Tuesday, July 13, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 13, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Numb. 3326. SATURDAY, July 13, 1745- Deah July 11. �- I ESTERDAY his Majcfty's Sloop Jamaica failed to the Northward; and Hunter Privateer for theRiver. The Duke Man of War, and Outward-bound remain, as in my laft. Came down the Cruizer Privateer, Cape. Sutherland, for a Cruize; and the King George, Colfliere, for Antigua. Wind South. Gravefend, July 11. Pafs'd by Expedition, Merriot, from Oporto j and the Antwerp Packet, Edwards, from Middleburgh. The Port Merchant, Brown; and Bridlington, Whitburn, from Oporto, are arrived at Briftol. The Two Silters, Kelner, from Antigua, at Lancafter. The Caledonia, Oglevie, from St. Kitts, at Abroith. LONDON. ExtraB of a Letter from Genoa, "June 26, N.S. ' Hitherto the Republick has done nothing that can ' amount to a Demonstration, that {he has entered into * clofe Engagements with Spain ; however, the Senate has � juft iflued Orders for eight Batallions of our bell Troops * to march next Monday. The Arrival of the Auftrians * at Rivalta, begins to make the Government uneafy, as ' 'tis pretended they have already given Tokens of their * Preience, in carrying oft 10 or 12000 Livres which the ' Senate was fending to Gavi, to pay our Troop5, and ' making the Officer, that was charged with this Sum, a ' Prifoner of War. _Whatever the Matter may bf, we ' received undoubted Advice laft Sunday, that a D%tach-' ment of about 6000 Aultrians having pufhed on as far as ' Novi, and pitched their Tents in that Neighbourhood, 4 feveral of their Officers came into the Town, defiring to ' fee the Magazines of Provifions and Forrage formed there : ' That having feen them, they afked, who was the Frc- * prietor thereof, and were anfwered, that they were at * any Body's Service that would buy them : That General * Schulenbourg had fent an Officer to the Commandant of * Gavi, to acquaint him with his Arrival at Novi, and ' that he intended to march further into the Republick's ' Territories ; but that the faid Commandant had boldly * anfwered him, that his Jnilrufrions faid not a Word of ' this March, and therefore he would oppofe it to the utmolt ' of his Power: In fine, that Count Gage wak ho fooner * informed of thefe Difpofiiions, and that 3000 Auftrian * Horfe had traverfed the Town of Novi with their Swords ' drawn, but he ordered his whole Army to march by the ' Way of Voltaggio to Bocketta, All thefe Advices have * not lefs alarmed the Government, than did the News of ' what lately paffed at Vintimille, where the Barbets burnt ' the Provifions and Forrage laid up for the French Troops * expected there, and carried off two French Officers and ' 50 Men that guarded the Magazines. This latter Affair ' is, indeed, of no great Confequence, except tint it re-' tards a little the Arrival of the French Cavalry that was ' marching that Way. What gives a little Courage to the ' Senate, is, that laft Tuefday 500 Spanilh Horfe arrived ** in the Valley of Polfevera, who are clofely followed by 4 Z5C0 more ; and that the Infant Don Philip is arrived at 4 Savonna with the greateft Part of his Troops j but Mar-� fhal Maillebois is hill at Final, from whence he has fent * the Marquefs de la Chetardie to Count Gage. Jn fhort, 4 all the Troops are in Motion, and 5000 Spaaifli Infantry 4 are actually paffing thro' this City, going to reinforce the 4 Army in the Valley of Polfevera. Count Gage, we 4 hear, has fignified to the Inhabitants of the Marquifate of 4 Ormea, that they mull fubmit in 24 Hours, if they 4 have no Mind to be forced to it by Fire and Sword. ExtraB of a Letter from Ratijbon, July 8, N.S. 4 The Heffian Troops continue their March Homewards 4 through Franconia, but we begin to think there is no 4 Truth in the Reports that have been fpread of a Conven-' tion between the Cour:s of Vienna and Caflcl, by Virtue ' of which thofe Troops fliould be taken into the Pdy of 4 the Maritime Powers, and employed for the Service of 4 the Queen of Hungary : It is much more probable, that 4 the ill Succefs of the Allies in Flanders, and the Defeat * of the Auftrians in Silefia, is what has induced the Court 4 of Vienna to let the Heffians go, not having Troops to 4 fpare to guard them in Bavaria, and it being moreover, 4 imprudent to provoke any longer the Court of Heffe-' Caffel, when the Common-Caufe have their Hands fo 4 full, that every petty Prince or State, is capable of doing 4 them Mifchief. Yefterday the Commiflioners of the Navyscontrafted for fix Tranfports to carry Soldiers to Gibraltar, ^Port Mahon, and Minorca, to re-inforce thofe Garrifons. Tuefday laft was fhip'd on board, at the Galleons, Thirty Pieces of Brafs Cannon and Four Mortars for the Garrifon of Oftend. Yefterday the Experiment Man of War of 20 Guns was paid off, and the Ship order'd to be put out of Cornmiffion. The Straits, Virginia, and Weft-India Fleets, were under fail from Plymouth the 9th Inftant, under Convoy of the Squadron commanded by Vice-Adrniral Townfhend, with the Wind at North. On the 9th Inftant failed from Cowes the Sea Nymph, Moorhead, with exchang'd Spanifh Prifoners, for St. Se-baftians. The Difpatch.Frazer, from North Carolina, for London, was taken by the French, in her Paffage, but is fince retaken by the Neapolitan, Capt. Hurlt, who has carried her into the Elbe. Yefterday was married at St. John's, Southwark, Mr. Winter, a wealthy Canterbury Factor, to Mifs Shute of Camberwell, aa agreeable young Lady, with a Fortune of 50001. On Thurfday was married at Greenwich, .- Lawrence, Efqj to Mifs Miles cf that Place, an agreeable young Lady of a good Fortune. On Wednefday laft the Prince Charles Privateer, Captain Gwynn, arrived at Briftol, from her Cruize.. Yefterday Morning a confiderable Quantity of Tea was feized at a Houfe in Upper Moorfields, and convey'd to the Cuftom-houfe. We are affured that the pernicious Practice of Smuggling is Mill carried on, and that they now bring much finer Teas than ufual.-But that is not the only Mifchief; for as foon as the Smugglers land at Boloign, (which Place we have Reafon particularly to mention) they are carried before the Commiffary, where they are examin'd, on Oath, concerning the Situation of Affairs on the Englifh Coait, to the belt of their Knowledge; and, at the fame Time, are enjoyn'd not to mention any Thing they fee done on the Coait of France. Laft Week died at Drayton in Shropfhire-Leigh, Efq; a Gentleman poffefs'd'of a largeEflate in that County, well efteemed by the Poor for his Benevolence of Temper. Laft Week died at Grays in Kent, Mr. Harley, many Years Collector of the Cuftoms for the Port of Lpndon in the Reign of Queen Anne ; he is faid to have died rich, and has left his Fortune to his Nephew Mr. Harley, a Diftiller, at Limehoufe. On Tuefday laft died, in a very advane'd Age, at her Houfe in Soho-Square, Mrs. Caftie, a Widow Gentlewoman of good Fortune, which (he has left chiefly to Charitable Ufes. Yefterday Morning the Corpfe of Lady Vane was carried from her Houfe in Albemarle ftreet, in a very grand Manner; in Order to be interr'd near Saffron-Walden in Effex, in the Burial-Place of that Family. Yefterday a Man well-drefs'd was taken up, floating on the River at Limehoufe, and being carried to Shore, was expofed to publick View to be own'd ; there were found in his Pockets a Watch and fame Silver. Yefterday one Richard Marks, alias South-Sea Dick, who was brought before Sir Thomas De Veil, for Affaul-ting and Wounding a Woman, thought proper to infult the Jultice in a moll notorious Manner in the Execution of his Office, for which he was Indicted at Hicks's-Hall, and found Guilty, and received Sentence by the Court to lye in the County Goal, Newgate, for fix Months, to pay a Fine of Three Shillings and Four-pence, and to give Security fjr his good Behaviour for one Year, after the Expiration of his Confinement in Newgate. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 50 Minutes' after 9._ _ Bank-Stock 145 3 4ths a 1 half. India L^tto 183 i half. South-Sea Stock 108 1 half. Ditto Old Annuities 110 1 4th a 1 8th a 3 8ths a 1 4th. Ditto New 1107 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 90 3 4ths. Ditto 1742 90 3 4ths. Ditto 1743, and* 1744, 90 3 4ths. Ditto 1741;, 89 3 4ths. Milliorr Bank 115. Equivalent 108 i half. Royal Affurance 84 1 half. London Aflurance ii 1 �th a 1 4th. Englifh Copper cl. Seven per Cent, Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent. Ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 5 1. 7 s. 6 d. India Bonds 1 1. 10 s. Prem. Three and a half Salt Tallies 3 1 half. Difc. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Pnce. Lottery Tickets 17 s. 6 d. Pr. Life Annuities 14 5 ths Years Purchafe. v____ G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S. AT the NEW WELLS, the Bottom ob |.m Vph^fti Fte^-styeg^Lonjgn. Lemon-Jlreet, Goldman's-Fields, this Evening, will be feveral New Performances, vix. Dancing by Mr. Shawford, Madem. Duval, Mr. Chettle, Mrs. Pritchard, Mr. Cuming, Mifs Shawford, Mr.Bjker, and Mrs. Dominique. Rope-Dancing by Monf. Hendrick, Mr. Morris, &c. Singing by Mr. Cunningham, and Mr. Afpey. Tumbling, Ladder-Dancing, and feveral New Equilibres by Monf. Hendrick, with a Pyramid of Glaffes, all fupported by a Needle, with its Point upon the Edge of a Glafs, which he holds in his Mouth. To which will be added a new Entertainment, eall'd HARLEQUIN a DESERTER; Or, The Camp of Love. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Cu/hing; Colombiae, Mrs. Dove j French Nobleman, Mr. Shawford j Spaniard, by Mr. Dove; Colombine's Maid, Mrs. Culhing ; Captain of the Guard, Mr. Cunningham ; Centinel, Mr. Morris; the Filherman, Mr. Chettle ; the four Cupids by Mafter Morgan, Mafter Davis, Mafter Hendrick, Mafter Howard. Voluntiers, by Mr. Chettle, Mrs. Pritchard, Mr. Baker, Mifs Shawford, Mr. Afpey, Mrs. Dominique; Genius, Mr. Cunningham > and thejPart of the French Servant by Monf, Hendrick. To begin every Evening at Five o'Clock. Note, The Scenes, Machines, Mufick, and Cloaths, are all entirely New, and not borrow'd from any other Entertainments. NEW WELLS. AT the New Wells, near the London*. Span), Clcrkcn<weU, this and every Evening (during the Summer Seafon) will be prefented Variety of New Performances, vix. Tumbling by Mr- Williams, Mr. Rayner, and Mr. Hough. Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Mifs Rayner, who walks up a Slanting Rope 100 Feet long, from the Bottom of the Stage to the Upper Gallery. Variety ot New Songs by Mr. Brett, Mifs Lincoln, and Mifs Vaux. Several Grand Dances, Serious and Comic. Rope-dancing by the famous Young GIANT. The Whole to Conclude with anew Entertainment of Mufick, eall'd BACCHUS and CIRC K. Interfpers'd with a new Piece in Grotefque Characters, eall'd As You Like It j or, Harlequin's Whim. Bacchus by Mr. Brett; Circe by Mifs Lincoln j The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Rofoman ; Servant by Mr. Hough j Colombine by Mrs. Hough. The Scenes, Machines, Mufick, and Dnjfet, all entirely New. To begin every Evening at Five 'Clock Each Perfon will be admitted for a Pint of WINE or PUNCH. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. �## Every Evening there will be new Performances. S A D L E R's-W ELLS. p AT Sadler*s-Wells, adjoining to the New- O / River Head, ljlington, this and every Evening (during the/^Jb Summer Seafon) will be 'The Usual Diversions of that Place. Confiding of Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Madem. Kerman, Monf. Janno, Maftor Kerman and Mafter Francis. Tumbling by Monf. Dominique, Menf. Janno, Mafter Kerman, Mafter Francis, and Monf. Pierot Pas Tomba. Dancing (both Serious and Comic) by Mr. Davenport, Mr. Mile*, Mr.Pelling, Mr. Olbeldifton, Mr. Cramer, Monf. Janno, Mafter Granier, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Bullock, Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. Freeman, Mifs Granier, Mrs. Vallois, and Mdfter and Mifs Morris, particularly A Grand Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, eall'd The American Triumph over the Savages. Variety of new Songs by Mr. Heemikirck and Mifs Hillier. To which will be added, Hhe Birth of VENUS, or Harlequin Paris. Concluding with the LOVES of ZEPHYRUS and FLORA. To begin every Evening at Five o*Clock, *#* The Proprietor (for the better Accommodation of the Nobility, Gentry, &c.) has provided the beft of all Sorts of Wines, particularly Burgundy and Champaign in Pints. Admiralty-Office, July 6, 1745. IpHEREAS feveral of the Men belonging to 9 bis Majejiys Ship the Saphire, <vubo came up the Hiver Thames in her Prize, have not yet returned to their iPuty onboard his Majejiys Ship /^Saphire at Portfmouth, the Lords Commijjioners of the Admiralty do hereby friBly direB the faid Men to repair immediately to their Duty on Board the Saphire at Portlmouth ; But if they fail lbirein, the Marjbal of the Admiralty tuill be ordered to apprehend them, in order to their being tried at a Court Martial as Defer-ters, and puniped to the utmojl Rigour of the Law. Tho. Corbett. Admiralty-Office, July 8, 1745. crH E Leave of Ah fence given to the Petty- Q Officers and Foremajt-Mcn belonging to his Majejiys Ship the Kinfate being expired; the Lords Commijfioners of the Admiralty do hereby jlriitly direEl the faid Petty Officers and Foremajt-Men to iepair immediately to their Duty on Board the jaid Ship at vVoolwich ; but if they fail therein, the Marjhal of the Admiralty uiil te ordered ,o apprehend them, in order 10 their being Tried at a Court Martial at Diferters, and punijhed to the utmojl Rigour of the Law. Tho. Corbett. To be SOLD, ~7Tt the Bell Inn in Dirtv-Lane, Long-Acre, TWO fine GELDINGS, fix Years Old, */ with good Meat, and fit for prefent Ufe, belonging to a Gentleman who is gone Abroad this Morning. One a Bay Gelding, 15 Hands high, The other a Grey, 14 Hands, 3 Inches. Enquire for Richard Walker, the faid Gentleman's Servant. ?o be LETT or SOLD, For the Rejid e of a Term of 1000 Years, commencing- the z~th of Ap' il, 1711, and Enter''d upon immediately, the follotving Premifes or any Part thereof, TW O Capital Mefiuages with Stables, Coach-Houfes, OfBce-Houfes, Fiih-Ponds and Gardens, thereunto belonging, fituate in Tottenham in the County of Middle-feX ; and alfo one otter Meffuage, and three Cottages adjoining to one of the faid Mefluages, the Eftate of Mrs. Hafell. Enquire at the faid Mrs. Hafell's Houfe on the Premifes, near the Quaker's Meeting Houfe in Tottenham aforefaid j er at Mr. Hill'i, \ ! Certainly nothing can he a clearer Proof of the Excellency of any Commodity than the Approbation it meets i�'uh--If Jo, THE ENGLISH GRAPE BRANDY may juftly claim a Superiority over all other Britifli Productions, from the conftant and large Demands the Company Jjave from all Parts of the Kingdom. To convince the Curious how fitly it is adapted to all Manner of Mixtures, there is now prepar'd a lar^e Quantity of SHRUB with the faid BRANDY and ORANGES when in the greateft Perfection j which is no Ways inferior (either as a Dram, or for Puneh) to that made with the beft Coniac. shrub at- 6 1. per Gallon, Brandy at 4 s. per Gallon ; At the Warehoufe the Bottom of Bartholomew-Lane, near the Royal- Exchange. Sixpence per Gallon allow'd to thofe who take half a Hogihead or upwards. Thomas Rawlins, Clerk to this Company. WHEREAS Ann Gardner, Wife ot John Gardner, Broker aad Sworn Appraifer, living in Drury-Lane over-againft Parker's-Lane, thinks it her Duty to acquaint the Pub-lick, andia particular thofe who fuffer with Sore or Cancer'd Breafts, Years paft with a Fiftulous and Cadaverous Cancer in her Left-Breaft, the Borders of which was of the Nature of an Animal's Hoof, and the Form like that of a Lion's Paw ; her Breaft was min'd and con-fum'd even to the Ribbs; fo that the Probe pkre'd theGlands in every Part without meeting any Refiftance j the Stench that came from it was infupportable, and the Running of a iharp, corrofive Humour exceflive ; and after defpairing of any Relief by Human Means, or finding any Remedy from very able Surgeons or from the Hofpitals, has now the Happinefs to have her Bieaft perfectly and radically cur'd, and the Glands and Veflels that compofe the Breaft form'd a-new by the great Capacity and Science of Dr. DO WMAN, lately from his Travels, who is the only Gentleman I could ever hear of any where, capable of Curing Cancers of this extraordinary Nature. In Teftimony which I fign Ann Gardner. Mrs. Turner, Pawn-broker, and Mrs. Williams in the fame Neighbourhood, were alfo cur'd of Cancers, but of a different Nature by the fame Gentleman. � N.B. The Time of confulting the Doctor, is the Mornings only, as well in this terrible Difeafe, as in ill thofe to which the Human Body is fubjedt, at his Lodging at Mr. Anderfon's in Craven-Cairt, Craven-Street, in the Strand. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-ftreet. �J-0 - o

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