Friday, May 14, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, May 14, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 14, 1845, London, Middlesex Numb. 3*74* TUESDAY, May 14, 1745- Dea/y May 12. . s the Downs his Majefty's Ship the Duke, Fowey and Baltimore; the Maynard, Brooks ; Hatley, Dingley ; John, Seabrook ; the Eagle, Watfon ; Neptune, Grin-dah ; Friendfhip, Holm ; Dorothy and Elizabeth, Simpfon; Providence, Burn ; the Mercury, Cock ; Hamilton, Seaton ; London, Newham ; and the Charles, Randolph, for Virginia ; Hopewell, Judd ; and Neptune, Dennis, for Maryland ; Mercury, Wilkinfon ; and Daniel, Tifchart, for Carolina ; Don Carlos, Friend ; and Succefs, Hill, for Newfoundland  Albany, Bryant, for New-York; John and Martha, Bofwell, for Dublin ; Elinor, Tate, for .Belfaft, with feveral Coafters. Came down and failed the Prince Frederick Privateer, Talbot, to the Weitward. The Prince Charles, Lyon, is Oiled. Wind S.W. Gra<vfcnd, May i z. Pafs'd by the Mary, While, from Leghorn ; Young Heiier, Blowe, from Dunkirk ; Catherine. Talbot, from Ireland-; Hope, Erickfon ; and St. Johannes, from Goaenburgh. The John and Elizabeth, Ovett, from London, is arrived at Dublin. The Cheller, Cookfon, from London^ at Cheller. LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. Extract of a Letter from Gtnoa, May 6, N.S. ' Commodore O/born with a Squadron of 13 Men of � War, viz. fix of 70, four of 50, and three of 40 Gun.% ' is cruizing off our Coafi, and now and then commits 4 fome HoliiUties ; which being complained of to the � Britifh Conful, he has made Anlwer, that we muft ex-4 peft much hotter Work, whenever his Court comes to ' hear that the Republick has concluded a Treaty for join-' ing her Troops to thofe of France and Spain, as is re-' ported. In the p^efent Situation of Things, the Govern-' ment is perfuaded that there is no other Courfe 10 betaken ' but vigorous Meafures ; and accordingly nothing is * omitted for the Defence of the State. Trie Corps iet on " Foot by the Nobl-ff^, is entirely formed, and confifts of ' fix Companies of Grenadiers of" 100 Men, with thefe 1 Words woven in their Caps, Arm:d for the Cxuntn. 4 The Republick hasjuft contracted with the Grifons for a ' Body of 2000 of their Troops, who are expected here ' forthwith. According to Letters from V:enna of the Sth Inflant, N.S. the Convention between the Xing of Poland and the Queen of Hungary is concluded and fign'd to the Satisfaction cf both Parties. They were working Night and Day in the Arfenal, to get ready a Train of 60 Pieces of Cannon for the Auflrian Army in Silefn, and expected every Day the News of Prince Charles of Lorrain's having begun the Operations of the Campaign againlt the Pruffians. They write from Ratifbon oif.the 1 3th Inftant, N.S. that 14 Regiments in that Part 0 Germany are to be fent into Italy, and that they will be replaced by Draugh s from the Aullrian Forces in Bohemia and Moravia. The Army under the Veldt Marfhal Ccunt Traun, was flill in the Neighbourhood of Donawerth, waiting for an Anfwer to the Requifuorial Letters fent by this General to the Circles of Swaoia, Franconia, and the Upper Rhine, for the Paf. iage of his Troop?. From Francfort we hear, that as yet no Body but the Elector of Mentz makes any Preparations there for the Election of an Emperor. Our Advices from Lombardy fay, that the main Body of the Aullrian Army dill encamp in the Neighbourhood of Parma, but Prince Lobkowi.z hid detached 4000 Men towards Bercetto, that they may be at Hand to cover the Valley of Taro, fitinted between the Stnte of Genoa and the Dutchies of Parma and Placentia. Part of the Spanifh Army has actually entered the Territory of Lucca, where they exact great Quantities of Provifions and Forrage, for their Magazines at MTb. Extract of a Letter from Paris, May 14, N.S. 4 We had icarce received the agreeable News of the * Battle near Tourn.iy, but there came Advice that the � great Convoy from the Levant, which had been fo long ' blocked up at Malta, was fafe.'y arrived at Marfeilles ; * Jt confifts of 37 Sail of Merchantmen, whofe Cargoes * are valued at 1^ Millions of Livres, convoyed by a Man ' of War and a Frigate, who by the W3y picked up a ' Siiip of 28 Guns. ' Within thefe few Days two Couriers are arrived at ' Court from Genoa, arid 'tis given out for Matter of Fact, ' that this Republick figneu on the 18th of lalt Month, a ' treaty with the Crowns of France and Spain, whereby beth, -, from Bolton, are taken and carried^into St Maloes. On the Rth I nflant the Sufannah Tranfport, Bradfhaw, arrived at Falmouth, with 152 Englifh Prifoners, exchang'd at Brelt. The fame Day the Friend's-Adventure Tranfport, Miller, arrived at Dartmouth, with 200 Englifh Prifoners, exchanged at St. Maloes. Extracl of a Letter from Dover; May 12.  Laft Night Capt. Sutherland feru in here a Swedjfh * Sloop, with 150 Barrels of Pitch on board. And this ' Morning came into the Pier himfelf, very much fliattef'd, ' by an Engagement he had Yefterday with two Privateers, 4 (one his old Chap, the Boloign Dogger ; and the other ' a Row Boat belonging to the fame Place ) We faw the ' Engagement from our Hills ; which was very hot aboat * Dinner time, and I ftay'd to fee it till my'Dinner,was * cold ; and, what was wcrfe, till we thought poor Suther-' land was going to Boloign, with the Dogger ; which ' was eveiy Body's Opinion here ; but thank God it prov'd ' otherwife, as he informs you by his Le.ter inclos'd.' Letter from Capt. Sutherland. * Yeflerday Morning coming over with the Sloop, fell ' in with a French Dogger of 14 Carriage and 20 Swivel � Guns, and 120 Men; and a Row Boat of 4 Six-pounders, ' 10 Swivel', and 40 Men ; We took a Fifhing Boat the * Day before, that told us the two Privateers had been out ' but two Days ; fo we fent our Slocpaway, and took our ' Men out of the Fifhing Boat; and at 1 2 at Noon begun . ' our Fight, which held till 4 in the Afternoon very fmart, ' when the Dogger put from us ; we could fee a great ' many Men lying on his Poop, which we believe to be ' dead ; his Sails and Rigging was very much damag'd. * The third Broadfide we had all our Rigging and Sails fhot ' away, except the Jibb, which appears like a Riddle 5 it * falling little Wind we made ufe of our Oars, but to no ' Purpole, the Row-Boat towing her away. Our Maft is * difabled with a Bar Shot, and unfit for Service. We ' have no Men kill'd, and only two wounded. I am, Sec. The Placentia of Biddeford, of 200 Tori), is taken, and carried into Bayonne. J We hear, that an Officer in the Allied Army has been fhot at the Head of his Regiment. They write from Edinburgh, that there are at prefent 3 Privateers on the North Cos Its; me of them, cruizing betwixt Stonehive and Bervie, took two Veffels, one belonging to Brunt-liland, and anotner to Innerkeithing; and on the 5th Inft. chafed a VtflH up the Firth of Tay, almoft to Dundee ; and was fo iniolent to defire the Crew to make their C. mpliments to his Majefty s arm'd Veffel the Happy J-ner, tien lying in the Road of Leiih.-- Two of thejn mount 24 Guns, and 300 Men. Lalt Saturday Mr. Stedman, an eminent Merchant of Rotterdam, was married at St. Paul's Cathedral, to Mifs Barclay, I aughrer of Mr. David Barclay, an eminent wholesale Linnen-draper inCheapfide, (and Grand Daughter of the Lte Mr. Barclry, who wrote the famous-Apology in Vind.cation of the Quakers Principles) a very agreeable Lady, of fine Accomplifhrnems, and a confiderablc Fortune. Yefterday Morning Mr, Barnes, who kept the Blue-Ball, a noted Publick H^ule in Play-hovsfe Yard, Black-Fryers, being in a violent Fever, and delirious, tddc �n -OpfOrW* nity, whilll his Nurfe was out of the Room, to cat his Throat in fuch a manner, that he died immediately. At the New Wells near the London Spaw, Clerkenwel), this and evt-ry Evening during the Summer Seafon, at Five o'Clock, the celebrated Mils Rayner performs feveral new F.xcrcifcs oh the Rope, accompanied by Mr. Hough, Mils C. Rajnrf, and others ; Tumbling by Mr. Williams, Mr. Rayner, and Mr. Hough ; Dancing by Mr. Rofoman, Mr. Yatts, Mrs. Hough, and Mifs Rayner ; with feveral new Songs by Mr. Brttt and Mifs Vaux, The whole to conclude with a Grand Entertainment of Mufick, call'd Flercules and Omphale, or Love and Glory. IRELAND. Dublin, May 4. On Wednefday laft died in Peter's-ftrec't. gnatly lamented, Philip Ridgate, Efq; Doctor of the Civil Law, Vicar General of the Dipcefe of Limerick an:! Athlone. ./ Since Tuefda) lift above 40 Ships have arrived in this Port from England, laden with Corn and^Iour ; and others have failed to Drogheda, Newry, Belfaft, Sec. Befides the above Sjpply, 100 more Veffels arc expected in a few Day^ from other Parts of England. Lalt Tuefday Mr. Sutton, a Goldfmith on Ccrk-hill, rode into ;he LiiFey, to water his Horfe, and was thrown by him ; which another Man feeing, leapt into the River to fave him ; but in vain, for they were bothdrown'd. This Week died the Widow Singleton, Relift of the late. Rev. Mr. Sing'eton, a Lidy of very amiable Humour. High Water this Day at London-Bridge 16 at Minutes after 9 _ COVEN T-G A R D E N. For the Benefit of Mr. Page, Mr. Verhuyck, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Emmer, Tl/r.Mafon, and Mr. Cooper. AT the Theatre-Royal in Co vent-Garden, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The CITY WIVES CONFEDERACY. The Part of Clarifa r/> be perform'd by Mrs. Horton ; Moneytrap, Mr. Hippifiey ; Dick, Mr. Hale; Brafs, Mr. Chapman? Gripe, Mr. Rofco ; Mrs. Amlet, Mrs. Martin ; Ararhinta, Mrs-HaJe; Corinna, Mifs Hippifiey ; And the Part of Flippanta by Mrs. Clive, In"which Character will be introduced a Song call'd The Lift of aBAle. " With Entertainments of Dancing, particularly Le Gondaliir, !>y Mr. COOKE, and others. Alfo the Scotch Dance by Mr. Villenetive, Mrs.Delagarde, ft|r. Delagarde, Mr.Deftrade, Mrs. Lebrun, and Mrs. Villeneuve. To which will be added, a Farce, call'd The S C H-O O JL-B O Y. The Part of the School-Boy bv Mr. Woodward ; Major Rakifli, Mr. Hip;*ifley ; Young Rakirh, Mr. Hale. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery i 1. To begin ex.iftly at Six o'CIock. �* To-morrow The BUSY BODY. For the Benefit of Mr. Banh, Mr, Csnmr, Mr. Carney, and Mr. Tntt: Lobby Door-ke?p< r and others. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-ftreet. 0- C 0

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