Saturday, January 1, 1746

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 1, 1746, London, Middlesex Deal, Iaft arrived the- Mary Dumber 30. IS Majefty's Ship, and the Oat-ward-boond Sh��Sf remain, as i.n my Iaft. Wind E.N.E. Gra<vefend, Dec. 30. Pafs'd by the Margaret, Myers, from Hamburgh ; and the Anna Maria, BelGnan, from ditto. Falmout^ Dec. zj. Since my and Robert* from London, for NEW-ENGLAND. Bofton, November 18. T^SPEECHfff his Excellency William SKiRl-EY, E/q\ to the General AffemBfy 0/ the Province of the Maffachufttts-Bay, in Jienu-England, at Bofton, pn Friday the Jth Day of November, 1 7^6. Gentlemen of the Council and Houfe of Reprefentatives, kURING the Recefs of the Court I have received ^ _ two Packets from Lieutenant-Governor Mafcarene; in the former of which he infjurmh me, That the three Companies, which I firft feat from hence to reinforce the Garrifon underius Command, upon the late Intelligence of alargeBodyof Canadeans being aSenibled at Minas, and the Appearance of the French Fleet upon the Coaft of Nova-Scotia, had enabled him to aft offensively againft the Enemy, and defires.fuch a further Reinforcement from /� SldpCaeffer, latelfarriy'd ap^lis.-he adgifaane of &e French Ithe Coaft*: and-the Canadeans being , __rw_^Tjg.fiom Annapolis, wuh a De%n of �leaving:Ptrty tl^winter at Schiegne&o, and that the Re-in^rcemeitt which he'hadteceived from me, together with . the CnefteT tent him by Admiral Warren from hence, and Jtbe\ ShirJgy. FflgsW hy Admiral Towafhend from Louif-^burgV h-^ been in fcjgreat Meafure the Support of the Garrj(oB . rra^^eiving' the firft of thefe Packets, I "forthwith ordered F i�e-fflfJ;e C~:~~MMes to. bs immediately embarked as fbon zs raight be for Ar.ndpol;;, and in I.' -cert with Admiral Warren applied to Governor Wcntwxch and Governor Green, to fend a Reinforcement thither from their refpe&ive Governments, and accordingly the former of them caus'd Two Companies to be enibark'd from New-Hampfbire, and the other Three from Rhode-Ifland : Aftd notwithftanding the Departure of the French Fleet and Decampment of the Canadeans, I have proceeded, with the Advice of his Majefty's Council, to forward the Reinforcement which 1 had ordered for Annapolis, before -the Arrival of the Iaft Intelligence from thence ; they being of Opinion with me, that Mr. Mafcarene may be thereby ftrengthned this Fall to take or de-ftroy the Enemy's Magazines of Warlike Stores and Pro-vifions, which moll probably they have left behind them at Minas and Schiegneclo, and fecure all the Grain and fatting Cattle which is not neceffary for the prefent Subfif-tanceof the Inhabitants, for his Majefty's Service ; by the Firft of which the Maiecontents among the Inhabitants would be left without Arms or Ammunition, and the Enemy be disappointed of all the Stores they may expeft to fiitd upon tbeir Return next Year, and by the latter the Country left without Subullance for the Canadeans or Indians next Spring ; to drive off that Party of the Enemy which is defign'd to winter on Schiegnefto ; to deftroy or at leaft to harrafs the Indians ; to call fuch of the Inhabitants to an Account as have appear'd in Anns againft his Majefty's Garrifon, or, manifestly he'.d a traitcrous Cor-refpondence with the Enemy ; deftroy the Settlements of fuch of them asWhal! abfeond, and lay the Inhabitants in general under ftronger Ties of Allegiance arid Duty to His Majefty '; whereby it would be. rendered extremely difficult, if not impracticable, for an Enemy to make �ny considerable Progrefs in the Courury next Spring to the Disadvantage of the Garrifon, and a Foundation might be laid for a lafting Security to His Majefty's Government, by putting a Reirraint on the future Condatt and Behaviour of the Inhabitants: For doing all which this feems to be the critical Conjuncture, whrift the Nova Scotiao? are chagrined* and difpirited at their late Difappointment from tr^Fr^chV and before their deluded Hopes mall b_* re-, viv^doyfrem Prooiifes from Canada and France, aadwhilifc a Bjofbtfovaging Sickncfc prevails among the Cape Sabk and St. John's Indians. jfo ISe ;#nean . whikj, Gentlenien.iit mull be a ienfjbli Fleafure tayou to reft^how inucJi tteieafonaWe Surcettrs fent from hence have ajready contributed to the Prefer vaiion|. JNova Scotia, from itrs late impending Danger ; the great Value and importance of which Province to the Crown, and ail the Englifh Colonics upon this Continents as their Barrier againft the French, ajrou are fo well acquainted with that I need not apprize you of it: And- I doubt not but you wdlb be always animated with a proper Spirit for fuccouring it in any future Emergency, which^. may require your Aid. Giniltmetiof the Council and Houfe of Reprefen/atives, The Seafon being too early for the Winter Seffion to begin, and your Affairs in the Country being not yet, as I apprehend, quite finifh'd, I fhall detain you froin. 'em no longer than the pubHck Bufinefs, which requires a prefent Diipatch, obliges me $r do. Gentlemen of the Hoijfe of Reprefeutatvuet, The three principal Matters which call for your immediate Confederations is, to make Provifion -for defraying the Charge of the Works at Caftle Williain and Governor's I (land, an Eilimate of which I laid before you at your Iaft Meeting ; and if any further Charge ihenunfore-fcen has arifen, I will order the Account or it to be forth- DURING the Recefs of the' Court I have received I ^T*?*^T ^ cTi" * f**^- twoPac]$� from Lieutenant-Governor Mafptrene; "lIhm*nt fo'*��wg the Soldiers r^aisd^or the intended � ^.....- - 1 Expedition agamit Canada, and providing for. the Provinceit QgoOL of the Ailicles necefiary to be furnifli'd fox carrying' on the Expedition againil Cxpwn Point, according to the Settlement made at Albany in Concert with the Commiffi-oners attending there on the Part of this Province, and which has been likewife laid before you: With refpeel to this Expedition, I have done every Thing on my Part N | ^JSLfJ*.-^ Service of it are ready, according to the Lih> returned to me by? the refjpe&ive <Di5cers, to proceed, and with the Advke of His Majefty's Couacil, I iave ordered a thirteen Inch Mortar, with its Carriage andJn^plements belonging xo His Maj-fty'sCafrle William, ana one Hundred Shells, with a proper Proportion of Fufes taken o�t of the Province Stores, to be fent round in Tranfports applicable to the prefent Occafion, is, what ym apply'd to the Defeat of the Spa-nifh Armada, that it may be as truely faid of the French Fleet, Affidavit DEUS et dissipantur. - Thefe Events which have thus wrought out Defiveraace from I- this.Armament, (iniR f&flEquipment and Deiign a very v formidable One) have .indeed fo olain an Appearance ofna-y ving been chreiled by the fetoe Sovereign Providence, \ which in thejait Year prepare-! and ripened all Events for, the fucceedi'qgof oiir fmafl Force againft the Eoemy, and deliver'd thein'-inro.aur Hands, that they loudly call for the nioft'1bl?rori Attention of the People" of New-Eugland 5 and demand their moil grateful'Acknowledgements. H^S-HIRLEX. Saturday laft his Excellency waspleafed to adjoupn the Great and General Court or Aflembiy till Wednefi�a>.>tRe 24th ofef)ece|ob*r next, having firft. given?4is confpnt to I the enacling the following engroffed Bills, viz. � An Aft forfopphing the Treasury with the S*o> of  Twenty ThoufaoU'Fwo^Hundred Pounds, fo^djichirg- ' ing die- Pubiick Debts. 1 and for drawk^ in'the laid'  Bills into the Treafery again.  An Ac\ for mak ng' the Town of "PJanton the^Shire ' or County Town of thfjCqon^-of Brtftojj, inftead df.the � Town of Briftol i and for renWKinc the^aeki of Jle-4 cords and Papers of thjeXouijit^F Btiftoj; ^ that are in 4 the Town of BriiioJ� to the faid Town of Tauhtbn. MR. Henry Kennan aod^Wr;"cavid Deas, Paffengert in the Snow Eveleigh, bound ftoai South Carolina to Briftol, fail'd from Carolina the 9th ef^Au^uft ltjr, and -on the 26th, being in Lat. of 42. 30. and Long. 6$. 45. Weft, from London, fill in "with 57 S^a oF'FiwBt-Vei-fels, and were taken. We found it to&e tl*f&nf*ous Brett Squadron, under the Command of the Duke' Dr&hvfll�, in the Northumberland. . On the 2d of September, the Norihuinbaflancl.and Nineteen other Sail of V effete were feparatedfrom that' Part of the Squadron we were in, by a hard G&Te of Winij : Sept, 16, we entred Chebufto Harbour, and l&^fband. the Northumberland, jvith TUrMfm Jfy&3&tm^ffy Miffing VeueJs.~Tte^ef; S^p,fspx.joF phal 3bips, viz* jiitt iiaff^g^^0o9^. cide, they fej$f&d fi$d U^^aff^t^^Bt^ The^h m the WX^d^ljra^ terr'd ona- fhiall Iftand jm the which bears iiis Niine.-^-Hc died the Day before our Arrival here, not without being fufpe^ed of having pojfon'd himferf. The t8th a Council of War \fras hell.on boardj^ie -Trident, wheie M. D'fiflournelle (on whojn tie' Qtm-i Brand then devolved) propos'd going "back with the whole * Squadron to France, as the Soldiers and Sailor* were very fickly, died very faft, and the Diftemper daily encreafing, and as the, Seaion was too far advane'd to ftay on/uch a dangerous Coaft.-In this the Commandant was,opgosM by ail the Officers both of Land and Sea, as they thought their Honour oblig'd them to make fome Attack, oft thjs Englifh.-This greatly piqued the Commandant^ who was next Morning found in his Apartment-fallen on his Sword, and, we have great Reafon to believe, died about Twenty-four Hours afterwards. The Soldiers of that Part of the Squadron which arriv'd with us, landed, and encamped this Day.-The Command now devolves on M. de la Jonquiere. The 3d of OSober, Four Veffcls feil'd witljl Stores for Quebec, under Convoy of the Renomaiee, a Frigate 0T2& Guns, and, at the fame Time, a light. Brigantine for France with a Packet. The 9th and 10th employ'd in emjsarking the Troops.. The 1 ith a Flag of Truce arriv'd from Louifbaorgb with Forty French Prifoners. The fame Day in the Afternoon, a Council of War was held^and in the Night the reft of the Troops, and all the Tenf&"weTC embark^L, . The 12th in the Morning, a Signal was made for failing, but the Wind blew too frelh tojget'up their Anchors* This Day they burnt La Parfaite, aPrifce Snow.J^qHn.C^a. rolina, the Antigua Prize, and fonje Fifhing Schodnerv ' The 13 th in the Morning, failM from .ChebuSo, ,v______upwards ~. 50 People from Menis, who are to ferve as Pilots for Annapolis. The 14th in the. Morning, L' Heoreufe, Enterprize, a Briganune, a Dutch Fjiyboat and^be Schooner Margaret parwa with the Fleet, for FcancM the^ Dutch Veffel having '300 Sick Sailors on board. . Wt have now 5 Hof* pital Ships in Compan^, great Numbers�f Sick onboard all the VeffeJs, and the Diftemper Sill jeacreafing. From the Day^they left ^gnce (Junetbe 2jfeb^${.$4 t� the f. Day tteyjkm Chebufiba, they buried between 23 and-4a(S& Men, of which above 1100 died ia Chebudlo, and they have not now above 1000 Soldiers, inc^din^l24lu!e^s^ej^. pabte of beaiiiig" Arms. r ^.^v,- The 15th in die Moraine, we were. Fimrogf Schooner, and left^e^^ra'CeiB the-Flag of Truce, for Louifbourgh. A D V K RT IS i M !. NTS are taken in for this Paper, Lloyd's Coffi t Houst, w Lombard -Sore*

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