Wednesday, January 19, 1746

General Advertiser

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 19, 1746, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. N v m P. r?3 i 3 w * / MONDAY. January 19 17. .fc-7. Deai\ January 17. EMAIN in the Downs Ins Vlaje-fty's Ships Kingfion, Greyhound, Gibraltar, Bridgwater, Furnace Bomb, and Scoipion Sloop,with the Outward bound, as in my lad. Arrived Yeflerday his Ma-jellv's Ships Kinfale and Kingston, with ten Sail of Merchant Ship; from Pcr:fmouth, which are lince failed for the River. Madrid, Dec 29. M. de Caravajal, the new Pnme-Minitier to whom the o:her .Vjiniilers and Secretaries cf State are to give an Account of the Affairs in their feveral Departments, labours continually to make himfclf Mailer of what paffes under them a'!. In order to put the State in a good SifQation, hi intei.d.- to begin by reducing the Debts of the Crown. Tins W^fcek two Convoys are to fet out, each with a Million-ojjjjpche;, for the Payment of the King's Troops in Provence1, 'at d the 1 reifurer-General is faid to be directed to ftr.d tut like Sum every Week. Orders Have been fent to Barcelona, to prefs the Depar-rure of the Troops for the Infant's Aimy, and 38 Pieces of Cannon, with the necefiary Munitions, are embarking thereTor the fame Arm)'. Prague, "Jan. 3. The new Levies r.rc continued with Succefs m all the Hcejitary Countries. I ail Week -00 Recruits were fen:Tom recce for Lay, and others are  continut.lly fending fmm V ler.r.a. The- neccflVv Recruits for the Regiments in the Low-L ountrici wii! be taken out of the Empire, where trie proper Meaturcs are taken to have a fufficient Number in good Time Vienna, 'Jat. 8. Tie moil excellent Arrangements are *aken again this Year in Hungary for the a'prencbing Campaign. The States remount and recruit, at their own Expence, all the National Regiments of Huiilar? and Foot. The Croats, Sclavo ians and o:her Troof.% ufually included under cne of the above Names, will be al o ren-der'd complete from their feve-al Countries Tranfiivania and the Bannat of Temefwaer, will bkewife recruit both their Cavalry and Infantry ; or, to fpeak mere prope;ly, ail this is already done, the r.ew-raia'd Men and Hories waiting only for ihe Detachments from tr.e feveral Regiment:, thatare to receive and conduct them to the Places of t.'.eir Dcilui-.tion. From the London Gazette. Niple:, D c. z~. On the 15th infant, Bur n Braitwitz l:j ;'cile:'f;o:i of :hr Poll of 1 i.-.itcn .nt General of the King': Forcr�, and was acknowledg'd a:- iec*. by ttie Mili-f.;ry Officers aifcrnhk-d for that Purpofe. On the ifcth t;.e Serretary of State received a Courier from the Conful ru Genoa, with Nuticc, that the Inhabitants of that City, ^s well as thofe of ihe Wellern, and EuiUrn Coafb, had ri:-:ri up in Arm. againll the Audii-in Troops, and fcz'd thr-_ Magaz re', Artttiery, Amman.tbn, &c. On the 1 rath ant he'd m thio Poit frun Cad.z and Ceuta, two Tranlport Veflels witli about 3c o Spani h -�i ld;erOn the 23! Pere Vollcra, of the Carmelitat: Order, was, by Order of the Government, arrelicd, on 3 Cnarge of holding a trcafonable Correfpoudence. Florence, Dec 27, N. S. Several Couriers have palled by from Genoa in their Way to Naples, and though it is generally believed and reported, that both thefe, as well as rhofe that were fent thither in the Beginning of the unhappy Revolt of the Genocfe, wire difpatched with Soil imitations to that Court to aflift them, yet the Letter:- from Rome and Naples of this Morning, do not make men;.on of any new Motion in the Troops of that ILin^do n. Rime, Dec. 31, N.S. ThePep', to provide againlt the Scare:')' cf Money in this City, has caufed an lid nil to be pj'.i!;:l;:d, inflicting rigorous Penalties <n any one that U.tdi tranlport any in Specie out of the Eccleiiail-c .1 State, or n;'.]: i: ; and in urder to luppiy the immediate Want of Silver, the Sum of 25000 Crown:,, in fmall Pieces, ii now coining a: be Mint Cardin ii Acquivtva continues very "ill, and w\:\\ little Hopes of R"cove;i:ig. Legistr., 2, N. We learnt VeilerJav by a Courier wnoc-me ti'Mii Novi in twn I3ay , ' General Botta b:e;i j-'t.ica by upwards of 70:0 Me.;- t_ount h R.Deque, wlu chit, .ivieJ the -i- ge ; f oov.ini, has rc-"i t ;g of Sa .i'.r.i.. to j .in him hke- u: oooc ' ti.e rcoular '.:.. 'i\.,-, the Court oi ,'.;".(.a, a- e\;- to tj;ii".v v.:: r.;:t 1 _:mlie^ d. thtt tee Polli- citations of the Genocfe to enter into their Affairs, which Opinion is confirmed by feeing that th..-re is no Motion in the Neapolitan Troops. Great Numbers of People from Genoa flill continue to arrive at Leghorn, fo that the Town is quite crowded. Madam Brignoii, with feveral cth?rs of the principal Genoefe Ladies, are expecled herefoon, And it is faid that fome of the chief Velvet Weavers, and other Manufactures, will fettle at Pifa, and other Parts of Tufcai:y, which muft produce a great Advantage to this State. Pere V ifetti, a Jefuir, who, in the Beginning of the Revolt at Genoa was employed by the People to treat with Marquis Botra, palled by here a few Da)s ago in his Way to Vienna. On the 19th pafl, agreeable to Directions from the Court of Vienna, the new Auditor Fifeal fum-mored the Marquis Tcrtigiani, Count Galli, the L'a e Girolami and Monra'ici, and the Knight of Malta, Sera, and intimated to them toabftain fro.n taking fo freely with regard to publick Affairs, and more reipcctfully of Sovereign Princes. The Knight of Malta, Sera, has, by the Regency, been otder'dto retire to his Country-Hcu.'e till farther Orders. By the lalf. Advices frcm Genoa, the Afr.irs there were in great Confufion, cfpecially fince the Reduclion of the Fortrefs of Savona on the 1 8th-pad, by tiie King of Sardinia's Troops, where they found 120 Pieces of Cannon, and a Garrjfon of 1400 Men. Count Brown con mucs his Operations in Provence, having attacked Antibes, and required cf the King of Sardinia a Supcly uf Artillery, who has accordingly fen: him 12 Battering Pieces (10m Savcna ; MarfbaJ Botta is retired v.i:h hi; Troops to Novi, and General Vogthcrn is gone from S.-uzana to Parma, on his Way to join Mirlhal Bo: a. v. ho i: collecting together a fufficient Body cf Troops from the GarriT.'ts in Lombardy, in order to ^uell the Revolt uf the Gi.neefe. A'.(-�', [fun. 6. The King of Sardinia will probably fct out irom hence Fe-morrow or next Day for 7"urin. By ti'ic l.u't Letters (rem General Brawn, he is wholly taken up with preparing ior the Si gv. of .-\n ibes. Though the Bomb , \vh ch have been thro-vn into that Place witn fome SucceL, have not been able to reduce it, they have however had fuch an Effecl, that it is not doubted but it will furrender, when once the Batteries on the Shore are mount-ted, and began to rite ; and whillt the Siege is carrying on, General Brown will be ioined by a Reinforcement of Imperkil and Piedmontele Troops, which are now actually on their March, and Part of them are arrived here. The advanced Pods of General Ercrwn's Army daily m^ke fome Progrefs, and extend themfelves in the Country, and particularly towards the Mountains, where they find Forage and other Subfilhnce. Vic:-a, 'Jan. 1 i, N.S. Her Imperial Majefty having been pie.icd to appoint Count Kuffitc n, Vice-Chancellor of Ambiti, to be Stadhalter of this City, in the room of the late Count Windilchgratx ; Count Oedt to fucceed Count Kuffilein as Vice-Chancellor of Auflria, and Court Breuner to fucceed Count Oedt as Deputy Stadhalter, they all took the Oaths on the ythlnflant, to qualify themfelves for tr.eir refpe&ive Employments. On the 8th In-ftant, in the Mornihg, died, after a fevere Illnefs, Count Sigifmund Rudolph ZiizendorfF, Grandee of Spain of the fiilt Clafs, Knight of the Golden Fleece, and Lord Steward of the Emprefs Queen's Houfhold, in the 77th Year of his Age Vunna, Jan. 14, N.S. Count Schulemberg fets out the Day sftir Tomorrow for Italy, to take the Command of the ImpcTil Army there in the room of the Marquis de Bjtta. Mtufhal Konigfegg is appointed Grand Mailer, i'i the room of the late Count ZinzcndorfF, and is fucceeded in his Fcfl of Grand Mailer to the Emprefs Dowager, by Count Konigfegg Erps. lljgut, Jan. zo, N.S. The Province of Holland has thL Day propofed to the States General, to make Choice of a proper Perfon to command the Forces of the Repub-lick under his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, which is referred to a Committee. Advices received Today from Pari* fay, that it is reported there, that M. St. Sever,n, who was formerly Ambaffadour at the Court of Swed;n, L to luceeed M. Puyficux in the Ncgociation at Breda ; bat other Letters mentiou'd M. du Theil. It is likewile written from thence, that their Troops in Proven ;e were upor. the Point of marching forwards, having already traniported their Ovens to Luc, and that the Spaniards wr.o were at Brignolle, were advancing on one Side of the French Army. They add, that tiie Detachment und-r the Command of M. de Chevret, maintained itfelf in their Left, and had cleared the River V'erdcn of the Auitrian That the main Body o." the Auftrians are intrenched in the Wood of l'Eilerel, and feem'd inclir to maintain themlclves there. I hat they continued to bom'jird Antibes, and were making DTpolitions tj Leficge k in Form, having received Artillery trotn Savonti. Fhat Prcvifions were cxtri-me'y dear, r.nd Forage fcarce at the French Army, but muc^. more fo/ as they lu^pcfed, with the Auilnans. Hague, Jor.. 24, N.S. This Morning their High Migh-tintffes naeied the Piinct cf Waldcck to command their Tiocps in ChiJ', the enfuing Campaign ; and ins High-nefs fets out in a few Days f.;rhis Principality in Germany, n;on his private Affair, fr. m v. hence he will return hither the Beginning of next Month. Count Wsflrnatr has �t.kcn ihe Opportunity of M. de Puyfke-x's Absence.frcm Bieda, to make a T-our hither upon his Family Affairs. This Day C.-unt Harraeh, the imperial Mmiitcr here, received a Courier fia..m Gtneral Brown, whofe Army he left on the 4th Inftant. At hi- Departure Antibes not in-veiled, but when he r.-.iT d through Savoha, they were; (hipping off the hca\y Art.llery fcr the Siege cf that Place. There are Letters from Geneva cf the 1 Inlt. which mention a (harp'Rencounter between Thirty-two Companies of Grenadiers, fuifained by a Body or other Trcops of M. Belleifle's Army, ai.d a la gu Bcdy of Auftrians, to the great Difidvantsge oi the former. By a Letter horn General Brown's own Hand, uf the 23th pafr, it appears, that he had at that Time, t.iken upwards cf 6o I'ie'd-Pieccs, and raiied 00,coo Livres of Ctntr,buttons. We hear from Pans, that the French King has appointed M. Saxe to bo M rfhal-General of France, with the lame Powers and Emoluments as were granted to Marshal ce Turenne. /, Jan. 16. Cipt-tin David Cheap, Commander of iii^ Majeily's Ship the Lar count, by Letter dated ti.e 1 3th It fbii t, that being off the Ifiand of Madeira, in Company with his Maj.Tty's Ship the Glonceller, ccmmr.neeJby Capt. Sa.:nd<rs, they gave Chace, cn the 25th of lad Month, to a Sail was Handing to the F.-.ilw.vd ; that the Cjlouceiler c.iir.e up with her at z in the A.terncon, ard began to engage her, and in about Half an Hour fhc ilruck, and Capt. Cheap has brought her into Plymouth. The Prize is called !e Fort de Nairz, oi '.50 Ions, mounted with 32 Gens, and had 200 Mm on L-o^rd, two of which were killed. She was bound from la Vcra-Cruz and the Havannah to Cadiz, laden wi:h 105 of Silver, beiides a valuable Cargo of Cochineal, lu-iigo, Venails, Havanr.ah Snuff, and Sugcr. L O D O N. The City of I.vblin in Pohrtd h 5 been in Danger of beir.g entirely bun.'d by a F;.-e, which broke out iu the jews Quarter, molt of \vh:C;i was cenfumed. As a fa.rtiicr Inibice tt;there is no A.iiundc.Ttanding between the Courts of \ ienna and Urellien, we are :..To.-'<;, that the former made a Frifent to the latter of 100 f.v.e Hungarian Horfts, which-were made Ufe cf in the Ceremony of theMnrriage of the Dauphinefs. The Frmeh afcribe the Defeat of their Rear-Guard at, by the Vanguard of the Auftrian:, to the ' Fault of the MagiJtratcs of that City. Befides the uew Impoil- laid an* contriving, and a Free Gift of the Clergy of 12 M Ihnns, it is currently fr.d a: Paris, that the Fiench King mull b.r.-ow a large Sum of ere Farmers-General, at the Kate of 10 per Cent. Intercut. Letters from Bruffels, dated the 19th, take Notice, that every Thing L in profound Tranquillity in the Low-Countries ; that Ccuut a'Yve and Baron P..rck, who had been to Lifle to make Reraonflranees concerning the King's Ordonnance for raifingthe Militia, were returned without being able to obtain any Thing ; that an Exprefs wis the fame Day gone by in his W^y from Verfaiiles to Berlin ; that feveral more Auftrian Battalions have Orders to march for Italy ; and that they will be replaced by a Body of frefh Troops. His Prulfian Majefty hath fent a Minilier to Verfaiiles to folicit the taking eff the Sequefiration upon ceitain Lord-fhips in the Principality of M01 ttelliard, belonging to the Duke of Wirtemberg, and almoft fur.-cunded by French Dominions. The King of Sardinia fet out on the -;h Inftan-, N.S. from Nice for Turin, after having given Orders for the reinforcing Count Brown, who had not then made the leaf! Difpoiition for rerafilnf: ;}:.� Varo. Some Letters from Jta'y mention, that the Genoefe Peafants have laid down their Arms, and refufed to act any longer with the Citizens atviinil the Auilriinj. An Order is iii'ucd, atiu iliiiiheci in the Gazette, wiiich allows of the killing of ;-.t: C-tivc-, as uiual. And Orcters .are ]ik;wii'.- Uiu-od f.t i.hc Out A^n-.g feveral Smugg crj, provided they do n.;; aprc3rby a certain Time to take their i'r.a'-.. tor n-veit-i Offences committed by thtrn. 1 IS!- M *� N J $ arc1 izkzr. in ior this Paper, ?r Lcoyd's Coffee House, ir LonibanJ-St'ceL

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