Tuesday, November 23, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Tuesday, November 23, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 23, 1845, London, Middlesex 'Ni mb. 356\' SAT U R D A. y, Nov e b e; r 23, 1745. Veal'i November i i. lEMAIN in the Downs the Norwic>i AdnuralVemon ; the Pool, Ruhy^ , f olkftdne, Succefs; Jamaica, Hor-: 'liet, and Weafel Sloops j the Dutch Men of War, ,an4; th^ Earl of . Sandwich i the PJb^elphia GaUy, Smyter, ftr Carolina Good Intent, Courtiri, for Lifbon; Peggy, Thompfon, for Oporto j Cleeve, Rice; and Fly,. Richards, for Falmouth. Sailed Hound SI<5op on a Cruize." Wind'W.N.W. Gravejendj Nev. i i  Pafs'd by St. Jorgan, Hardling, from Oporto. * ?lymoutht AW. 19. Since my laft came in -the Hin-chinbroke Sloop of War, with the Marquis d'Antin and Louis Erafme, from Kinfale; the York Arm'd Tender, from Scilly, withfeveral Veffels for this Port j the remainder of the Fleet went up the Channel. Arrived a Ship from Carolina ; and one from the Weft-Indies, Names unknown. Wind S. W. Cvwes^ No<a. 19. On the i6th cajne in the St. CUJr, Addis, from Rotterdam, (and failed next Morning, for Pool;) and the 17th the FriendsGoodwill,Glegg, from Falmouth, for this Place. Juft now came in the St. Geo/ge, French, for this Place. Wind South. Portfmoutb, Nov. zi. This Morning came to Spithead, the Grievenden, Larwic^, for Malaga. Poo/, Nov. to. � Came in the Jenny, Bound, from Mil-ford. WindN.W. The Daniel,- Tyfhudl; and Mercury, Wilkinfon, from London , and the Loyalty, Saunders, are arrived at Cai^o-lina. The Effex, Adams, from Carolina, at Plymouth. LONDON. Letier from our CorrefponJent at Lancaftef, Nov. 19. ' I have now jufl Time to let you know, we are in-' form'd by an Exprefs, that General Wade is about a Day's March behind the Rebels, and they were at Pen-� rith lall Night; we expedl them here To-morrow. I. Q^' am, bf. This Morning two Battalions of the Guards will march ^ from the Parade, to join the Troops already appointed to y form the Army under the Command of LieutenantGeneral 1 Legonier. Yelterday the Field Equipage and Horfes of his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, were fent out of Town, towards the North, his Highnefs defigning to fet out for the Army on Monday or 1 uefday next And. we doabt not will be gallantly attended :-For fare the Sons of Britain cannot ftay at home when their Mars leads on j and their Religion, Lives, LaAS and Properties are all at Stake. And certainly every BntiQi Lady will think that Man unworthy of her Love, who can fit fupinely at home, when their Honours are in danger of being violated by a Crew ofiawlefs Villains. We are affur'd that Sir Everard Fawkener will attend his Royal Highnefs. This Morning the Right Hon. the Earl of Albemarle fets out for the Army. They write from Whitchurch in Shropfhire, that the Firft Divifion of Legonier's Army, confiiting of 1500 Horfe and 2000 Foot, arrived at Newport and the Villages \ adjacent on Tuefday laft ; and was to proceed for Chelter y the next Day w'nh tJie utmoii Expedition. 2 We hear by Letters from Coventry, that when the three 0 following Regiments of Fqpt, viz. Biigh's, Lord Sempil's and Howard's arrived there, they were treated by the <-i People with whatever they pleas'd to call for ; tlie firll h at the Expence of the Publicans ; the fecond by the But-0 chers. Bakers and Diilillers j and the third by the Phyfi-cians, Apothecarys and Lawyers. Yefterday the Saddl&s &c. tor the Duke of Bedford's Regiment of Horfe, were fent out of Town to the Place of Rendezvous. Yelterday Morning came Advice, that the two rich Prize.% taken by the Prince Frederick and Duke, are arrived at Plymouth from Kmfale. Yellerday the Treafure taken by the Duke and Prince Frederick Privateers, was rcxnov*d from Skinner's Hall to the Tower to be coin'd. The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed Mr. Home, an eminent Arehiteft, to be Surveyor of the Building of the new Hofpitalat Portllnouth* follo^Mwg is Speech, (menfimed in our tetter from Edinburgh., ivhkh ive inferted Tefierday)- of the Right Hon. the LordJt'Jiice Clerk, at the Parliament-houfe, to thofe Gentlemen^ iSc. maho entered the City of Edinburgh in Procejpon on the i ith Infant. 'Kli Y Brethren and I thought it our Duty to our King ^ yix. Country, to you as well as ouifelves, to lay hold of the firft Opportunity Providence put in our Power, (hy the Departure of the Rebel Army from this Part of the Country),to return to this Capital, and, with your Help, Gentlemen, to endeavour to rettore and preferve the Peace of this City and adjacent Country, and as far as lies in our Power^ to revive the Civil Government. And to fhow to his Majefty and the World, how little AccelTion the South Part of Scotland has had to the recent Calamities it has felt, and which the Government ftill feel in the raoft feniible Manner. But as Military Forces is necelTary for protecting this City and Country, fo long as the open Rebellion fubfills, we have the Plealiire to acquaint you, that Field Marihal Wade loll no Time in ordering a Body of Troops to march to that City.- As in coming to this Place we have been honoured with the Company of the High-Sheriffs, and of you. Gentlemen, we ,look upon it as a Mark of your Zeal for the fpeedy and effectual Re-eftablifhment, of his Majefty's Government, in which, if the prefent Troubles do not very foon fubfide, your Help, Gentlemen, may be of great Service; for indeed, while the Rebels keep the Field, we muft both in City and Country, confider our-felvea as in a State of War, notwithftanding the prefent Glimpfe we have of fome f eace and Quiet; fo that it is ftill neceffary that Provifions be made tor preventing any future Difturbances from the Rebels or their Affociates. May we therefore prefumeto recommend it to the Heritors of every Parilh, to make up Lifts of all the able bodied Men in their refpective Bounds, proper to be trulled with Arms, in which great Afliftance may be got from the Reverend Minifters of the eftablifhed Church, who, (as they always do) have on this Occafion, given Tef-timony of their great Zeal for his Majefty's Government. And we recommend it to the Sheriffs now prefent, to give Notice to the Heritors that are abfent, and we recommend to them to deliver thefe Lifts to their refpective Sheriffs, to be by them tranfmitted to fuch Perfon or Perfons as liis Majefty ftiall appoint for that Purpofe. The Iboner that thefe Lifts be made up and tranfmitted, fo much fe-curer the prefent 1 ranquillity will be. As I have in my Eye a great many of the Inhabitants of this ancient City, I cannot omit condoling with them on their late difmal Situation, and their preient want of a regular Government; I hope his Majelty in his grcBt Goodncfs, will in due lime uke their Cafe under hia Royal Confideration, and that he will foon be convinced of the Loyalty and Zeal of, by far, the greateft Number of the Inhabicants of this City ; for arming fuch, if found neceffary and expedient, proper Orders are given by Field Marihal Wade : Mean time, what Affiftance my Brethren or I can give, for preferving the Peace of this Place fhall not be wanting. Thus I have endeavoured, fo far as I have been able to recoiled, to deliver to you, Gentlemen, the united Sentiments of my Brethren and me on this Occafion. On the 18th Inftant the following Veffels were loft in Portland-Road, viz. The Richard and Hannah, Lindfcy, from Milford, for Yarmouth. The Charming Sally, Jenkins, from Carmarthen, for London, and only two Boys faved. The John and Anne, Speen, from Milford, for London, and three of tiie Crew drown'd. 1 he fame Night a Swedilh Ship,one Roufe Commander, was loft near Yarmouth, and all the Crew perifti'd. There has alfo been great Damage done to the Shipping in many other Parts of the Kingdom by the late high Winds.-Befides his Majefty's. Ship the Fox, there was Advice Yellerday, that tne iJaltimore Snow of War is loft on the Point of Pinus near Beaumaurice, and 20 of the Crew drown'd. And that the 1 ryal Sloop of War was drove on the Row Sands near Holy Ifland and loft ; but the Crew happily fav'd. OnWednelday Night the Tilt-Boat was unfortunately loft coming up from Graveiend, by which all the Paffen-^�ers, except one, and the four Watermen belonging to the Boat, were drown'd. Lait Week was married at Woolton in Lancafhire, Mr. Robert Dillon, a very eminent Merchant in St. Mary AiXe, to Mifs Dickinfon, a young Lady of great Beauty and a Fortune of iCyCool. We hear that Alderman- Perry has refigned his Poll pf Colonel of the Orange Regiment of the Militia of the CJ.y of London; and that/Alderman Baker is appointed Col. of the faid Regiment in his Kom. .. Letter from Dunbar, Nw. 17. ' V/e are forry for the Lcfs cf the Fox M-n pf War, * of witofe Crew not a Soul was faved. She came afhore * to the Weil of our Town, at Low Water, and weiit all ' to Pieces in the Night. V\ e are faving all trat is polTibie, * we have got eight Guns and the Reit we hope to gc, * with Part cf the Rigging. O c All Gentlemen Sailors and others, belorging to the f; Barker, now at Gravef- Kmli-Khan Privateer, Capt. J of; end, a-.e dehred to repair on board by Wednefday next, when their Advance-Money will be paid them by tiie Owners. On\:onday-Eveningnext, Mr. RICH ARD SHER-GOLD, (By Oidtr of the Hon. the CommiJJioaei s ef the Prefent State Lattery) at his Office in Pope's Head Alley, over-againil the RoyaJ-Exchange, CornhjJj, will pablifti a Lift containing the Numbers or the Benefit Tickets draw.i that Day. Ail Perfons may be fupplied with the faid Li.t at Mr. j. Roberts's, Publilher, in War .sick lane, at z d. each. Tickets^ Chances and Shares of Chances will be ' fold by the faid Richard Shergold, warranted Undrawn ; and all Bufi;.cis relating to the Lottery tranfaded w^th the utmoft Care and Fideiity. Likewile Ready Money pjid for Blanks and Prizes in the Prefent Lottery. Navy and Vidlualiing Hills and all other Governraent-iecuriues bought ana fold by Commillion. SCOTLAND. Edinbwgh, No-v. 15. Laft Saturd'ty arrived in Town the Hon. Robert Dundasi Efqj his Majefty's Solicitor, as did alfo Sir John Inglis, Bart, Pollmalter-General. Yefterday General Handaiyde arrived in Town, witli Price and Legonier's Regiments of Foot, and Gardiner and Hamilton's Dragoons, making upwards of 2000 Men. The Earl of Louden has at prcicnt (even Independent ^ Companies, three of his own Regiment, and was to be P joined by 700 Macdonalds, and 700 Mac Leeds, diauglited ^ for that Purpofe. "-t Yefterday was put afho'e at the Citadel of Leith, the Mary's Chap; ], John Hay, iViafter, laden with Flax from Borrowftouunefg for Leith, the Sloop bulged, and the Cargo all damaged, but the Crew fav'd. The Sarah of Borro'-vftounnels, John Short, Mafter, was drove on Shore a Ihtle Weil of N ewhaven, and broke to Pieces in a Quarter cf an Hour, a.-id two Men were drowned. Contents of a tetter fubfcrllPd by J'hn Murray, Efq; Secretary to the P rctenJt?''s Son, and dire fled to Lionald Macdonald, of Kinloch-Me^dart, Efq; found on him 'ojhi.n t alien Prifoner, which he endeavour id to dfjii ry by teai ing to Pieces, the Original vshereof is non.'j in t';e Hands if G veraL GurJ}. * His R-IH-fs has judged it neccifary to fend ' your Brother Allan to meet you v/itli this Letter, to de- .' Notwithllanding what has been publickly and openly given out of Lord Lc'a i. Gordon's Arrival at Aberdeen,- after he had raiied about 1000 Men, in Badenoch and Strath-bogie j the^e are Letters undtr his .{f and dated a f.w Days ago, now lying in the CalHe, bearing, that he had not got above 50 Men, and that the Count.y is extremely backward to ri'e. It is remarkable that the Reiloration of Li'oerty;to this City happened on the 15th of November, the memorable Day cu wliich, the former Schemes o-f Popery and Arbitiary Power v.'ere defeated, thirty Years ago, at Sheriff-mu:r and Preilon. IRELAND. D bliny Nov. 16. Laft Thurfday at a Poft Affembly of the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor,- Aldermen and Common-Council of this City, a Petition was agreed upon, to be prefenced to the Parliament, for a Rcfeal of the Game Aft. "Vefierday the Right Hon. the Spe-iker and the Houfe of Commons waited in his Exoelienry the Earl cf ChellerfieJd with a moft dutiful and loyal Adurefs to be tranfmitted ri his iViajetly, on the hafpy Deliveiy cf her Rojal High-neis the Fnccefs cf Wales of a Prince. 2, C o O, Ml ADVERTISEMRNtS are"taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd*s Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power. C

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