Wednesday, January 5, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Wednesday, January 5, 1746

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 5, 1746, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. MONDAY, January 5, 174^7- Itealy January 3. MAIN tin the Downs, his .Ma-je%y$hip *Grey hound, Cbm-modbre$ifcYeJl, wi&a'she->reft or the Men jirify War, -and. Oot-ward-bound Ships, as in my laft. WindE.N.E.. N D ON. . .,. ^#.,____ing" Commodore Legg, in bislWajefty's 'Sc tSe' Captain, of 70 Guns, together wrtti the Sun-wand, and Dragon, of 60 Gahs each, failed from St. Helena, with * the Fleet of Merchant^ Ships under. their Convoy, botrhd teethe. Leeward IflanaVi' and Jamaica. H^Exceflency Henry Greenville,!: Efqj Governor of Bafbadofcs, embark'd on board the Captain, for his*Go- Jjfefterday JusMsjefty, theiivRoyal -Highneffes. the Prince .and Princcfa of Wales, the Duke of Cumberland., and the Princefs Amelia, went to f&e Chapel Royal* and heard a Sermon preach'd by the Rev. Dr. Gaily, Reaor bf St. Giles's. The fame Day there was a very grand Levee.-at -his Royal Highness the Duke's Apartments. It is faid that the French Court are endeavoring at this JTime to ftir up the Difafle&ed in Scotland : to prevent 'cttr Troops going abroad, for the. Service of the Common Cadfe ; and for thaf,.Ehd have.lately pot on Shore, from, on beard their Privateers; a Number of Emifiaries, f�r-nifhed with large Sums of Money,-to betray the poor, unalterable -Wretches of that Country into certain Ruin. On Saturday laft Mr. Claverly, one of his Majefty's -\^9leflengers was-fenf Exprefs from his Grace the D^ke of �^NewcaiUe's Office for Edinburgh. . We are informed, that his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland is to be allowed by the States of Holland 10,000 L per Annum, as Generaliffimo. of the Allied Army. ..^Srjthpny Sawyer, Efq; (Son of CoL Sawyer, and Ne-.feuew Jo_Anthony Duncomb, Efq; Member of Parliament 'forjDowcton) jvbo was fent to Sooilaod with the Military 4&eB from Whit8ha#, as iteputy Raymaft# to the Forces �iniploy'd agalnft the Rebels, was fome time lince married ttoi|fej",to the CountefsDowager of March, a Daughter to tfce fate Earl of Rutherglcn, and Sifter to the Countefs of iCjplEle t'with whom he had a Fontune of upwards of 20,000 1. On Thurfday laft Mr. Moore, an eminent Malfter at Kingfton in Surry, was married to Mifs Polly Alexander, of the fame Place, a beautify young Lady with a very large Fortune. On Saturday laft his. Grace the Duke of Montague, Mafter of the Ordnance, arrived in Town from his Seat Tat Ditton in Surrey. w On Saturday Night Mr. Fraizer -arrived in Town from Scotland, under the Car* of Mr. Chandler, one of his Majefty's Meffengers. He is to be a Witncfs againft the Lord Lovat- ' " * '\ ' We learn from Portfmouth,: that the Corporation there, to (hew how fenfibfe they were of the great Service Admiral Warren has done the Nation, in the Redu&ion of Cape BretOB, complimented him, while he was there, with an Offer of being made a Burgefs; which he, with his wonted Good-Nature and Affability, accepted of, to the great Satisfaction of the Corporation. On Saturday came Advice, that the Italian 'Gaily, Waanell, from Newfoundland for London, is taken and carried into St. Maloes, by a Privateer of zb Gdns a�d 300 Men. The Charming Molly, Wholly, from Newfoundland for Dartmouth, is taken and carried into Granville. The James, Loyd, from Newfoundland toTopfham, is alfo taken and carried into Granville. On Friday )aft died, Aged 87, at her Houfe in Queen-ftreet, Weftminfter, Mrs. Siccomb, Mother to Captain . Siccomb, to whom (he has left near to,ooo I. On Saturday died, at her Lodgings in King-ftreet, Gol-^den-fquare, Madam Hjunilton, Rehtt of �-. Hamilton, Efq; formerly Agent to the late Duke Hamilton. On Friday Night laft Mr. Saunders, a Carrier in the Borough of Southwark, on his retiyn home, was feiz'd with an Apopleftick Fit, and djcdlnftantly. Friday Night fome Rogues, b/ Cutting a Holein the Window Shutters of a Silver Smith's Shop near the Top of,, the Hay-Market, ftole feveral Tbirfg* of confiderable Value. Yefter#y died Mils Chitty, on�ofth6 Maids- of Ho-nou r to her Royal H ighnefs the Princcfs. of Wales; � Op Saturday laft was buried in a gr ahd inaptier. at, Putney Church, theCorpfe o�Mrs. Gtbbb�^La"d^ of Edward Gibbon, Efqj M^terJ^f Parl^ment;for aathamjs. jtoji, lately an Alderman ^f tfiis?City. i - Trom the London Gazette. .'^ Whitehall, Jan. TheiKiBg has been pleafed to grant unto the Raght^Hon. StephelfcXord Ilchefter, Baron cf Woodford Strartgewaya in the. County of Dor let, "a^nd the< Heirs Male of his-Bod/Tawfu% begotten, the Dignity of* a Baron of the Kingdom of Great=rrirain) by the Name,^| Stile and Tide of iibrd Ilchefier aiid^&ovordaje, Baron ofV Redlyhch in the Connty oTSomerfet j and in Default of fuch I'flue, to his Brother the Right Hon. Henjy JFox, Efq; and the Heirs Maleof his Body lawfully'begotten. The King has been pteafed to grantr.nnio Matthew Fe-therftonhBUgh, in the County of Northumberland,1 Efqj the Dignity of a Baronet of the Kingdom of Great-Britain. The King has-been pleafed to conftitute and appoint Sir John Ligonier, Knight of the Bath, to be a General of Horfe. . - , . � The King has been pleafed to conftitute and appoint the the Right Hon. James Lord Tyawley,. Lieutenant-General of his Majefty's Forces, to be Colonel of the Regiment of Foot late under the Command of Lieutenant-General Columbine, deceas'd.. The King has been pleafed to conftitute and appoint the Right Hon. John Earl of Crauford, Major-General of his Majefty's Forces, to be Colonel of the Regiment of Foot late arider the Command of Brigadier-General Hugh Lord Sempill, deceas'd. The Klfig has been pleas'd to appoint the Right Hon. Henry Earl of Lincoln, to be* Cofferer of his Majefty's. Houfhold. The King has been pleafed to grant unto Edmund Waller, Efq; the younger, the Office and Place of Mafter, Keeper and Governor of the Hofpital of, Frf e Chapel of St. Catherine near the Tower Of London, in the County, of Middlefex, in the Room of George Berkley, Efq; deceas'd. Important Questions previous to the SolemnFajl-Day, January 7, 1746-7; and preparative to the Religious Observation thereof. Moji humbly cjfered to the ^liberate Conjideratien tff twery Brvfh Protejlant. 1. 1T~\0 not mijimprovtd Judgment} and Msrchi expofe the Guilty to the moft terrible Strokes of Divine Jaftice ? Therefore flionid not thefe much endangered and di'v-inely-favedKingdoms flaitd in Awe, rejoice with trembling, and be glad, when called on from the Throne, to be proftrate before the infinite Majefty, to implore Pardon, and Publick BlefSngs from his Hands ? For is He not to be feared ? And who may ftand before him when once he it angry? 2. Are not the Abominations of the Land many, great and exceedingly aggravated by their Continuance after God has wrought fogreat Deliverance ? Is not the Reafon therefofemoft dear and cogent why we fhould humble our-felves before him in Sackcloth and Afhes, and earn every one from his Evil Ways ? Before did he not punlfli us lefs than our Iniquities deferved ? But if we perfeveie breaking hisConamandments,will he not be angry with us till he hath confumed us; fo that there ihall be no Remnant nor Ef-caping ? 3. Is not his awful Hand of Difpleafure ftretched out againft us ftill in the vaft Spread of Mortal Contagion among the Cattle^ the Confequences and Appendages of which may be' doleful beyond what has yet Been thought of? What if Our ungrateful Crimes Should make it moft wife, as well as righteous in him, not only to give forth his Decree that the B'eafis, but th* Inhabitants of the Land Ihall be confumed for the Iniquities of them that dwell therein ?-Is it not better to feek the Lord and five ? 4. Are hot the precious Interejis of our dear native Country, our Allies and all Europe at flake ? h it a Time tocaft Contempt on the Supreme Governor, the bkjfed and orrfy Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords f What lefs will it be if we refufe to humble ourfelves before him, and aft: his Favour who has the Difpofal of the Lot, and in whofe Hands the Kingdoms of the Earth are but as C�*J5Jn the jEJand of the Totter. '5. Is there not a Scene opening in Flanders, and*"elfe-wherej. which is not likely to clofe without dafhing of Nations, ^tdi-fpita^fng Slaughter, and Seas of^BTa'ad, more'dreadful than biasing Comets, and fiery Rencounters in Northern Air ? Areiaotour brave and gallant Country- men^ (O that thejtwere^a religious- f-) to k&vetMtitf Shares tn all thi*?r&Tid m^fca-^/^-PrOteftant'at fSSf^raebe foun&kiff'ronting infteadof.fappiica'trng--the- GespVov Armies, and this .when, he AasHb latelyVfeen ;Pift^jo One, Fifty Times told demoted'byvhiih t^he|S!wor^$^ it no* better to ittab/t:earjfisut� code* &a^^^0^^�t we may be exalted in^d^tityie-}-., ,. ' Si'^ 6. Is not the^thrrcefreciom Ltf&of r%H%Mi Prince who, under God, has. juftj now faveaSqs ftem'trmexdoas Ruin, to be afrefli expoR&Vtoafl the dtte Dangers of bjood-thtrfty War I Is it not to.fafe 'ttk^ySttgiffltig invatu|LUe Life as ic is, with th- mtantfcJ^Pfi' .-SWl ':we AOt then hearken to his Ro0 $?&erY; @b^maa1^^a\vxepentant bow ourfelves otL^S4k^�$i*X jtfo&i&jfcet, humbly pleading thaf.-he'wttt'iid* forth, in his Beialf as be-fore, . .?r*  ' He on the Wings of Cfxirufn-rtde' fittlimt ; On the CbrjfiMn Styy en &a$�r'tb.t n'Jj-l. ^ IlluftriQiis far, and wide.- L B, VI. Ungrateful KatxnkAQVl&r*. Rojtal Herp^if'^^he goes amidlt the thick-flying.Dam"of-^-^ -  voutly pray for -Turn tO^iH^ ixalti long all the Shields of the-Earth . | ^ x . 7, Do not the. refaud Mr^n^^^'a^i^ff^^e Enjoyment of (our Religior^,La^s,r^J>tiri^^RJ5e:rties) defervt to be valued till they^^V^lg^^^n^wreJled from, as well aajrea;iy'*I^frf�fe4l^*?;l|rai^^>t nwft thankfully adort the- Givtr^md. i^h^g^'Piirpofes to reform, own our Forfdwre^^r^^.ffir^fheail-prevail' ing Mediator, mtrea^ tha*^g^�^^^/arv. he h$s.given, may be a Defence, and th^hfml^f ?vonld.:be a. falfe and perfidious towards the Moji High? For are-not-the Vows of God upon us that we would be more concerned for his Glory, and render unto God the Things that ai� God's ? How diametrically oppofite will it be if we fro-phane his lblemn Faft, or but hypocritically obfefve it refilling to be reformed ? May it not then moil righteoully fay, Ah, I will eafe me of mine Adverfaries, I .will avenge me of mine Enemies ! Therefore by all thefe Reafons, honoured Countrymen, be moved to fet your Face and Heart to feek the Lord, for it is your Lift-Call to mind what great Things he hath wrought for his People when penitently fought nnto^-- �-� Revive the late Senie thereof by meditating on that elc gantly poetic as wcl; as divine Compofure, Pfa. 124 � �� - Revive it by reading what our Protellant Brethren ia France have been fuffering by Pop'Jh Cruelties, thefc thret Tears paft *, and by keeping in Mind Britain"s Memorial againfl Popery.--O fear! left- yoa provoke him to Anger who can reverfethe"Scene ina Moment.-^Let ttfitaisi's Remembrancer be your Counfellor*," but efpecially the D/-vine Oracle*, (O benighted Wales! would God thy Dwellings were e nbghtned with then)]) there you'll bejl ftfby Examples, Tnat the Eyes of the Lord run to and'fro throughout the tohol'. Earth, toThcw himfelf firovg in the Behalf of them whofe Hearts are perfeft [truly upright] towards him. And that thofe who hon:ur him, he wi4 honour, but that thofe who dtfjife him, Ihall be Uj^ffy * Vide a late valuable Piece entitled, Popery alwavsthe fame ; a Btok one Great-Britain. oud vjifh to- fee i.i every Family in, K now or R U late cf St -5- P ~? S. Luke's, Midd3efej^ BAN Hsnry Geutjes, Merchant. James Wallas,~of Kirkland, near Kirby-KendaJL County of Wefthiorland, Malfter. in the AD Y ERTISEM ENTSVe uken in for this Paper, ^ UoifD'8 Coffbs-House, in Lombard-Street.

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