Monday, November 29, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, November 29, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 29, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Nl'mb. 3459: FRIDAY, November 29, 1745: Dealy November 27. lAIL'D this Morning his Majefty's ShipsFolkfton and h>ol. Remain his Majefty's Ships Norwich, Adnural Vernon j with the reft jof the Men of War, and Outward-bound Ships, as in my laft. Wind W.byS. Grawjendy Nov. 27. Pafs'd by Charles and Henry, Fowler, from ________ Caxlfham j and Peggy and Betfey, 'Wallis, from Gibraltar. LONDON. All our Letters from the Netherlands confirm the Report, that the French are undertakmg fome Enterprife there diiring the Winter: But the diferent Difpofuions they make, and their continual Motions, render it impof-fible to judge their particular Defign : It has been thought f)roper, however, to reinforce the Garrifon of Bruffels, by ending thither Part of the Troops from Maeftricht, and Jpme other Places. Private Letters from Franckfort pretend, that notwith-ftanding their Triple Contingents, the Circles are no more inclined to break with France, than they are to admit the Imperial Troops into Wincer Quarters amonglt them : So that the Houfe of Auftria have no ReafOn to think they will make her Quarrel the Caufe of the Empire. Tho' fome of their Troops are ah-eady polled along the Rhine, they are but few in Number. Exirad bf a Letter from the Hague, Dec. 3. * Tho'it has been inferred in fome Gazettes, that the " firft Column Of the Rnflians, which are marching to the Affiftance of the King of Poland, arrived on the 13 th " at Miitau in Courland, we have"^a Letter here from that " City, dated Nov. i ^, in which are the following Word?, " Notwithllanding there has been fo much (aid of theAr-" rival of 12,000 Ruffians in this Dutchy, there has not " yet one of them appeared among us, and even the Talk �* of them is over nere ; the Seafon being fii fevere, by. Reafonof the hard Froft, and the Snows that have be-�' gun to fall, that in all Probability that March is fuf-^� pended." 0 They write from Manheim, that the French Army, U whofe Head-Qoarters are at Landau, had received Orders to to hold themfelves in Readinefs to march, and that there 7^ (eems to be a Defign of refloring the Bridge at Hunnin-guen: So that as the Auftrian Army is very much wcaken'd, by the Departure of the Dutch and Hanoverians, and the Detachments made towards Saxony and the Upper Palatinate, there will be no Room for Surprize if fomething be attempted at a Time when it was kaft ex-peflied. j From the Barbadocs Gazette, Extras of a private Letter from Kingtton in Jamaica, dated Augufi zzd, i"^^^. * We are in a great Confternation here,? the Wild ' Negroes having rifen upon Us, and deftroy'd Numbers, � both White and Black. The Horfe Guards, Troopers, ' Independent Company and Militia are ought Night and * Day in purfuit of them, Yefterday they killed two * Whites and five Negroes that were out after them, and burnt a Gentleman's Houfe, We have taken fome of * them, and are in hopes of getting the Ringleaders, who * ,no Doubt, will meet with their defcrv'dPunifhmcnt. It * is dangerous going abroad after eight o'Ciock at Night, ' thofc Villains going arm'd withfCutlafles and Knives; * two or three Days ago one of them had,-the ImpudenQe ' to w^k the Streets, the Major part of the ^.ay, in * Womens Cloaths, but being difcover'd to-be a Alan, ' .wasfeiz'djandfevenrf Kiiivcs ftund concea^d about him, < He was immediately committed to Goal. Letter from Plymouth, Npv. ZJ^. H � Friday laft came m here the Edinburgh Man of War ^ ' of 70 Guns, Capt. Coatcs, who fail'd from this Place on ^ * I ith Inftant, in Company with the Augufta, of 60 ^ ' <Jans J and the �8th they met with a Gale of Wind, in � which they.fartetl Company. She heard the Augufta in * the Night fife. 13 Guns, as in Diftrefs. When the Edin- * Jstuigh ihe had fprung her Main-maft, Fore-top- * jnaftj.andBowfprit. Yefterday I faw her along fide of * the Hulk,, with aU Jier Mafts unrigg'd, and ready to get * out: She will i�l a few Days be ready to feil again. We * .hear that the Augi^ is fince got into Falmouth with the * Lofeof fome of. her M^.' I'd a u 'Canterbury,:Nov. �? It was currently reported, on Monday ^yening and Yefterday that the Pretenders fccond Son'antf the Lord Derwentwater's Son, with a large Sum of lyioney, were on hoard the Privateer taken by the Sheemefc Man of War as mention'd from Deal. Extras of a Letter from Clithero in Laneajhire, Nov. 14. * We have this Ijiftant, received certain Advice that the * Rebels have entred Lancafter and have plundered the * Inhabitants j they are reckon'd about 7000 Men; 400 of * them carried off all the Cows, Oxen afid Calves in the * Neighbourhood of Carnford; at Luneldale they robb'd * the Inhabitants of feveral Waggon Load of Cheefes, ' and fciz'd a great Number of Horfes, Waggons, * Carts, &c, it appears by all Accounts they rob and �* plunder wherever they come.'J We hear that Warrington Bridge is demoli(h'd in fuch a manner as to obftruft the March of the Rebels. We are informed (hat his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland has been received, ih his Journey towards the Army, with the greateft Demonftrations of Joy by all Degrees of People, who are confident ofhii^Succefs, from the general Opinion the Soldiery have of the Bravery of his Royal Highnefs. It is now currently reported, that there were five Vef-fels failed from Dunkirk, at the Time that the Soliel departed from thence, having on board the Lord Drum-mond's Regiment; but we are ftill in hopes that our Cruizers will meet with them before they get to Montrofs, whither they are bound. We hear that the Perfon who was taken on board the Packet Boat from Holland, is one Howard a Prieft, whole Papers are faid to be of great Importance, We a'fo hear, that two Perfons lately arrived from Wales, are taken into Cuftody, and lisveral Treafonable Letters found upon them. We are aiTured that Rotherhith Parifh have in a few D^s coUedled 1,240!. for the Support of his Majefty and the Proteftant Religion. Yefterday Orders were fent for Fleming's Regiment of Foot, now encdmp'd at Dartford, to be quartered at Deal and Dover for the better Security of the French Pri-foners. Yefterday the Hon. the Court of Lieutenancy of the City of London met at Guildhall, when in order to eafe their Fellow Citizens, they agreed that the Militia of the faid City Ihould at prefent attend their Nightly Watch, and not be obliged fo march and exercifc in the Day-time. Yefterday came an Account that the Anthony, Hunting, from St. Kitts, is taken by a Spaniih Privateer, and carried into Bayonne. On Wednefday laft Peter Thompfon, Efq; High Sheriff of the County of Surry, accompanied by feveral Perfons of Diftinftion waited on his Majefty, with the Affociation of the faid County, which he was pleafed to receive very 'gracioufly; and his Majefty was pleafed to confer the Honour of Knighthood on the High Sheriff. Laft Saturday the Biftiop of Chichefter, prefented the Rev. Mr. Lowin Marfh, A. M. to the Redlor of Mclford in Hampftiire, void by the Deceafe of the Rev. Mr. ; Carter. We hear that the Anfon Man of War will be launch'd at Dcptford this Day.  Yelterday Morning died, at her Lodgings in Bilhopfgate-ftreet, Mrs, Hughes, a Maiden-Lady of confiderable Fortune. On Wednefday laft died at her Houfe in Clapham, Mrs. Dowfe, poffeis'd of a confiderable Fortune, wffich Ihe has chiefly be5|ueath'd to Charitable Ufes. ^ Yefterday died in Wapping Mr, Cook, many Years .MefTenger to Woolwich Yard, in which Capacity he ac-qtiired a very large Fortune. ' Yellerday Morning a Man was found hanging in his jGarters on Primrofe-hill near Hampftead; but was not known by any that faw him. Thefame Day one Cooper, a Cobler, well known at Hampftead, hang'd himfelf in Cane-Wood. Number 17,949, of 5001. drawn Yefterday was IhaHd-at Cox and Collings's Ofiice, Number 35,330, 35,466, and 21,270 were alfo drawn Prizes of 500 L each; and 16,183, 13,339, 22,088, 8,704, 668, 3.540, 28,662, and 36,885 were drawn J*rizes of lool. each '" M ^HE following .Remedy was. given to the Cowsabou* J[ Thirty Years.fince, at that remarkable Time of thair Sicknefs, with pretty good Succefe. . " Take Wormwood, Rue and Rofemary, of each a " Handful, bruife ihefe in a Mprtar, and boil them in a " C^uart of Ale, add to the Strain'd Liquor the Juice of " Garlick and Houfeleak, of each a Spoonful, and like-" wife two Drachms df Venice Treacle." I lhall remark, that in the Year 1715 there was a Contagious Ditlemper among the Cows, and their Death was much in the fame Manner as at this prefent Time of their Fatalityj and. it is evident that the Diftemper now raging among them in lefs than Twenty-four Hours corrupts the O c it whole Mafs of Blood, fo that unlefs a fpeedy and efHcacious Application be made. Mortality muft inevitably follow. ^ It is no Wonder from whence the Caufe arifes, if judi-cioufly confidered, as in the Plague, from an immediate State of perfed Health to that of Putrefadion; in the fame Manner is the Caufe of this among the Cattle, by the invifible infefted Animalculas from their own Specie fuck'd into the Pores, which by the Laws of Reafon, are as natural as that of the Loadftore and Iron embracing each other. From hence it is apprehended, that no fluggiflx Medicine can reach the Diftemper, but what abounds with Volatility as when warm in the Stomach, do bring forward the Malignity by the Subtily of the Medicine, dividing and dif-cuffing the obftrufled Humours, where Expulfion is necef-fary through the cutaneous fores, and to thin the Blood, which almoft ftagnates for Want of fuch Shocks, fo that the Matter muft either perlpjre, or be taken up again into Circulation bv the Refluent Blood. It is for that Reafon, I recommend the following Recipe to be the more efFedtual. " Take Venice Treacle Half an, Ounce, Powder Lapis *' pis Contrayerva a Drachm, Powder Ehubarb Half a " Drachm, Powder of Saffron gently dried a Scruple, Camphire dilTolved in the lealt Quantity of Spirit of Wine ten Grains, with the Chemical Oil of Carraways five Drops, mix'd, and given in a Drench blood-warm, " ^ith a fufficient Quantity of Mint, Wormwood and " JR-ueWater (fimplex)." The Beaft muft be kept warm, and take a Mafli of Ground Malr, and fometimes Boiled Oats, tiil cured; the Dofe may be repeated, encreafed or lelTened, as Occafion may require, D. RusTicus. N B. Warm Water muft be given to them during the Time of Cure, and the Medicine is the better when made into a Ball, and the Draught immediately given after it. The whole (v/ith the fimple Water) may be faithfully prepared for One Shilling and Six-pence, for which Reafon, the Author has, for the Benefit of the Publick, ord?r'd them, to be fold for that Price at Mr. Turbut's, the White-Swan in Smithfidd. 'Tis apprehended Three Dofes will be fufficient for a Cure; and by Way of Prevention ta the found Cattle, one Ball, &c. may be divided into two Dofes. A large and fi-efh Parcel of Genuine IRISH STUFFS ' ^ made in the neateft Manner, is juft arriv'd at Wells and Hartky'% Warehoufe at the Naked Boy and Woolpack in Ludgate-ftreet, with the greateft Vaiiety of entire New, and Uncommon Mixtures, in all Colours and Qualities. They fell other Sorts of Stuffs and Cheap Goods, and deal as largely m Silks, as wfual. To oblige thefe luho could not have our Yejlerday's Paper the following Excellent Piece is inferted again. A Seafonable Warning and Exhortation of the Commiffion of the General AfTembly of the Church of Scotland, met at Edinburgh the i^th of November, 1745. TH E Commiflion of the General Affembly of the Church of Scotland confidering, that a wicked and deiperats Rebellion is raifed and carried on in thefe Kingdoms, againft our only rightful and lawful Sovereign King George ; and with an Intent to fubvert our prefent happy Eftablifhment, by fetting a Popiih Pretender on the Throne, educated in all the Maxims of Popiih Superftition and JL^ Trench Tyranny : Judge it our indifpenfible Duty, as ap- O pointed by our Great Lord and Mafter to watch for the Souls of Men, and in Purfuance of the Truft committed "-i to us by the General AfTembly to watch over the Concerns ^ of 'thio Ghiwihi H givifnirhfiij nmt publiriiWuinui^ tu ilit, f% People under bur Care, of the imminent Danger witn which , every thing valuable to us, as we are Men andChriflians, is threatened. We therefore do eameftly obteft all Proteltants, 7* all Lovers of our Religion, Liberty, and native Country, to bei*a'f8"'6f the; dgjufive Arts which iJww//'EmifTaries from Abroad, and the Enemies of our Conftitution at: o CO Pi ; tPJllie, liati. iudiifliiUitflji �nd^ifidifnrrignhljr nfnd tn dnftray ' that glorious Strufture, which'our gracious God reared up ' at the Revolution, by King tf^illiam of immortal Memory. 2 . ' Specious Declarations are made;- py the Pretender and his r Son, of fecip'ing to ^r/r//& ^Pr^teftac^l, their Religion and Liberties; but the^ ^re made by .t!^ Sons of a Church, whofe known Principle and Praftice is ney^rto keep Faith: with Hereticks, (and -fuch fhe reckons all Proteftants) a Church which never omitted ain Opportunity'of deftroying all thofe who feparated from her, when it was injher Power: ' She confiders theijn as the Pefts of human Socitty, from ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in tor this.Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wooden Shoesi. No Arbitrary Power.

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