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Publication: General Advertiser November 14, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 14, 1845, London, Middlesex Numb. 5346. T H U R S p A Y, NovEH^a i4,' ifa. ' Dealy November 12; ' [yEDt)ie Vernon, Privateer from ?the Weftward; Came down the Ellis, For Falmouth, and is CaiPd l with his Majefty's Sloop, Hornet, "to the Weftward. His Majefty's jShips the Mary Gaily, Squirrel and > Sheernefs are all preparing, to-fail. rRemain the Norwich, Folkftone, Scipio Fireftup� and the Dutch Admiral. Wind N.E.byN. , The Pemberton, NunsOgden, Triftam, from Jamaica; | TOd Ellis and: Anne, Afliburnham, from Virginia, arear-' rived at Londonderry. The Armitage, from Jamaica, at Scotland. The Golden Lyon, Loxam, from Virginia, at Belfaft, ^ The Ceres, Leigh, from Oporto, at Newfoundland. LONDON. The following Letter, tho' of a Date a few Polls pail, being written by a Perfon of Credit and Integrity, we have thought not improper to inferr, as it contains feveral important Articles of Intelligence. Letter from Dumfries, N?3. l. * Dear Sir, � Nothing material has happened fince my laft, except �that two Ships bsfides the one at Montrofe, are arrived in : after fo much Hazard and Fatigue, ' not to have a Blow at them. It has come to their Ears ' what the Rebels give., out, T&at the Kings Forces dare ' net look them in the Face; to which they modeftly an-' fwer, That thofe

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Publication: General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: November 14, 1745