolved be-fore-^is-HiglmefaVLetter came to his Lordihip's Hand*} tfto' tRis,LoSswastin ibme Mea(ur,c (upplffdJ>y / his L^rd-fhip's favouring, a \�9> ouroerou&M^ngvpf: Mjniite^ afld Elder^ (w^en affembj^d aboutittanaging his Majeity's pi- Highlands andlflands) witnv.a S^ipfiije H^gnntfi'ssLet-t�>- whic* Hste' raall^ith all to ^Honour a^iReipeft. - His RtryalHighneft die Duke; naithrd^nmrlnvernefs on.3lri3ayvJ aCthjpHieadv '..J&i&fflbfa M regular Troops, tji^^^eUs^iStt Aless^d^r M^skdonal^s Men, and"the WCeods: T^ev/Ro,ubwa|.jbj Fqrf, Ap|$Jus>-w it>v�roeSiwyitairAwMnents.-~- The Etfrfof Loudon's Corbs- is ordwed to StiWhdon. and ffl eiffiv�tv^^T^�9ai� Itfe jgnardihg' *he f afftl; in Pri* S&iUnrOjders a-tSpithrad iOn"8u^6^E*ei�rardie SwanTMafr'tif War fifikifrfim] ;OaSaturday kft arrived at Falmouth a French.PriM, | fappofed toibe l^iti^J^^^fS^^ffk |, near the Sand alPdt^e.SpsaniardL;but'^ ; wifhout^sfeagtr,? ^ - - J--^-�:; - - ... .i' Oti T^dayNjgni lad the Lady.of \lilesBarnc?..ETq;: was^foughMq-^Ka;Son� *til�s/jH5ufc-in. Grofvenor-: Sare, ^.Aeigfeatifey We.d^r Royal Hig the Entexuinment of his Serene Heffe. Prince of I A Spy war detefted on Thufday- at InverBefs, and hing^-Vithf dWielsi pf G^enmoriiion^ UjquhMt, and ^ ;,Tber^�s,a fif e:"'hiflfV'1neaf fifty Transports in the Road of Leith. "  ' .  � .'," 1 ; .' AD V ERTISE M EN TS are taken in tqr this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffii-Hovse, in Lombard-Street.

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