Friday, July 23, 1745

General Advertiser

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 23, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifef. K u u k. 33.34. Deal, July 21. EMAIN his Majefty's Ships the Prince George, the Duke,. and Bridgwater Men of War, Baltimore, and Hinchingbroke Sloops, iEtna Fire&ip, and the Outward-bound Ships as iq my laft. Came down the Induftry, James, and the Mermaid, Malbon, both for Virginia. Wind N.E. . Co-wes, July zo. On the 18th came in the Adventure Privateer, Capt. Langa, from Emfworth, for Guernfey ; and the Seahorfe, Stow, from Bermudas, for London ; the latter fail.'d to the Weftward the next Morning, in order to get to Plymouth before the Convoy fails from thence. Juft now arriv'd the Prince WilHam, Butler, from South Carolina, in feven Weeks, who came out with fix other Merchant Ships, under Convoy of the Rofe and Flamborough Men of War. On the 13th Inft. Capt. Butler fppke with in Lat. 49. 3f>. from the Lizard; the Betty and Peggy Griffith, of Leverpool, from Cork, for Antigua; j .the Betty and Martha, Waterhoufe, from ditto, for Barbadoes ; the Dolphin, Gardiner, from ditto, for Gibraltar; and Yeller-day off the Stark with the Rawleigh Privateer, all well. Falmouth, July 18. Sail'd the Princefs Auguila Privateer, Capt. Legrofle; Chelfea, White ; Neptune, Davis ; and the Princefs Carolina, Phillips, for London ; aad the Burrifli, Tuffs, from Bofton, for Rotterdam. WindN.W. .'- -Southampton, July 20. This Day failed hence the Ma-rygild, Dsvie, of Cork, for Dublin. Poole, Jul) 20. Saii'd the Ring wood, Sheppard, for London. Wind N. Weymouth, July to- This Day failed hence under the Convoy of Capt. Li fie in the Cholmondeley, in the Service . of the Cuftoms, the John and Elizabeth, Robeit Keate ; - the Happy Molly, Abbot; William and Henry, Weilon ; John and Charles, Williams ; and the Succefs, Pearcc, all of and from-this Place, to wait Convoy at Spithead, for London. Arriv'd here the Ann, Bi&op, from London Weymouth, Baily ; Speedwell, Thorn, and the Sarah, Mayne, all of and for this Place, from Newcaille ; and the Speedwell, Reynolds, from London. Wind North. Arrived at federal Pons. � The Rofe Man of War, Capt. Franklin, and the Flam-borough Man of War, both from Carolina, having on Board 80,000 1. Sterling, are arrived at Plymouth. The Bragon, Ryou, from Carolina, at ditto. The Prince William, Butler, from Carolina, for Holland, at Cowes. The Difr-a'ch, M'Carty, from Antigaa, atDublis. The friend's Goodwill, Curling, from London, at Carolina. The Real, Phillip% from London, at Genoa. L O N D O N/ Extracl of'a p injate Letterfrom Amfterdam, Julyzj, N.S. ' It is with equal Vexation and Aftonifhment that we * reflect on the Reports with which thePublick was amufed ' lait Week, in regard to the Situation of Affairs on the � Rhine. At firfl, it was given out, that the Prince of 4 Conti's Army had been totally defeated, with the Lofs of * upwards of thirty thoufand Men, killed, wounded, or � taken Piifonei-s. The next Report was, that the faid * Army was fo ihemmed in, that it could not efcape, feeing � it had no Brjidges to pafs the Rhine, General Bernclau * having deilrovxd them all, and there being befides a great ' Scarcicy of Provifions in the French Camp : So that we ' expefted the next Poft would bring the News of the �� Prince of Conti's having furrendered himfelf a Prifoner of x War with his whole Army. But all thefe mighty Ad-� vantages have ended in'the French Army's barely repafi-� ,ing the Rhine; which Event has alfo been very faJfely ' related, the Lofs of the Enemy being, exaggerated, ac-' cording to Cuftom. All our Letters from Franc-fort, and * other Places in Germany agree, that this Lofs amounts * only to a few hundred Men ; the Reafon of which is plain * enough, the G�-and Duke's Army being then too far from * the French to do them any Mifchie� and only a fmall ' Detachment of irregular Troops, having harrafled their ' Rear Guard. However it be, feeing the .French hav6 ' repaffed the Rhine, we now flatter ourfelves that there * will be no more Obltacles to the Election of an Emperor. * But befides'that, all our Letters aiTure-, that as yet Things ' are not ready for proceeding to this Election, we don't.fed * that the French Army was more capable, of hindering the � Election while oa the other Side of the Rhine, after-the * Junction of the two Armies under the Counts Traun and * Bathiani; fince the latter has a free Communication with * Francfort, and that the Minifters of the Diet could go to � and fro as they thought fit. The Thing that will pro, * bably prevent the Ele&ion, is the Divifioa amongfl * the Members of the Empire, and-the Dread of an endlefs 4 War, as one may call it, if they elect the Grand Duke. 1 ' They write from Drefden, that Count Key*,, uller, * fecond EmbafTador from Bohemia to the Dyet of Election? * has not.fucceeded in his Commiffion.. He went to Dref� * den to engage the King of Poland to give his Vote to the � Grand Duke of Tufcany, and fo make fure ov'this Article ' before he proceeded to Francfort: But we ;.re,;aiTured, the * Saxon Miniftry have anfwered him, that the King does * not mean to tie up his Hands with regard to his electoral � Vote. This fhews that his Polifh Makfty has not yet * engaged himfelf iri any thing towards the Court of * Vienna, with refpect to this Point; and we don't hear, < that any other Electors have engaged deeper than the King ' of Poland, except it be the Elector of Bavaria, who is * partly obliged thereto by the Treat) of Fueffen, and per- * haps the King of Great-Britain, a? Elector of Hanover. * ' They further tell us-from Dref-n, that M. de Bulau, * late Minifler fom Saxony at Beri. is to return thither. TUESDAY, July 23, 1745. 4 in a fhort Time ; fiiom whence they infer, that there is ' not only a Negotiation on the Tapis between the Kings ' of Poland and Pruffia, but will needs have it to be almoft ' as good as concluded. ' Our Advices from the Netherlands are ftill very difa- * greeable, and. we are apprehenfive that our Army will ' foon be obliged to decamp again-, to avoid being fur-' rounded. Extra 8 of a. Letter from Toole, dated July 20. * On Wednefday laft the Raleigh Privateer belonging to ' London, took a Veflel from Sweden; for France, and ' put 14 of her Hands aboard, eight of whom run away * in their Boat, and the fix that remain'd behind, were 4 oblig'd to fubmit to the Swedes, who put them afhore at 4 a Place call'd Wrifpih, from whence they came hither. 4 As the Privateer was not out of Sight, 'tis to be hoped 4 flie will purfue and retake her Prize. On the 19th Inftant arrived at Plymouth the Lyon Man of War, Capt. Brett, who about ten Days before fought a Frenchman of 74 Guns and 800 Men, and one of 30 Guns and 300 Men, Yard-Arm and Yard-Arm, for five Hours, about 50 Leagues Weftward of the' Lizard ; the Lyon has 5q.Men killed, and 100 wounded ; the French run away ; the Lyon had not a Sail, nor any Thing left to make a Sail, but had the good Fortune to meet the Augulla Man of War, Capt. Hamilton, who fparcd him Sails, &c. A Dutch Shipfpoke with on the 18th, faw the Frenchmen after the Engagement, who told him the Englifh Man of War had kill'd him 300 Men; the fame Dutch Man of War reported that Admiral Martin was not above nine Leagues from the Place of Action, and that he had two Marcinico Ships with him ; 'tis hoped he will fall in with the two fhatter'd French Men of War. The Peace, Hopkins, from Biddeford, fcr Virginia, is taken by a French Privateer, and carried into Sr. Malo. On the 17th Inflant in the Evening arrived at Weymouth the Dove or and for that Place, Webb, from Milford ; fhe : was taken by the Revenge Privateer of St. Maloes, of fix Carriage and iz Swivel Guns, the 11 th Inllant, off St. : Ives, and ranfom'd for 150I. The Private?/^bad begri from St. Malo but feven Days, and had taken 12 Prizes. ; Alfo on the 20th arrived the Elizabeth, of a^d for the fame PJace, John Turner, Matter, from Milford ; who was taken the Day before off the Berryhead by a fmall Privateer belonging to Morlaix, of fix Swivel Guns, and about 35 Men, and ranfomed for 100I. Yefterday Mr. Millner, an eminent Brewer, was appointed by the Lords of the Admiralty Brewer to the Navy at Portfmouth. Satuiday laft the Commiffioners of the VifluallingrOffice appointed Mr. Moore, an eminent Cooper in Southwark, to � be Mailer Cooper to the Victualling-Office. Yefterday a Warrant of Detainer was fent by William Clark, Efq; to the New Gaol, Southwark, charging on Oath Catharine Abbott, alias Black (who was committed , thither a few Days before for an Affault) with breaking ', open the Houfe of Mr. Ballcndine, in the Parilh of St. ; John's, Southwark, and ftealing from thence Plate and Lin-nen to the Value of thirty Pounds. The fame Day John Willl'on was removed from theno� by Habeas Corpus to Reading in Berkfhire, in order to be tried at the next Aflizes for breaking open the Houfe of -Mr. Laver, at Sunning-hill in that County ; he is an old Offender, and has been'concerned in the Smuggling Trade many Years. The WAREHOUSE for Morning Gowns and Banjan?-. is removed from PopeVHead Alley, to the Woolpack and Dolphin, Three' Doors above B.irchin-lane in Lomkill .-Wnere great Variety of Gowns are kept ready made, of rich Silk Damafks, fine Scotch Plaids, Flower'd Riiffels, Figur'd Grograms, Vallurets, &c. Alfo Banjans of fine Cloth, Duffins, Plaids and Damafks. ' All forts of Velvet-Caps and Safhes. This Week's Djverfions at the New Wells near thr-London Spaw, Glerkenwell, will confilt of Variety of n.w Performances by Mr. William*, Mr. Hough, Mr. Rofo-man, Mr. Rayner, Mifs Rayner, Mrs. Hough,and others; the furprizing Giant will alfo continue the Rope-Dancing , the whole to conclude with Bacchus and Circe; interfpers'd with a new Piece call'd As you like it, or Harlequin's Whim. ' * , � COUN TRY-NEW S.�" ' .JXrijlol, July 20. Sunday lad the Fox Privateer of 16 Carriage GunsN 24^Wall-Pieces, and 150 Men, Capt. Philip. Hogan, Commander, faji'd from Kingroad to the Weftward, on a Cruize againft the French and Spaniards. Laft Saturday a Court of Common-Gouncii was held at the Council-Houfe, on fheTolfey, for filling up Vacahcies in the Corporation, when Thomas Marftiand John Noble, FJqrs. were elected Members of that Body, in the room of Arthur Tayler and Lionel Lyde, Efqrs. two of our Aldermen, la-tely deceas'd. Norwich, July to. One Day laft Week a Woman, a S:ranger, went intq the Houle of Mr. Bird of St. Peter's Hungate, on Pretence of enquiring for one for whom fhe raid Ihe had a Parcel ; and feeing the Maid alone in the .ioufh, prevailed with her to go up Stairs, and afk hef Miftrefs where to jind r,he Perfon fh'e pretended to want.; arid then took the Opportunity of the Maid's Abfence to open a Cupboard-Door, and take out feven Tea-Spoons and a Pair of Tea-Tongs, and carried them off undifco-vei'd : Which fhsuld ferve as a Caution to Servants, not to leave Strangers akme in the Houfes where they live. . Lately died at Dentpn in Norfolk, the Reverend Mathew Ppftlethwayt, M.A. many Years Rector of that Parifh, and of Redenal with Harlefton ; ' fometime Archdeacon of Norwich : He was a Gentleman always fleady in the Caufe of Liberty, of Exemplary Piety, and good Learning. IRELAND. Dublin, July 13. Upon the Application of the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor and Merchants of this City, to his Excellency the Earl of Chefterfield, Lord Lieutenant of this Kingdom, the Lords of the Admiralty have ordered the following Ships of War to bs ftationed on otrr Coaft, viz. A Lift of Ships employed, and to be employed, on and about the Coait of Ireland. The Augufta, of 60 Guns, cruizing from Cape Clear into the Sea. The Falkland of 50, and the Saphire of 44 Guns, are gone to Oftend, from whence they are to go to be cleaned, and then return to their Cruixe off Cape Clear into the Sea. The Defiance, of 60 Guns, cruizing between Tory Ifland and the Lewis-Ifles. The Prince Frifo, (Dutch) of 54 Guns, ftill at Plymouth, to recover her Sick Men. The Terror Sloop, of 12 Carriage and 1.4 Swivel Guns, cruizing between Cantire and the Mull 6i Galway. The Furnace, of eighteen Carriage and fourteen Swivel Guns, cruizing from Cantire to the Weftward as far as the North Cape of Ireland, and Northward as far as the South Cape of the Lew;s lfles. The Baltimore Sloop, going to cruize off Cape Clear. The Mary Galley, and Portmahon, are juft returned from feeing the outward-bourul from Cork into the Sea. The Town of Liverpool is hiring to the Government a Ship of twenty Guns, and a hundred and fifty Men, entireiy for the Protection and Convoying the Trade between Liverpool, &c. over to Ireland. Yefterday being the Anniverfary of the Battle of Augh-rim in the Year 1691, which was the laft fought in this Kingdom, when the late King James's Army was entirely defeated by that of King William of Glorious Memory, the fame was obferved here with thegreateU Demonllrations of Joy. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at ?6 Minutes after 5. Bank.Stock r 46. India Ditto 186. Souch-Sea Stock 109 1.4th. Ditto Old Annuities in a 1 -4 th. Ditto New 1 11^ Sih^a 1 half. Three per Cent. Annuities 01 1 -4th, a 3 4ths. Ditto 1742 91 1 -4th, a 3 4ths. 1^:01743, and 1744, 90 a 1 4U1. Ditto 1745, 90 a 1 4th 390. Million bank 115. Equivalent 110 1 half. Royal Aliu-rance 84 5 Sths. London Affurancc u 1 Sth'a 1 4th. Englifh Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent. Ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 5 1. 7 s. 6 d. India Bonds 1 '-1. 13 s. a 1 5 s. Pr. 'J hree and a ha'f Salt Tallies 3 1 4th a 1 half Diic. Thr^e and a half per Cent. Exchequer Ordeis no Price. Three fer Len . Ditto no Piice. Lotary'1 ickets irf s. Pr. Life Annuities 14 5 Sths Years Purchale. G O O D M A NVF I-E L D S. AT the NEW WELLS,- the ^Bottom of Lemon-Jirect, Goodman i-fnldi, this Evening, will be feveraj New Performances, viz. Dancing by Mr. Shawford, Madem. Duval, Mr. Chettle, Mrs. Pritchard, Mr. Cufhing, Mifs Shawford, Mr. Baker, and Mrs. Dj-' mijjique. Rope-Dancing fey Monf. HendricJ*, Mr. Morris, &c. Singing by Mr. Cunningham, andMr.Afpey. Tumbling, Ladder-Dancing, and feveral .New Equilibre1; by Monf. Hendrick, with-a Pyramid of Glafles, all fupported by a Needle, with its Point upon the Edge of a Ghfs, which he holds in his Mouth. To which will be added a new Entertainment, call'd HARLEQUIN a DESERTER; ut, w ca%hj ui1 Lav 1. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Cufhing; ' Colombiae, Mrs. Dove; French Nobleman, Mr.-Shawford ; Spaniard, Mr. Morris ; Colombine's Maid, Mrs; Cofting ; Captain of the Guard, Mr. Cunningham ; Centinel, Mr. Morris; the Fifherman, Mr. Chettle ; the four Cupids by Mailer'Morgan, Mafter Davis; Matter Hendrick, Mafter Howard.'' Voluntiers, by Mr. Chettle, Mrs. Pritchard,-Mr. Baker, Mifs Shawford, Mr. Afpey, Mrs-. DominiqueGenius, Mr. Cunningham ; the Clown, Mr, Doye ; Aim .Hm pjiuuf mu Pilbuijbw ��Miliifi'Ww To begin every "Evening at Five o^Clock. Nott, The Scenes", Machines, Mufick, and Cbaths, are all entirely New, and not borrow*d from any other Entertainments. Every One will be admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch as ufual. 'THOS E Gentlemen 0/Southwark, who �* <vijb it-ell to the Irade avd Naval Glory of England, 'are dejire<?ta m-et this %'v'ening at Six o'clock, at the Three crun- O

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