Sunday, August 1, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Sunday, August 1, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 1, 1845, London, Middlesex .n is*-. TEU.R S D A Y, Aucest i, 1745. S^TERDAY Afternoon taitai th* Granada Bomb; and the Young Nell;?rivateer to this Weft ward. Remain' his Majefty'* Ships the � Prince George, T>uke, Dover, and Pool, with the Ootward-. bound Ships. Came down the jEcna Firelhip, and the Faulcon, King, for Plymouth'. Wind N.N.E. L OVN D ON.; 'JEx'traB of a Letter from Vienna, dated July 24, N.S. f XThe Queen who conftantly affifts at all Councils of ;�. State, has finiihed thec Preparations for her Journey to * Francfprt,^her Majefty jnr^ndrng to fet,put as foonasftie ^ hears that theGrVh|Puke,Co-regent is elected Emperor. * To judge .bythe great Preparations ^making here, the � Court abfolutely depends on that Election, meft of the � Artificers' in this Gapifarbeirig employed on nothing elfe b'utThings for thatPnrpofcrThey are repairing andbeau- * tifying the greailniperiaL Coach, which is never made Ufe of but at the (olemn Entries of Emperors, and we are ^affured, "that this ^rticle alone will coft 80,000 Florins. 1 Since the Death of the old Count Stahrenberg, ,the '� Conferences are held at the Palace of Count Uhlefeldt, e more durable and  ~  '"-i*- ' 6 / ^^^te much clearer an^ finer than any O'* f- 1----------- are gsnenlly of a more fpun?y N-ture . At ,the fame Place is only tj be had the fined and blackeft Writing Ink, feal'd up, in Sixpenny Bsttles, with Direftions how to ufe it. Alfo two new Sets of black Lines, calculated' to write both BiUa and Letters upen. The PERSON be ng D E A D, There is to be S O L U, At MACKRELL's Cofee-houfe in Bartlett's-Buildings, Hoi born; ALeopard's Skin Hunting Side-Saddle and J? - Houfing, made up in the neweft Faihion (never wore) trirrt'd with a very neat Mohair Fringe, with an ATch Head with'ToiTelsin the Corners of the Houfing ; the Seat of fine Cloth; tke Colour of the Ground of the Skin embroidered with Black Spots to match ; a very neat Leather Furniture with TofTels and beft Town Bit. Note, To be fold fome Pounds cheaper-than any Sadler will make up fuch a one for. Certainly nothing can he a clearer Proof of the Excellency of any Commodity than the approbation it meets with--If fo, THE ENGLISH GRAPE BRANDY may juftly claim a Superiority over all other Britifh Produc-Jjons, from the conftant and large Demands the Com "1- .11 .1______r I? all parts or tne 'KtRfSonT. To convince the Curious how fitly it is adapted to all Manner of Mixtures, vix. RASBERRIES, CHERRIES, Sec. there is now prepar'd a larte Quantity of SHRUB with the faid BRANDY and ORANGES when in the greateft Perfection ; which is no Ways inferior (either as a Dram, or for "Punch) to that made with the beft 'Coniac. Of <wbom may be bad, M. T. Ciceronis Tufculanarum Difputationum, Libri 5, Editio Ouarta, 8vo. ^^1. T. Ciceronis de Finibus Bonorum &s Malorum, Lib, 5, Edit. Secunda, 8vo. M. T. Ciceronis Academica. Edit. Secunda, 8vo. M. T. Ciceronis Libri de Divinatione & de Fato. Edit. Secunda, in 8vo. Ex Recenfione Joannis Davifii, Col. Reg. Cantab. Praefid. M. t. Ciceronis Dialogi tres de Oratore. Ex MSS. emendavit, Notifque illuftravit Zacharias Pcarce, S. T. P. Edit. Secunda, 8vo. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, ac Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-firm. ...... S -s-

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