Monday, April 11, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, April 11, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 11, 1846, London, Middlesex Adveitifef. FRIDAY, April ii, 1746. Deal, April 9. AIL'D Ye'frefciay after Poft, the t| Datnifh Ship to the Wefhvard. Re-main his Majeity's Ship Scipio. Ar- j; rived the Ferret Sloop from Oftend.; Wind South. jj Gravefbtd, April 9. Pafs'd by j| Charles, Randolph) frbm Virginia; J, and the Wincheller, Burden, from J| Holland. 11 L O N D O /N. ExtraB of it Letter film'tbe tjpptr "Rhine, April']. ' It is no oriousand fufficreritly known, that the Empire !.' hitherto e-xa<S Neutrality. With thisjn-j tention the laudable Circle of Stfafeia polled its-Troops along tha Rhine to the Foot of Philiplbiirghi principally to avoid the ExcefTesof the two Parties at War, and-pre-ferve the Subjects from all Qppreffion. In confequence j they have thought it iifeful and necefTary to contradict | publickly what has been lately reported, namely, that \ Capt. Knobelfdorff, actually commanding "at La;rac, had j| boaffied of his Valour in repulfing the French, when they j! made an Excursion to Stetten the 2$d of January atfj Night. His Eagertiefs and-Zeal to render perfett C�be- f; dience to the Orders df his High Generality, could not -| have permitted him to violate thofe of the laudable Cir-1 cte.r-It is equally falfe, thatfomeof the Subje&s camej to demand Succour of the faid Capfain KnobelldorfF, ahd j that he gave them for AnfAver, That he had no Orders j fo repel F6J& with Force. ? 41 u 'Letters  ffdm Ediribufgh dated A'prtf 5, confirrn tho u Accoant infe'rfedYeftefday in this Paper ~Only, in Relation " to-Lbrd Crawford, and "fay, that upoh. his Approach the " Rebels quitted Blair CalUe, and retired to Ruthven, &c. �� Sir Andrew Agnew his entertained his Lordfhjp'andtlie " Duke of Athol there. And. the Prjritfe of Heffe was *' come up with 1000 Foot. ��. Letters -foam -Aberdeen dated the wfth Inftant, fay, " that Lord Loudon, and the Lord-Prefident got to the " Ifle of Sky with near Todo df theif'M'en the 26th of " March, and afe Jpin'd by Sir Alexander Macdonald, and, 'tis faid, by Lord Fortrofe alfo ;-bat want Mo-" ney, Provifions and Ammunition. His Royal Highnefs *' has ordered ;i 500 Bolb-of Meal to befenc thither, and " " defir*d Gen. Campbell to affift them with every Thing !.j " he can fpare. A jvlan of War is at the Ifle to protect [ �* them. The Sutheflarld-Men and Lord Rea's continue,J xt in' a Body, at Sutherland. The Report Of the Preten- || 4 w[njg'_to Capt. <c Scott's having filled tile-Garrets with Earth Bedding, " Hides; ?tc. He has difmotfrited fome "of their Can-" non, blown up one df their Powder 'Magazines, -and " mortally -wounded one of their ' Chief: EngrWeers. He 41 fent back* French Bruhimer without receiving the Let-4t ter he brought from General Stapjeton, has received Provifions from one e�f our Men-of War., tUrnrd dat the " ufelefs Mouths, and his Parties have brought in feveral " Black Cattle and Sheep. In'lhort, he makes a gallant J 44 and brave Defence. 1 We are informed, that it' was the Hazard Sloop which was drove on Shear on the Coaft of Scotland, by the Sheefhefs.Man ^fWar^ as memidn'd YeftSrday ; and it is opnfirm'd rtut all.who were lalxied from on board hir, were either taken or kill'd.  Yerferday arrived an Exprefs from  Hull, which 'tis fuppos'd brought only feme Accounts of the Troops bturkl to Scotland, being leen off that Place. We hear, that the Dobb's-Gailey, and California are riow out of the Dock, and will be ready to Tail the latter end of this Month : And that the Lords of the Admiralty have granted Protections for three Years, as an encouragement to all Seamen, whofhall enter on boarTthefc Ships' for the Voyage through Hudion's Strait-, to' f nd out the North-Weft Paffage. Lalf Sunday died at Reaking in Shropfhi-e, V illiam "Theophilas Kynafton, Eiq, a Gentleman pufiefs'w of a large Ellate, and who a few Years agoferved the Ofhce of High Sheriff for that County. Yefterday Morning died at his Lodgings at Hoxt^n, Mr. Thornton, many Years an eminent Apothecary in iJifhopf-gate Street. On Tucfday Night died at Camberwell, James Hawkins, Efqi formerly Agent to feveral Regiments. A few Days ago died at his Houfe at Knightfbridge, Mr. Holcombe, an eminent and wealthy Brewer. Lefferfrom Pert/mouth, April g. 4 This Morning fail'd from St. Helen's the Princefe 4 Mary, Commodore Griffin, with the five Sail dfEafl-4 -India Ships, -mehtion'd in my laft. Sailed alfo his Ma- ' jetty's Ships Salifb'ury and Defiance on a Cruize.-^- 4 R'emain at Spithead his Majctty's 'Ships Prince George,; 4 Sandwich, Marlborough, PrinCefs Royal, Shrewfbury, � 4 Tibujy, and Pearl; with the Wcazle Sloop, and 'Hin- j ' chinbrook Sloops ; and the Mortar Bomb Ketch.' ;j Orders are given for expediting the Imbarkation of the Forces intended for Cape Breton, which we hear -are to ; be 3000 Men complear, befides Officer's. And it is laid, * that an Expedition isaclually iritended againft Canada. We hear his Majefty has been pleafed to prefent Lord \ Sackville, Col. Conway, and Col. Dejean, eadi to a Regiment. Captain Porter, of the Speedwell Sloop df War, is ap- 1 'pointed Commander of the Flamborough Man of War,:' lately launch'd at Woolwich. I Yefterday the Lords of the Treafury appointed Mr. t Thiftlewaitie to be Collector of the Cuftoms, for the Ports i of Hull and Burlington in Ydrkfhire. ; On Wednefday the Rev. Mr^Pickering, of St. James's,^ was married at St. Martin's Church to iVlifs Milliiton, of Jermyn-ftreet. Laft Friday a PerTon genteely drefs'd, well-mounted on ; a black Gelding, overtook on the Road, about a Wile from ; Hale in Northamptoriftiire, Mr. Street, a Glover and Ha-befdafher in'the Borough of Southwark, and telling him, he Was gding'to Leicefter, Mr. Street faid he fhould be glad ofJ his Company, being going to the fame Place ; but in paf- \ fm'g thro1 Harp Wood his Companion thought it a proper! Opportunity to open his Mind, and prefenting a Piltol' to his Breaft, demanded his .Money, threading to fhoot ! him in Cafe of Refufal, -on which he gave him upwards of j EleVen Pounds, and after taking away his Brtdle, rode off. j Robberies begin again to be fo frequent in different j 'Parts of the ToWn, that fcarce a Night paffes but we have j -Accounts of them; it is therefore hoped that the Magi-'ftfdtes, and propter Officers, will exert themfelves in Time, and prevent an Evil that muft otherwife be of very bad Confequence j as was lately exemplified in the Black-Boy j 'Altey Gang. Yefterday at the Seflions in the Old Baily 25 Prifoners i were tried, 19 of whom were �caft for Tranfportation, i and 6 Acquitted. The Seffions will end this Evening. Canterbury, April 9. 'Tis faid that Francis Sadd, one df the Perfons condemn'd at Rochefter Affizes'for Sheep-ftealing, -and fince reprieved, gave Information of the Robbery himfelf, and that he wanted to be hang'd, to fling his Wife and Children upon theParifh, in Revenge forde-.' nying him the Neceffaries he required. Difeafes and Cafuakies this Week. Difeafes. -Aged 69. Confumption 121. ConvoM fioni54. Dropfy 25. Fever 6S. Small P<?x 79,, Teeth 20. ' Cafualties. Broken Arm 1. Drdwn*<l T. Executed 4.: Kill'd by a Fall 1. Overlaid 1. Chriften'd Males 164. Females 152. In all 316. Buried Males 313.^'fmales 299. In all 612. I Incre^.s'd iiuhe Burials this Week 140. 8 A OP�R H A Y-.M A R K E T. T the KING^ THEATRE in the To the Author of the General Advertiser. SIR, . A MONG the modern Frolicksof this polite Age,thatf of breaking Globular Lamp Glafies is a moft cruel | one, fairing Pleafure in Mifchief, arid injuring the Proprie-j-tors, wiro are Perfons too low in Life to merit the Ill-will* of GeAtlemoii cf Rank and Fortune, as were thofe who-on Fn'day laft about 3 o'Clock:broke between 20 andjo-Lamp-Glafl'es in Pall-Mall, St. James's-freer, &c* wiich occafions a Lofs of Six-Pounds and upwacds, to fe-: vcrai Perfons who furnifh Lamps at Gentiemens and others* Dodrs. Surely, upon the Return of cool Reafon, thefirft? Th3ught that would naturally occur would be to make Rev paration, and to direct the Sufferers where to fend an Ac- � connt of the Number and Value eadh had broke, that iRey'i might be repair'd in Damages; this furely may be reafo-' ably expe&ed, as the'Darnagcin breaking theie Glaffes is' double the Expence fince the late Glafs Act pafs'd into a' Law: So that if this fhould be a reigninn; Diverfion, it; - , too ' will be.fuch a one as will ruin feveral P<srfon?, and will render it impofflble to fix Glafs Lamps in the Streets-of the Liberty of Wejlminfttr, unlefs the Legiflature will affift in laying a Penalty, in order to Perfons from willfully breaking the fame. It may be aflced, why the Watch don't take Care to prevent Perfons from breaking them ? But alas ! what is a Watchman or two againft four or five drawn Swords. Yours PHILO-LUMINIS.  Bank-Stock 1 Lg 3 4ths 20 a 19 1 half. Permits 18. India no Price. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities no Pricei Ditto New 92 a \ Sth a 92. Four per Cent. Bank Annuities 88 1 half a 5 8ths a 1 half, lhree per Cent. Annuities 75 1 4th a 6. Ditto 1742, 75 1 4th a 6. Ditto 1743, and \744, 75 1 4tha 6. Ditto 1745, 75 1 4th a 6. Million Bank no Price. Equivalent 9j. Royal AfTurance no Price. London Ailu. ranee T 5 Sths a 3 4ths. Englifh Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Gen\ ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 4 1. 1 ^ s. Pr. Indii Bonds 2 s. an. a 2s. Difc. Three and a half Salt Tallies 16 1. a Difc. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price* . Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets 3 s. 6 d. Prem. HAY-MARfcEX^ To.m6ttBWi, -Jvilito +dfaaat  New P�RA, calJM A R T A M E N E. With Dances and other Decorations., Entirety Ktn-v. Pit and Boxei to he put'together, and no Perfrins t-o te aSmittrd without Tickets, -which will be deliretttJ that Dsy., at the Optri Office in the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAJESTY's CoMmajjh, No Perfons' whatfoever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery to be open'd at Four 6'Cloc.k, Pit and Boxes at Five. To-begiivat Six o'clock. ------ � � - � - .... _ . D R U R Y-L A N E. Not Acted thefe Six Tears. By particular DESIRE. For the B E N E F IT of Mr. HAVARD and Mr. BERRY.] By His Majefty's Company of Ctmedtans, A T the Thcacre - l\ oval in Djury-Lane* this Dav, wiil'be revlv*d a Piay, cali'd M E A S U RE FO R.MEA.SJI RE. * Written Vy Sh.akefpeare. The Part of the Duke by Mr. Berry ; Angelo, Mr. Hanrrf ; Efcaluj, Mr. VVinftone ; Claodio, Mr. Mills; the Clown, Mr.Bar-rington , Lucio, Mr. Macklin ; Father Peter, Mr. Bridges ; Farh-r Thomas, Mr.Simptbn; Provoft, Mr.Blake;.; Abhotfon, Mr. Collins j T.lbow, Mr. I. Spaiks ; Barnardine, Mr. Ray. Mariara by Mrs.Bennetj Juliet, Mifs Pitt; Midnight, Mrs. Bridges; Kun '� Pritchard ; Mrs. Peachum, Mrs. DunfUll; P-ayer, Mr. Andsri'.n ; Beggar, Mr. James ; Mat o'th'Mint, Mr. Stcrp^lacr ; Filch, Mr. Vaughan ; Ben Budge, Mr. Eenrraft ; Jenny Direr, Mifs AUen_; Mrs. Slammekin, Mifs Hippi/l.-y ; Mrs. Coaxer, Mifs Ferguirri j Polly, by Mrs. Vincent. With EntertainmChts of Dancing, Viz. AjDance, call'd The DPUNKEN TYROLEZE, by Mr. Sodi, Slifs Vandexfliry!', and others. "Alio a new Ballet, (never perform'd before) call'd Tie Flm'-fo Tea* fantt lYtdiing, by Mr. Sodi, Signon Campioni, and others. Likewife the laft reviv'd Ballet, call'd PIG M ALIO N. By Mr. COOKE, Signcta CAMPIONI, and others. Boxe> 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery z s. Upper Gallery 1 j. To begin exaftly at Six o'Clock. To-morrow The PROVOK'D HUSBAND-Fcr the Ccnefit of Mr. ROBERTS. T SADLER'S WELLS, adjoining to the -New River fjea,l, I$it\gs?,.. J^hjslk4s,�ow C<pen'd by frefifc ROSOMAN and'-HOUGH, this and every Evening (during the Summer-Seafoo)Avill be iU'A'L <Ul V ft'RSlUMS Uf ihdl Pl.AL'k!. " Confifling of Rope-Dancing and Tumbling by Mr. Hendrick, Mr* Williams, Mr. Morris,'Mr. Peter Hough, 'Mr. Joferh, Mafter Vangavile, Mafter Carman, and others; alfo Rope-Dancing by the YOUNG GIANT. Variety of Dancing, both Serious ant Comic. Ladder-Dancing by Mr. Heridrlclc. Singing by Mr. HeenWkirck, Mrs. Dodfon, and Mifs Bonnet. To which will be added an Entertainment of Mufick (never perform'd tefore) call'd TITHON U S and AUROR A* Tithoaas, by Mr.'rieemskirck ; Aurora^ Mrs. Dddfon ; Mercury, Mr. Saunders. Interfpers'd with a New Piece in Grotefque Characters, call'd Vhe AUKWA-RD'SQUIRE, or Harrequin Pb-hf.pb;?: The Charafter of Harlequin by Mr. Rofoman'; 'Squire, Mr. Da* venport ; Colombine, 'Mrs. Hough ; the Clown, Mr. Hough. The Whole to Conclude with A GRAND DANCE in the PALACE of AURORA. Tbe CkatL s, Scenes, Mufick, ahd other Decorations are entirely Nozoi To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. Each Perfon to be admitted for a PINT of WINE or PUNCH.1? T the NEW WELLS, nmr rhe/Ww/- Spazo, Clerkcmoell, which ii Open'd by YEATES, Sen. and Jun. will be prefented this and every Evening (during the Summer Seafon) the USUAL DIVERSIONS of Tumbling by Monf. Janno, Mr. Ra^ner, Mr. Hough, and others. Rope-Dancing by Mifs Rayner, Mr. Janno, and others. Singtng by Mr.Brett, Mifs Lincoln, Mifs Vaux, and Mr. b ATT PL att, the Original Mad Tom. Several Dances, Serious and Comic, by Mafter Jnfeph Granier, Mr. Gram'er, Mr. Janno, Mr. Rayner, Mr. O-beldifton. Mr. Yeates, Mr. Water�,-Mafter Jack Granier, Mifs Granier, Mifs E. Rayner, Mifs J. Rayner, Mrs. Rayner, Mrs. Luskiny Mifs Lincoln, Mifs Vpux, aud others, partieulaily A Grand Comic Ballet, call'd Lts Re)oui�',mces Cbampares. With a NeW Entertainment of Mufick, call'd B RITA N'N 1 A REDlVlVA; Or, Courage and Liberty. Courage, Mr. Brett ; Genius cf England, Mifs Vaux; Liberty,' Mifs Lincoln. Interfperfed with anew Piece in Grotefque ?harafters, call'd The FORTUNATE VOLLN I'Kb l\ ; Or, 7Zv AmobhS o/TlARl.rf.QUIN. Mir!equ?n by Mr. Water;; Colombine, Mils Lincoln ; 's; Mr. Yeates; Oown, Mr. Warri-r. Tbe Scenes, Machines, Mufici and Drtjfet, being tnt:.-': !�:.-... To begin every Evening at Five o'Cloc?:. (T^ Each Perfon to be admitted for a Pint of WIN ' ' r :;crr. A DV.ERXISEM EN TS are aKo taken in for thfe Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-Houss, in Lombar4$treCt4

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