Monday, August 23, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 23, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. FRIDAY, August 23, 1745. Deal, Augufi 21. \UT back the King George Packet and the Outward-bound -.that had failed. The Packet failed again this Morning, with the Merry-mack, for Cork. Remain his Majefty's Ships Royal George, Prince George, the Duke, /Etna Firefhip, Urfula, and Outward-bound. Came down the Jofeph and Abraham, Scot, for Portsmouth ; and the Content, Purkefs, for Leverpool. Juft arrived the St. George, Admiral Vernon ; the Sandwieh, Scipio Firefhip, and a Dutch Man of War, from Portf-mouth.-The Admiral has been faluted by all the Men of War, and Merchantmen, and by Deal Caftle. Wind N.W. The Prince William, Butler, from Cowes, is arrived at Rotterdam. LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mails due from Holland and Flanders. They write from Milan of the 13th Inftant, N.S. that the Spaniards have made themfelves Mailers of all the Pofts between the Po and the Dutchy of Placentia, in which Tradt the whole Diitricl of Tortona is included. The Fortrefs of Tortona was a&ually bsfieged, the Trenches having been opened before it the icth Inftant at Night ; the Spaniards made a mod dieadful Fire upon it ; and the Combined Army of Auftrians and Piedmonteze, was ftill intrenched between the Tanaro and the Po, at Bafignano. Letters from Leghorn of the 7th of Auguft, N.S. fay, that there were actually in the Road of that Port, twelve Englifh Men of War, and three Sardinian Gallies, who having taken on board fome Provifions they wanted, weie preparing to fail again for the Coait of Genoa, where they will join fome other Englifh Men of War. They tell us from Genoa, that the Doge has fent away the mod valuable Furniture of his Palace to a Place of greater Safety; tho'at the fame time they take Care to add, that the City is in no Danger from the Englifh Fleet, there being about 200 Pieces of Cannon, fom 24 to 36 Pounders, planted in Battery, and five Gallies moor'd at the Entrance of the H.irbour.-And We can jullly add, that fuch Force is a Trifle againfl a Determin'd Britifh Fleet. From Jagerndorff on the Confines of the Upper Silefia we hear, that the Hungarians exptdted every Day a Reinforcement of 4000 Men: That 90 Boats laoen with Artillery and Warlike Stores were coming up the Oder ; and as 10,000 Truffians were advancing a: the fame time thro' the County of Glatz, they did not doubt but the Enemy's Defign is to lay Siege to Cofel ; but they add, that thry are in no Pain about that Place, as the Pruflians muft firit give them Battle, if they want to take it, which they hardly think they will do. We have Advice from Vienna, that a Courier from Prince Charles arrived there the nth Inftant, N.S. with Advice, that his Serene Highnefs had fent away the heavy Baggage four Leagues from the Army, as it was uncertain how ioon he might come to a Battle with the Pruflians. The Court has iffued Orders for repairing the Roads between Vienna, tand Lintz, on Occafion of the Journey, is 'tis thought, which the Queen defigns to take into the Empire ; but as yet no Day is fixed for her Majefty's Departure. ExtraS of a Letter from Franc fort, Auguft 23, N.S. ' The firit Conference for the Election of a King of the * Romans was held the 20th Inltant at the Town-Houfe, * at which were prefent the Embaffadors of Mentz, Triers, ' Cologne, Bohemia, Bavaria, and Hanover; and they ' fat three Hours. The Saxon Embaffador was not prefent, * having alledged that he had not yet received his Inftruc-' tions, and that he expected them by the Count de Loos, * fecond Embaffador of Saxony, who is actually fet out * from Drefden. The Embaffadors of Brandenbourg and * Palatine, were likewife abfent from this Conference, ' and have fince delivered 'a new Memorial to the other * Embaffadors, whereby they declare that they will not * affift at the Conferences until they have received Satis-' faction on the Grievances contained in it. ' Notwithltanding this Memorial, a fecond Conference * was held this Day, at which the Election of r,n Empe- * tot was fixed for the 21 ft of September next, and his Co-' ronation for the 4th of October following. A Paper * War is begun here, an Anfwer being come out to the * Proffian Minifier's firft Memorial and we expect it will * be followed by another to his fecond Memorial.' Some Letters from Duffeldorp fay, that the Kings of France, Spain, and the Two Sicilies, have protefted againfl: any Votes that may be given at the Dyet of Election, in Favour of the Grand Duke of Tufcany. The fame Letters add, that the Elector Palatine's firit EmbaiTador is ftill at Duffeldorp, and makes no Preparations to fet out for the Dyer. They write from Mentz, that the Body of Troops under General Bernclau makes Incurfions even to the Gates of Worms, from whence a large Detachment of French iffued out the 18th Inftant, N.S. and advanced as far as the Jfle ofGeyernear Gernfheim, in order to furprize the Croats and Pandoures polled there ; .bat the latter repulfcd them vigoroufly. According to Letters from the Grand Duke of Tufcany's Head Quarters at Heidelberg, his Royal Highnefs fent Lieutenant General Luchefi the 15th Inftant, N.S. to Man-heim, to affure the Elector Palatine of the Care he would take to make the Abode of the Army of the Allies as eafy as poflible to the Subjects of his Electoral Highnefs. The 19th the Grand Duke went to vifit the Poll of Graben near Philiplbourg. The next Day Lieutenant General Sommer-feldt, of the Hanoverians, Count Leopold Palfy, of the Auftrians, and Major General Matta, of the Body of Dutch Troops, began their March with 7 Batallions, 2 Companies of Grenadiers, 1000 Horfe, 500 Huffars, and 1000 Croats, in order to advance into the Electorate of Mentz, and futtain General Bernclau in the Pofts he has taken there for the Security of that Country. Letters from Berlin take Notice, that a few Hours after the reigning Prince of Anhalt Deffau fet out for the Camp at Magdebourg, the Duke of Saxe-Weiffenfels's Secretary arrived at Berlin, with Letters from his Mafter_ to the Prince ; This, they obferve, occafions various Conjectures. ExtraS of a Letter from Drefden, Aagu/l 21, N.S. ' The laft Advices from Bohemia inform us, that the * Duke of Saxe-Weiffenfels having done with the Waters ' of Iglau, is returned to our Army in that Kingdom: ' That a Body of 25,000 Men had taken Poft on this Side � of the Elb, and occupied all the Places where the Pyif- * fians ufed to crofs over to make Incurfions: And that a � Regiment of Uhlan-Tartars having attacked a Body of * 3000 Pruffians that covered the Forragers, killed a good � Number of them, took 80 Prifoners, and carried off ' many Horfes. * Several Regiments, both Horfe and Foot, are in Mo-' tion, coming to form a Camp in the Neighbourhood of < this City. Several Hundred Recruits that were deitined ' for our Army in Bohemia, have received Orders to re-' main in Garnfon htre. Divers other Precautions are ' taking by the Court' on Occafion of the approaching ' March of the Pruffians. 1 he Count de Loos, appointed ' fecond EmbafTador to the Dyet of Election, fet out the ' 16th Inftant for Francfort, where he is to deliver a De-' claration to the Electoral College, containing the Sen-' timents in which his Majeity is difpofed to concur in that * Election. From the Camp of the Confederate Army in Brabant our Advices, dated the 23dInil. N.S. run thus, 4 The Duke of Cumberland has received by a Courier ' from Hanover, the agreeable News, that the HefTian ' Troops deftined to come and join our Army, are to be-' gin their March as this Day. The firit Line of the ' French Army a&ually itretches from St. Amand to Li-' efche, having the Rupel in Front : Their fecond Line is � polled bthind the River Eycke. It is laid that the Ene-' my are making fome Works on the Right of their firft * Line, in Order to fecure themfelves on that Side, fince ' they are pretty near the Canal, which is lined by our ' Troops. They fent t'other Day to reconnoitre Fort St. ' Margaret, but were greatly furprifed to find all the Ground ' about it overflowed a confiderable Space, and we now ' hear that they have laid afide the Defign of attacking ' that Fort. The Body of Troops which the Enemy had ' in the Neighbourhood of Aeth, has drawn near Brufiels, * and arrived Yefterday at St. Martin's, probably with a ' Defign to join the three Brigades under the Duke de ' Chevreufe at Affche. We take great Care to keep ' ftrong Guarde at the Head of our Bridges, of which we ' have fix very good ones on the Canal as far as Little ' Willebroek. We expect 3000 Englifh Troops, who are ' to be ranfomed in a few Days, purfuant to the Cartel. ' According to the Intelligence we have of the Enemy's ' Motions, they are gathering up a prodigious Quantity ' of Fafcines at St. Amand, with which they intend to ' make Bridge;, by laying Planks over them ; but it is ' the general Opinion among us, that they will find the * PaiTage of the Scheld a very dangerous Attempt, if they ' go that Way to Work. We continue to put Antwerp in ' a Pofture of Defence. We expect General Molck To-' morrow, who will no doubt bring us fome News about _afe made and provided. Yefterday John Forreft was committed to Woodftreet Compter, by Sir George Champion, for fjelonioufly^ttealiiig two Guineas from out of the Houle of Mr. Jonas lane, in Huggin's Alley, in Woodftreet, which he confefs'd. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 10 Minutes after 7. Bank-Stbck 143 a 1 half. India Ditto 17;. South-Sea Stock 103 1 half a 7 8ths. Ditto Old Annuities 108 1 half a 3 4ths. Ditto New 106 1 4th a 107 3 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 86 1 half a 87 3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 86 a 1 half a 87 3 4ths. Ditto 174.3 anc* ,744> 86 1 half a 87 3 4ths. Ditto 1745, 87 a 87 3 4ths. Million Bank 115. Equivalent ; 10 1 half. Royal Affu-rance8z 1 half. London Affurance 11 1 8th. Englilh Copper c 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent. Ditto no Price. Baak Circulation 5 1. 5 s. India Bonds 9 s. a 14 s. Prem. Three and a half Salt Tallies 6 a J 3 4ths a 7 8ths Difc. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets 10 1. 15 s. 6 d. Prem. Life Annuities 14 Years Purchafe. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S. AT the NEW WELLS, the Bottom of Lemon-ftrett, Goodmaris-Ftelds, this Evening, will be feveral New Performances, <vix. The Gardners Dance (after the Manner of the Faufans) by Mr. Shawford, Madem. Duval, Monf. Hendrick, Mrs. Prirchard, Mr. Chettle, Mifs Shawford, Mr. Baker., and Mrs. Djminique, Mr. and Mrs. Cufhing. Alfo, The Morris Dancers, or The Merry Milk Maids. Rope-Dancing fey Monf. Hendrick, Mafter Jofeph, and others. Singing by Mr. Cunningham, and Mr. Afpey. Ladder-Dancing by Mr. Hendrick ; and Tumbling by Mr. Hen* dxick, Mafter Jofeph, Mafter Morgan, &c. To which will be added a new Entertainment, call'd HARLEQUIN a DESERTER; Or, The Camp of Love. To Conclude with an Exact Reprefentation of the Storming, Cannonading, Bombarding, and Taking FORT LOUISBOURG, With the Landing Commodore WARREN ; and will in Honour of rhat great Exploit, Exhibit feveral Curious FIRE-WORKS, which has given great Satisfaction to all that have honoufd him with their Company. Note, The Scenes, Machines, Mufick, and Cloaths, are all entirely New, and not borrow'd from any other Entertainments. Every One will be admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch as ufcal. To begin every Evening at Five o' Clock. Admiralty-Office, Auguft 17, 1745. TJfHEREAS notevitbftanding the repeated Ad- � *r monitions and Directions of the Lords Commijfoners  of the Admiralty, for the more fpeedy holding the Courts Martial to enquire into the Conduit and Behaviour of feveral Commanders and Officers of his Majefifs Fleet, in the late Engagement near Toulon, the fame has not hitherto been effected, which has been in a great Meafure owing to the Number and Diftance of the Witne/fes to be examined previous to fuch Trials, as well as to the Variety and Extent of the Materials neceffary for the feveral Charges, fome of-ivhich have been but lately exhibited. Their Lordpips thinking it abfolutefy neceffary to forward the faid Trials with all pqjjible Difatch, in C',nfideration of the Jujiice due to the Publick, of the many lnconveniencies the Service itfelfpuffers, and of the great Hardfhips the Parties concerned, both as Evidences and Principals, until the Matters depending are determined, do hereby declare that the faid Courts Martial are fixed for the firf of October next ; and do dired all Per fans concerned' to prepare and hold themfelves in Readinefs to attend upon that Day, at fuch Place asjball be appointedfor the faid Trials* And furthermore, it is their Lord/hips exprefs Command and Direction, that all Witneffes do pay immediate Obedience to fuch Summons, as theyjhall from Time to Time receive, in Order to their Examinations, as they will anfwer tht contrary at their Peri/. 1 Tho. Corbett. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, ac Lloyd's Coffie-Hoi/se, in Lombard-ftreer. 0 - J? - o .

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