Tuesday, June 22, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 22, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. NtftfB. 3308. SATURDAY, June 22, 1745. Dealt June 20. AILED this Morning his Maje-fty's Sloop Faulcon on a Cruize-Remain the Duke and Shore-ham Merr of War, and the Outward-bound Ships ; and the St. George, Chifle, for Gibraltar. Wind S.S.W. Q rave fend, June 20. Pafs'd by the Grand Duke,Willie, from Leghorn. The Elizabeth's Prize, Hemming, from Tortola, is arrived at Leverpool. TheArran, Martin, from Nevis, at ditto. The Philip and Peter, Anter, from Maryland, at Leith. LONDON. Extra8 of a Letter from Drefden, June 15, N.S. � The Court has not yet publifhed a Circumitantial Re-' lation of the Battle of Friedberg in Silefia, and we are * even allured, that none will be given, till the moil exaft ' Informations have been taken of our Lofs in that Affair, * with all the molt minute Particulars relating to it, that the Publick may have a faithful Account of the Matter, without difguifmg the Truth in the leaft, it being his Majefty's Intention not to copy after his Enemies in this Relpeft. ' Tho' it appears by the fudden and abrupt Departure of M. Cagnoni, the Pruffian Minifter, that the King his Mafter intends to be the firft to break the Neutrality that has hitherto fobfiited between the two Courts and their refpeclive Domin/ons, we don't perceive that our Court is in much Pain about it; for we rely on the Juitice of our Caafe, and the good Difpofitions making in this Country to lepel an Jnvafion. So early as the 5th Inlt. Orders were iffued for the Troops canton'd on the Elb, to march out of their Quarters the next Day, and form a Camp within two Leagues of Wittenberg. The Four Troops of Life-Guards have alfo begun their March for the faid Camp. * Upon the Reprefentations of the Palatine and Sta-rolles along the Frontiers of Poland, the Primate of the Kingdom has demanded of his Majfty, that the Subjtdts of the Republick may be permitted, in Confideration of the gre.it Scarcity of Provifions* and the Continuance of the War in Silefia, to carry thither Part of the Provifions with which the Kingdom abounds, provided they could be afiured, that fuch Provifions would be paid for in ready Money, and that the Waggons and other Carriages would not be ltopt or detained : To which the King has made Anfwer, that he leaves all the Inhabitants of Poland at full Liberty in this Refpecl j but as,his Majefty can give them no Security in the Cafe, either for their Perfons or Effects, they muft refolve to Hand all Chances themfelves.' ExtraB of a Letter from Prague, June 12, N.S. 4 The fatal News we have received of what palled the 4th Inftant near Schweidnitz and Javer, between the Combined Army and that of Pruflia, has thrown this City into a great Confternation. We don't yet know all the Particulars of this melancholly Affair, the private Letters we have received about it differing considerably in Regard to the Lofs fultained by the Queen's Troops and thofe of Saxony : The Advices that make it lowed, rate it at 6000 Men, killed, wounded, and taken Prisoners, whilit others run up the Account to 12,000; fo that taking it at a Medium, we muft have loft about 9000 M?n, among whom are feveral General1, Colonels, and a great Number of other Officers. We are not better informed of the Enemy's Lofs, which, however, is faid to be very considerable. What comforts us under this Difafter is, that the Army will be reinforced, in about 8 or 1 0 Days, by a Body of 6000 Saxons, who are already in full March to it, fome of the Officers having reach'd this City this Morning, as alfo by 10,000 Hungarians, whofe Van-guard has actually entered Moravia. Thefe are to be followed by 8000 Regular Auftrian Troops, who, we hear, are a&ually on the March. As foon as thefe Succours arrive, our Generals will not hefitare to try their Fortune with the Enemy in a more advantageous Spot than that wherein they were forced to fight in Silefia, efpecially as the Troops, far from being dejected, only wifh for an Opportunity to repair their Difgrace. Jn the mean time, General Nadafti has cut off 2 or 3 Pruffian Batallions, and retaken 8 Pieces of Cannon with a good Number of our Prifoners. ExtraEl of a Letter from Plymouth, June 18.  Yeflerday fail'd his Majefty's Ship the Edinburgh, Ad-' miral Martyn ; with the Prince Frederick, Hampton ' Court, and Serpent Bomb, on a Cruize.' On Wednefday lait a Dutch Man of War, of 40 Guns, arrived at Spithead, with two Veffels laden with Stores for the Dutch Squadron. Laft Night an Account came, that the Bridget, Norton, was fafely arrived at Plymouth, from Montferrat: But that the Volunteer, Fergus, from that Ifland, (truck upon a funk Rock near Plymouth, and is loft. The Devonfhire Man of War of 80 Guns, being now compleatly finifh'd at Woolwich, is order'd by the Lords of the Admiralty to be laanch'd the next SpringTides$ fhe is built to carry 84. Guns, and is efleera'd as fine a Ship as any in the Navy of that Force. The following Perfons who have been drank to for the Office of Sheriff, by the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, have paid their Fines, viz. Edward Barker, Efq; Thomas Afhhurli, Efq; George Roberts, Efq; Robert Purfe, Efq; and Abraham Dakings, Efq; John Pickering, Efq; Robert Milner, Efq; and Henry Flitcrofc, Efq; were alfo drank to by his Lordfhip. We hear, that Capt. Thomas Trevor, Commander of his Majefty's Ship the Duke, lies very ill at Canterbury. Laft Thurfday died at Cobham in Surry, on a Journey to Town from Portsmouth, Mr. Wallis, an eminent Sail-maker and Slopfeller; he had the Misfortune about three Weeks ago to receive a violent Contufion in his Side by a Fall from his Horfe, which is fuppofed to have occafion'd his Death. Yefterday John Twyford was committed to Newgate by Sir Thomas De Veil, upon an Information againft him by Mr. John Mullins.-It feems they were both in a Bed together, and the laid Twyford furprizing him in his Sleep committed the deteftable Sin of Sodomy upon him before he could help himfelf, having almoft Strangled the laid Mullins, who as foon as he could recover beat Twyford, in a defperate manner, and call'd all the People of the Houfe to his Affiftance. Yefterday was committed to the Marfhalfea Prifon, in Southwark, by a Warrant from the Lords of the Admiralty, purfuant to a Court Martial held by Vice-Admiral Davers, on Board his Majefty's Ship the Cornwall, Feb. 18, at Antigua, Robert Sharpe, Pilot of the Weymouth Man of War, for lofing the faid Ship ; his Sentence is to be im-prifoned for two Years, and for ever rendered incapable of Serving in his Majefty's Navy. The fame Day was committed to the New Goal, Southwark by Will,am Clark, Efq; Catherine Abbot alias Blake, for felonioufly Stealing out of the Dwelling-Houfe of Mr. George Ballendine in the Parifli of St. George's, Ratcliff-Highway, a Silver Watch, and a Pair of Silver Shoe-Buckles,-his Property. On Monday next at RUCK HOLT-HOUSE will be a-Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Mufick. .N B. The Marfhes are in good Order. The fam'd Hodfwell the Tanner of Dartford, Roml of Seven-Oaks in Kent, and Newland of Slendon in SuSTex, are appointed by the Noblemen to Play the Match at CRl^'KE T cm Monday next, for Five Hundred Guineas, againft Long Robin of Bromley in Kent, Harris of Ad-dington in Surry, and Bryant of London, at Mr. Smith's the P>'d Horfe in Chi Swell-Street. The Ground will be Bench d round, and the Wickets pitch'd by two o'Clock. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 54 Minutes after 4. London, June 21, 1745. AT a Meeting of a great Number of 'Livery- ^* men of this City, it was unanimoufly agreed to put in Nomination on Midfummer-Day next JOHN PICKERING, Efqy Citizen and Merchant-Taylor, ROBERT MILNER,% Citizen and Upholder, To be Sheriff) of this City and County of Middlefex/Jr the Tear enfuing. z For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD's Coffee-Houfe in Lombard-Street, On Wednefday next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, THE Ship KNOWLES Frigat, a French Prize, Fereign-built, Burthen aoo Tons more or left, now lying in Horjlydown, William Poftletbwaite, Commander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the PJace of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. To be heatd of Dairy at his Office (for Afliiring Ships and Merchandize) in Pope's-Head Alley againft the Royal-Exchange ; or at Lloyd's Coffee-houfe in Lomfeard-ftreet. FoTs ALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee-Houfe in Lombard Street, On Thurfdav. 7uh 4. at Tiuelve o'Clock at Noon, Bank-Stock no Price. Sea Stock 109 a 1 8th. Ditto New no Transfer. Transfer. Ditto 1742, India Ditto no Transfer. South-Ditto Old Annuities 111 a 1 8th. Three per Cent. Annuities no no Transfer. Ditto 1743 and 1744, no Transfer. Ditto 1745, 91 3 8ths a 1 4th. Million Bank 114 1 half. Equivalent no Transfer, Royal ASTurance no Transfer. London Affurance 11 1 8th*Eng-lifhCopper 5 1.. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 5 1. 5 s. Prem. India Bonds 1 1. 17 s. a iq s. Prem. Three and a half Salt Tallies 1 3 4ths Difc. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent, ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets 19 s. 6 d. Prem. Life Annuities 1 5 1 8th Years Purchafe. NEW WELLS. A T the N ew. Wells, near the London*-I-CertahJy ?j?tH:jg It " fiercer P*"cf cf tbi thJctT'^Zi^ Excellency of any Commodity than the Approbation it meets X- Spav>, ClerkarweU, this and every Evening (during the Summer Seafon) will be prefented Variety of" New Performances, viz. Tumbling by Mr. Williams, Mr, Rayner, and Mr. Hoagh. Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Mifs Rayner, who walks up a Slanting Rope 100 Feet long, from the Bottom of the Stage to the Upper Gallery. Several Grand Dances, Serious and Comic, particularly The Quaker's IVcdding j and a new Hornpipe by Mr. Rofoman. Variety ot New Songs by Mr. Golb, Mils Lincoln, and Mifs Vaux. The Whole to Conclude with an Entertainment of Mufick, call'd HERCULES and OMPHALEj Or, Love and Glory. In which will be Introduc'd, The Famous YOUNG GIANT, Seven Feet, Four Inches high, and but Fifteen Years of Age. The Scents, Machines, Mufick, and Drejfes, all entirely New. To begin every Evening at Five e'Clock Each Perfon will be admitted for a Pint of WINE or PUNCH. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. *,* Every Evening there will be new Performances. MARSHALL, Mayor. A Common-Council holden in the Chamber of the Guildhall of the City of London, on Wednefday the 19th Day of June 1745, and in the 19th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second, King of Great-Britain, &c. /T is Agreed and Ordered by this Court, tht if any Perfon, <wbo hath been Nominated to be Sheriff" of this City and County of Middlefex, in Purfuance of an Ail of Common-Council made the zzdof Oflober 1703, fhatt on or before Saturday the zid Infant, at Six of the Clock in the Evening, pay into the Chamber of London, for the Ufe of this City, the Sum of $ out Hundred Pounds,, purfuant to the faid Ad; and alfo Twenty Marks more towards tht Maintenance of the Minifers of the federal Prifons of this City, according to another A3 of Common Council made the $d of December 1656, and the ufual Fees, evHy fuch Per. fon fhall be Exempted from being Eligible to theyaid Office of Sheriff of this City and County of Middlefex for ever here? after, unlefs fuch Perfon Jhall at any Time take upon him the Office of an Alderman of this City, then, and in fuch Cafe, he jhall be liable to be Elefied into the faid Office of Sheriff, as if this Order had never been made, MAN. THE Bon Amis Louis, a French Privateer, wuh 14 Carriage Gum 9 Pounders, 16 Swivel Gunsf taken bt Jus jvaajcitys Ships Pax and btver, Bart hen 160 Tons moreor left, a Prime Sailor, built a*C Dunkirk, about fix Months old, now lying facing the Tower. Inventories will Timely be difperfed by William and Benj. Vaughan, Brokers. For S ALE by the CANDL E, In about Towteen Days, ABOUT 1 50 SERONS of exceeding fine SEVILLE snuff, being Part of the Cargo of the Pearl Prize, taken by the Dover Privateer, Capt. Larkint, Coownander. The Particulars of which will be published iniiue Tirjie, by CHARLES ROGERS, Broker, Over-againfl LLOYD'/ Coffee-Houfe. This is to give NOTICE, TH AT James Cose ns in Salifbury- Court, Fleet-Jireet, who fo often advertifed and fold Quantitiei of PICKLED OYSTERS laft Seafon, is now poffeffed of a fmall Parcel in their utmoft Perfection, which were done in October laft.-Gentlemen and Ladies may view them at any Time of the Day.-It having been aflerted by many Perfons, that it was impo flible to pre* ferve them in Summer, is the Occafion of this publick Advertife-ment. He will continue all the enfuing Seafon to pickle the proper "' ' ' may be able to Supply his Cuftomers in the beft  # Sorts, that he Manner Excellency of any Commodity than the Approbation it meets ivith--f fo. THE ENGLISH GRAPE BRANDY may juftly claim a Superiority over all other Briti/h Productions, from the confbnt and J^rge Demands the Company have from aH Parts of the Kingdom. To convince the Carious how fitly it is adapted to all Manner of Mixtures, there is now prepar'd a lar e Quantity of SHRUB with the faid BRANDY and ORANGES when in the greateft Perfection ; which is no Ways inferior (either as a Dram, or for Punch) to that made with the beft Coniac. shrub at 6 s, per Gallon, Bnndy at 4 s. per Gallon ; At the Warehoufe the Bottom of Bartbilomeiv-Lane, near the Reyal-Exi bangt. Sixpence per Gallon allow'd to thofe who take half a Hoglhead or upwards. Thomas Rawlins, Clerk to this Company. 'This Bay is pubUJhed, By ]. ROBERTS in Warwick-Lace, [Price I S. Plain, Coloured 2 s.) AN Exa6l PLAN of the ATTACK of tie HIGH ALLIES againft the Frentb, near the Village of Fomenoy, commanded by his Royal Highnefs the Duke of CUMBERLAND, on the nth of May, N.s. 1745. 'This Dcy is publifhed, Trice bound i s. PELLING New Modelled; or, The molt natural a'nTTaTy'WaY' fo Spell and Read tNUJL,liiH. 1. By exhibiting almoft all the Monofyllables, or Words of One Syllable ufed in the Englifh Tongue, in fundry Alphabets; beginning with thofe of Two Letters, and fo proceeding to Three, Four, Five. Six, Seven, and Eight Letters ; at the End of which Alphabets, fo'-low Sets of LefTons in the Three feveral Print Characters, both in Profe and Verfe ; no Words whereof exceed the Number of Letters in the preceding Alphabet. \ a. By inferting very large Alphabets of Words i\Two, Three Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine Syllables,\all divided as they are pronounced, with proper Leflbas at the End of each Alphabet, exercifing all the Alphabets that go before. And 3. Concluding with a DiffertitioD upon Letters, Words, and Sentences, as they are ufed both in Speaking and writing in the politeft Conversations and beft Authors. By WILLIAM PARDON, Schoalmafter in London, and Author of The New General Englifli Dictionary, &c. Printed for R. Baldwin and J. Jeffrrias, at the Bible and Crown, againft Statieners-Hall, near Ludgate J and fold by all Bookfelleri in Town and Country. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Cqffee-House, in Lombard-Itreet. "2 Z o

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