Monday, February 28, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, February 28, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 28, 1746, London, Middlesex The Nu m a. 3850. SATURDAY, Ft b r v ar y 28, 174^7. iZ^/, February 26. EMMN m the Downs his Ma-lefty's Shjpi Gfey-hound, Lys, and Flamborough, the Hounii SJopp, arid Duke of Cumber-Iadd, Kingfton, and Hardwick Privateers. Wind Eaft. Fahtauth, Feb. 23. Arrived the Experiment, Gebbardt.from London, for the Straits. Pool, Feb. *j. Sailed the Elisabeth, StaiBfmore ; Indubious Bee, Dureil ; and Endeavour, 'Froth, -towait Convoy, for London. Came in Rochefter, Turner, from ilgphefter. Cocoes, Fik 25. Sailed the Hajgrave Privateer, Capt. Evans, for Gibraltar; and the A-g�tha Maria, for Dublin. The Extravagant, -, from Port Paffage, is arrived at Vera Cruz. Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. From GeneralBrotyns Camp on the Vara, Feb. 13. The Enemy's Army xxmrirrues to feparate, and go into Winter- ho?e of Guaftalla, Parma and Placentia, a Bridge is-to be immediately built-over the Po at Borgo-forte. General Count Schuiemhungh has pubiifhed a new Manifetfo, much of the fame Tenor with M. de Botta's before he quitted the Command, hrvking the Genoefe to fubwit, -and -threatfli�g-the Rigour -of War to thofe found in Arms. Another Manifesto has appear'd in the Name of Count Choteck, "by which he gives Notice to the Genoefe, that as they have failed in the promifed Contributions, he is goirrg'to fefcze all their Effects in Lombardy for the Military Cheft immediately. Turin, Feb. 14. General Luchefi fetout Yefterday to return to Novi, after having firtr, as we are told, made a Convention withthe Kmgand M. Villettes, in Virtue of which this Court istotfftnn Concert with thofe of Vienna �and London, for .the Reduction of the Genoefe, neither of the three Powers being to grant any Terms to the Re-publick without the Conient of the other two, who are to .divide the Advantages accruing from this Expedition, in proportion to the Forces they employ in ir. As the King -very greatly difapproved the Capitulation granted by M. Botta to the Genoefe, which was done .exclufive of his MajeJty, that General was left to difentangle himfelf as he -could with the Revolters: But Count Schulembufgh foon perceived Things could not be reBrefled withdut the King's 'Concurrence, which he loft no Time in obtaining. Hence refuhed this new Convention, by which his Majefty is to furniuVi^ Battalions, 4 BatterlngrPieces, as many Mortars as {hall be wanting, with the nc-crfTary Munitiens towards the Siege erf Genoa. Oq the other Hand, Cuunt Brown -willfend to Count Scbulembargh ail the Imperial Infantry; ;he c"an fpare, and the Errgrrm "are to aft a^ainft the City with their whole Fleet. Upoalhis Footing it is thought, that Affairs will foon change their Face. In the mean Time, the Imperial Infantry have actually begun to defile -from the Varo towards Savona, in order to get to Novi, where our 13 Battalions are likewife to .join thofe under Count Schulembargh, w"ho expects not lels than 30 Battalions from Nizzi. 'General Odonnel pjrffed by here two .Days a^o for Vienna, whither heis fenfby General Brown to give an Account of the Expeditiorf'intti Provence. He jtopp' only long enoirgh to pay his Refpedts to the Royal F-araHy. On this Occasion we'heard-that M. Brown �continues at Nizz.i. Lieutenant-General Count SVrbelloni arrived here Yelterdsv. Porisy Feb. 27. 'I he ICirg has ordered his Field Equipage to be'read v by the Knd of April, having, 'tis faid, refolved then to put hirnfeif at the Head of his Army ir� Flanders. And ye: we are a flared, his Majesty has declared, that Peace will probably be published at-the Head of both Armies, and that there are oaly a f rw Articles to fettle to riniih thic Work. Pretended Articles are hsnded About, which forue fufpect, others beijisve. There are. thofe who fay, the Conferences will Begin the toth of March, the PreHlHiflsrits be figned alaoui The ijith, and that-tbare will -bea.Su&enfion of Arms 'till the definitive Treaty is concluded. ThQ* Ibme {till pretend, that M.' Belleifle will go to Breda^otVts affure'-he vviflftay in Provence, and that M. �le JUirtpoix only is e}cpe6bed -from thence. M. de PEftandteire is 'fee out to take on hjm the Caraawu>d of the Fleet at Brett, which, *tis reported, wiH � attacked' by the Enghfti in the Way, : feveral of them funk, others taken, and-the reft difperfed.. However it be, Things do not feem to- go well on that Side, fince a clofe Council was held upon an Expreft from M. Belleifle, and not a Ward tranfprres of what was done in it. But People are taken up here every Day for writing News too freely. Parts, 'March 3. The King has nominated the General Officers to ferve in the next Campaign, which Are not fo numerous' as in the bit, aiid M. Saxe.Tew out 6e-xt Wetk for the Low-Countries. Tis pretended thatPrihce Dona, who is {till here, has receiv d 5l6ws of an Advantage gadn'd over the Aufirians by the Ge*oeie; but we have been deceived fo often, that we are more cautious in crediting Reports. They write -from Bayoftne, that feveral Ships are arrived therefrom the IflesJ richT| hiden. According to A'dyices frcirn Provence, "fyl. Belleifle k bnfy there in putting ifce Troops into Quarters, and- makieg Difpofitions for the Siege of ~Fott St. Matgueritte, for which a Detachment is made from ersry Regiment. The Embarkation of the Troops that are to fuccour the Genoefe is alfo hafteoed, and they are to confift of fix French and 10 pr 11 ^pafiifli Battalions. As to the reft, Words are wanting to eiprefs the iniferabie Situation" the Inhabitants of Provence are in Twice the Entrance and Retreat of the Enemy's Troops. Com is wanting, and the Rivers are fo fwell'd as to be impaffable for a Fortnight paft. It i is pretended at Marfeilles, that three Genoefe Senators who . ^would have delivered the City to the Auftriaus, have been discovered, and put in Sejqueftratioo, till the People ihall | determine how todifpofeof them. All the People in Ge-1! noa wear White Cockades. M. de Mirepoix is arrived from Provence, and M. de ChayJa from Flanders. Actions 135; Livfes. Brtifeis, March 2. They write frtem Namur, that the Auftrian Huffars continue their Excurfions to the Gates of | Genappe and Nivelle. The Apartments for M. Saxe and the other Generals, who are daily expected, have been ready ever fince Tuefday. laft. We hear frpm Provence, that Q6n Philip has removed his Head=Qharters ixom\ Nrfmes to Mpntpellier on Account of the Stoau:P6Jc.iigii{g,; in the former of thofe Cities. ~ ' Antwerpt March 3. The French have reinforced all -their Pofts on the Frontiers, and the Auftriani have fent a Regiment of Huffars to Tilburgb, to cover their Troops, canton'd in thofe Quarters. tiagtu, "March j^. We hear from Bre,dq, that all the M,i-nifters there have had a Private Conference on Friday laft,' the Subject of which was the Admiffion of Plenipotentiaries from the Eoipfefs and King of Sardinia, and that. Lord Sandwich has fent a Courier to-his Court in Confe-quence �f the Refolution then taken. Tis thought the Conferences will be open'd in Form To-morrow. Hague, March 7. Letters from ji)filan of the 21ft ad-vifje, that General St. Andrew hearings that 800 Genoefe Troops guarded a Poft at Torrigliene, fupported by 4000 Arm'd Peafants, had attack'd them twice and been re-pulfed, with the Lofs of 400 Men, and being on the Point of retiring, the Waraftilns befought 'him to try a third Attack, which was made fuch Fury, that having at laft foiced the Garrifon, the Auftrians,put every Man to the Sword, and then repulfed the Peafants with Lofs. After this, he advance^ within three Miles of Genoa, and letting Fire totwo tillages iby the Way, that, and his Approach caofed a gteWrai'Cdhfternation in rheCity, where it was thoh^brfo "be the Whole Auftrian Army. Atjaft, however wey recoverM 'frqm their Jtannick, heard .the Truth, andffefltotttya-large,Bedv to furprize the-Auftrians; but they had retired in good Time, fo not one of them was-found by the Genoefe Detachment. L O N D O N. Letters from. Ctfneva^.-eF the zVfl inform ae, that the Report there -of the Aafekns having, rtcovcred Genoa, wa&owrhg to <he Proje&tfbpmed for potting them again fn yettrfficm^K, HvnichW'before meJn4orted to be" defeated-ty fi^mejof tbe Inhabi {ants ofthe Polfev�a. Thofe Letters'add b^des, that the'Genoefe Populace feem to be mor� :de'tti'in?n*'d th'?M),vever not to fobmit, or to receive Laws from any Power whatsoever. According to Letters from Vienna, they are haftening frefti 'Reiafereeai^it^to* Italy. The ifecond ^Battalion of Lytaniine have been reVlewetk :in their way to "the Low Countries, by their Imperial Majefties, who feiid'with them a fine fet of Tranfyivanian Hurrtirig Horles, two fu-perbe SadthViicrrfes, fixCafetrf Hangftribn Wine, *md a Carriage full 'af-other Thmgc, as a Prefcnt to the Duke .Cumberland. Some Letters from Vienna alfo mention the J Arrival of the Marquis de Botta. Letters from pahizick of the 17th of February ny;ation the Pafling by'there "of' a Cou'rieT Trom  Ptfterfburgh ihe fame Bayv�fco*.-after leawjog fome Oifpatches with 'the ffiftanefc�� the Alliance. -Jsi (be Knean tteie, the J^Hrttry JPiieparatidm in Livonia, ��d. JtJfewhpre are\ reo*w2Se.a;w!th y^^D^T. znd . Orders have been fent to the Governor* of Tevetal^ro. i vinces, March to fend in"50,000 Recruits" by the' Middle of Upon the breaking cf the Dykes of the Riyer Le�k, Igreat Partofrfie Provinee.of -Utrecht is oveffi�?>^b jandk all'Communication wtth^'ithe City"oif" that N^rne cut q& when"theMail Tet out from Holland. The Young CJreen, CiWOnan, ftom LUbpa fcf^ftgJ,/ fis taken by .the Fremrh,. and carried ailo Bayeane. 1 Th^Bonette, Fox;'frcral'I<k:wf<iuhdkha to- i� taken aad tarried 'bto-Faybritie. The Sarah,"Benfon, from. Cork to , _ _____ , Barba'does, "laded  with Stores, was taken by the Heathcote; (la�-be;fotigvBg I to London) who'afar taking out her Stdre% fcutcled: her. Yefterday came'Advice/ that, the St.. Jacques, and the Port Louis, bound from'RpcRelie to St. fjiprningo,''a^e taken by the'Erigltfh Privateers ' in th^ Weft1 Tno^es, <- They were two of the Outward bound Fleet under the Convoy of Monf. La Motte ; who in going with the Trade between Martinicb and St. Domingo, 'fell in witbAfour Englifh Men of War, which put his Fleet into JDiforder i and 'tis thought 11 Sail are taken by the Englifh Privateers. The French Commodore, with one .^tan of War, an^4 Sai! of Merchantmen .get into CapeJFrancois ; and'ehe other'Man'of War gotTpto Port Louis in St, Domingo. By Letters from, BourdeJiux,- Rochelle, Nantz, &c. yte hare Advice, that 102 Siil of the Merchant Ships are*a,r.-rived at the above Ports from Martinico. The whole FlflE^ conhlted of 114 Sail,, of which two are taken by the Bri-ftoi Man of Wat, and one by the William and Ann^ Mayn, fo there are only io to be accounted for. We expect the Names .of tbofe Arrived by the next Dutch Mail; and intend to oblige our Readers with it.' Letter frxm Dartmouth, Fxb. 24. ' Yefterday come in here' tbe Sufahnah Carte] Ship, ' Bradfhaw, from St. Maloe?, with Prifoners. The Cap-' tain fays there are feveral Privaters failed from .thence, < to cruiie on the Englifh : And ' that the French liveee ' making great Armamenti at Brefl/ and other Pom.' The Two Brothers, Irifh, bound from Bofton to Bri* ftol, was taken by the French, who put Come Men oh board, with Orders to proceed for Trance ; but the "Mate with what-Englifhjnen were.lefi'on board, roie upam the French, confined them, and have carried the Ship into Baltimore. Yefterday at One o'Cfcck feven Waggons laden with Money, were L---- guarded.'by 1 ingtheTreafi by filpuceljer and Lairk Men jaf "V^ar. The Right'Hon. the "Lords C&njmiffioners of die Txea-fury have appointed-Mills, Efqj to be Receiver-General of tfae-JLand-Taxfor the County of Chefter, in the room of Sir Peter Davenant, deceafcd. Yefierd^^ there was a Board of Officers in Kiljegtsew-Court, Whitehall, when feveral Soldiers worn out in his Majelty's Service, were admitted to the Benefit of Chelfea Hofpital. The Artful Hufband is to be revived on Tuefilay next at'the Theatre-Royar in Drury-lane, for the Benefit of Mrs. Wbffington,-who-we hear istofpeak a'hew.^pilb^ue, in Man's Cloaths, addrefs'd to the young Gentlemen \v}jo call themfelves the Town.. Yefterday,diedat her Houfe in -St. James's^taeet, Mrs. Shaw, a Maiden Latiy, poffefs'd Of a very ,plenfif\fl �Ffer-tune. The fame Day died Mr. Spendelow, Chief Clerk of his Majeiiy's BUivin^ Wardrobe. On Wednesday laft died, at his Lodgings at Chelfea, after a lingring'IJInefs, John Hodgfoh, Efu; a Gentleman poffefs'd ofa rarge Fortune in the Gbuuty of Kent On Thursday Night died, at aiVHbafe in Suffolk-ftreet, -near Charirrg-Crpfs, Mr.'Dalby, an eminent Apothecary, greatly efteetn'd by all that knew him. Yeiterday ,Ten Prifoners were tried at the Old-Bailey, one of whom was Capitally cohvifterf, viz. Henry-Sims, commonly known try I he Name !of 'Oentlecdan Harry, for a Kbbbery on the Highway. Six were caftTor TranipoEtation, and three Acquitted, One was 'Btttrit in^he Hand, ^afid three ordered to be Whippy.. ;,x ' The Trials be'ng ended, jthg;C<?ort-<^afst'd .Sentence., of : Death upanthe-jf rifbner capjially cot^^d^ndadjotirn'd to this Morning Eleven o'Clock, m dr a"State Prironer, acjeoraih^ to a P*Ution whichieprefented to the Court on Wednelday |aft. Heary -Jjinks, after Sentence -was;pais*d oponhim, behaved with great Indecency to the Court, and told ^hem. if it had -not been- for nim* +here would have been a Maiden-Stffioivi, |but now hemuft be hang'd by himfelfi he is a notorious Offender,, and has committed feveral Robberies on the Highway, fince he received Sentence of Tranfportation, at'the Cli^aHey. Bank Stock 1 iS 1 4th a 12-8 a 1 4th. India Ditto t?4 1 half a 17;. South Sea Stock iOt. AnshWies '.too- a 3 'Sths., .Ditto !New.Q7. 7 &thVa^8. Bank ^nnutt^s .1746^6 a � ^t'hs a 1 Stb.^ J)ittq^t747 05 .7 8thsa.3 4ths-a 7^th�. -Three per Gent. AmTuhies '8c 1 half-a 86 t 9th ^ 6,  -Million ^Bftnk 103. -Equivalent 98 1* bpif. * Royal Affu^aif&jro.frite. Lcfh2#^Af-forahceio .1 half. fengSfti Coopec dtttp .5 .1. ^eVen per Cent. Emperor's Loan no^jPriee. Five par Cent. d*tto no Price. ;Ba>k Gireula^enf^l. i^s.jPrem. vJ[n-dia Bvndst 1. 4. % 8.; ,|r*�an. Tiree and a half Salt 1745 no Prvee; Tiwec .and a half per Cent, f^xche^or' crdm sa Price/ Three per Cent.^ditto xo 1. "DHc. iife atofreJti4 3 S'tits Years AD V ERTISEMEN TS are taken in tor this Paper, ^ Lloyd's Qoffbh Housb, in Lombard-Street,

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