Wednesday, March 16, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Wednesday, March 16, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 16, 1746, London, Middlesex N ff'M B. 5565. MONDAY, March 16, 17^ Dealt March 14. IS Majefty's Ships the Greyhound antl the Furnace Bomb, with all the Oat ward-bound are failed to the Weftward. Remain-his. Majefty's Ships Chefter, Commodore Mitchell j Prince Edward, 'and FeTrhSloop ; and (he three Privateecs. Wind N.E.byN. Genoa, Feb. 25. The Corficans, who are well affected to the Government, have declar'dto our Comiffary General, that iCheywould fend 2000 Men to onf-Snccour, if re--quir'd. Several armed Barks, which the/have fern from Calvi, Ajaecid, and Sc. Bonifacio, have taken five Veffels laden with:PrOvifions for the Auftrians. Turin, March 5. The People at Alexandria, Valenza and Tqftooa, are actually jmfy in drawing out the Artillery, which the King has engaged to fencfto Count Scbp-lemberg for reducing ihe Genoeie. A Commiffary of War is fet out from hence for the Varo, in order to agree ~ with the French Commiflaries about the Ranfom and Exchange of Piedmdnteze Prifoners. We expeft therefore fooo to fee M. de Suza, Brother to the-Princefs of Carig-nan, at Liberty. He was taken Prisoner about three Years; ago, in an Expedition made by the French arid Spa-nifh'Troops-'ander thePrmce of Conti. We have received here from Tortona the Detail cf the Affair at Campo Morbne, * General Schulemberg having obfenred,that his advanced Pofts had not ftrfficieHt Com- * munication with one Another, and that they wereTin Dan-' ger of beii^tattjff, 'he eatrfed'the Mountain of La Sef- * ra to be amck'i by Cer^raT Keil, while General Ar- * dreafi made an Attack upon tfie Town of Lagnafco. � After a long Refinance} the Genoefe were diflog'd. Al � whom the A ulnars retrod in Arms at Lagnafco and Can - * po Morone were pat to" the S\fa>r<f, and the-Reft were ' purfued to San Pietro a^Areha. Thofe that took". Refuge * in the Houfesalong the&oad met with the fame-Fate as * the firft. After this Exploit the Auftrians returned (o * their Pofts in the BocheW. I recomputed they had * about 150 Men ldliecTand fvcjondid m'^e whole Expe- * dition ; but the Lofs of the Genoefe amounts to above ' 500, befides three. Pieces of C&rmon, which they were * obliged to abandon upon theCol de Serra.' < From the London Gazette. I Turin, March 4, rV.5:vBvA6nr Advices the French General is preparing to recover-the lftandsof St. Margarek, and has already erected two Bomb'Batteries on the Neok of Land that faces the Fort : but they have hitherto had no great EffecL The French, we hear, have endeavour'd ^to land a Body cf Troops upon thofe Iflands; but they Ti'ave been repulfed by the Garrifon. which is reinforced. Oar Advices from Toulon and Marfeilles, as well as Vice-Adafi.ral Medley's, confirm, that the French are preparing a cordidexable Nurnber of Embarka�ipns, for fending a Body of Troops to Genoa, with Officers and Engineers. Six* Battalions ar* defigned forjhat Service, and it is faid, they are to be followed by fu more* The Britifh Ships arc Ibtion'd in the moft proper Places to intercept them, both on the Coaft of. France, and in the Neighbourhood of Genoa. Count Schukmberg continues his Preparations with all the Activity and Liligence which the Seafon of the Year, the Nature of the Country, and the Scarcity of Cattle for Draught, will admit of, and, it is hoped, it will not be marry Days before hewiW have commenced his Operations. The Regiments from Provence are in full March for reinforcing his Army, and fome of them have already reach'd Savona. General Brown is not yet arrived here, but he was to fet out from Nice on the iftlcftantj he is expected To-morrow or next Day.  Berlin, March ri, N.S. On Wednefday Biron Borcke, Aefecond Miniftcr of State for foreign Affairs, died here g the following j^iverfion:,He^ood at CjM'nhg-Liftfs with a Whjpinhis-.Hand, nnd;a� feyeral\f�pleipafs;'d *hyr he gave them fevere Strokes on the Backi <md o ve Bit chin-Lane, in Cornhill. W|iere great Va  riety of Banjans arid Morning Gowns, are kept-ready made, of Rich Silk Damaik, Fine Scotch Plaids,- Ffower'd Ruffcisi Figured Grogams, Vallurets, Sec. Liki^riie Banjans of fine Cloth, Duffins, Piaids-. and jpamafks.-. Alfo Velvet Caps artd Sames.~There are alfo to be Sold the greateft Variety of Beautiful IRISH STUFFS, and other Goods for Ladies Cheap Gowns. ' BANKRUPTS. John Greaves, of London, Merchant. � Robert Thextent of Saxlingham, in the County of Norfolk, Chapman and Deafer in'Coafs. Francis Holmes, of th�t Pariflt-of St. John Wapping, in the County of Middlefex, Ironmonger. - - \> . . -J- High Water this Day at 51.Minutes after zy_ � ,. - Bank.Stock no Price. India Ditto no Price. South Sea Stock 101 a 1 4th. Ditto Qld Annuities. ,100 a 1 8th. Ditto New 98 a 3 8thsa f 4th.', Bank Alitguitiea 174^ 96 1 4th a 1 half.  Ditto 1747 ,96 at ^oTJuee per Cent. Annuities 8c 3 4ths. Million- Bank 1164. Equivalent c;8 1 half. Royal AflWrance 75 \ half. London Affurance; 10 1 half. Engliih Coppe/ 5 I. Seven: per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation c I. 2 s. 6 d. Pr. India Bonds 2I. Pr. Three and a half Salt 1745 noj Price/ Three and a half pet Cent. Ejochequer Orders no^ Price. Three per Cent, ditto 18 1 half Difc. Life Annuities 14 3 8ths a 1 half Years Purcfaafe. HA Y-MARKET. T theKING'sTHE ATRE in the MARKET, To �morrow, will be perfbrm'd m 4" T the HAY-A, ctll'd K O X A N A. With Dances and other Decorations, particularly At the End of the Opera. A REPRESENTATION of a Magnificent Garden in FIRE-WORK.S, of kn extraordinary, and entirely New Tafte. Pit and Boses to be put together, asd no Perfon to be admitttd' .without Ticket*, which wiJl be deliver'd that Day, ^tihsOftl<�in the Hiy-market, at Hatf� Guin-.a Oaltery 5 -if--'- '* By- HIS MA JESTY'i CO MM A ND, No Pctiobs white ve* to be admitted behind the Scene!.* The Galltry wiil be op^n'd at Foot o^Clocfe. Prt^uid Boies at F*re. , To begin at Six o'clock. ' The third Subfcription being ftniflj'd, Attendance will fegirea th'a and every Dij, ftoan Tea o'clock in the, Morning ^uU Three? in the Afternoon, at the Opera-Office in the Hay-M^ket^in C*f-er to take in Sabfcriptions ftir' the Fourth Sub(cript!on toTOpeiat, whieh will open with a New Opera; eaOl'd  BCLLCROP^idN, a* oaatt it it poffibte to bring it upon theSuge. re- � JHE Merchants and Traders (f $f City of London are dtfiftdfo meet at tie (�dw& Xavferp^ behind the Roy?l-ExCfla'uge, m fFednefday^^e^'fivejf. the Clock in the Afternoon, to receive tlit^^^iof that Committee^ AD V ERTISEM ILK TS are taken in tor this Paper, Lloyd'sCgrr'ig-Hovsi, in Lornbajd-StreeU

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