General Advertiser, November 23, 1745 : Front Page

Publication: General Advertiser November 23, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 23, 1845, London, Middlesex 'Ni mb. 356\' SAT U R D A. y, Nov e b e; r 23, 1745. Veal'i November i i. lEMAIN in the Downs the Norwic>i AdnuralVemon ; the Pool, Ruhy^ , f olkftdne, Succefs; Jamaica, Hor-: 'liet, and Weafel Sloops j the Dutch Men of War, ,an4; th^ Earl of . Sandwich i the PJb^elphia GaUy, Smyter, ftr Carolina Good Intent, Courtiri, for Lifbon; Peggy, Thompfon, for Oporto j Cleeve, Rice; and Fly,. Richards, for Falmouth. Sailed Hound SI.' Notwithllanding what has been publickly and openly given out of Lord Lc'a i. Gordon's Arrival at Aberdeen,- after he had raiied about 1000 Men, in Badenoch and Strath-bogie j the^e are Letters undtr his .{f and dated a f.w Days ago, now lying in the CalHe, bearing, that he had not got above 50 Men, and that the Count.y is extremely backward to ri'e. It is remarkable that the Reiloration of Li'oerty;to this City happened on the 15th of November, the memorable Day cu wliich, the former Schemes o-f Popery and Arbitiary Power v.'ere defeated, thirty Years ago, at Sheriff-mu:r and Preilon. IRELAND. D bliny Nov. 16. Laft Thurfday at a Poft Affembly of the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor,- Aldermen and Common-Council of this City, a Petition was agreed upon, to be prefenced to the Parliament, for a Rcfeal of the Game Aft. "Vefierday the Right Hon. the Spe-iker and the Houfe of Commons waited in his Exoelienry the Earl cf ChellerfieJd with a moft dutiful and loyal Adurefs to be tranfmitted ri his iViajetly, on the hafpy Deliveiy cf her Rojal High-neis the Fnccefs cf Wales of a Prince. 2, C o O, Ml ADVERTISEMRNtS are"taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd*s Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power. C ;

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Publication: General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: November 23, 1745