Saturday, October 2, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 2, 1845, London, Middlesex Numb. 3410. WEDNESDAY, October 2, 1745. u 3 [35 0 Dealt September 30. AME down Prince Rupert, Dob-fon, for Santa Cruz; Princefs Carolina, Philips, for Cork ; the Pelican, Hay me, for Carolina ; and Judith, Marftial, for Guernsey. Remain his Majefty's Ship Royal George, Admiral Vernon ; Duke, and Sandwich, /Etna and Scipio Firefliips, and the Dutch . - t- Admirdl. Yriterday arrived a Dutch J>hip bound to the Eaft-Indies. Wind South. The IpYwich, Godlie, from Gibraltar, is arrived at Maryland. __LONDON. To the Author of the General Advertiser. if Oh 0 0 u � 4-1 ? have fo obliged your Protectant Readers by entertaining them with the Pope's Excommunication in a I^jePape^of ycur's, that I am periuaded what follows will rwt-bfr.Hfs acceptable, as'tis founded on undeniable Authority,'' atid"as no Juncture can be moreTeafonabte for exhibiting Popery in its true Colours, than the prefent. For this End, you will not want the Afiiftance of the Abhorrers of Popery and Slavery. Wrist'I now fend you is The Ceremony of Curfng by Bell, Bwtund Candle, as 'tis praftifed by the Church of Rome againit thofe they call Hereticks. 'Tis taken out of Fox's Mb .and Monuments-j where he tells us of the Pope's Anathema's that were pronounced againit our Countryman Tho. Berinet, A.M. (who had been bred upattbe Univerfity of Cambridge) for that he had privately fet up Bills on the flocks of Exeter Cathedral, and other publick Places, with rhefe Words; The Pope is Antichrf, and ive ought to Mr/hip God only, and not Saints, 1 have tranferibed the Ceremony of it as follows, ' 'TTV H E Bifhop, Clergy, ard all the feveral Sorts of ' _|_  Friars, aflemble in the Cathedral, with the Crofs * boor before them, fupponed with two Wax Tapers ' lighted, and all the Rabble of the City runs to fee this * Spi'ifual Tragi-Comedy. A Pneft all in his Whites ' mounts the Pulpit, and beginning a Sermon on that * Text, Jojh. vii. 13. Eji Blafphemia in Cajiiisi There * 'iis fclafyhemy (or accurfed Thing) in the Camp, told the Story!:moil lamentably, and beibught God and the Lady ' Mary, and every Body elfe, that the Heretick might be * fouud'but; and having fpo.ken this Prologue, up fteps the Biffiop with a Part more Tragical, thus-By the Au- ? thorjty of God, the Father Almighty, and of the B'effed � Virgin Mary, of St. Pe er and Paul, and all the holy * Sa:ir^, we Excommunicate, we utterly Curfe and Bann, ' anii'cpmmit and deliver to the Devil of Hell, him or her, wtwtfoever he or lhe be, that hath in Spite of God and ' St. Peter, (whofe Church this is), in Spite of all holy -Si'Mf; and in Spite of our molt Holy Father the Po'pe, ' God's.Vior here on Earth, and in Spite of the Rev. ' Fatii'er in God, John our Dioce/an, and the worfhipful .' Canons, Matters, and Priefts, and Clerk?, who ferve ' God daily in this Cathedral Church, fixed up with Wax, rirch'curfed and heretical Bills, full of Blafphemy, upon ' theJDoorspf this, and other holy Churches within (his f'.vFtf., Excommunicate plainly be he, (he, or they, pie-' nal'y, and delivered over to the Devil, as perpetual Male- * fa'ctoft and Schifmaticks. " Accurfed may they be, and ' ^�^y aH<^ ^oul t0 tne ^ev''� curfed be they, he, or /.]hey.,<jn dies and Towns, in Highways, in Paths, in ' Houfes, or out of Hjufes, and in all other Places, ftand-� ing, lying, or rifing, walking, running, waking, fleep-� ing",v eating, drinking, and'whatsoever thing they do be-�������jca. Wefeparate them, him, or her, fronrtheThref-' hold (of God) and from all the good Prayers of the ' Chuich, from the Participation of the holy Mafs, from * all Sacraments, Chappels, and Altars, from Holy* Bread and .Holy Water, from all the Merits of God's holy Priefts �' aVfd^ligious Men, and froqY aM their Cloyfters, from all .� t^ix-Pardons, Privileges, Grants, and Immunitiesj and ;We-give them over utterly to the Power of the Fiend, and; * leViiS quench their Souls (if they be dead) this Night'iri ' '(he^ains of Hell-Fire (as this Candle is now quenched^ ' an^ put out) and with that he put out one of the Candles ;) .'and'let us pray to God (if they bealive) that their Eyes * maybe put out, as this Candle-light is,, then he put out * Another Candle; and let us pray to God, and our Lady, � and to St. Peter and Paul, and all Holy Saints, that all  '.jtfigxSenfes of their Bodies may fail them.and that they may ' have no Feeling, as now the Light of this Candle is gone, ' and fo he put out the third Candle, except they, he, of fhe, .' come openly now, and Confefs their Blafphemy, and by r Repentance (as much as in them fhall lie) make Satisfac-'nionunto God, our Lady, St. Peter, and the worfhipful r\' Company of this Cathedral Church ; arid as this holy ;CriSfs now falleth down, fo may they, except they repent (hew themfelves. At which Word, one matching , ' -away the Stick, down- comes tumbling holy Crofs, and 4 alt the People mooted, and ftarted, and trembled, as if '� Old' Nick himfelf had beenamongft them in his own pro-- ptfPerfon.' It is faid a Meffcnger with feveral Letters from the Pretender, and his Adherents, was feiz'd on Monday, laft, ' nnd(|ha,t he was Yelterday examin'd by forae of the Lords -.fcf-theiGouncil ; but what Difcoveries have been made is not yet divulg'd. - . ... It is faid-the Admirals Vernon and Martin have look'd ' into" the" Ports of Dunkirk and Brefl, and have "acquainted tfee Mi^ift/y that there is no Appearance of any Embarkation from either of thofe Places. A Scheme for betraying the Cattle of Edinburgh into the Hands of the Rebels, is faid to have been concerted by an old Serjeant belonging to the Caftle ; but his Wife being feiz'd'with a large Apron full of Rope-Ladders,the Plot was difcover'd, and the Effe&s of it happily prevented. The Caftle of Edinburgh, of which the Rebels are reported to aim at the Poffeffion, is looked upon to be one of the ftrongeft Fortifications in Europe, both by Art and Na-tare. The Situation is fo extraordinary, that the Town it-felf is fuppofed to have been built where it is, only to be under its Protection : For Edinburgh is not otherwife convenient either for Trade, whjch it carries on by the Port of Leith, nor for frefh Water, which is brought three Miles in Leaden Pipes. This Caftle prefents a delightful and mod extenfive Pro? fpedt from the Ifland of Bafs, at the Moiith of the Firth, up to the City oT Stirling, overlooking all the Coafts on both Sidej. h hangs over and commands the Town, from whence it is diltant about a Mufket-fhot. The only way by which it is acceflible is from the High-ftreet, and there-not for many abrealt; and this Accefs, befides being very fteep, is covered by a noble Half-Moon of folid Stone. The Works take in the whole Summit of the Rock, and confe-quently are irregular according to the Limits or Verge of the Plane. They enclofe a very large Space of Ground, which, as they can te attacked but oneway, does not contribute to make them the lefs defenfible. With a good Quantity of Provifions and Ammunition, a great many People may fubfilt here for a long Time, they having Water within themfelves. The Scots will have the Name of Maiden Caftle be given it, becaufe it was never taken in all their Wars: But fome Hiltories fay, it was thus called from the Time of the Pi&iih Kings, who kept their Daughters confined in it. Within a Century pait this Caftle has twice fubmitted, and received a V idtor ; but not till it was palt all Hopes of Relief and no other Fortrefs in the Kingdom was capable of holding out: The firlt Time was to Oliver Cromwell, and the lait to our greatDcliverer from Popery and Slavery. L'tter from Dover, Seft. 30. ' Yefterday Evening fail'd the York, and the Eagle ' Privateer, Capt. Bazely, on a Cruize; and this Morning ' at One o'Clcck, the latter fell in with a French Snow ' Privateer of 16 Carriage Guns, off Graveline, with whom ' he engag'd for near three Hours, chiefly within Piilol ' Shot ; and would have taken the Frenchman, had not  the Eaglt'sMalis been wounded, and the Rigging fo cut ' to Pieces that they could not hoift any Sail. Captain ' Bazely is wounded in the Head by a Mulket Shot, and ' five of his Crew are aHo wounded, but none dangeroufly. ' The Eagle is juft now come in to repair. ' The Carlifle Privateer, Capt. Owens, is alfo come in � here, who has taken a French Veflel, laden with Butter, � bound from Roan for Dunkirk ; which Prize we hear is � in the Downs/ We hear, that a French Man of War of 40 Guns was in Calais Road on Sunday laft, fuppofed to be bound to Dunkirk. There is Advice, that the Recovery, Chefhire, bound from Guinea to Jamaica, is taken near Barbadoes, by two Spanifh Men of War, and carried to the Carraccos. Yefterday about 2 o'Clock 22 Waggons, with Part of the Treafure taken from the French, by the Prince Frederick and Duke Privateers, pafs'd through the City to the Tower, guarded by about 50 of the Officers and Seamen belonging to the faid Privateers, and a Party of the Foot Guards. And this Day Z3 Waggons, with the Remainder of the Treafure will be brought to the Tower ; and then the whole will be carried to the Vaults under Skinners^Hall, which are taken for a certain Time, by the Proprietors of this immenfe Sum. Letters from Exeter bring Word that the Lords Clinton, Falmouth and Edgcombe, are railing Forces in different Parts of Devonlhire, for the Defence of our Religion and Liberties. Yefterday a Committee of five Aldermen from the Court of lieutenancy waited upon his Majefty with an Account of the Care that had been taken to exercife the Trained Bands of the City of London, and of the: Readinefs and Alacrity in the Men to perform the faid Exercife. On Saturday laft Sir Hugh Smithfon, Bart. Member of .Parliament for Middlefex, arrived, at his Houfe in Grofve-nor-ftreet, from his Scat at Stanwick in Yorkfhire. Laft Wednefday was married at Wooburn in Bedford-fhire, Mr,� I^ity* a Gentleman poffefs'd of a large Eftate at ISfewpdrt-PagneJ, to Mifs Crouch of Barnaby-ttreet in . Southwark, an agreeable young Lady, with a confiderable Fortune. On Sunday laft died at Oxford, much lamented, Mrs. Norton, Wife of Mr. Cornelius Norton, an eminent Attorney of that City. Laft Monday died fuddenly, at Ryegate in Surry, on his-Journey to London Mr. Siddal, a large Dealer in Lin-nen at Winchelter. We hear the Play of the Non-Juror is in Rehearfal, and is fpeedily to be perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Lrury Lane.. Ycgerday John Rivers, a Weaver in Katherine-Wheel-Alley," was committed to New-Prifon, Clerkenwell, by -John Poulfon, Efq; for publickly drinkingj the Pretender's -Health On his Knees, (by the Name, Stile and Title of King: Charles the Third) calling upon G-d to d-mn all th^ole that refufed to pledge him,, bitterly expreffing himfelf againft the prefent Government, D-mning and C-riing, Scci fce. 'Sec! Laft Surfday Night as Mr. Seal, a Painter in Horfley-down, was coming home from Batterfea, he was attack'd by a Man. and a Woman, near the Windmill in Batterfea Field j the Fellow prefente'd a Piftol to his Breait, and held him by the Throat, while the Woman rifled him of what Money1 he had about him. x Chatham, Sept.%0, 1745. MINUTES of the Court-Martial, op Board the London, Continued. � This Day the Court affembled at the ufual Time in � the Morning, when the remaining Witneffes, in behalf * of the Crown, were examin'd, in Support of the Charge � againit Captain Burrifh, amounting in -the whole to be-. * tween Fifty and Sixty. * After the Examination of the faid Witneffes was � finifh'd, it was judg'd to be too late for Captain Burrifh < to proceed on his Defence j and therefore the Court ad-' journ'd till To-morrow Morning.' From the London Gazette. Whitehall, Oflober 1. This Day arrived Letters, dated Sept. 21, from Vice-Admiral Martin, who is cruizing off the Lizard with his Squadron, giving an Account, that he had been, three Days before, cruizing eff Brett, in Sight of which Port he took a fmall French Man of War ; that there was then only the Elizabeth in Breft Water ; but that it was faid there were nine large Ships in that Harbour. ^ His Majefty has been pieafed to order a ftrong Body of ^ Troops, confifting cf feveral Batallions of Foot, and ibme ?"t Squadrons of Horfe and Dragoons, to march directly to Scotland, under the Command of Field-Marfhal Wade. By Letters of the 28th of September from Berwick, we are inform'd, that the main Body of the Rebels had not ', then moved from Edinburgh, but that they had feat Parties to Haddingtoun and Dunbar. O r-t- B A N K R U P T S.John Mure of St. George, Hanover-Square, Middlefex, Baker. Samuel Simpfon, of Hand-Alley, in the Parifh of St. Ro-tolph without Bifhopfgate, London, Bricklayer, Builder, and Chapman. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 51 Minutes after 3. Bank-Stock 141 India Ditto 169. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities no Price. Ditto Nevv 101 1 half a 101. Three per Cent. Annuities 84 1 half a 1 4th. Ditto 1742, 84 1 half a 1 4th. Ditto 1743 and 1744, 84 1 half a i 4th. Ditto 1745, 8+ J 4th a 84. Million Bank 115. Equivalent 110 1 half. Royal A 82 1 half. London Aflurance 10 7 8ths. Englifh Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Pnce. ^ Five per Cent. Ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 6 1.� Pr, In^ia Bonds 21s. a 25 s Difc. Three and a half i-rj Salt Tallies no Price. Three and a half per Cent. Exche- O quer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. *"3 Lottery Tickets to 1. 2 s. 6,d. Life Annuities 13 1 4th a 7 8ths Years Puvchafe. ' *- To which will be added, an Entertainment; Call'd The HARLOT's PROO'^ESS. : The Part of Mifs Kitty^by Mrs^Pritchard ; Beau Mordecai, Mr. Shawfbrd; Harlequin, mf. Cqihing. , To Conclude with an Exaft Reprefentation of th? Storming, Can-' n6rfadihg,iJBombarding, and Taking FORT L OU I SBO-U RG, With the Landing Commodore WARREN and will in Honmir ofthat great Exploit, Exhibit feveral Cdrious TIRE-WORKS', which has given great Satisfaction to all that have honour'd him with their Company. '  ' To begin exaftly at Five o'clock. 3, � CO p < 1-1 * A D V E RTISE M E N TS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffe e-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wooden Shoes. 0 0 ^r^^rary Power.

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