Saturday, April 2, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, April 2, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 2, 1846, London, Middlesex WEB N- E S D A. Xi April 2* 6. Dealt MArch 31. iEMAIN in the Downs his Majefty's Ship., the .Swpjft, and Cotter Sloop. WindN.E. The Feron, Sntcliffe ; and Albion, Collet, from London, are arrived.^ Jamaica. TheDifpatch, Evans/ from Bri-ftol,' at Jamaica. The Seaiuarfe, Poole, from Bofton, at St. Kitts^ The Paijhbean, PauV from Ealmoutb, at Oporto. flano^ef-, Mdrcb i9. We hear from Caffel, that feveral HeSian "Regiments, which are to join the Army of the Empire, <jjay� drawn near the Frontiers of the pircle of Francemia, where they are ready, to effe&uate tihe Junction ai a few-Days, being only three dr four Marches Trom the general Rendezvous, which is fiVd in the Plains of Man-leim.. "VVe are even affured, that thefe Troops will be augmented by fome other Regiments, especially if the Landgrave William perfifts in the Refbultioa of taking upon him the Command in Perfon. . Manheim^ Jprii'3. As fdqij 3s the Seafon will permit, the French will employjzo,ooo Men in the Lines of .the Queich and the Lauter. Accordiflg to- the beft Advices the iirft are at prefent guarded only by 4 Battalions ^ but there are 9 Battalions and 1 Squadron it Landau, f 2 more at Strafburgh, and about �0 in rha reft of Alface. The Cavalry, which have been quarWd this Winter upon the Barfesnd in the Franche Comte, have received Orders to hold themfelves in Readinefs to march on the firft Notice. Dajfeliorp, JtyriJc. The two Companies of Pandouf Grenadiers, who pare the Rhfrie here laft Sunday;, excijed the Admiration of all Maa&$$ by their Appearance aod Exercife.  Hague, April'2. The 30th of Ja& Month, the Count de Rpfenberg and Baron de Reifchach,J^iniiter Plenipoiten-tiory. front .the Imperial Court* Mr. Trevor, Envoy Extraordinary from. the. King ,of Grea^-Britain, arid M. P'Amjn&n, Minifter from the King of Pruffia, in i&f *h� Orders receiv^ from their Courts, and I j^reeably toj the Defire 0/ their Imperial, Britannic ind | fruiQian'Majefties, of rendering thdr good Underttand^ng  ufefulfV the -Empire ih particular, and of ailfiftrope^f .generalj, piefented *o the.St^^rGei^eral Tp(p^&%$itoQ n this Occa 5 "T|me, re ceived ites-tires that General die.|4eaos j&at might,contribute, to iKe ^6bj thofeMemMialsi by ta^i^g ^nitift^roper Jylealur the pref|jjjit Exigent^of itifajrs mght require. ""*" * , Ki&tna*:Wwc^S%' Tbe ^pre^O.ueeniias lent Coders | into Hungary tO>pr ^d afrel^mtjje E^aminotionof thel " tjus Notification "jwith .th^'-^11j^|ag''Be^t9tl6n of the Sentitneritsj>f die;King his l^ailer: ' Ti^this";^^ * pies, j�e: has ;^djopted 4F#rJo4e^^c|^Mag of ithe ore , ' fent War, .was fefolved tojperfiftin,them cbnft&njtly,vind! ,' that nething Ihould^e capable�fj.ajiering this'&ifrjofi-j �tion ^xJfanheiifft Snccefe^ of ^he ferny, tHo^l^qofi. 1 derable,enough%at the(^niftg'o?>the jpampargnphai . * not been ibl^ to make th^Steadifflsf/^of' ftis Refolution ' that the|r^pQfidons"pfTeace7~^tli had bteu ufctr ' "wards made iothlni oi( their ,%rtsJ,; had piroduced. no E ' Sarthaihis^ Sardiiuan Majerb/r; acting upbn nVd an * cettaW Kiricij^S, %hi^fi t�eiRevoluya� of .TitaeUloul^ not change;' wa^'more thao^ ever determined to~ai)ide b]f reft nof �b& < een difpofe c to ttuVerit-i^fJie^ Which tha^Ripo 'had ip^jl okr all Eurap^ jti&c his Sardiaiaa Majefl^ * knew-feip well the^Semamentsgof his AHies, to.doubtja * Momeat -whether theyi regarded thofe Reporte �s fow* ' only; with a Vieivto iKfpire0^%ii^piftruflcoric^n^ ' him: but as tlie Invarialblekje^ of Principle* w|s Mini; .our, as tiie inyaria.04CHC's jthiiv^v* knownto them; bV^^ in regarding all that- hadi48en'pa:bli&w oa- this Occ^r 4 Hon as.abialutelyfai^an^fupp^Oflas. . . From the London jQa&etfe. Vienna* Match &V;N..* Wce are-in daily. Expectation ,cf News from,Generai Brown, . The Corjps at .Gujjga^afis not very cordtderable. *The Main Body of the Spamaals is at Pavia. ; Jh? French, have loft" Acqui, |by which |llf their Communication with France, -ba; by;Nbvi, is cut <m Prince Litehttftftein -under^gs; Sieges of Ca[al;; ap4 Valence. " *.<�<*-� \ Venice, -March #Qad^eifs,^apaAA jp^\free Companies, fuftam'd -jby 2 or 30.0 HQrfe, to .be^t.up the French Quarters at Vilvorde; which Poft the Detachment forcedSWord'in Hand, andbefides thesiain tookJive^^pi-cers, 40 Soldiers^ -afid two. 'Camiori of ..Six Pooadsi'/'i,he. erea^ft PVt of theGamfonfaved triemfelvesintheCa'f-.ue 1 'bw't is ffar'dqur'',petach.mqnt will hot been able to bpgje^ has been fur4 prized,* anct" has lott hU,whple Party, except-4 Cornet andf five ofKingJJon's^er), ahd:^ Horfe& and onepHigh-l lander;*who' made their Eftape.' The Rebels'marcheo^ from Fochabers in the .Night? furrounded JCeith, and en| ter' both^dsl- A^theCampbell fcf in the Church] and de^ded^he^ChurchT^^ Houri [ during whlcK there was verybfife fifffig, it is not doubted] [but the Rebels paid, dear for this Advantage. , , ? TKe^King's' Ajroy is at jwfiftnt-dTyTde4--inta three^Can| tdnaients ;\the i whole firft LiheJ cohfiffing'of fix Batralionjj theoDiiTcfe;of Kitigfton's Horfe, aind Cohham's ^D^agoOns^ are at StrathBogie, within 12^ Miles of theBpey;^wh*!rthi Commandvof' Lord Albemarle aadJ^a)or General Blandf The Referve, confjfting^of three Battalions, with foul Pieces.Af Cannon,;under thejCqmraand ofBngadier Ge| nerd Mbrdaunt, |re at Did T^eldrurn,1hi�3f wajrr betweel Strathbogie "and this. Place, ' And the^wh^e �cand, Line> cottfjfting.of the,fix remainingBatfalions, and"Loj-41Mar^ '^erc'a. Regiment oT'p^bo^are;jl|ftjiere. * I "5By the laftTAccounts' we 'have/'there*are few or none of t^e. Rebels, upon-the Spey Side. . " p } Brigadier Bligh's Regiment arrived here Yefterday. Spine of Lord Loudon's" People have been furprized at. Dornick, from:the Murray Sider by JBoats. The Account we ^ave ofxhis &fiair is, That in the Night between the -1 cjth and 2ojh, a pretty confiderable  Party of- th�-Rebds by the help pfjfome Bgats from .Murray, anda thipk Fog> landed upon the Sutherland Side of the Ferry, and fur-prizedrthe.Guard of �x)rd Loudon's Regiment, under Ma-jpr Jvlakenzie,and took them Prifoners, fome few^boly excepted, who made-their Efpape by flight. The Rebels are removing all their Magazines to tb� Nordward'of:theChain intd Caithnefs. His Rd/al Highnefe having received -certain InteHigenc* that thelart'of Airl^,< Father to' LordOgilvie, was. rajfiag his Men tp jokvthe r^ehels-; anil he not jiaving-.cdmpKe3 with the'Order.fent hirahy hiaBloyal Highnefs fent Capt. Hewett; widi;;i 00 recover'd Men, who were order'd Major lot Faufille, ^ith^oo'Meh1, tb go to Greneik, whlcbri3 ooa of the mdft rebdlious Parts, to attack all whom he finds in Arms againft the*Government, and to burn the Habitations of fuch who have left them, and are with the Rebels/ By the laft Letters from,Capt. Scott,* who had thrown himfelf into Fort 'William^ dated the 15th,  the RebeB had not then begun the Siege of thatTlace, but were bringing up their' Artillery for thatPurpofe j aad the Garrifon were dtftermTn^?to defend it to the utmoft. Extra3 o� a Letter from Ltytrfool, March 28. � This Day arrived the Rider, Lee, from Jamaica} who failed from thehce the 27th of December, in Company * with two Ships for London, viz. the Queen of Hungary, * Pearfoh j and the Houghton, Reed, with both" which he parted about feven Weeks fiace off Crooked Ifland^ * The Biddeford Man of War convoyed the faid'Ships thro' the Windward Paflage, to protect them from the French and Spanifh Privateers, which fwarm in' thofe Seas; and irwas neceftary, for three Spanifh Privateer* bore doWn npoh them ; two of which foon found their Miftake, and made off, with all the Sail they could ' make, %ac,tk^'B!tlia)e^brd tame-apwith the third, took * her, and cirr5e<fherInto^ahiiica. His ^ajefty's $hips the Lenox and Worceftejy witK.the Tranfport Ship from the Leeward Ifknds, are arrived at Jamaicas-^-The Fleet from England will fail lbme time in May. � "-''~ "� The Entertainment given by Sir Richard Hbare,|Cne. LordMayor at Gq^fmit^s-BjWi on Eafter'Mondajp was very magnificent, at which were prefent great Numbers of the Nobiiity and Perfons of Diuih&ion ; and riie whole was conducted with the- utmoft Djecorum, Elegance and| Order. ' '' "� ' '. ' :!i '; �": _ '� Yefterday Matthew Heqder^n, who murdered his jftref)! ^r^rD^rymple, was/ for the laft time re*oamin'd by Sir -^homas B&V&l, and committed to Newgate.^* He perfi|b Uathelis;*e''(^'f^nf.laDoejii^V't^1' barbarous Fa 9thas"to t%e.;^lM^c;.a^d%obb^,/ahd madeanirtfter;Confem6n in regard thereto, in which he cleared every ii^y of the whole Afrairi but himfelf; ridt-withfta,nding whscl there are fasae JReafons to fufpeft the Truth of his Declaration. High Water at Lendon-Bridge, this,Day at c Miijatei after S. . ' Bankbook 117 \ half a 14th. Ditto Permits'17 i 8th Premi India 157. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto cIdAnnmaes^ 1 4th. Oitto New no Price. Four per Cent. JBank Annuities S8 a 3 8ths~a 1 4th. Three p>r Cent.' Annuities 74 7 8th> a 75.' pkto 1742, 74 7 8ths 375. Ditto 1743, and i744i 74 7 8ths a 75. Djtto *74S> -^4^7-8*^^' 75". Million Baiiik no Price. Equivalent 95. Royal Affurance no Price. 'London' Aflu-rante^ 5'8ths.. finglifh^Copper 5 1. fdeveap^erCent. Empetor^aLoto novPrice. piveper^ent.-dittO^nb Trice, i-Badk XJircflarion 4I; Pn ^Ti^cets 3 s. Pr.' India Borjds 8 s. a os^Difc. .Threeand a half. Salt Tallies i&Y. 4 171 Difci *Three'ahd a half per Cent. Exchequer. Or-ders. no Price1.. - Th^e per (^nt^Djtto noPwre. . H ^ y .jvi A K K EX. AT the .KJ NG's THEATRE iriv f\ HAY-MARKET, Saturday'next, Wffibe gerfcrm'diu A R T A ,M E ;N E. JVithDAKCBs anil other Decorations, gatfrfftMw* Pit nhSVoiei ttf'fc pot tottther, �d.-S? Perfoiu tb be idmitted without T�fcetinwhkh wUl beM�^ thjffeEtayi -at ArOper* (Mie WthVlBaT-Matket, at Half a ^, Rt and Bases at Ffve, ; *To: bepaat'Sii^CfedK.-' � . To fo S QL D a Pennyworth, ?tBaet.eourt^Fleet-ftr�er.' - , For farther.. Particulars, enquire at Mr. ^lakernefs, at th.e-sWk' I^lry^j* at�Mft |�w�r�V �>- . - <<* ~ Few

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