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General Advertiser

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 21, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Nu~WB. 3307. FRIDAY, June 21, 1745- Deah June 19. IEMAIN his Majefty's Ships the Dnke and Shorcham, and Falkland Sloop, with the Outward-bound, as in my laft. Sail'd laft Night the Fox and Privateer on a Cruize. Came down the Charming Molly, Mildrum, for Falmouth. Wind S.byW. Graveftnd, June 19. Pafs'd by the Elizabeth, Matfall, from Guernz^; St. Johannes, Mow j and the Lawrence and Mary, Holt, from Norway ; the Lady Elizabeth, Hafiel, from Dantzick ; and Lady Elizabeth, Vinck, from Am-fterdam. The Mary and Sufannah, Purchas, is arrived cfF Dover, in 36 Days, from Leghorn. LONDON.' Ext rail of a Letter from the Hague, June 2;, N.S. 1 If we may credit our Letters from Berlin, the " Number of Trophies taken from the Saxons and Anf-  trians, encreafes every Day in purfuing them into Bohe-  mia : They reckon already above 80 Pieces of Cannon  1; Standards, and other things in Proportion. Thofe  Letters add, that they hear the Combined Army has re-' tired to Konigfgratz in Bohemia ; that the Pruffian Army � has likewife entered that Kingdom, and that his Pruffian  Majdty appears to be refolved to attack his Enemy ' wherever he can overtake them, or el(e drive them into � Prague. - W e {hall iee whether he will able to execute � (his Project. � in the mean Time, the Letters we receive from the ' Combined Army aiTure us, that it is in lo advantageous  a Pofiti&fl, from Jaromitz to Konigfgratz along the Lib,  and fr.-m- thence to Neui'lao't, drawing towards Mora vis,.  that they think there is noihing to be feared from the  Prufiians ; and that Prince Charles may wait quietly there ' f >r the Reinforcements marching to him from Saxony, ' Auiiria, Mori via, Sec. 4 Oiir Advice from Berlin likewife inform us, that the 4 King of Prutfia has left fome Pro .ps in Silefi^, to join  thole he had on the Oder, and then march in Qiieil of  the Hungarian lnfiKgents, and oblige them to abandon 4 all the Upper Sil lia : That Pruiiim Majdly has alfo ' fent a pretty large Detachment towards the Frontiers of � Lufatia, either to enter it cffiftvely, or elfe to oblige his  Poliih Majeity to lend Troops thitner, and fo hinder him  from reinh rcing his Army in Bohemia. * Our Let crs from Francfort art far from agreeing about 4 the real Situation of Affairs in that Neighbourhood. ' Some reprefent the junction of General Traun's and 4 Count Rithiani's Armies, as a very eafy Thing, and jult 4 ready to be done ; and others afTure us, that this Junction 4 is very difficult, nay, almoir. impracticable, unleis (j'ene-4 ral Bathiani refolves to pafs through the Territory of  Fulda, and leave die great Foreft of Sptffart on his Let � Hand. If he does this, add they, the Prince of Ccnti 4 gains his Point, which is to keep the Auftrian> at a Dif-4 tance from Francfort and the Lower Mayne ; but if Ba. ' thiani takes another Route, or Count Traun comes out  of his advantageous Camp, it may be depended on that  there will be a Battle the Prince of Conti's Army being  60,000 llrong, and confequently a Match for the oLher 4 t.vo Armies put together. 4 Now that the Citadel of Tournay has furrendered, we 4 are anxious to know what the French will go about next. 4 It is the general Opinion here, that they will undertake ' t:ic S:ee;c ot Namure, and employ therein thtTroops that � ;i.:e conn rig from the three Bifhopricks, as well as thofe in 1 the Neighbourhood of Philipville, Matibege. &c. which ' amount to about 40,000 Men; whilit the Grand Army 4 obferves the Motions of the Allies. Yet many Peop;e 4 doubt that this is only a Feint, and that the French King_ 4 has fome other Project in his Head.' Yeflerday an Exprefs arrived with an Account, that his MajelVs Ships the Barfleur, Capt. Mitchell ,- with the-C'hicheller, and the Portfmouth and Princefs Royal Store-fhips, and the Hinchenbrook Sloop were all arrived at Spitliead from the Straits, and brought over a great Number of the Officers who were in the late Engagement in the Mediterranean. They left Admiral Rowley the 4th of ]une, and inform us, that Commodore Ofborn had cruiz'd tjom the 26th of April to the zd of June, between Cape Sc. Vincent.and Cape Spartell, in queft of the French Squadron ; and that on the 29th of May they flood fo clofe in with Cadiz, that they could plainly fee there was but one French Map of War, and a Spanifh Ship, with a Pennant, in the Bay.-The Spanifh Fleet are (till at Catthagena ; ?.nd the Real is moor'd Head and Stern.-And that four very rich Ships were every Moment expected at Cadiz, Irom the Welt-Inches.-Juft before thefe Ships left Admiral R.ovvley, a Xebeck and a Barcolongo belonging to his Squadron had taken a French Ship from Turky, very richly laden, off Sardinia. On Wednefday lall the Eagle Privateer,' Capt. Bazely, vrived at D'jver, and brought in with him a Cutter belonging to Haltings, which he took going into f5o!oign, v/itri Money on board to purchafe a. Cargo, in order to Smuggle it into England.-This fcandalous and perni-ci3u; Trade is it ill carried on as brifkly as before the War v.'ith France. Yeiterday came Advice, that the Yertrude, Ball, from Br.ftol, for Africa ; and alfo leveral Coalters, are taken by a h rench Privateer ; but we know not where they are carried into. The Fmanufil Eorgenfon, Eughes, from Gottenburgh to Bourdcanx, was loit on the 4th Inftant on the Gafkets ; and the People we*e with Difficulty fav'd. Tuefday the Lords of the Regency met at the Cockpit, Whitehall, when their Lordfhips order'd that the Parliament, which flood prorogu'd tilLYellerday, Ihould be fur-thur prorogu'd to Thurfday, thezzdef Auguft next. Lad Tuefday, at a Court of Aldermen held at Guildhall, Edward Gibbon, of Putney, Efq; Member of Parliament for the Town of Southampton, and Alderman of Vintry Ward, defir'd Leave of the Court to refign his Gown, on Account of the great Fatigue of the Office, and his conftant Refidence in the Country, which the Court was pleafed to grant ; and this Day the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor held a Wardmote at Cuttler's-Hall in Cloak-Lane, when Crifp Gafcoyne, Efq; an eminent Brewer, in Houndf-ditch, was elected in his Room. Mr. Gibbon was chofe on the 24th of March, 1742-3, on the Deceafe of Sit William Rous, Knt. This Day will be argued in the Court of Common-Pleas, Weitminfter, before the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Juftice Willes, the Affair relating to Mr. Grofvehor, Mr. Lockyer, and Mr. Coggs, refufing to ferve the Office of Sheriff of the City of London, on Accountof their being Diffenters. Lait Tuefday the Honourable Commiffioners of the Ex-cife appointed Mr. Alderfon to be General Surveyor of the London Diftillery, a Place of great Truft and Profit, in the Room of Mr. Anderfon, remov'd. The fame Day they appointed Mr. Morley, a Surveyor, in the Brandy and Tea Duties, to be a Surveyor in the London Diftillery. And likewife appointed Mr. Allen, a Tea-Officer, to be a Surveyor of the Brai dy and Tea Duties. At the fame Time feveral Information were heard before thdr Honours againft Smugglers, for Selling of Run Tea, without making an Entry of the Sale, a..d paying the Duty, and fin'd in the Penalty ot 200 1. each. Lait Week died near Barnet, the Hon. Edward Van Keple, Efq; Son of the Right Hon. the Earl of Albemaile, a M.nor about Nine Years of Age. On Tuelday lait d ed, at her Lodgings in Gough-Square, in the 8Rth Year of her Age, Mr.*. Lane, a Widow Gentlewoman of good fortune, which fhe has left to Charitable Ules. On Wednefday laft died at hisHoufeon London Bridge, Mr. Jacob Poller, an eminent Skinner, much elkem'd by all that knew him. A few Days ago was committed to Maidftone Goal, William Long, on the Oath of Joleph Becket, Farmer, for Healing a Black Mare, his Property, in the Parifh of Penfhurit. Yeiterday Elizabeth Pcrcival was committed to the Gatehoufe, by Sir Thomas De Veil, for four different Felonies ; t e greeted Part of the Good?, amounting to about 1 col. were found at her Lodgings, by a Search Warrant. Yeiterday was committed to the New Goal, Scuthwark, by - Hall, Efq; Jultice of the Bridge-yard, Robert Atwood, for breaking open a Beaufet belonging to Mr. Monk. Mailer cf the Salutation Alehoufc at Mr Three's Brewhoufe, and Healing from thence 25 1. in Money, which he fias fince confefs'd; and own'd that he ftung the greateft Part down the NecenVy-Houie to prevent a Difcovery. Bath, May 22, 174,. Whereas federal Perfns have lately refitted to RaU�f under Pretence that ties- were to be admitted into the General Hofpitnl/Am?, and have thereby been a common Nuifance to the fad City .- This is to acquaint all Perjons, that no Application 117"// be received, unlefs the Per Ion be ct his ufual Place of Abode when Juch Application is made. No Letters will be received unleis Poll paid. By Order of the Prefident and Governors, E. Brett, Regifer. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at zi Minutes after 4. Bank-Stock 146 3 4ths. India Ditto 186 1 half. South-Sea Stock 109 1 4th. Ditto Old Annuities 111. Ditto New in 1 8th a 1 4th. Three per Cent. Annuities no Price. Ditto 1742, no Price. Ditto.1743 and 1744, no Price. Ditto 1745, 91 1 4th. Million Bank 114. Equivalent no. Royal AfTurance 84 1 half. London Aflurance 11 1 8th. EnglifhCopper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price.. Bank Circulation 5 1. 5 s. Prem. India Bonds 1 1. 17 s. a 18 s. Prem. Three and a half Salt TalHes 1 3 4ths Difc. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent, ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets 20 s. Prem. Life Annuities 15 1 4th Years Purchafe. A NEW WELLS. T the New Wells, near the London** Spate, CUrkenvoeU, this and e very Evening (during the Summer Seafon) will be preferred Variety of New Performances, vix. Tumbling by Mr- Williams, Mr. Rayner, and Mr. Hough, Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Mifs Rayner, who walks up a Slanting Rope 100 Feet Jong, from the Bottom of the Stage to the Upper Gallery. Several Grand Dances, Serious and Comic, particularly The Quaker's Wedding j and a new Hornpipe by Mr. Rofoman. Variety of New Songs by Mr. Golb, Mil's Lincoln, and Mifs Vaux. The Whole to Conclude with an Entertainment of Mufick, call'd HERCULES and OlMPHALE-, Or, Love and Glory. Jn which will be Introduc'd, The Famous YOUNG GIANT, Seven Feet, Four Inches high, and but Fifteen Years of Age. Tie Seems, Machines, Mufick, and Dr'Jfts, all entirely. Ntvt. To begin every Evening at Five e'Clnck Each Perfon will be admitted for a Pint of WINE or PUNCH. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. Every Evening there will be new Performances. MARSHALL, Mayor. A Common-Council holden in the Chamber of the Guild' hall of the City of London, on Wednefday tbeigtii Day of June 1745, and in the igth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Georck the Second, King of Great-Britain, ice. . IT is Agreed and Ordered by this Courts that * if any Perfon, tvbo hath been Nominated to be Sheriff' of this City and County of Middlefex, in Purfuance of an Act ef Common-Council made the zzdof Oftobtr ijo$,fiaft on or before Saturday the zzd Infant, at Six of the Clock in the Evening, pay into the Chamber of London, for the life of this City, the Sum of Four Hundred Pounds, furfuant to the faid A3 ; and alfo Twenty Marks more tozvards the Maintenance of the Minifers of the federal Prifons of this City, according to another A& of Common Council made the 3<i cf December 1656, and the ufual Pees, every fuch Perfon Jhall be Exempted from being Eligible to the faid Office of Sheriff of this City and Ciunty of Middlefex for ever hereafter, unlefs fuch Perfon jhull at any Time take w.on him the Office of an Alderman of this City, then, and in fuch Cafe, he /ball be liable to be Elecled into the faid Office of Sheriff, as if this Older had never been made. M A N. LONDON-INFIRMA RY. A General Quarterly Meeting of the Gover- tiours of this Charity will be htld at Haberdafher's-Hall, this Day, the 2\fl Infant, at Ten a'Clock ; To recede the Report of the Houfe-Committee ; to Elefl a Committee for the enfuing Quarter ; and cn other Special Affair s. Richard N e a l-'e , Sec. For S A L E by the CANDL E, At LLOYD's Cffee-Houfe in Lombard-Streer, On Wednefday vert, at Twelve 0' Clock at Noon, ^* HPHE Ship KNOW LES Ji_ Frigat, a French Prize, Foreign-built, Burthen 200 Tons more or lefs, now lying in Horjlyd.iun, Willism. Pojiletbioaite, Commander. Inventories to be fren on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL, BROOKS, Broker. To be heard of Daily at his Office (for AfTuring Ships and Merchandize) in Pope's-Head Al'ey againft the Royal-Exchange j or at Lloyd's Coffee-houfe in Lombard-ftreet. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD's Coffee-Houfe in Lorn bard-Street, On Wednefday next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, ' H E Su T H E R L A N D Privateer, John Sutherland, Commander, Burthen 58 Tons, 6 Carriage Gunsr i6SwiveJGuns, and all her other Stores. Jnrentirfes to be feen on Boar3 at Horfl'j?-dtrwn Cbainr at the Place of Sale, and o� Vacghan and roph"am7 For SALE by the CANDLE, In about Fourteen Days, ABOUT 150 SERONS of exceeding finft-SEVILLE snuff, beirg Part of the Cargo of the Pari Priae, taken by the Do-ver Privateer, Capt. Larkint, Commander. The Particulars of which will be publi/hed in due Time, by CHARLhS ROGERS, Broker, Over-agairf LLOYD'j Coffee-Houfe. IF any Gentleman or Ladv wants aij Encr-li/h Servant in the Station of a Houfe Steward, Groom of the? Chambers, Clerk of the Kitchen, But'er, or Valet de Crnmbf-. Such a one may be heard of by fending to A. L. M. at Mr. DdcV /ley's in Pall-Mali. This pre fent Friday, being the z\ji Infant, THE entire Houfhold Furniture, Pint?, China, and Glaffes of the OLD ROYAL JELLY-HOUSE in Pail-Mall. The Goods &c. to be view'd this Day, to the Time of Sale,, which will begin exactly at is o'Clock. Catalogues to be deliver'd at the Place of Sale } and at Mr. PRES-TAGE's, the End of Sa-ville-Row, next Conduit-Jireet. John Prestage, PuuIluIuij uf lIil Lmfj if iIm H*u(a tu Uu fa /Auctioneer 111 iu till PllUl Sale. t This Day is pub lift'd, Price 1 s. A RS ftripr of his Armour; or the. ARMY Difplay'd in all its True Colours. M Containing the Character* of r. An Army in general. 2. a Regiment, or Battaliorr. 5. a Captain-General. 4. A Lieutenant-General. t;. A M.j-T General. 6. a Brigadier-General. 7. A Colonel. A Lieutenant-Colonel. 9. A Major. 10. A Captain of the Guards. 11. An Aid de Camp, ia. A Partizan. 13. A Spy. 14. a Captain. 15. A Lieutenant. 16. An Enfign. 17. An Adjutant. iS. A q^uaiter-Mafter. to,. The Chaplain of a Regiment. 20. The Surgeon, sr. A Serjeant. 22, A Grenadier. 23. A privite Centinel. 24. A Provoft. By a Love.r of the Math em a ticks. Printed for J. CoJIyer, at Shakefpear'i-Head, in Ludgate-flreet ; F. and J. Noble, in St. Martin's Court, near Leicefter-Fields ; J. Wren, over-againft St. John's Church in Horfly-down j and fold at the Pamphlet-fliops of London and Weftminfter. ADVERTISEMENTS, are taken in for this Papc^ at Lloyd's, in Lombard-ftreet,.

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