Friday, March 25, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, March 25, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 25, 1746, London, Middlesex M B. 355T- �J U E S D A Y, March aj," - Tii Dtal, Mar eh 23. - IRRIVED his. Mjusfty1* :Shjp Lys, stand} Ypjk Privateer, with the, two. kFrenefc in^^eC.%#7tP"� ^a&^|ed for tfrc ^ye>. Remain .his MajeftyV SldopiHy ataf Htf-net, wltFtne SKrps"*6r~ India, and the'Oatwaisri-toundy a&ftjjny M. WindS.^. - :r Plymouth, Mfrcp^zi. ^am*av his,lW^ly*s Ship tke Hampton Court/ with a Prijei Jr^^arllilfes'j who having f^ne Cet�n and;Oyl "boaad, is ^Iigedr to perform, .(/uarentfne ; the Man of War fcilejj agaTn. The St. SaV to put CriiiaeV - . " j:: 7/. v5 , \ c �  * *  - - * The Lgonaidj't^acearty, from -B&hidoiSi jat Djafeb'n. , rf he Mary Anrie^Taritrin, Sfrbhf'LmWqnj'aCBjaW.iRJ The Ifcac* Mitchejiji andKcw^fkco&nsjfcom iLk-.J�d, in the River. ! I 0 V> >The Concoid^johofon* from Hamhurgly.alio .ai jfefi, .River. * - �. -. , , procetfiagin1 Peace, as foon'as ni^^j�a|| be ^ . afolid Manner afc\sa6i�*jlir#d to the%�^?8%BO^'�At8fwer. This AmV�biB�WJa|n�iE' Subftana^':V*tai&N&^^ �' by Perfia tQj6^^||g j^eace with the OttortSff^tSte; ' his Higl�jeJ&|ig^|eAei$o fend Ple^^K^rMjSh^ Fronrifersjitf tcdecl&sftttle with the^Sw&^f-jW^ Sip^ 1 Pri8�e of Iatehtero^ein, who is in %tioV on. Ae otjiejr Side; toar�eet:Kinil4 The^T^pSifi^i^ohemia pegiri &' arrive, and, two Battalions of itouhJi with tfwwConipanies ,iof-Qrenadiers, .ijaffed^herenYeftej-dax.  -" %"'"'J ' stS-j The.aSBnHy.pftie &a�s.Qf ;iBr�banti whiyi^vo%diin;,fhi5:City, and QP^ed Ithftr-SeYionthe 24^ ^tompofed^nly of foui Heputiei and the^^enfionary; ;wii6 f^attted thft&me ^yentng> T^e text Day theyrtported'thexr 'Deliberations ioM.More^vi earanee neveV wilHeJ 4vti thisf roviacea ^gajnNUSftte^ bnder the Dominionof the fame Prince..' " ; \ I Vmdbt^WtrS 40/'General Bathiani arrived AetethissMcirnkjg abao; in?a^Ym^Sm'^fSP^ ^ I .3 f.^JQ?4? 4e;^fenberg and Baron .de.. jvepd Cooriers Baml^mdon, flie ;of jvAfc'Hthey dlfpatch^l |for Vienna. .Mr. Trevor, the firitift 'Miniger,' xeeeiyfe^, Yefterday..prfcfromhTs:?dur{; Field Matfljal Bathiani'ar- Yefterday an Expreii' a,rnyed^o^ his. Royal Highnefs 5 thjBj>oJte^rfCtimlQan^ i^a^'-^y-j jtn |nJ|ant� which we are inform'd bring* Advice, "that ais'"tiig]Mie^s'h^Pg m/jm:tl^e,cj^jch.rmarchM.4in^ apd!^idf fuch Expedition, tBtttt^J)i�.dcinM.?^^?�els had taf!y Infiteg��rJc^ trfcthefi'1-M&rdii; J*t they wer6; wkhin two Miles-of Strathbogie, ,Mkn,mey; were thought to be at a j f uch wamlHtmT had nothjng'tocia' ^ujiiD'.eaPAjgQQi mnvfix, which fas j* pfep^rfng^^^el^'-who^iw^^hjeu^ Palpitation, on hearing otuvTrpops were fo'lieSr'thepL. j ^YoufefoTtT^Pre^^^^ ,ng frortflDaifllirfeTeo cScodftTidjiiio drove on Snokr under a ftronz GuadictcUie;SavBy�j �,t v "'^MyWlJBr%3^ "Csclain Nuct to be CommaW SF iMflfo&W4io^f Theadvanc'd Guards of the ^.^Jw-jWHi^we^tte-Duke, are ftiU at Old: ! qaatoaefrto. march �n Wedoefdayand Thurfday, and ' i to diridb ,thi�r;Marxh-.'by Stmhh^gie, .tojvards die Paffage, ! oftheiSpeysat^hocabers; but wot Adyjces/fey, they , hadiriot jnov'djoniFriday.:; .  . ' The lateft Account df::the Rebels is, that they are gatier-:> iagJn.*^Bo%^*ithain^nj5n| depute the Paflage^oiE I the Spey. " ' ,7 " 1 _We,are informed, Aat his Royal Highnefs the Duke." { has received DlfpatcTies of a VerylaleTJaTe fr6m the'Eart 0^ Lxrodo^,';wjthrAdvicetha| 4iisrCprpsare in-Rofsfeirejr and^'pTentifully fupplied with,Proviiiqns - that'his"-LoYd-lhip had collefted^ Wgetfvet a {ti&x&ek dumber of Ships, Boats-, Barges, &C, totmnfport them to the South Side^oi man.d. ....._v '.. " ".'" .sSqme Letters from Argyllfliire aflu>e� that For(t WilEain, made a brave'Defence, and by tJ^h)wing fome Bdmbs^' which luckjly fe|i amongft th^ Relbels? fev�ral were killed^ and the reft retired. " " '1"* .' -:|^ft Thurfflajr- three Jarge Pieces of. Cannon taken from1 the Rebels, rweretrought from Leith and depofited in the Caille, jjkev^ rhe'Carriages for a great Number more, I which are ipKy.&ing(^1 ihpShwedf ^elth'. ^cii [ - .YeAe)^jfrv^.'^V^^a^ came to this Place troni " ' Berwick. � . On Thurfdav a ro^itary Cheft came here efcorted by a ^ar^ofiD^agbons.1 : �� * -  - Laft Week a great Quantity of Bomb-fhells from the Tower vtere�canried.jinto-the CaiUq. - :; * Yefterday-tljeiTranfpotts with Bligh's Regiment, the recovered ^ldiejrs, iheiS|ore-ftups failed fcr Aber- "There-are Letters which mention feveral Spies to-be taken up at Aberdeen tn* Womerisfiabit. Several,^ffefc afe^oihe into tte^Pojt of Leithwith Grain, foi^ehDpe fhoPisicc? ^vill feon fall. . Laft SatQTdaJrtdi^d^Mc. Robert cfuivisj late one of the apon the Fj � that^chahKadir's Propofi -^-.-.-alpicion ml r1WeYearftejJm^*ibB between �he}Dttomaii Kpan;(K nffi^r, fa�m vary much dlffatisfied Wffli M. MP 31 ?fe*:'n*fifBeJ?lVrPn Account of rJtf�i eW^ine is riven imBattelipns, whoentred lebois, and ^^^^^^Tinjrfrajifitfia^feii'ljal* BiDffioAof K$3fl!fr #?T^'Ac^ier difpatch'd pn. thi5|8i SL^2^^^e*?having pafs'd though the i^AlilliiieJ^^ed AD V E^RXISEMEN T tll� i*4tftant^Ej^iI�aj^tf59m,|j ;enjay failed* ^frQ^Spit- " " w________ oopg*aplf3if$if-[eoVge, Capt.*iarrifon j �%aM6* T�b)Ddn y^hd^cwraissih. TftftWiP ^a�e^timteiV/ tteJ^tb^lerken^ ,u� fly1 iMa" Douglas, �. U Lace, an. s l^# the Ufe\)fIthe ;^?t||rSe^^^h^ told, h�ve VuBB^lksAk t8^Si^sratoair oaB�KH� are "returQed �no3 'uio-gRLJiuslt.j <:it 3us?�Mvjo j. ir-^imota Tfiisj0a^6#PaTliameiit meets according taskdjourn- P^tm' SSr^y-'iM>MaDffee Rehtiftgepjun; 3 .Trialof fevenHours, by a Jury.of (^ofiemeo�^^hje]^rit: *? Mtsm&&/0&&&& %mithiir&^^HiKnanityJvand 1 ;\ Tuefday Bpttfee3 Allies-at <Hd�meVi�he Burririe.ani belonging to tbeTroop quartered in that Town.-c-SFhSPlot M'4�a^^i fof this Papier, at Lloyu's C(M ,ombard-Street.

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