Thursday, October 21, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Thursday, October 21, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 21, 1845, London, Middlesex i. eriifer. *v .. .1 I'. . XX N?/D ft TT "0cf:obeit 2r; 174?: Sh[R the. <5!ou-; ward. Remain his Maj^iy s.5.n� Outward-bound. Arrived tiie'S^uirr land, ^and^e/l. cl the Ships for the Downs! 03 The Leopard, Marchant, from Rhode. Ifewd, i* arrived 0 off Dover. ' ' ' , , � The New Mary, Jackfbn, from London*at Petersburg. Since our laft arrived the Mai!from Holland. Camp of Ettina, Q& g. The Enemies have entirely evacuted this Kingdom, apd arrived Yefterday at Schim-feerg, the neareft City in Sikfia. Our Huj&rs incommoded ihem very much in their March., We fliall. nop decarnp ftom hence before we have fang Te Ptjipt for the Emperor's Coronation. BcrlintQ�l. 19. Publick Prayers were begun laft Sunday for the fafe DeKvery of the Prince(s Rpyaj of Sweden. Baron d� Bertichingen, who was made FrijEonf r at the Battle of Hohen-Friedberg, arrived hsre Yefterday, efeorted by,a Captain and fix inferior Oflicers. Baron Hamilton, a Swedilh Colonel and Chief of the y.olimteejr? of his Nation that made the Campaign in Bohemia, arrived the fame Day, ih his "Way to Stockholm. . Baron de Gender is come  back from Stutgafd, where he has refided in 'Quality of his Majefty's Mmiftef. 1 - � * -W Berne, 03. 13. Th�re are private Letters here from | q Italy, that inform u* the Troops of Genoa are actually fe-parated from the Infant's Army, and returned to Nbvi, the Reafonof which-they cannot penetrate; but the common ^ Opinion was, that the Fear of the Engliih, who were A ^cruifing along the Coaft, and trie new Infurre&ioh in Cor- f'Opiftibn'toi attack-.the'King'of Sardinia^-Ai^f^-thii'ioiitl^ A4vke-Jprtvaile* > � ^ * 'Favidy'Oa. 8:'^'he'Spaniards are'b�tering Valenza very b>llk!yV Tne-Aulirtan3 atid-'Pfedmonteze have- paffed the Po St ^afeli atntf 6^nck^A(tti%lvts froin-Venelli to Trino. They have fent their Baggage to Pfiaaana, and the-King of Sardinia feems to avoitt'a new h&kpf ^ "}l!fe�<*, 19. Out Garrifpn'will, be; reinforced, this Winiw. by Pai^.of, tl^ "Troops of. tfie Circle, and'fome Trjwps^ftpm ithe. Army of, rhe Allies, which iUU encamps upon th� blecifap-. There is a Talk of putting' their'Army intcj' Winter-Quarters along tlie' j^iie, and" in the neigh.bpuri^g Tpwns. T^he Palatinate Specially will have a good Numoer, 18bobein|[ defigneqfcr X*adenburghi and in Proportion for "other- Places. T^e general Quarters are ; to remain at ^eideiberg. T^e proper-.^Difpofitions, however, are nqt'yet ntad*e, for going into-Winter-Quarters. The Body of Troops under Generel Traun, altonbled near Eberfbach on tile 1 ^th tnftant. Ten thouiandHuffars and Croats, vyho encamp abopt ^orfch in the Bergftrafj, are entrenching and!* erecting of - Huts.' The French, who continue" in the Neighbourhood of Mutterftadt. do the fame on their Side. A large Body of them made ah Ex-curfion the 16th to Oppenheim, an4 carried off a great Quantity of Wine. LO N D O N. Copy of a Letter from Dumfreis, OB. 14. S I K, ' J am very fenfible of the Truth of what you fay, ' that we are not to depend entirely upon the fifft Accounts ' of unexpected Events; the Surprize and Amazement � they raife, make "People over-look a great many Cir-' cumftances, which if carefully attended to,' would make ' them appear in a very different Light; and reafonable ' Men, if they knew Things"from the Beginning to the ' End, would Judge very differently from what they com-' mooiy do, when they form their judgments' either from .* falfe, partial, or imperfect Accounts of Things. Thus * with refpect to'the Conduct of our Generals, when all ' Circumuahces are duly weigh'd, it may appear they are ' not to be bfamed, and the Clamour, even here, is much * over, tho"* it it hot eafy to wipe off Irripreffions. ' * I do not now hear any Thing of the' Rebels being to ' leave Scotland. In my. laft I hinte|l, (hat I believed they ' were difcohcerted by the' Arrival of the Dutch, and of ' our own Troops^ which they confidently gave out'were * not to come over, nor diirft not, !ih order to encourage ' People to cbme'in to them. The noble Spirit now ex- * crtingitfelf in .England muft to befure damp all their Ex-' �pectations from thence, anid'in alf Probability the Taking ' of, Edinburgh rh^ the Ruin of'their Caufe. It is ' faidMr.'IteTly is gone ra. [France, ho'doubt to follicit an ' Embarkation; and there isfomeReafon to think fome-' body is gone from them," becaufe their Councils do not * feem of laite tq be fo wifely directed. Upon a Suppofi- * tioh Qf this kind you' jhoiild keep'a very Iharp. Look-out, * and no doubt there are fluent. ExpreJTes both to Paris ' and London. Laft Week they' attempted to take the ' Caftle either by a Mine or Starving.' I heed not tell you * all the Circurnftarices. The Garrifon has behaved gal- * Iantl'y by (mart firing and Sallies,1 fo that now all the ' Highlands-Guards are removed, which the young Geh-' tlemani has declared, by Proclamation, to have been ' done out of'.Regard to the good Town, left the Inhabi-' tants ffiould fuffer. by thq Barbarities of the Caftle. But ' he gave over the Attempt Becaufe' he could not make it ' good ; 'and.they are very feiiiible'they cannot do it'with-- * out' fome Battering Cannon, which they fay they will get * from France. In fome Converiatiori's they difcover fome � pifcontent with France, in hof having fecondediherii" by � anlnyafion, with the Hopes of Svhich they, ftill'fupport ' the'Men.' No Body can pretend' to fay what they are to 'do. Some imagine they Syall not 'only not enter England, ' hutphthe Apjproach'of'the King^s'Armydefert, and no * Action "happen'; "while others think, that having gone � fuch a Length, and wrought up. the. Army'to a Point of ' Entl]ufiafm? they certainly will give Battle, and fight *.furiqufly. . I hope the Government will order fuch a * Force"agaihft them as will cr^ifh ihefe Defperadb's, and jnake...fore,of,them'before',they' ftrike any important ' Blow. ; We fometimes afe afraid that the King's Army *' taking the. Route by Berwick, the. Rebels will make a < forced March by Carlifle, and that Way get' into Eng-4. land, where^they give out. they had many Friends ; but ' 'tis more probable, they will rather fecure a Retreat to �, the ,Highlaftds^ which by .going into England, in the ' prefent Situation,* would be cut off. I write you all 1 Conjectures. The Rebels are much frighted by a Re- "� port fp'read'limong "the^nTTRat the King's Army is to : j1 make iXfe'of Cbimeauxde frife fp prevent their tuftung; '* uponthem with their Swords ;, but in. thisCafe they.fay ' they will norattack, but h^rafsthem by .nurchlng ai�h * countermarching. In erery Thing they talk big, w-hihs, 1 at the fame Tiine Terror s^nd Anxiety are fecn in their ; ^ * Faces, being ^very foulble (but this is kept from the./Z% *,^rferd)-that they are in bad Plight. J do not hear of any ^ ^ of Confeauehce ioinlno- rh^m J~ ----------- -OT----, xx _* but acknowledge. The People of Scotland will venture their All upon the Revolution-Bottom; but when they *"0 have n a Arms, no Powers, no Leaders, what can they Q do ? If I were not perfectly fure of what I have, here *^ afterted, I would, as a Friend to the prefent Fimiry and " Government (and you know of what Complexion I am) 4 frankly inform you of the contrary, were it true, as it is 4 too much alas believed ! You may affure yourfelf of tlie Attachment of the People from this, that the Clergy, who have all Influence upon them, are every wher,e thundering againft Popery, the Pretender and the Rebellion 5 the feveral Synods are puhlilhing their feafonablc 4 Warnings, Admonitions, &c. and we are printing fome 4 of the London Pamphlets. Let us but have proper Powers, Arms and Officers fent us, and I'll en jage, that in the four Weftern and Southern Counties, Chdfdale, Air, GallPway and Dumfreis, there (hall be a Body q{ 10,000 Men in a Month's Time. I heard the People id feveral Pariihes fay, *Ibat had they, been ordered, they iuouU ha>vegone to a Man to oppo/e the Pajfage vf the Rebels. The Dilaffedted Party have, befides a Number of Proclamations, published two Pamphlets; the one>^� Addref: to the Amy and People of Scotland, tending wholly to inflame and feduce : It contains the true Spirit of the Party; but-with all fenfible People it anfwers irfeif. Another-is Confederations addref d to the Publick, all in Quellions, and raked out of all the Jacobite and Patr'pt Paper3 and Pamphlets,, and nothing in it but Common-place j but calculated well enough to give unthinking People a Notion of mighty Grievances. The firft. of thefc Pamphlets may be iuppofed to be writ by fowe of the Nonjuring Clergy at Edinburgh; the exceftive Lenity of the Government to.whom, has rendered them infolent and incorrigible, and their Poifpn has corrupted too many of that populous City.. From this Source all the Difaffection in Scotland has proceeded : But while Prefhytery is the eftablifhe&JChurch, and comprehends o CO 8 4 Eight Parts in Ten of Scotland, his Majefty 1%.fure of  4 fo many faithful Subjects. In^the Low Country Njpe- * teen in Twenty are Prelbyterians, perhaps an Hundred to 4 One, and their Maxims and Eftablifhment are intSmfiftent 4 with Popery and any Arbitrary Power. As Thiqgahave 4 now turnedoutv I think Ijnay, without Qffe^Qe, ,-eon- 4 elude with this Obfervation, That fenftble.iealous Jvfen, 4 and honeft well-meaning Men havebeeh made, th^ Tools -4 of thofe, who are Enemies toour Conftitution, and<jon- 4 cealed all their Mifchief under the fpecious Pretence* of AD V E RTISE M EN TS arc taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power.

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