Tuesday, October 5, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Tuesday, October 5, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 5, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Numb. 3404.. S A T U R DAY, Octo b e r 5. 17 4.c Crown Tavern behind the T a Meeting of feveral Merchants and other Inhabitan ts of this City, u was .igreed to meet again on Wednefday next, at Six of the Clock in the Evening prrcifely, |, to receive.the Subfcriptions of all Perform, who are willing to join in the following Plan of a Military Ajfociatton againft the prefent Rebellion in Favour of Pcpery a d Arbitrary Power. A Plan for *, but our ambitious Enemies abroad, elated by Succefs; are threatning their Concurrence to our Ruin ; itis necefTary for every one to exert his utmoft to avert the impending Dangers ; and Men of Property and fuperior Fortune ought not only to contribute to the Pubjick Safety by their Purfes, but alfo to animate their Inferiors, who fhall be employed in Defence of our King and Country, by ex-pofmg their own Perfons likewife, for the Prefervation of all that is dear and valuable. It is therefore propofed, and Cartouch-Box ; and that the Standards, Colours, 1. That proper Perfons be appointed in the feveral . Drums and Trumpets, requifite for each Body of Men, be Diftri�b of the City of London, to enroll the Names of all Houfe-keepers and others, who mail pleafe to enlift, as Horfe or Foot Soldiers, in an Affociation for this Purpofe^ 2. That thofe who thus enlift, fhall be formed into Troops of Horfe, and Companies of Foot, who fhall recommend ta his Majefty for iuitable Commiffions the Perfons they fhall chufe for their Captain, Lieutenant and En-fign. 3. That as foon as thefe Bodies of Horfe and Foot are furnifhed with Officers by his VJajefty's CommifEon, they U formed into Battalions and Sbuadrons, confuting of fuch as live near each other. Each^attalion to contain not lefs than 600 ffien, and each Squadron not lefs than 150. 4. That each Perfon inlifting, if he pleafe, may have one or more Servants to attend him : But all fuch Servants muft be armed and accoutred fit for Service, and formed into diftinft Corps ; the Servants of Horfemen into Squadrons, the others into Battalions, and both commanded by Officers chofen by, and from among their Mafters. That Application be made to his Majefty to appoint a General Officer of Dignity and Military Experience to be the Commander in Chief of this Affociated Army of London. 6. That Application be alfo made to his Majefty to appoint and com million inferior Generals, and Field-Ofncers, out of the Captains chofen as above. 7. And that farther Application be likewife made to his Majefty, to affign a proper Field Train of Artillery, for the Ufe of the Affociated Army. 8. That each Perfon enrolled fhall furnifh himfelf with Arms and Accoutrements ; if a Horfeman, with a good Hunter, or Road-Horfe, a Cafe of Piftols, and a Broad Sword \ if a Foot Soldier, with a good Mufket, Bayonet, provided at the common Expence of that Botiy, 9. That each Man fhall alfo furnifh his own Ammunition. 1 o. That every Company of Foot thus enlifted, fhall firft attend Three Hours every Morning, for Ten Days fuccefs-fively, at the Time and Place appointed by the Captain, to learn a fhOrt Exercifeof the Firelock; afterwards in Battalion once every Week, and at all General Mufters appointed by the Commander in Chief. rJ he Troops of Horie fhall, in like Manner, appear on Horfeback at the fame Time, to learn the neceflary Exercife. 11. 'I hat in thefe Attendances no one be abfent, unlefs he has previoufly 'obtained Leave of his Captain, or a Superior Officer. --"v-- 1 z, 1 hat the Manual Exercifes and Evolutions to be learnt by the Foot, fhall be no more than what are necef-fary ; but not with lefs than Four Fires at every Meeting. 13. That each Man, who enrolls .himfelf in the prefent Affociation, fhall take the Cuftojnary Oaths to the Government, in ^ftjch Manner as his Majefty fhall pleafe to appoint. 14. That in Cafe of Alarm, 01" upon the Order of the General, or other chief Commander in his Abfence, every Perfon affociated and enrolled, fhall meet at the appointed Rendezvous, properly armed and accoutred. 15. That each affociated Soldier- fhall pay all due Military Obedience to his refpeftive Officers, while under Arms, and be fubjeft to march at Command to any Place, where the Service may require, not exceeding Twenty Miles from London ; but no farther without their own Confent. 16. That this Affociation continue in Force till the pre fent Rebellion fhall be fuppreffed, and no longer. We whofe Names are underwritten do freely and heartily enter into this Military Affociation; promifing to obferve' punctually all the Articles above-ftated, and to exert our utrnoft Endeavours in Defence of his Majefty King George, and his Royal Family, and for the Prefervation of the Proteftant Religion, the Laws and. Confutation of the Realm, the' Rights, Liberties, and Privileges of the Nation in General, and of this C/Vy in Particular. ' WE whofe Names are hereunto fubferibed, do hereby i promife to pay within ten Days after the Date hereof, into the Hands of Charles Savage, Benjamin Lon-goet, Stamp Brooksbank and William Fawkner, Efqs; to be by them depofited in the Bank of England, the feveral Sums of Money fet againft our refpeftive Names, which Sums when fo paid, we do intend and hereby confent and agree, fhall be by them, the faid Charles Savage, Benjamin Longuet, Stamp Brooksbank and William Fawkner afligned 'and paid over to fuch Truftees as fhall be chofen by us, the Subftribers, or the Majority of us, at a Meeting to be held for that Purpofe this Day, being the 4th of Oftober. And we do hereby agree, that the Truftees fo chofen, or <heMajority of fuch Number of them as will pleafe to aft in this Trull, do lay out, pay and expend the Money foaf: figned over to them, in raifing, exercifing, and paying w�h the utmoft Expedition, as many Men as they, the faid Truftees, or the Majority of fuch of them as will aft, fhall think fit to raife, in order to be immediately formed into Companies, Troops, or Regiments, which Men fo raifed *all be inlifted by his Majeity's Authority for one Year, �and be employed within Five Miles of the City of London., and not exceeding Ten Miles thereof, againft any Rebells or other Perfons who fhall attempt to fupport the unnaturaj Rebellion now carrying on in the North, in Favour of the Pretender or fome of his Family. . And we do further agree, that the faid Men fo to be raifed, fhall be commanded by fuch Officers as his Majefty fhall from Time to Time pleafe to appoint for that Purpofe. Laftly, .we do hereby authorize and impower the faid Truftees, or the Majority of fuch as will aft therein, to lay out, employ, and expend all, or fuch Part of the Monies, by us fubferibed for and paid in by us, as they,or the Majority of fuch. afting Truftees fhall think neceffary for carrying on and fupporting this good Defigh. Dated in London the 30th. Day of September, Onethoufand feven hundred and forty-five, and in the Nineteenth Year of the Reign of his Ma, jelly King GEORGE the Second. , London, Oftiber 4, 1745. . The foregoing is the Preamble of the Subfcription now taking at Garraways Coffee-houfe, in Exchange-Alley ; and as many Perfons well difpbfed to the faid Subfcription, may have been defirous to know the Refult of the Meeting of the Lord-Mayor and Common-Council, which was held Yefterday, and a general Affociation then agreed upon, the Meeting of the Subfcribers for the Choice of Truftees, which was appointed for this Day, is poftponed, and the Subfcription will "be kept open till Wednefday, the ojh Inftant, at Five o'Clock in the Evening; at which. Time a Meeting will be held at^the Crown-Tavern behind, the Exchange, for the Choice of Truftees; and in the in-, termediate Time, all Perfons willing to join in the faid Subfcription, may have an Opportunity fo to do. WHEREAS a moft wicked and unnatural Rebellion-is aftually begun and carried on by many traiterous Perfons in Favour of a Popifh Pretender, fupported by the inveterate Enemies of our Country, in order to dethrone our moft gracious Sovereign King GEORGE, to fubvert and deftroy our prefent moll happy ConiVitution in Church and State, and to intrcduce and eibbiifh Popeiy andsArbi-trary Power. We therefore the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, Common-Council-men, Citizen*, Merchants, Traders and other In-habitantsof the�ancient and loyal City of London, whole Names are hereunto fubferibed, being filled wkh a juft De-teftatk n and Abhorrence of this daring and execrable Attempt, and hoping to encoursge and confirm others, by our Example, in the warmeit and moft hearty OppofJtioo thereto, do hereby faithfully engage and promife, that we will to the utmoft of our Power, Hand by and fupport each " other in Defence of our prefent happy Conftitution, of his ' moft facred Majefty King GEORGE, our only Lawful and Rightful Sovereign, and of the Proteftant Succeffion as by Law eftablifhed in his Royal Family, againft the faid Pretender and all his Adherents and Abettors. Dated at Guildhall, London, the 4th of Oftober, 1745. Note, The above Affociat on is in the Mayor's Court at Guildhall, and all perfons difpofed to flgn the fame are^e-fired to call there for that Purpofe, between the Hours' of Nine in the Morning and Five in the Afternoon. , In Purfuance of the Notice in the Daily- Advertifer, of Wednefday and Thurfday laft, for a General Meeting of the Gentlemen and Principal Inhabitants of the City and Liberty of Wellminfter, to fign the voluntary Engagement and Affociation, for the Deience of his Majefty's Perfon . and of this Metropolis : A great Number of Members of Parliament and Gentlemen of the firft Diftinftion, together  w.th many of the moft eminent and fubflantial Inhabitants, met accordingly laft Night, and agreed to fign the fame,with a Zeal and Unanimity, never before obferv'd upon any Occafion. We are defired to inform the Publick, that the faid dffa-ciation will be left at the cTbateb%d-Houfe in St. James's-Street, to be there fign'd by all Well-wifhers to the prefent happy Eftablifhment, 'till fuch Time as proper Copies can be prepared to be Iodg'd in the refpeftive Parifhes of the City and Liberty of Weftminfter, of which due Notice fhall be given in the Publick-Papers without Delay. Hert follows tbt Copy of the faid Engagement and Affociation. WHEREAS a great Number of Papifts and other traiterous Perfons in North-Britain, are now in Arms, engaged in a Wicked and Unnatural Rebellion, in order to advance a Popifh Pretender to the Throne of thefe  Kingdoms. x � ^ We whofe Names are Under-written, warmed with a juft Zeal for the beft of Governments, adminifter'd under the beft of Princes, and alarm'd with the threatned Dangers of Popery and Arbitrary Power, do in all Faith and Honour, folemnly promife and engage, mutally to affift and ftand by each other, to the utmoft of our Abilities in the Support and Defence of the Right, Title, Perfon, Family and Government, of his Sacred Majefty King George the Second, againft any Pretender to his Crown, or any Power either Foreign or Domeftick, which have made or fhall make, any Hoftile Attempt upon the prefent Eilablifhment, either in Church or State. And we do farther engage in the Manner and upon the Terms hereunto annexed, if his Majefty fhall gracioufly condefcend to accept the fame, to be ready at all Hours, upon the firft Intimation of his Royal Pleafure, to appear in the Defence of his Majefty's Perfon, and of this Metropolis; which we inhabit, The Manner and Terms of this Engagement are as follows, firft, That this Engagement lhall continue in Force till the prefent Rebellion be fupprefied, and no longer. Second, That we will furnifh ourfelves at our own Ex-pence, with uniform Arm$ and Accoutrements, fuch as we are bound by Law to provide for the Militia, together with uniform Cloathing, <vix. A Blue Coat with BraG* Buttons. Third, We will enroll ourfelves in one or more Regiment or Regiments, Troop or Troops, Company or Companies, under fuch Officers as his Majefty fhall think fitting to appoint. Provided always, 1. That during the Time our Service fhall be accepted in this Form, we may nor be charged to the Service of the Militia. i. That our perfonal Service may not b<- rf TIIUM JTf""^ Hie FPBLlJim b! Wis'City. ' 3.. That we fhall not be fubjeft to the Martial Law, but in lieu thereof to fuch Penalties as are prefcribed by the Laws for regulating the Militia of this Kingdom. � 2 o O o 5 o o ADVERTISEMENTS arc taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power.

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