Monday, May 17, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, May 17, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 17, 1845, London, Middlesex FRIDAY, Ma y 17, 1745- ZW, A/I�y 15. 1 AILED this Forenoon the Prince Frederick and Dragon Privateers. His Majefty's Ships the Duke, Fewey, and Baltimore, and the Outward-bound remain; with the Mary and Elizabeth, Bufti ; Gilbury, Shim, and Unity, Guy, for Plymouth ; Jonas and Mary, Brine, for Exon ; James, Shep-pard, for Chichefter; Hopewell, Faucett, for Portfmouth ; George and Anne, Hall, for Exeter ; Mary,-, for Lymington. His Majefty's Sloop Baltimore is jwit failed for the River. Wind S. VV. The Neptune, Wheeler, from Cork, is arrived at Bar-badoe?. The John, Croftruvaite, from Carolina, at Oporto. The Betfey,-from Oporeo at Leverpool. LONDON. ExtraS of a Letter from Dantzick, May 4, N.S. * A great many Englifh and Dutch Merchantmen are arrived here within thefe few Days, who all Report that they met with no French Privateers in their Paflage : The French Conful here has received Advice, that a Ship is filled from Rcuen, laden with Wine?, and other Pioducls of FraTJce, v\hich King Staniflaus ferds as Prefnts to his Friends in Pohi.d : We hear from War-faw, that it is obferved that feveral Grandees of the Jvngdom have left that City, in order to confer with Cardinal Lipfky, Bifhop of Cracow, and a near Relation to King Stanifhus, about the prelent Situation of Affairs ; and that it is reported the Bufinefs in hand is to pave the Way to the Throne for that Prince ; but they don't yet heir that the Piimnte of the Kingdom has h;.d any Interview with C-rdirul Liffky, fince the King's Departure for Drei'dcn. As hi^ iVjajefty is in very good Terms with the Court of Vienna, and letms heartily dif-pofed to do her Hungarian Mijtfty ilill the greater St rvi-ces, the Report of caballing . nd intriguing in favour of King Staniflaus eafily giins Credit. Many Pulilh Gentlemen are fet out Warfivv, with th; King's Per-miffion, in. order to mike the Campaign in Quality, of Volunteers under Prince Ch.rles cf Lorrain We begin to tdk again of the approaching Match of a Body of Ruffian 1 ro ps ; uhich Report takes its Rife from the King of PruflU's declining to make ufe of the Emprefs of Ruflia's Mediation, beca; fr, as he alledge.% Affairs are altered fince l-e tequelled that Mediation. Molt People look upon this as an Affront to the Ruffian Court, and are of Opinion, that it will berefemcd ac cording ly ; but other?, who are nor fo forward to be thought fturp-fighted Politicians, con'efs that they know not what to think of the Matter. However it be, it is certain, that fcarce any Body will give Credit to the Report of the approaching March of the Ruffian Troops, becaufe the World has been fo often impofed upon in this Article. Some Letters from Drefden fay, that the Troops of the Electorate of Saxony are to be augmented to go,coo Men, by Means of an Augmentation of Subftdy, or otherwife ; which they look upon as a fureSign that the Reports lately fpread, that an Accommodation was on the Point of being concluded between the Courts of \ ienna and Berlin, have no Manner of Foundation. And yet fome Advices from Berlin own, that the King of Pruffia has felt the Pulfe of the Courts of Vienna and London, and aflually made Overtures for a Peace. Extrafl of a Letter from Guernfey. ' The Vulture, Captain Bulley, and the Lizard, Capt. � Green, his Majefty's Sloops of War upon this Station, * brought in here on the 3d Inftant, a Ship, call'd the  Difpatch, Welch, bsund from Oporto to London, laden  with Wine, which they re-took frorn the Achilles Pri- * vateer, of 24 Guns, with which Capt. Bulley engag'd ' an Hour within Piflol Shot, during which Time he had ' 16 Men wounded, and was himfelf wounded in the ' Leg : Captain Green did not come up, and the Priva-  teer being an over-match for Capt. Bulley, he drop'd ' a-ftern of her to mend his Rigging, which was very ' much fhatter'd ; after which Capt. Green coming up, ' they refolv'd to attack her together; but it coming Calm * fhe got off by the Help of her Oars, and left her Prize * behind.-We hear fince from St. Maloe?, that the ' Captain of the Privateer took the Vulture to be a Guern-� fey Privateer, and the Lizard her Prize : And fays, that ' the Captain who engag'd him was a brave Commander. < -By the fame Advice we hear, that a French Man of ' War, of 36 Guns, had been engaged with an Englifh ' Piivateer of 18 Guns, which had fhatter'd the Frenchman ' fo much, that it would take her at leaft 10 Days to refit. ' --It is pity we have not two 50 Gun Ships upon this  Station, as they might intercept the St. Maloes Ptiva-' teers, going out or coming in with their Prizes.' Yefterday came Advice, that the Elizabeth, Nicho'fon, from Bolton, (la.Il from Cape Fare) for London, is taken and carried into St. Maloes. Alfo, that the -, M'Grigue, from Oporto for Lever-pool, is alfo taken, and carried into the fame Place. The Henrys, Little, from St. Kitrs for Briftol ; and the Union, Turner, from Briltol for Barbadoes, are both tiken and carried into the fame Place. On Tuefday laft died at Bith, Lieutenant General Churchill.-He is to be interr'd there, according to his own Direction, in a private manner. On Wednefday 1J It died, at his Houfe in Rider-flrect, St. James's, Mr. Lev*r, formerly High Bailiff of Well-minller. The Cargoe of the Spanifh Ship carried into Lifbon by the Kouli Kan Privateer, Capt. Barker, confifts of Eight Cheits of Silver, containing 24,551 Dollars, One Chell of Gold, containing 50,436 Dollars, All regifterU And 27270 Dollars, and three large Bars of Gold that are not regifter'd j befides a very large Cargoe of Sugar, Cocoa, Snuff, Hides, and Tobacco. Capt. Barker took her the 13th cf April, in Lat. 36. after a Chace of three Days, and is the richeft Prize taken by any Privateer fince the War. On Tuefday laft came on a Trial before the Honourable the Commiflioners cf Excife, wherein his Majefty was Plaintiff, and a Sugar-Baker near Whitechapel Church, and ft Diltiller from the County of Be ks, Defendants, on an Information, that the faid Diililler had work'd and made privately confi^erable Quantises of Spirits ; fold and difpofed of the faid Spirits, Wafh, &c. in fuch an artful way, that the like never was devis'd, at the Sugar-Baker's Houfe ; the feveral Penalties incurr'd thereby amounted to 4,600 1. After the Trial, which laded feveral Hours, the Ccmmiffioners coodema'd the faid Sug^r-Baker in the whole Penalties ; and defen'd the further Confiderati n of the Proceedings againit the Diftiller to fome other Day. The Council for the King wrs Mr. Stracey ; and for the Defendan-s Servant Bay ward and Mr. Lawfon. No Per-fon has been convicted in fo large a Penalty for thefe 10 Years laft paft.-Several Perfons arenow under Profecution for buying Spirits and Wafh at the faid Sugar-Baker's Houfe. On Tuefday died in Warwkk-ftreet, in the 6zd Year of his Ag-, Col. Lawrence Envin, who ferv'd in the late War in Flanders. On Tuefday laft died, at his Lodgings in Fenchurch-flreet, William Davis, �fq; a Gentleman of coniiderable Fortune. 'I his Week died Mr. Charles Coffee, Author of the Beggar's Wedding, and the Devil to Pay, both which have met ti.e Approbation of the Town for feveral Yean pall. On Tutfday Night lait the Corpfe of Mrs. Mullart, an A&refs belonging to Covent-Garden Theatre, was interred in a handfome manner at Greenwich Church. On Wedneiday laft as the Son of Mr. Sparks, an Oilnrn in Wapping, was going down the River in a Boat, a Lighter ran againit it with fuch Violence, that the Shock threw him out, aad he was drown'd in the Sight of feveral People. Yefterday one Thomas Spike was committed to theGate-houfe, by Sir Thomas De Veil, for felonioufly taking from his Mailer a Gold Watch, fqund upon him. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 57 Minutes after 11. Bank Slock 146. India Ditto 186 1 half. South S:a Stock 109 1 4th. Ditto Old Annuities no a 1 Oth. Ditto New 110 1 4th a 3 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 93 a 1 half. Ditto 1742, 93 14th. Ditto 1743, and 1744, 93 a 1 4th. Ditto 1745, 91 1 half a 5 8ths. Million Bank 114. Equivalent 110. RoyaJ Affurance 84 1 4th. London Affurance 11 1 8th. Englifh Copper 5I. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent. Ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 4 I. 17 s. 6 d. Prem. India Bonds 1 I. 16 s. Pr. Three and a half S.ilt Tallies 1 7 8ths Difc. Three and a half per C?nt. Exchequer Orders 3. Three per Cent. Ditto 9 1 half. Lottery Tickets 22 s Pr. Life An/iuities 1 4th Years Purchafe. COVE N TG A R D E N. AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Gardet on Tuefday next, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The DOUBLE DEALER. The Part of Ma/kwell to be pcrform'd by Mr. QJJIN ; Lady Touchwood by Mrs. Pritchard j Carelefs, Mr. Ryan ; Mell�-font, Mr Hale; Sir PauIPlyant, Mr. Hippifley ; Lady Froth, Mrf. Clive ; Lord Touchwood, Mr. Bridgwater ; Lord Froth, Mr. Gib-fon ; Lady Plyant, Mrs. Jamas ; Cynthia, Mrs. Vincent; Ar.d the Part of Bnfk to be perform'd by Mr.CIBBER. To which will be added, A Dramatic Entertainment of Mufick, call'd ORPHEUS and EUR i DICE Intermix'd with a Pantomime in Grotefjue Characters, call'd ihe Metamorphofes of Harlequin. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1:. To begin exaftly at Six o'clock. ^{Being the laft Tipie cftbe Company"s Ailing tb'tt Stafon.) SAD L E R's - W E L L S. AT Sadler's-Wells, adjoining to the Netv* River Hud, Iflington, this and every Evening (during the Summer Seafon) will be The Usual Diversions of that Place. Confifting of Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Madftn. Kerman, Monf. Dominqur, Monf. Janno, Mailer Kerman and MaflcrFrancii. Tumbling by Monf. Dominique, Monf. Janno, Mafter Kerman, Mafter Francis, and Monf. Pierot Pas Tomba. Dancing (both Serious and Comic) particulaily a new Grand Dance, call'd Tht Turkijb Spoils : The Mufick, Scenes, Cloaths, and other Decorations entirely New. B-.fhaw by Mr. Davenport; Sultana, Mrs. Miles; Turks by Mr. Olbcldifton, Monf. Janno J Turki/h Women, Mrs. Davenport and Mrs. Bullock ; Tyroleans, Mr. Miles and Mrs. Freerrun ; Peafants, Mr. Granierand Mrs. Vailois j Italian Shepherd, Mr. JofephGranier; Shepherdefs, MifsGranier. Variety of new Sosgs by Mr. Heemflcircki To which will be added, an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd HARLEQUIN a Captive in SPAIN ; Or, 57;? Bit. The Whole to Conclude with a Grand Dance, call'd VULCAN's NET1 T S. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. For SALE by /^CANDLE, \ At the MARINE Coffet-ioufs in Birchin-Lane, * On Friday the z\th Infant, at Four <? Clock in the Afternoon, by Order of the Afjignte$ i THE Stock in Trade of Mr. Thomas Clapbam, of Kimg's-ftreet, Weilminfter, Linnen-Draper, a Bankrupt. Likewife the Stock of Mr. Davit of Cheapfide, who has left off Trade. And by Order of the Truftce, the Stock of Mr. Attmater of Reading, Linnen-Draper, Catalogues of which wili be Timely difpers'd by ROBERT KIRKE, Broker,. _In St. Martin'S'le-Grqnd. For S A Lb, by the CANDLE, This Day, at Twelve o^Clgck at Noon, At LLOYD'S Coffte-Houfe in Lombatfi-ftreet, TH E FRANCIS Pink, Round-Stern'd, Shoreham-built, and lengthned in the River Thame*, Burthen 160 Tons more or lefs, Ihi'ts without Ballaft, and draws very little Water, now lying afliefe near Eaji-Lant Stairs, William tVarrtn late Commander. ___- Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place 0! Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. To be he^aid of Daily at his Office (for Affuring Ships and Merchandize) in Pope's-Head Alley apainlt the R,oyaI-Exchaoge J or at Lloyd's Coffee-houfe in Lomfeard-ftreet. ____ ~~~Pa SALE by the CANDLE, On ^urjuzzy^zzxf, at Twelve o'C'cci, At the JERUSALEM Cojee-Houfe in \ x hange-Alley, ONE Thirty fecondth of the good Ship EXETER, with 30 Gun?, Square-ftern'd, River built, Burthen 550 Tons mere or lefs, now at Home off her. Firft Voyage from the Erf-Indits, William. Wejlon, Commander. __SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. To be SOLD m L O T X 5, Only One Lighter or Barge in a Lott, On Monday the z~th Infant, at the NEWCASTLE Cojfetr Houf, on St. Mary Hill near Bllingfgate, at Twelve JCLck. FI V E Lighters, Eight Barges, One Road and Chains, Sec. Catalogues may be had on Monday next at the Place of Sale, and of SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker, Living at 'f'oiuer-Hiil, the Corner of Barking-Alley. For SALE by ACANDL E, On Friday the z\th Infant, at Tivekve o'clock at Noon, At LLOYD'S Coffee-Houfe in Lombard-Street, T A CHETTE, a French I / Privateer; Burthen 99 Ton'* more cs lefs, now lying on Smith't Wayt near theflisr-mitage, taken by his Majefty's Ship the Wager, Arthur Forreji, Efq; Inventories to be feen on Board the laid Privateer, at Sam's Coft'ee-houfe near theCuftom-houfe, at the Place of SaJs, and of William and Benj. Vaughan, Brokers. For SALE by the CANDL E, "" On Wednefday the yb of June next, at Twelve o1Clock at Noon, At LLOYD'S Coffee-Houfe in Lombard-Street, H E INTREPIDE, a French Prize, with 12 Carriage ajid two Swivel Guns, Burthen 340 Tons, more or lefs, now lying in the Harbour of Portfmouth, 26 Foot Beam, 12 Feet 8 Inches in the Hold, and 5 Feet 2 Inches between Decks. r -------�, fc. r.., rw �y.jjji^Wft at Portfmouth, at the Place ofSale, arraoF T William and Ben j. Vaughan, Brokers, STOLEN or SERA Y'D,. On Saturday the Mtb Infant, from tbt Blue-gorfe iff Kingfei te-jirett, Bloom/bury. ASHE ASS, big with Foal, with a Cat in One Noftril. Whfever brings her to the Blue Horfein Kingfgate-ftr�t,BIoom� bury aforefaid, fliall receive a Crown Reward, all Expencespad, and no Queftions afk'd. CHINA-WARE, GLAbS, &c. To be SOLD Cheap, // the Three Cannifers, the Comer of Fleet freet, next the New-Market; AL L the Stock of China-Ware, Glaffs, & ire pufrlijbed, REMARKS on feveral Occafional ReEec-tion?. In Anfwer to the Reverend Doctor! STEBBINGand SYKES, fe"rving to juftify the two Difiertarions in the DIVINE LEGATION, concerning the Command to Abraham te offer up hit Son, and the Nature of the Jfmijb -Theocracy ; Objected to by thofe Learned Wiiters. Part the Second and Laft, By Mr. W A R B U R T O N. Printed for J. and P. Knspton in L'idgate-Streit. Price 2 s. 6 d. Where may bt had, Mr. WARBURTON's Remaikson feveral Occafional Rcfleaiong. Part L In Anfwer to the Rev. Dr. Middleton, Dr. Pocccke, the Mafter of the Charterhoufe, Dr. Richard Grey, and others. Price 1! 6(1. The Divine Legat'on of Mofes derronftrated, 2 vols. SvO. The Alliance between Church and State, 8vo. An Efiayon Man, and the Prayer, by ALEXANDER. POPE,.Efq; with Notrs by Mr. Warburton, beautifully printed,with a Frontifpiece engraved from a Defign of Mr. Pope. Price 1 s.4fcd. A Cri'ical and Philof.phical Commentary on Mr. Pope's Efiayon Mnn. By Mr. Warburton. Price 2s. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffe e-House, in Lombard-ftreet.

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