Monday, October 25, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 25, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Numb. 3421. FRIDAY, October 25, 1745. co Dealt Oftober 23. AIL'D this Morning his Majefty's Ship Prince of Orange, and Adventure for the River. Arrived Mary-Gally, Bea^d, from Jamaica ; and Catherine/Stupart, irom Montfer-rat. Remain his Majefty's Ships Royal George, Admiral Vernon j with the reft of the Men of War, _______ the Dutch Ships, and the Outward-bound. Arrived the Weymouth, Bayley, from Newcaftle; and the Grand Jurk, from a Cruize. Wind S.W.byS. Gravefend, 08. 23. PafsM by Sarah, Almony, from Antigua; Black Prince, Jennings, from Jamaica; and the BaracArta, from Virginia. Arrivals at feveral Ports. >>, The Somerfet, Butler, from Leverpool and Madeira, is h arrived at Jamaica. �> The Glafgow, Gould, from London, at Africa. The Ferret, Jammet, from Jamaica, at Southampto: The Beech, Fowler, from St. Kites and Cork ; and the q Shirley, Wright, from Jamaica, oft Dover. 7, Yefterday arrived a Mail from Holland. Vienna, 08. 16. By the laft Advices from Silefia we learn, that the Body of Troops under General Nadafti, having advanced very near to the Frontiers of Moravia. We are affared, that Prince Charles has alio pofitive Orders to penetrate into Silefia, and take there Winter Quarters, which it is fuppofed may give Occafion for a frclh �' Battle. Darmftadt, 08. 21. It is certain that the Duke of Wirtemberg will be General in Chief of the Army that the Army is going to fet on foot. Some of our Troops that are to compote it are already on their march, to get Pof-feflion of the Pofts that are aflign'd them. General Briet-lach is ready to fet out, in order to execute a Commiffion at the Court of Pruffia, from the Emperor. Field Matfhal Traun's Army is ftill in the fame Situation, and it does not feem that it is deftgn'd to enter into Winter Quarters fo foon as was expeftrd. The French Troops continue ftill on the Banks of the Rhine, over-.againft the Army of the Allies. Franckfort, 08. 24. The Prince of Furltemberg has given in to the Dyet three Decrees of the Imperial Commiffion. The firit regards the Capitulation of Eleftion ; the fecond, the Support of the Imperial Chamber at Wetz-lat; and by the third, the Emperor recommends to the  States to put on a proper Regulation the Coin of the Ern- �r*p're- <u There is an entire Union among the Members that com-^ pofe the three Colleges, and it is refolved that th� Army, which is forming, mall be employ'd for the Defence of the Empire, ' ithout infringing the Neutrality. Leghorn, 08. 9. The Englifh Squadron ftill cruizes in the Genoefe Sea. We hear that the Town of St. Remo has been entirely ruined by the Bombs. There is a Report, that the famous Lord Theodore is embarked on Board an Englifti Man of War, in order to A repair to Corfica, and that he had firft fotne Conferences with Admiral Rowley. The Spaniards have got Poffeffion of the City of Alexandria. Turin, 08. 20. Moft of the Old Palace of Turin has been reduced to Afhes by an Accidental Fire, and the Lofs is computed at three Millions of Livres. LONDON. Extra8 of a Letter from Berwick, 08. 18. * Many of tho Rebels are gone to the North Side of the * Firth, under a Pretence of colleftjng their Land-Tax. ' One of our Scouts this Moment arrived, who has been on 4 Board the Fox Man of War, fays he was told at Port ' Seaton, that Gen. Blakeney had detach'd a Party out of ' Stirling'-Caftle, wtortntercepted the Carriages laden with ' Ammunition, Arms and Money, that came in the French ' Privateer to Montrofe, and has taken feveral of the Car- * riages witn the Lofs of feven Men. We hope to have * this News confirmed, but at prefent are doubtful of the * Truth of it. ' P.S. There is but one Tent ftanding in the Rebels �* Camp with about Ten Men in it: They are all in Edin-' burgh, Dalkeith, Muffelburgh, and Leith.' We hear from Paris, that the Son of M. d'Argenfon, Minifter and Secretary of State, is gone to Turin, in order to labour at an Accommodation with the King of Sardinia. Yefterday it was affirm'd, that the Carbs Henerique, bound frcm Cadiz to Vera-Cruz, richly laden, is taken by two Leeward Ifland Privateers, and carried into Jamaica. Alfo, that the faid Pri vateers have taken twofmallSpa-*iifh Sloops, laden with Ammunition, bound to the Ha-vannah. There is likewife Advice, that the Count de Maurepaux, and the St. Jofeph Las Animas, two Regifter Ships, bound from Cadiz to Vera Cruz, are taken by our Men of War and carried into Jamaica. We hear, that a rich Prize under Dutch Colours is carried into Montferrat. Captain Tarbot, Commander of the Italian Merchant, died lately at the Ifland of Jamaica, foon after his Arrival there. Yefterday William Clayton, Efq; a near Relation to Sir Kenderick Clayton, Bart, was married at Dulwich, to Mils Drax, an agreeable young Lady with a Fortune of 10,000 1. Yefterday the Commiflioners of Excifc appointed Mr. Stephen Lawes to be Deputy-Colle&or of that Revenue in the Ifle of Wight, a Place of 2001. a Year. The Brittol Bag did not coins to the General Poft-OfRce Yefterday Morning as ufual, and appears to have foma-Way or other mifcarried between Briftol and Cirencefter. An Exprefs was immediately fent down to caufe all poffible Inquiry to be made after it, and if it mould appear to have been otherwife than dropped on the Road, by Accident, or fome Overfight, a Reward is to be offered, by an Adver-tifement in the Papers, for the Difcovery ^f how it came to be miffing as well as of the Parties concerned in the Caufe thereof. Laft Sunday died at his Seat in Dorfetfhire, William Pitt, Efq; aged 82 Years, a Gentlemen poffefs'd of an Eftate of 2000 1. a Year, which he has left to his only Son George Pitt, Efq; Monday laft died, after a lingring Illnefs, at his Lodgings at Lay ton in Bedfordfhire, Capt. Roger Hafwell, Captain in General Handafyde s Regiment, a Gentleman of great Bravery. yYefterday Morning died, at his Houfe in Leadenhall-j'lftreet, Mr. Robert Hunter, an eminent Packer, very much efteem'd by ail who were perfectly acquainted with him. Laft Night the Corpfe of Mr. Srriith, a confiderable Haberdafher of Hats, in Cannon<-ftreet, who died a few Pays ago, Wat interr'd in a handfome manner at St. Clement's, Eaftcheap. Yefterday Anne Jefferies was committed to the Poultry Compter, by Mr. Alderman Baker, for (peaking Treafona-ble Words againft his Majefty .and the Government. As was likewife Samuel James and James Plummer, for felonioufly ftealing alarge Quantity of Sugar from on board a Lighter at Brewers Key, which was found upon them. As was likewife Mary Pheafant, for felonioufly ftealing a Carabrick Handkerchief the Property of Mr. George Freeman, at the Golden Pump in Chick-lane. As was likewife a Man who keeps a Bagnio on Tower-hill, to Wood-ftreet Campter, for violently affaulting and wounding Mr. John Dematt, of Fleet-Ditch, Victualler, in his ownHoufe. As was likewife Margaret Monro to Bridewell, for pilfering a Pewter Plate from out of the Houfe of Mr. William Ford,' at the Ship on Snow-hill. As was likewife Richard Eve to Newgate, for felonioufly ftealing a Bafket, with Bread* therein, Value 7 s. belonging to Mr. William Paget, a Baker in the Mino-ries. Chatham, 08.1^, 1745. MINUTES of the Cocrt-Martial, on Board the London Continued. O o 2 q ' The Court affembled at the ufual Hour, and Captain ' Ambrofe was brought into Court by the Marfhal. � Then the Judge Advocate proceeded to the Examina-' tion of the Ships Royal Oak, Torbay, Ruflel, Buck-� ingham and Oxford, the four Latter in the Vice Admi-� ral's Divifion, who depofed much to the fame Effeft as * thofe before examined. ' And then adjourn'd till 8 o'Clock To-morrow. � There are now only four or five Witnefles to be exa- * mined in behalf of the Crown.' To the Merchants and other WorthyQn\- zens, who have fet on Foot and promoted the SUBSCRIPTION now carrying on for raifing Men under His Mi-jetty's Authority, to be employ*d within ten Miles of London. GENTLEMEN, THE Addrefs of Philopatris to the Merchants, iirfl- publifhed in the General Advertifer of Saturday the 1 ith Inftant, and afterwards continued in feveral of the Publick Papers, fo fully explained, in few Words, the General Utility of the 5/. Martin's Scheme, That it has met with the loud Jpplaufe, Not only of many Other Diftricls, but the Whole County of Surry has honour'd It with their Approbation, by Refolving to purfue a Similar Plan, as appears by their Advertifements in the News-Papers.-And fhould the Merchant-Subfcribers at Garrawafs, think fit to Back and Support it with their Concurrence, Nothing elfe could be wanting to carry it, as far as poffible, into General Praftice-Which may be the more readily expefted, as it would be, indeed, and at the Bottom, but a very fmall Variation from Your firft Scheme ; The Important View of Safety to this Great Metropolis- being thereby effectually an-fwered. And the More General Purpofes of National Strength, and Vniverfal Security, Subftantially provided for againft every Enemy-1 his, it is Apprehended, will inconteftably appear from the following Plain Fa8- " When the Parifhioners of St. Martin's Affembled, to De-" liberate about raifing a Body of Men at their own Ex- the Same Common Caufe, and would be therefore Glad to fee it Supported and Aflifted in, what feems, the Moft effeaual Manner. lam, Gentlemen, Your Fellow Citixtn, j. Y. To the Author of the General Advertiser. S I R, WHAT the Parifh of St. Martin's have done is very laudable, and an Example that I hope other Out-Parifties will follow. But greater Things afetxpe8edfrom the City of London, and the Eyes of all England are upon us. As his Majefty can raife common Men, and give what Advance Money he pleafes, he wants notour voluntary Purfos to raife and pay them, for the Parliament will oblige ui'to find Money to do both the one and the other. To do his Majefty a real Service, we fhould raife fuch Men, as his late Royal Proclamation, and the Pay of our Parliament, can have no Effeft on. We may be lavifh of our own Money, but the Parliament will not be fo of Money that belongs to the Publick; and fuch Men who will not enlift in this Time of Danger on common Pay, fhould be tempted to do fo on better Pay by his Majefty's faithful Subjecb that are able. In doing this we give his Majefty the higheft Mark of our Loyalty ; and, on this Account onlv, 1 am for raifing a thou/and Men, to be Officer'd by his Majefty, and cloathed and paid by the City, according to an Eftimate I have feen printed at private Expence. The Men intended to be raifed, are to be picked out of reputable Protefiant Houfekeepers and Inmates,who have fome thing to lofe of their own, and a great deal to fear; on whom we can the better 2* to tear; on whom we can the better � lug or lucn Men, cannot leiieni the / er for his Majefty's marching Regi- iiiui, vaiuiui. lentil' uu Number of Men proper for his Majefty's marching Regi ments. Yours. J. BEATABOUT. High-Water this Day at London-Bridge at z8 Minutes after 10. Bank-Stock 138 5 8ths a 1 half. India Ditto 172. South-Sea Stock 99 34ths. Ditto Old Annuities 105 ex Divid. Ditto New 105 1 4th a 4 3 4ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 85 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 85 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Ditto 1743 and 1744, 8� 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Ditto 1745, 85 7 8ths. Million-Bank 113 ex Divid. Equivalent 110 1 half. Royal Affirrance 79 1 half. London Aflurance 10 1 half ex Divid. Englifh Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 22 s. 6 d. India Bonds 23 s. a 24 s. a 21 s. Difc. Three and a half Salt Tallies 9 3 4ths a 1 half. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery-Tickets 101.8 s. Life Annuities 13 1 4th Years Purchafe. o or. D R N E. U R Y-L A The Third Day. By His Majefty's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre - Royal in Drury-Lane, cj To-mwrow, will be prefented a Comedy, calJ'd The NON-JUROR. Written by Colley Cibber, Efq; Poet-Laureat. Sir John Woodvil by Mr. Berry j Colonel Woodvil, Mr.Htvard { Mr. Heartly, Mr. Giffard j Dr. Wolf (the Non-Juror) by Mr. L. Sparkes 5 Charles, Mr. Mozeen. Lady Woodvil, Mrs. Macklia } The Part of Maria by Mrs. Woffington. A& V. A Grand Comic Dance by Monf. and Madera. MICHEL, To which will be added a Farce of Two Afli, �ll'd The DEBAUCHEES* Or, The Jesuit Caught. Written by Mr. Fielding' The principal Parts to be perform'd by Mr. Yatej, Mr.Tafwell, Mr. Neale, Mr. Mozeen, Mrs. Ridout, Mifs Royer, and others. Boxes 5 a. Pit 3s. Firft Gallery a �. Upper Gallery 11. Places fof the Bo^s to be taken of Mr. Hobfon, at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exactly at Six o'clock. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Screec, Nq Wooden Shoes. J� % 0 No A^trary Power.

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