Tuesday, April 5, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Tuesday, April 5, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 5, 1846, London, Middlesex AIL'Q Y^entay after Poft his Ma-^3 Jefty's lpop Otter to the WeitsvardJ Arrived his Majefty's Sloop Ama-^-zpn from the  Weftward ; and re-' Wain With the Scipio'; and Byam,� -, for Antigua. Came down, thej; Dutchefsof Gordon, MoncufV forg Barbadees. Wind E:byN. 1 "Grave/end; 2pM \: PafsM by Quefcn/Anne, Jphnfbft;i -and Prince Frederick, Teddjman, fbrj'jorway Margaret,? Myers; and HalhburgK Anns,TFretiericlcCin^ from Ham-| fcurghj and* Providence, Sparks, from Flufhing. s The Robmhpod, LittlejoJm, from Gibraltar, is arrived at Barbadoes-. The Neptune, "Bruce, alfo at Barbadoes. The Houghton, Read, from Jamaica, at Cork, bound to London. '..".,'. ' The Content, Cunven, from Barbadoes, at Lancafter, m 7 Weeks', . � ' The John arid Mary, Bradley, from Virginia, at Levi*-} pool, in 40 l)ays. � The Betty, Harding, from Oporto, at Dublin. The Tybery Crombie; at Hamburgh." The Arum Catherine, Pekcrs, from London, at Hamburgh. The George, Meyheroff, from London, at Bremen.~ , The Eliza and Martha, Woodward,- from London, at \ Barbadoes. ~ L .., . The Dreadnought, Beatfpn, failed from Barbaddes for London, on the 13th of February. . Yefterday arrived a Mail from Holland. Turin, March zi. Gar Operations have flood ever fltflJte | Taking of Ateojai; when ttieLfl'fsof Marfnal Mallle-1 die Taking ct Acqfai; ...........------. -_-~--i- 0 bois amounted in me whole, fitice the Afriir of Afti, to 12 or 13,0*0 Men,-without reckoning the Deferters, of whom 800 arrived in one Day at Atexandm: ThefTare ftill 250 French in the Cattle pf CafaV'and ,2 Swifs Battalions, and 1 Neapolitan in Valeri2a,; of whom the Auf-trians are erfpe8edto givengood"Acebuht, Crtmonav Marsh 29. A Report Juft riow prevails, that *he Spaniard* have abandoned Pavia. jpith all their Maga-bines and �20 Piece* oJ Cannon,' md that General Bern-4au is caufing a Bridge tb be"*hro8m ,overthe Pp. .According ro Advicesvfrom LdnfbaW^,r ?he Piedmonteieha-ring.furprized 400; French in thp Neighbourhood of Gog-iaaV they flew" 60* of thejnv and! topic the reft Prifonefs. The Spanifh Governor of Mortora, havin| formed a De-fign tareleafe them;.fVitihttf anTAsiliiMi with about iooo -of bis People! ,\- > �. .u ' -'. : \, M�tfWr-toarck 30-An Qffi&f ^'jflffed' fey herfc General Brown's Army, carrtohjf -wfth' fruV tb nine eWomr^ntflfi^hmtod^^ been taken from die ^nemyl  They mkae a^Sbew ci* deceasing themHvei at Guaftaitej bht w^e^bt^toTur/enler a,t IJifcretidnyl.i ?'6$$taY<tt*rS arrivetfhKre') ^Site whonvase General Gaiaffa,Lwh6 goeSto feofdgnk'u^bn his Pirolft 2 CploneU and 35 jfcferiDr GffioM.^-C^.T^fejiiavewfp taken 7oo'Horfei^^Gl^!^^|Mf:de^ated''a Body -of 3000 Men, who were in^pM.tpj|e -Relief of Guaf-talla, but were obliged to retir'e.?witki& Lofs of-300 Men. The fame General ha%tjj&1Fed tfel�Bza- With very little Lofs, and taken Prifonsrs 30 Q^ce^afid 3&P Soldiers, who will arrive here To-mdfFow. iuur Army is in full March for Parma. *lu ""' . � Duffkldorp, JprilB. A frelh Body'Of 11 Imperjal Re-eiments have pafs'd by tnis I�fece'Shai ^bldgrie^h^Weir Way for.Brabantj rffa�e/' of wbic^ AbadUbeeni designed for ib.e Army;upon thliLkhine*.' -4t-4&-not conftrmedT* that the RequifTtorlal Letters -for t)i&Pafl^ge pF alCdrps'of -Savons *re arrived/ ' 1 .' * ; .  ' '; v * \ a^r/A. �J�- eoatit WafleWeYirJ hTs Ke�cia^>/Mi .-Giilesi tpw SfecoRd. B*iifte>y h -rikmed1 foV!MPaWe., gratf*? Rafchach, the ImWria1,^^y5ISc^aordinary,.re^Ke^a Courier YeftSda^ ffbpi fyfcwerp. TkeV*ne Daivareight w the MftfhmXo'prjtsBathiani fct out rp"r Arfty?!n Brabant, hav%,einbiiked at Rott�&H&l irfa Yafc�^h1fi -carries hyn to MarayTti. General Mokjf, �venV.$^9f him a Day fddHd^1 ,*V&$ Mornicgt ^l�icpr*fs-arrired from the Prfntfi of WpV^STpfpatchcf for tte'fea frcldMSHfiat, 'andf'was immediateTj^t^waf agsStH'^m order to come up wid^lijto j^fSthVJSd&^L^ On this Occa-fion, we\hear) tha| there/ is ^g^ig\ Report at Mechlin, �fcat all the 'Garrhon 6f Bruffels is Preraiin? to nutcn-out of that City. " - ""** * . . PS. S. C6uHerJiaijag.}tibP$ftib&'' in |tedf HS^e, going from, Lnndoji^pr Hanover}. %Jfd deHvere3' {km* Difpatehes -to Mij. .Trev^,, the\ ^n^(hl M Wftet ^of DutchGrenadwrs fet-bat froffl:neh'ce. �i'i&v&yi*k, Ja Wftht, wU-Yortfe'TmallfDetacbni^rfts;� fcfiijp, 'lHvWar*s an'd D^agbohs, an'd'the free 'Companies". { ,lfiei Troops were jojiied vat fome.Diilance:by;feuY Companies of Auftrian Grenadiers, the whole being-cpmmanqiedbvj JM. GoVitabe, Aid de Cimpto his $fcreie H^hnefs. Thj| Morning, we heard Firing'at Vilyo'rderil and wj^ejfpon.-aflf "fief informed, that "the," faldiTroops, "then got Poffeflion of that Place, Sword in Hand, having,, made 5 Officers ano| 40 Soldiers Prifoflers, and taken two PiecesrprACannon fiJ Pounders, which are broaght Hither with- the "PrjfoHersf ' Ifhe rift, of the Garfifoii, which .cquI^J not get into^ tbe> Caftle, were" killed: But as it would have required torf mueh Time to talte, fhe Caftle, t and Notice wa's given chati the Enemy was drawing together, osirTrepps returned a�| 11 this Fdr^npop." VWe had only three Men killed in this| Affejuy, and five wounded. The Count de/LecKfereff, Aid^ de Camp to the Pfinde, diflinguiflied hinifelf much at the| ,Head of the Rep'ublic'i free' Confpahies. top -jiiftify'himfelf at/the^Expence of M Maillebovs1, received! Letter. Je C^�A.a^L)^ns,i ordering-him ..not to prooeed! Duttp. retire to hi? Kffate. M. Chauyeiin, the CHd KeeperS (jpf.:tne.Seais> havingiobtaiBed Leave to return into Wiisl ' Capital, has taken the Hotel.de Thoujr.. \ We have an uninterrupted Succeffibn of bad News.| The 24th of latt Month, at 11 in^the Mp?ning, the great| Magazine'of the India Company took Ffre' at L'Orient,^  upon die Coaft-of- Bretagrrr, andthe Flafees, whichl Broke* . out at three^ Place? at once, having' dsntiilued theiiext| iNight, were not extinguilhed tillthere was nothing more?, -50 confume. It ;s-irhpomble to- deterniihe the Lofs of the | Company on thSsGecafion.- Here^vvasj; befides the Com-' ^any's Effects;.the grand Magazine for Support of the ^uflg^PretendeK V L N D O N. .Account from' Vienna fa/, that1 not only Pavia, but I %.Stoma Plaeftiti nCwas d'etermi^'dto purfue the Rebels to ^^dtmoif'IilMif g Sotlani' r..,.^. JVc, heax '^leiTranfpdrts -wi^h the^o^e^n B^a/d" for S^iolfer^^Vi^aaffi^gmte,' in,room Arthur Stuart. E% dwe^'^^Yrfvifa^tWrfwdwd GcfifferAin1 tMKte aithe S^^tdm^y, Tie CQmjnSwtieri of the Vic\tia^pffictr H&-pV-cMW a'DiftiUHtufe in Wiip^mg'.'in^derjo^JJiftjl Sjiiritsi^thaUfe-ofthe Ffeeti atrd-YeSefday tjjey appointed ^j,PJulKpl Dipier thereof, a - Place" of cordme I;.^e^e.ia Akvickthat the' Gountefe J6^ t&f&^&sti, C'apt.'rfarman/with the firft Mai1"pr &e Weift.|o^ies, wa*ar-rhrerfk^t^4o^�'^'*^^.^un� ?d) of February, f<JrAfaogaai , " 'v, ' .  r ; Laft Monday djed1 after i/ejv" Hpu^j Jllnefs  at his Seit m;IfaWjg?^fr. f.^n4 Mam iaihat Couttty' pf 29001. a\Yea� wlucnne employ d fn Afts of Benevbie^ice and Charity.' Lall Week djfd^at Lymmipgton: itt -.Hiriipfliire: Aged 87; 'tfte'Re^: and *L#a*ned Mr, James Cockb;urn^ A. M-Reftpr of the far^h of .St. GfeorjjeViPre^amy in that Ct)unty, a,.Leafhed Divine and.a '2eaWus Advocate for ProteftanfLiberty.. . ' '.- .;i , tl Thurfd^rJaft'died^ *this Hdufe 6fi NewingtonGreejn, the Rev..Dr. Samuel Wright, a nbt&d ^iffenting " J" of this City. ' � , , ,'V....... , LaftThurfday ^IgJit bet^tjen gand rO o'Clock, a Gentleman, was^ad^djby tJbi^Ruffiani'hear'thelftftagv�n Tower-hill, bjtie^of which prefented ajPiftpTtp rus^rearc, whilit the ether i but * could not drive any of their Men on board us, tho' they * lay there for near an Hour; however in that Time they ' fir'd feveral gieftt Shot.into us, and did us confiderab'le ;c Damage, between Decks, and cut our Rigging with their * SmaJl; Shoit,:,.but faun no bedy, except die Mate, who ' was flightly wpunded.\ - ' There is Advice that the Charming Margaretj Hughgsj Lucas y'anbV.William and Mary,.-, from Virginia, are-taken and carried into Bayonne. Alfo that the Anne, Robinfon, from Rotterdam for Belfaitj and-the Philip, St. Croi\- ; and, Two Friends* Levy, from Guernzey and Jeizey, for Newfoundland, arc taken, and carried into St. Maloes. The Molly,; Prefton, from Lancafter, for Barbadoes, is taken, and carried into Martinico. " The Reformation, Crofiey, from Cork to St. Kitts, is taken, and carried into Martinico. Tork) April u On Good-Friday his Grace of York preach'd the Charity Sermon at Belfrey's; the Church was fo extreamly crowded, that his Grace was fome Minutes in walking up to his Seat, and the Coileflion amounted to 94 Pounds OddMoney, a larger Sum than has been knovtfn ta have been receiv*d. SITTINGS appointed in London and Middlefex, before the Right.Hon. SirJxiHN Willes, Km. Lord Chief Juftice of hjs. Majefty's. Court of-Clommon Pleas at Weftminfter, ih and: afcer Eafler-Term, 1746. MIDDLESEX; .Monday April Friday Tuefdijy Monday May After Tervi. Thurfday 21 25 29 5 �3 LONDON* Tuef% April 22 Monday 2$ Friday May 2 Tuefday 6 JfrerTtrm. Wednefday 1'^ I % -Tu LAN D. tiublin, MaRch.ify Laft Wednefday rooo- Saclcs of Sand, and a Company of Sir John Brute Hope's Regiment of Foot*- were-imbark'd for Fort William ; Artillery, Ammunitionj &a are ordefed f)pm "Jjence' ,to the faid Garfilbn. . - ( . A great Nunibei of covered Waggons,, Chaife-MarineF, B,Qmb-Carts,iaridi other Carriages are getting ready for the two Camps'thatJArestocbefdrmei. ^E^is fa"id, the Foot will be;,enc>~mrj# ai,Bennet's-bridgei Hear-Kilkenny, and tW Horfe at Athlone, : r , ; Oh Thm^^mi^ti Inflant died atrhis Seat at Derryree ipthe Co^pjy.pt.Fern^^ ^olm -Noble, Elq; la(c H^i j'W^'iVtftflS^ pofiefs'd, renders ta& Death uni icegicetted. by all Perfonrwhq had the Happinefs of hisiAccfuaiafeiride. " - . *; '. . '..'. ,...... t.-Wt J�eiptfi^t jPcmnlDawfoh of theCounjy of Tippprarji, Efq; latelydeceaSrd,.i�ath devif^d jpr^peo'Ponnds-by his laft Will to ffie'Hohourable Mr. JufticeHaffet. ,�> L^'Tue^^tile^ Ht'Rmg^nd Mrs ifiriella VVijfon, ae�l fi4> aXid^ot great^Piety-.^xtenfrVe1 Charity, and "diifin-guilhable fsfherPoetic Writings:on -Divinity. fo ttus'-AutKor of the Ge'ke*aL.^vertiser. l$ 1 $t\ ..,1'^ : :.UhdatMixnh\ 29,. i'f4& Sp. V.�R Ail vf your ^{^1^8'"?x$.othew-thip^thc Letters puUiined iayoor Paper the 2 \ft\and 26th of hebruarj} th me.jx^^e pf a JVI^^12?^' verY W�U intended, and wrote bya^lon^s^riejid to;cuf preient. hapDy^oatti-tmipn;i.:psr�cula(rly .the latter> Part of the laft Letter, beginning withuhe Wpifds.- it mi^niihtproper here to in' i^VH^.j/svuiMy**^ci&tgxjui^v^*,lit .x^uiiwM- tuay us very uic- 'ml'to'ihe "co'mmojr^^g^f/^ar^f, if attended to ; therefore your fepriDlinBJti--will oblige-nfainrof your Readers, and pVticW/J! ' ' ' ' * "; ' � " ".. . . . . S:J 8, � - '-- V " - Tour rrwjl humble Servants, - - . ,aI B- C, -D. Bv?/?*. * It mayj not, be proper here to enlarge uporrtHe ^ariAus ^'Methods.that may, bepurfuedoy hii.Xfe/euy^ to-'diftre% < itiefirtneb. moft- effeQually. itt |frofeg^| the War it Jjia * it ifiiems moft natural, and with^itjxpcn'ceto employ .* Pefign: -T�oicyrj&frfKf Continent; ^hd,;as few T;rod|s  4s mtyht'from Britaikt .eweptj^riesmd ..wahtedi dnditdQrrffeiIve e?lions ahdLnvafions, 'waRing and piUa^ing pur Towns i dkweforetet its, \vhd have a fupeoior]Ntt' � Towns and adjacent Ceuntry; "bp^axd TpwtBs.Ainc^ we cannot take, force them to deVach Troops from Flan-d(rt to protect their Coaft, and, when any Number of

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