Friday, May 21, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, May 21, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 21, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. TUESDAY, May 21, 1745. Deal, May 19. RRIVED this Forenoon a Dutch Man of War, from the Welt-ward, and failed for the River; the Dublin Merchant, Thomas, from Chefter; Marygcld,Goknd, frum Newcallle. Came dawn the Adventure, Weft, for Virginia ; Sandwich Privateer, Palgrave,for a Cruize ; and remain with the Duke and Fowey Men of War ; Prince Frederick and Dragon Privateers, with the Outward-bound Ships. Wind S.S.W. Grave/end, May 19. Pafs'd by the Charming Molly, Kelly, from Leghorn; Mary.Bullen, from StandgateCreek; Swift, Stevens, from India ; the Emanuel, Plumb, from Lifbon ; Expedition, Strickland, from Oporto; Daniel, Johns, from Maryland; and Princefs Auguka's Prize, from Guardalupe. Gravefnd, May'20. Pafs'd by Eatchelor, Wocdrope, from Virginia ; Saltafh's Prize, Teague, from Martinico ; Virginia Packet, Lapley, from Antigua ; the Experiment, Davidfon, from St. Kitts; and William, Harrifon, from Maryland. The Adventure, Nicholfon, fom Virginia, is arrived at Whitehaven. * * * *->*��� �- � The Ruby, Gwynn, from Barbadoes, at Lockendale, in Scotland. The Elizabeth, ca!ew, from Nevis, at St.. Ives. The Carteret, Stevenfon, from Maryland, in the Downs. LONDON. Extracl of a privite Letter from the Hague, May 25, N.S. 1 It was currently reported here a few Days fince, that < Peace was made and figned between the Queen of Hun- * gary and the King of Pruffia, the Date of which Tran-' fadtion they fixed at the 5th Inftant, and related theprin-' cipal Articles and Cifcurnftances of the Treaty ; but we * are now wellinforrhed, that this Report is groundlefs. � We won't, however, deny that there may be fotne fe- * cret Negotiation on the Tapis, and 1tis not improbable * that the ill Succefs of the Battle of Fontenoy may rentier ' the Queen of Hungary a little more tradable on this ' Head ; bit at the lame Time it is altogether as probable ' that this Event will make the King of Pruffia more in- * flexible. ' We have heard with great Surprize, that even the ' Pope himfelf has made Interceffion at the Court of Vi- * enna in favour cf the Jews of Bohemia, who have thus ' found Means to intereft in theirBehslf all the Roman Ca-� tholick Party, as they had before done the Proteftr.nts, ' the Greeks, and the Turks. If the Queen Hands out a- * gainlf. fuch powerful Solicitations, her Inflexibility may ' poffibly prove fatal to her. The Eledion of anEhiperor meets with more Difficulties * than w*a's imagined*. ?t*was thou'gfct, tha"rafrerihe Con* * clufionof the Elector of Bavaria's Peace with the Queen * of Hungary, that Election would have met with no Ob-� flacles, becaufe they flattered themfelves that the French * would have repaired the Rhine, to the Defence of ' their own Country, which was faid to be threatned with * a fecond Invafion by the Auftrian Army that was coming * from Bararia, which fas was given out) would be joined ' by the Troops of the Circles of Svvabia, Pranconia, &c. . * i�order to fhut the^rerifih'cijt^ok.the Empire for ever. ' But Things have taken quite anojherTurn. The'Au-' ftrian Army is ftill in Bavaria, and ao body can yet tell * when it will begin its March, nor what Route it will ' take. As for the Ciicles, they remain perfectly quiet, < fully refolved not to take any Share in the War, at leaft * for the prefent ; and as to the French, they don't dream ' at all of evacuating, the Empire : And fo long as they re- * main in the Neighbourhood of Francfort, one may very � well believe that they will difturb, if not totally prevent, * the Proceeding to the Eledtion of an Emperor, at leaft ' while they fee a Defign formed to fix the Imperial Crpwn ' on the Grand Duke's Head. And accordingly tve fee, * that the Prince of Conti will permit no body to go in or ' out of Francfort without a Pafspor't from 1iirn**or M. de * la Roue ; and he neither does nor will grant any to |he * Miniflers of the Powers ill-affected to France, that fhoul'd ' go to the Dyet. * We hear from Munich, that none of the Minrfters of ' that Court will boaft of the Honour of having coriiri-' buted to the Peace with the Queen of Hungary : They * leave all the Merisof it to the Prince of Furltenberg and ' the Velt Marfhal Count Seckendorff. It appears by our ' private Advices from that Quarter, that a Confidence be- ' tween the Courts of Vienna and Munich is far from being ' well relifhed. The latter complained of the Auftrians ' continuing to exact Contributions under the Pretext of e Arrears, and of their having difarmed a Body of Pala-� tine Troops, and ftopt the Heffians in Violation of the rived from London. And Yefterday an Order was ifiued for a Draught of 20 Meii to be made out of each Company of Foot in this Kingdom, which are to embark for Flanders, for which purpofe feveral Ships are already hired. Mr. Edward Croker the Younger is elected Operator in\ Chymiftry to our Univerfity, in the room of Mr. Maple, who hath refigned. Yefterday Evening the Tragedy of the Earl of Weft-moreland was acted (for the firlt Time) to a very numerous aod polite Audience, who all expreffed their great Satis- ^ fiction there:.t_ High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 13 Mh^L arer 3. J Bank Stock 146 1 4th. India Ditto 186 3 4ths. South Se.i Sock 109 1 4th. Ditto Old Annuities no 3 8ths a 1 half. Ditto New 110 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 93 1 half. Ditto 1742 93 1 4th a 3 Sths. Ditto 1743 anc* '744> 93 1 4th a 3 8ths. Ditto 1745, 91 ? 4ths. Million Bank 114. Equivalent 110. Royal Affu-rance 84 1 4th. London Affurance n 1 8th. Englifh Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto 73 1 4th Pr. Bank Circulution 4I. 17 s. 6d. Pr. India Bonds 1 1. 1 $ s. a 16 s. Pr. Three and a ha'f Salt Tallies 1 3 4ths Difc. Three and a half, per Cent. Exchequer Orders 3 Difc. Three per Cent, ditto 10 Difc. Lottery Ticke:s 21 s. 6 d. a 22 s. Pr. Life Annuities 15 1 4th Years Purchafe. D R U R Y-L A N E. By His Mcijefty's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane on Thurfday next, will be prefented a Tragedy, caJl'd The OR P H A N s O R, The Unhappy Marriage. The Part of Monimia to be perform'd by Mrs.CIBBER; To which will be added, ROSAMOND. The Part of Kiug Henry to be perform'd by Mr. LOWE } Sir Trufty, Mr. Waltz; Page, Mafter Conneil ; The Part of Rofamond by Mifs Young ; Grideline, Mrs. Sybil/a And the Part of Queen Elinor to be perform'd by Mrs. ARNE. The Words by Mr. ADDISON. The MUSICK compVd by Mr. ARNE. Places to be taken of Mr. Hobfon, at the Stage-Dooi of the The atre. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in tor this Paper, � L.ovo's CofF,.HousE) ,n Lombard-w' c

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